She Wolves of Midwinter, Slavic & Balkan Animism in the traditions of a Shaman (part 1/2)

By Phoenix the Elder – I begin with the Romanian traditions as an ancient Wolf Clan people. The Balkan Romanian, Serbian and Slavic traditions such as Poland and Russia also wolf clan people and this includes the more divine aspect of woman and her life, which were part of our shamanic understandings in the first half of pagan traditions, but those were soon lost in some places after the 12th century as ancient traditions. 

I divided this article to a simple basic story of the ancient wolf people called the Dacian Tribes; and the realm of shape-shifters of animism and its past life karmic loss; Wolves who turn into werewolves and why; and one of my shamanic ceremony similar to the folklore; and lastly, the dream work of the wolf by a maiden and youth who I know personally and their story with my intervention as a dreamer (shaman). I added the Polish wolf deity and the Russian, and also the Hirpi Sorani Wolf Cults of Italy in Part 2.

Shaman cultures are older than the goddess cultures but not modern shaman cultures over the last 3,000 years. Goddess cultures are older than paganism and before the shaman cultures were the previous shaman dreaming cultures, and previous to them the dreamers, which were the oldest of earth in regards to soul cultures when we lived in our astral bodies, not a physical body.

The great damages of wolf animism soul turning into a werewolf soul, is from accumulated recinarations of human karmic and demonic behaviors that were not cleared (suffered off through pain for purification).  Today, the soul is pushing towards the demonic mainly from the pandemic uses of drugs, shamanic plants and shamanic drugs. Shamanic plants are very low vibration plants, compared to a simple flower and adding that with pot, for a decade or two, both dry up the moist soul astral body turning it into fragmented cuts, almost like granulated sand in the form of energy.

These make it very weak and easy for one’s past life shadow to reemerge from the underworld into the middle world veils to rejoin their living human counterpart. I also included in this writing my last werewolf binding and slaying back to the underworld. 

Singer Ruslana and a Beautiful Polish Wolf

Romania never lost its connection with nature and especially the “forest women spirits” which is connected to its wolf, bear and other inhabitants of early animistic realities (not just beliefs). Villagers, past and present-still, remain faithful to such symbols knowing that “She” protects and preserves the fertility and creation of all those who inhabit this cosmic space. The magic of life generated by these great forests resonates in the passages shared with us in the “Folk Almanac.”As we read them, they become instantly recognizable, and fascinating, as an unending umbilical cord stretching back into Neolithic or even Paleolithic times.

Romania has two specific ancient animal traditions that are still celebrated in Winter Rituals, one is the Wolf and the other the Bear. The more ancient Dacian tribes, the Kingdom of Dacia was a territory encompassing today’s Romania and the lands adjacent to it. The Dacians were one of Eastern Europe’s indigenous peoples who never left their inherited lands. Like most indigenous people including the white indigenous clans who were eradicated first, some small groups survived.

The Dacia did not survive, but they showed a religious syncretism between the Wolf, the Dragon and the Serpent which are all animal deities of the grandmother (goddess). Because they were indigenous and voiced their story traditions rather than written languages, little is know about them today. Fortunately, part of their history is written in stone.

The Wolf Clan Dacian people also called themselves “Wolves” and the legends says they were shape-shifters who changed from human into wolves (animism) and back again. They had an ancestral spirit wolf guardian, a big white wolf who in the end when war came, had to fight next to the Dacians when their capital Sarmizegetusa fell to the Romans. Rome was also a wolf clan as well, but the earlier Etruscans were not. Rome brought in a symbol of the more aggressive and war like wolf as a symbol. Dacians were a diligent people, who thrived in the lands in and around the Carpathian Mountains of what we now call Romania.

“Our Peasants will end in life after life, but men of Empires and Wars will end in death after death. Angels wear Joy, while Men wear Empire Clothing and will wear Mourning.” ~Romanian Petre Tuțea.

dade6fc0df2b953b34031e506a3ce0c6Modern Romania is a merging of two principalities named Wallachia and Moldova who were independent tribes and they joined as one in 1859. In 1877, Romania gained independence and four years later, Romania became a kingdom (constitutional monarchy) and enjoyed decades of stability and progress. The nation itself was only officially established in 1918 – the year that all three principalities, Wallachia, Moldova and Transylvania came together. In 1947, King Mihai I was ousted from power and what followed was half a century of communist rule and repression. After the 1989 Revolution, Romania parted with the communist past and in 2007 became a member of the European Union. Although Romania has always consisted of a large majority of their own ethnic Romanians, the ethnic minorities that settled over the centuries during the upheaval of changes of the 1800s, and they have all influenced the social, economic and ethnographic landscape. (

“Eternity was born in the Village” says one of the most famous quotes by Romanian philosopher and poet Lucian Blaga. In his poem “The Soul of the Village” he talks about the scenery of the Romanian village and its connection to the Romanian peasant, where “every thought is slower, and the heart beats more slowly, as if it beats not in your breast – but deep down somewhere in the earth”.


The feminine and female mythical connections and representations related to Dochia of Romania was their honoring of the Neolithic Mother Goddess who dies starting late Autumn and is then Reborn on Spring Equinox. In our Slavic traditions we called her Marzanna and Morena and she is in honor of this ancient tradition that is still performed today in a more simplified way. I do ceremony and ritual with Marzanna that starts on the Autumn equinox and she is done with shamanic ritual and then put on the lands at the Winter Solstice and then burned on the Spring Equinox for specific intention of my shamanic rites.

The Dochia is the old and powerful grandmother who is connected to the prehistory and primal earth. Beginning with Dochia’s Day, March 9th, the equinox of the old almanac and the female representations of divinity are grouped into their three generations (Triple Goddess): The Old Goddess (Grandmother) Dochia; Mother Goddesses: Mary the Virgin, the Woods Mother and the Caloian’s Mother; and Maiden Goddesses: Floriile, Sanzienele, Dragaicele, Lazaritele, Ielele.



1. Romanian Animism and whats left of it…
Their are two Saint (modern traditions) associated with the older Pagan wolves, the first was the night of Saint Andrews is a legacy passed down from the Romanian ancestors, the Dacians, or wolf warriors as they were known given their battle symbol in the figure of the wolf headed dragon, a custom shrouded in mysticism. Old legends say that the wolves accompanied the warriors and that the one who was their leader watched over apostle Andrew through the wilderness of Dobrogea to the sacred Grandmother Cave that was offered to him as shelter.

The Wolves of Midwinter
Another legend of the winter traditions but much later than the Dracians is the peasant villager, specifically the Shepherds of Romanian.  A folk almanac was compiled by Romanian writer Ion Ghinoiu and I will share below. I make a note, that the Serbians Peasant Villagers also are a wolf clan people, who also have a strong prehistory connected to the wolf clan as well that still remains in smaller rituals of villagers by the elder women, the men’s wolf ritual dance circle and the whole community,  in a positive way of their relationship to their Midwinter Wolves.

“The She-Wolf”  by Vedan Kolod

In the darkness, in its very deep in the Taiga (forest), the Broad Taiga (forest) there’s an old Tree
and under that tired old Tree, the mighty She-Wolf dreams a Dream.

She was the leader of her wolves’ pack, she was the wise Queen of the frost stunned Siberian Taiga. But her bones became weak when era’s had passed, and the death is flying above her head.

She-wolf is old and tired and wolves’ howls freeze in the air.
She can only dream a dream of her children running free.

The Wolves of Midwinter is a Shamanic relationship to nature through her animals and those of us who are old souls who carry the lineage of an animal, avian, insect (fairy) or oceanid soul which today are very underdeveloped because of our karma of past lives of destruction during the last three millenniums.

These ways which were fully active before the Patriarch, which was then carried into ancient Paganism, and then into  their last destruction of the Christianized influences. In some Slavic and Balkan traditions these were more of a confluence with paganism and Christianity which helped preserve the stories.


One of these merging that occurs is the celebration called Sânpetru which falls around the third moon of winter (January 16-20) also called the Wolves of Saint Peter. The folk tradition tells us that the Wolves gather in packs at howling places where they start singing to call their great divinity (mother earth, then god, then saint) to distribute their share of prey to which they are entitled for a whole year.

This divine one arrives at midnight on a white horse and allots each wolf its prey: a lamb, a sheep, a deer, rabbit or a human. The wolves would spare no morsel of the shares promised. The story is told of a shepherd being curious to see how wolves meet their divinity. To find out he climbed up to a howling place in broad daylight, and hides himself among the branches of a high fir-tree.

After the wolves had gathered and howled their calling, Saint Peter arrived on a white horse and quietly distributed the prey to each, but before the end of the meeting, a lame wolf came limping. Seeing him, Saint Peter barked at him: Since you didn’t come on time, you should eat that human over there, hiding in the fir-tree. Within a year’s time, the curious shepherd was eaten by the lame wolf. (19 Ghinoiu, 1997, p. 45).

She Wolf and the Mythical Serpent of Goddess Zmiya.jpg

Myth narrates a sacred history; it relates an event that took place in primordial time. In short, myths describe the various and sometimes dramatic breakthroughs of the sacred (or the “supernatural”) into the world. It is this sudden breakthrough of the sacred that really establishes the world and makes it what it is today.  ~Romanian Mircea Eliade

Because Romanian culture like most older pagan and shamanic cultures didn’t live by sun calendars in pagan times, they lived diligently by the seasons and divided winter into several rituals and ceremonies and the “Wolves of Midwinter” was one of them. The Peasants say if they give back to the middle of winter, then winter will give back in the form of returning spring on time. Sânpetru believers say that the wolves were and still are an intricate part of the cycle of winter and a protection against evil.

In the Folk Almanac, the winter was a time of magic and charms; foreseeing the weather and how rich the new year will be. At this time, it is believed that the Heavens open and animals speak and that treasures burn. In reaction to this, purifying magical practices, hallowed waters (consecration by the priests) and rituals are predominant.

In North-Eastern Transylvania, they light fires (Ardeasaâ in Bucovina); spreading of bad-smelling substances; fumigating people, cattle and household. In their fight against evil spirits people got help from the “Midwinter Wolves” which they say are able to see the demons and chase them and tear them with their teeth. Frightened by the wolves, the devils jumped into waters and those men who were brave enough jumped after them.

Priests would throw their hallow waters with consecrated water and would throw in the cross driving away evil spirits is also horse running or horse chasing. Once every year in Midwinter the two rivals: the Wolf and the Horse, the former being master over winter and the latter being master of summer, fight for a common cause, namely driving away the demons and devils.

January 29 is the Winter “Phillipiesâ” which are divinities who protect wolves and are celebrated by shepherds until the beginning of February. In the Folk Almanac the Winter Phillipiesâ marks the end of a long mating period for wolves, having started about eighty days before in Autumn.

2. Ancient Romanian “Nedeia Wolves” (Night Wolves)
Similar to the Winter Ceremony Sânpetru, the Romanians say that in the middle of the night, the “Nedeia Wolves” around Midwinter or a month after Winter Solstice, the Night Wolves come to gather to get their share of food for the whole year. The deity or saint rides the white horse, bringing offerings to wolves. That when the wolf clans gather, they howl and gather usually at the crossroads:

“We are going to eat the sheep of this village” but tonight, at the midwinter, one important night of the year, guided by the divine Peasants leave good out for the wolves to honor them. Then the Priest (and what used to be the Grandmothers but were forbidden after Religion came), is that they put their sheep in the stables with belief that their animals will now be guarded by wolves all year long.

“The Romanian Book of the Dead, another landmark of spiritual culture of the Carpato-Danubian people, contains sacred texts initiating the soul of the dead into a mythical journey on the path separating this earthly world from the world beyond. These texts are sung by a women’s choir at particular places and at significant moments of the funeral ceremony.

The messages are addressed to the dead, to the goddesses of destiny (Zorile) and to the surviving husband. The Goddess of Death appears in the shape of a bird of prey (the kite, the raven, the vulture) or as a goddess that looks human, the Old Fairy, the Virgin Mary, Mother Irodia.

The texts to the songs contain, one by one, providential guides (the wolf, fox, or otter), well intentioned customs, as personified means of orientation (the willow tree in bud, the apple tree in blossom), psychopomp characters (the horse, the stag) and finally, in the world beyond, the dead person’s relatives.”

One last note…  because Ukraine is along the border of Romania, it too has wolf lore, but those are later Pagan era’s when the focus was only on men and male gods. In Ukraine the “white wolf” is connected to Lesovik, a Forest Spirit who was previously probably god of the forests and before that a shamanistic grandmother or female forest soul; this spirit is often called, among other names, “the wolf’s shepherd”.

It’s important to note that the motif of a wolf chasing after the Moon exists in both Nordic and Slavic along with Romanian mythology. The ancient Nordic peoples believed that a wolf called Hati is chasing after the Moon, which he will devour when he finally catches up with it, creating thus a lunar eclipse.

Symbolically this means when the seasons change (eclipses), our moon, which is our soul, catches up with us at each solar and lunar eclipse if we do not do emotional work. For many, this has now accumulated for decades and thus our diseases come faster and are more and more serious.

3. Animism – The Fragmented, then Lost Souls of our Animism Life and Rites
I am a real demon slayer and animism demonic slayer of werewolves or skin walkers, krakens etc. and I know from experience that animism can be applied to any tradition around the world. The animism soul is a cross cultural reality of an older time before paganism and its part of everyone’s make up as human beings, but in most its dormant. If there are a 100 wolves left on earth, then 100 people have wolf animism souls and 30% of those will be demonic (werewolves) and only 1 of the 100 people will know how to retain the wolf soul with an experienced shaman.

That is how rare animism is on the planet. Some people have their domestic animism like witches which can be a cat, dog, mouse, rat or bat, but those are small aspects of the soul, not the mighty aspects like wolf, bison, elephant, tiger etc. Many have lost their wild animal souls and now have domestic animism souls like dogs and cats.

For older souls, the reclaiming and returning of their wild animism souls (not many animals left on earth, which means not many old souls). In the rare and few apprentices that do come to me for training and reclaiming, its a long process of healing at levels deep enough to shift one’s vibration in order to raise it enough at the high level of an animal and bird, even a very small sparrow.

Animism is rare around on earth today and was pretty much shut down between the first century ce and the 15th century and the dark ages were the worst, even in indigenous cultures. It’s rare because people living today, accrued real karma of their past lives during those centuries mostly from killing and defending their lands, and its effects now have been devastating in regards to the elusive soul.

It was because our animism souls were destroyed by the constant battle of men’s wars. Or the cults of the Patriarch (Religion, Military and Science) be them indigenous or not.  Each war or wars we went through in our past lives accrued the most losses to our feminine, be it a victim or soldier of fortune. The stresses, strains, loss of community and rape all effected indigenous whites, reds, black, yellow and brown peoples took its losses. And this was done repeatedly over and over for two and a half millenniums.

Inside my wolf by Lidya.jpg

Animism is also a lifelong “sober” dedication and you must be pure, no shamanic plants, no alcohol, no drugs or medications. When we are young and pure, we may have a glimpse or shape shift a few times, but after 30 (entering adulthood) its a different story and most of that is lost as we pass the gates of youth and they close). Many also have trauma in childhood and this too effects the animal souls destruction and loss. After the first saturn return, we enter adulthood and this is where karma and karmic purification of our next 30 years begins.

Since the early 70s, many things have been superimposed onto shamanism that really is not a part of shamanism and animism. Even Plant shamanism is new on earth (only since the 1500s), but opinions of those who do them for ten or twenty years will try to convince you otherwise. Just try to stay sober when dealing with shamanic reality, that will pay of after fifty or sixty with better health.

There was a Japanese girl near a train station that I watched on youtube, and she held up her hand and it flew people across the room. She was shocked, scared and looked at her hands. It was not her doing it, it was Mk Ultra who stepped into her body. Our soul body when young or pure like myself is a resource to others, especially the secret military.governments. That girl had untapped soul energy but most likely would’n’t have developed them anyway, like most people alive today, because they are asleep. 

4. Wolf Animism
Wolves in nature have a hierarchy and complex family and so do wolf clan people. Much of the issues that arise are complex family issues that need to be addressed and healed and takes a long time for such healing and resolve to play out. I just completed a six month ceremony to bring forth and flush up a local werewolf, eventually becoming aware of who it’s human is.

I take my work serious because werewolves make wolves look like kittens, and suspending judgment is mandatory, because we all have our human sides. Every complex issue in relationships in regard to wolves and werewolves are about family and these are root issues and very ancient. In animism, the soul of the animal, bird etc. can be possessed by the human karmic shadow astral body (demon) which would then turn a wolf into werewolf.

Werewolves come into being and are made and developed by the person who has a wolf soul (when all were pure at one time on earth).  When we create karma for a few lifetimes, this is when our shadow gains power, then our demonic astral body (demon shadow) possesses our animal soul (without the living human being aware or conscious).

Everyone can do the motion of a human dressed as a shaman today in this world, even in tribes, but most real shamans were born of their own ancient lineage souls and our souls carry memories, both see and experience this as part of their pure path (non drug/plant shamanism). They didn’t understand this between the 3rd and 19th centuries and made up all kinds of solutions that did not work to heal both the person and dissolve the werewolf animism soul connected to the demon because they restricted the ancient ways.

I can say that I have always considered weaving work like demon slaying and dissolving and eradication of the dark animism animals or birds as Warrior women shamans work and why they were kicked out by the Kingdom and Religions. Werewolves occurred and were born because of both the Kingdom building and the four major men’s religions taking control over all things spiritual, even paganism. The most damage to our soul has been Christian and Military wars and war in general, and its still happening today. This is where the individual when they killed were / are creating their own shadow soul which fragmented off of the light soul. 

Because our shadow human body is in the underworld or free and roaming the dream planes, the mystical connections between our light or dark soul and our animal soul has an evolution that started long ago from the past and its past lives. That is the simple explanation.

%d0%bf%d1%80%d0%b8%d0%bb%d0%b5%d0%bf-%d1%80%d0%b5%d0%b3%d0%b8%d0%be%d0%bd-bulgaria-prilep-regionI was surprised when I found this folk almanac today, a Romanian shamanic custom which I was doing without knowing it, I count on that process in my work as a shaman. So many times without being educated I have done Slavic and Balkan rituals that I had no access to other than my dream walking in my dreams at night, or my remembrances that returned as my purification decades began to release my own karma and replaces by my ancient gifts.

That made my day and brought a smile to my face. The story of the werewolf of my shamanic work started six months ago, as I began to hunt a werewolf shadow soul after it attacked me on the full moon on the land. I did most of my shamanic work in that Gemini moon cycle six months ago and when the Sagittarian Moon arrived (its opposition) in late November, early December, I waited for the signs in order to complete this job. Of all the work I have done that is not collective, but individual, the werewolf soul is by far the most dangerous.

Having finished most of the work, the werewolf shadow soul of this human was reduced into a smaller size (the raccoon) through the slaying, which carried what was left of the demonic human soul drastically reduced. After that work, again the chickens were killed in the Sagittarian Moon cycle but not eaten. And then a third set of chickens were all obliterated but not eaten as well and this is one of the signs of a werewolf.

I then did the final ceremony with my apprentice to call both the Bobcat clan in and the Coyote clan who live close to us, to assist me in catching this raccoon (which the demonic animal wolf soul is now trapped within). I also said some intentional prayers asking the Ancestral bobcat and coyote clan ancestors to help as well. We left the ancestors and the bobcats and coyotes, all five of the chickens which had been killed at “Midwinter” as an offering. We did not kill the chickens, the werewolf did. We asked bobcat and coyotes  to guard the remaining goats and chickens and honor them for helping us. It took three days – but finally the bobcats and coyotes came and took all the dead chickens.

Yesterday the dead raccoon was on the road and the werewolf roaming the dreaming or energetic fields (in-between the veils) is forced back and locked into the underworld now and its human counterpart, remains unharmed and untouched. This is why I will not work with any students or apprentices that smoke pot, do shamanic plants, or shamanic drugs, alcohol because the issue of the animism demon and soul demon “cannot be resolved” and until those addictions are taken care of, I can do nothing.

wolf women

I have done this job with two Skinwalkers and they were easy compared with the werewolf, but Skinwalkers are Coyotes, not Wolves. Wolf is a whole different complex system of clan, family and the more root of animism because of its complex social system. Up until now, as long as this human person’s demon owned his werewolf – he receive no karma, only other people have. That time is over now in his lifetime and he continues his path as a human without the power of the werewolf.

Lycan was an ancient Greek human who can shape shift into their animal soul (animism), lycan is a dark term, meaning werewolf, one whose soul has gone into killing but not having paid the karma by suffering themselves.

In my shamanic work I live by the ancient Slavic traditions and do my work according to that practice over the years along with the cycles of the moon as timing and synchronicity of my work. I live by the 1/2 Year of Fire (spring and summer) and the 1/2 Year of Night (autumn and winter). Wolves have just returned here  the Pacific Northwest, where I live, so eventually with their return, this shamanic origin ceremony will be preformed by me in the future if they come near the area, but I will still do it with coyotes and bobcats as well to honor them in Midwinter from here forth. To have a relationship with nature and its wildness is mandatory in the ways of respecting and honoring wolves, bears, coyotes etc.

Boris Zabirokhin

5. Two High School Friends have a Dream
A high school Maiden gave me permission to share her dream, I will call her Jina, her mother is one of my eldest Apprentices so she as daughter, who was familiar in the last six years of this type of work with her mom, the dos and don’ts…

fad3c52f6c5e1b4e9b8b08878eb4ef2a.jpgHer Dream: Jina went to help her friend Zack’s house, confronting a giant black and red eyed demon when they dreamed together one night. She saw Zack shifting into a wolf partially, mostly just facial features, eyes, cheeks ears etc. Jina remembers being in a house that she knew her mother was at in the dream with Zack. A great room with a huge kitchen counter island.

Zack was holding Jina in a protective way as they hid under the counter facing a huge wooden door. There were lots of younger children and Jina was telling them everything was ok and sending them out to different areas of the house. But when they were all gone she told Zack “we may die you know” and he said “yeah I know”. Then Jina saw the bolts and screws holding the wooden door securely to be pounded by the other side of something that wanted in. They started to twist their way out on their own and she told Zack that the huge demon was trying to get in and get them.

a0fd70654c6e28e5818066077c0371b5So Zack moved next to the door and hunkered down like a wolf, and that’s when she saw his face start to shift… he took off his shirt and she saw that he had a tattoo on his upper middle back that was healing, like it was done recently, like an iron cross type of design and two smaller tattoos on each shoulder blade. Then the door blew off the hinges and it slammed into Jina pushing her against the wall and she saw the demon walk in. It was about 9 or 10 feet tall, red skin like a frogs skin and black marks on its face with an elongated pointed chin and large slanted red eyes and huge protruding muscles.

She heard Zack scream her name in shock when she was slammed into the wall by the door and hearing him she popped out of the dream. She woke up in fear and shaken and a little disoriented, she got out of bed crying and went to the bathroom and saw she had a red marks on her forehead where the door hit her in the dream.

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