3rd Full Moon of Winter

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Musings by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Dear Dreamers, Healers, Artists, Empaths and Moon Children… We are coming near the close of our “Three Winter Moons” which ends both the year and the last season of Mother Earth’s year, preparing us to move into Spring’s rebirth. But before it ends – we truly do have a triple lunar adventure: A full moon with a lunar eclipse and a comet all in one night! This remaining moon cycle is also, all fire and air which means not much grounding, so you will have to manage that by your own will.


Comets are collective visitors and herald a change for the entire year, not just the month, so be prepared on the Springs rebirth (equinox) to see the tone being set for the entire year! The most famous Comet was Caesar’s Comet of 44 bce, as the Comet became a powerful symbol in the political propaganda that launched the career of Caesar’s great-nephew Augustus. During the time, they tried to use it to start a new temple under Caesar as the “Temple of the Comet Star” but it ended up being the beginning of the actual downfall of Rome instead. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (1599), Caesar’s wife remarks on the fateful morning of her husband’s murder: “When beggars die there are no comets seen. The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.” Maybe this comet appearing on a full moon and an eclipse, has something to do with the Caesar Trump?

While others do moon work focusing on the big, the celestial, the wow, the super moons… I work year after year with the slow and steady, the quiet and gentle daily moon work. But for the first time in a very long time, I can actually say…  its an actual real super moon this moon cycle!

For those here who have worked with me with this moon work for more than three years every month, you can skip the first intro for the newbies and seasoned newbies and go to the part that starts with the Dream poem…

Coffee Moon Mug.pngA little bit about my New, Full and Dark Moon Intent Practices:

For those who are new here to my moon medicine (emotional body and the astral soul practice) that I have worked with and tested and walked through as it was developing and then worked with my apprentices to see if it worked with others (since 1998), this was “one” of my medicines brought back from my forty year initiations as a dreamer (shaman). The combination of woman’s menses cycle, the cycle of the moon and self awareness of our emotional cycles, and our nightly dream cycle, are all in-separable. Those who work with this medicine digging deeper and deeper into the self, eventually experience where their real separations exist within their mind, body and soul (karma). We all prefer to think everyone else is the problem, the destructive one, the oppressor, but when we focus on our own karma, we can actually begin to heal it and stop the shadow wheel of projection and blame and move into forgiveness and empowerment.

owl_003I have been working with lunar intention in my moon circles and goddess circles about ten years before any books came out on intention work, but those were very different than what I was doing and still is. Once I got two thirds completed, I began sharing it in my circles as a fully experiential healing and supportive path for maidens, mothers and wise women. Even men who participate in the last few years of this grandmother medicine, are finding its value.

My structured lunar path means to help one become “emotionally aware” and I used to say, if Buddhism is the complete teaching for the mind, this is the complete teachings for the soul & emotional body. A  living path of how to structure “emotional chaos” with personal karma and holistic healing. I was pretty well completed by 2008, but had to still walk the dark moon phases and its completion for 8 years, which none of my apprentices thus far, has made it this far because one must be a spiritual warrior and vulnerable the deeper shamanic shadows.

Since I chose never to write books and stay with the older oral traditions as a shaman, I kept going further into the rabbit moon hole to see how deep it went, it went all the way into the darkness of the bottom floor of the great ocean. I brought this out into a living circle in person with women, working with a woman’s moon, her menses moon cycle, my goddess and dream circles in my home in a small and intimate setting. Its a much slower process to understanding and live the integration through its practices, but the depth of this work can be practices for two decades to the core of the soul, its karma and how to remain grounded in that chaos along with holistic healing.

Newbies, Near Newbies and Seasoned Newbies:  We only set “one internal intention only about you” on the new moon… the I AM’s of the your inner world and this includes what you wish to be, desire to be or fake it till you make it be. You then observe all your personal interactions and feelings for two week of what surfaces in relation to that  “one” intention. Then we have “a release” for the full moon of your emotional life. The sacred trinity of the moon is one moon cycle: The new (beginnings), full (fullness and release) and dark (contemplation) of our emotional life’s rhythms (ebb, stillness and then flow). Goals are your relationship to your outer life and intention is your relationship to your inner life.


Because my first moon circle started in 1995 and lasted until 2014, I write monthly now until Elder Mountain begins and we return the in person work along with the expression of art added. Since I am writing about the full moon in this article, we focus on mastering the new moon in relationship to the full moon’s release.  The first four to five years or so is to master the new moon each month and that is not easy because this is very slow work. For example, only twice a year do you get the specific synchronicity and practice of a moon cycle (new and full) in the energy of an Aquarius moon cycle with a Leo full moon. In six months you get the final manifestation of it, in the Leo new moon cycle with the Aquarius full moon. That is “one” cycle completed and only 2 times in one year do you see what the actual “moon energies” for this one moon cycle carries.

I have been doing my lunar work since 1995 and I have only practiced the New Moon in Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo, 32 times. If you practice this moon work for 8 years, you get 8 New Moon synchronicity and awareness’s for the New Moon in Aquarius and 8 releases on the Leo full moon etc.  This work is for those who are truly dedicated to relearn the slow steps to actually live by the ancient moon and live within its energy in a shamanic reality (which is the origin of time keeping, which are “cycles” of nature). All of this work is required and a real moon practice is difficult based on self awareness because those things are either very subtle or hidden from our view about our self. This also includes  synchronicity, karma, relationship aspects and natures involvement.

Solar work (all teachings of earth for the last 3,000 years) and Astrology people try to fit lunar and moon work into the Sun and Solar Knowledge box and make it fit and applicable, but that does not increase, nor bring your soul and emotional body’s awareness forth as a practice (which karma is included). We cannot heal or really be aware of anything about our life or our relationships until we become “aware” of them and that is what this practice does, and that is what life’s crisis does (if one accepts the need for great change). Life is much more harsh than self awareness working with pain on a month to month basis.

This practice slowly increases emotional (intuition) of the subtle self (bodies, senses and instincts) and the self bondage awareness required to change. We often need to know why we need to change, otherwise we see no reason for it. Consciousness and shadow healing work are the two greatest feminine teachings on the planet, and as a practice, this is a spiral medicine and you can walk as long as you wish with each single step each moon cycle.

So we are here, in the present at the third full moon of winter:

In Dream
by Anna Akhmatova
Black and enduring separation, I share equally with you. Why weep? Give me your hand, promise me you will come again. You and I are like high Mountains and we can’t move closer. Just send me word at midnight and sometime through the stars.

Leo Full Moon (22° degrees)
Friday, February 10, 2017
4:30 pm Pacific Dreamtime

How did you do with your “one new moon intention” that you set? Did you recognize a mirror manifesting in the last two weeks in your emotional situations in order to set today’s release based upon that? Those who are more seasoned in our circle lunar work, and those who have been working with me for more than six years, should be aware now, what your new moon intention brought forth “specifically” to you. Intention always brings the opposite, for example if you set your intention as: I am peaceful (when you feel like chaos), then life will throw on your path for two weeks, one or two chaos situations so you can truly experience what level your “real state of peace is in” and what is within you that is not stable.

This Full Moon starts with the Lunar Eclipse and because it is in Leo it reveals Leo’s shadow sides so they can be addressed. This is the first pair of eclipses followed by the Solar Eclipse at our next New Moon. This full moon is pretty direct this month because we have no conjunctions or oppositions of planets touching it besides the eclipse. Eclipses in their basic root form of emotional work, reflects our “pre-natal gestation” period and in pre-natal, we are not born yet, but it reflects the change of our season and we push through into the unknown, something new. Eclipses are indicators of the next natural change that we go through in the natural Season’s rebirth. Eclipses are not really personal unless you were born on the day or night of an eclipse, they are shift changes and many astrologers and moonologists try to squeeze the personal, into a collective celestial format.

The moon represents other aspects of our psyche (emotions and soul body through real  relationships), and also our fated aspects of the moons nodes, which is the human’s collective aspect. The full moon aspect is much more important personally and its energetic effects in comparison. There are two rebirths in one seasonal year, first is Spring/Summer and the second is  Autumn/Winter and the 2 pairs of eclipses (two solar and two lunar) representing the two seasonal changes. Any calendar year has a minimum of four eclipses and depending on the Sun Calendar year, it’s possible to have up to six eclipses because the lunar cycle and the Sun Solar Calendar do not fit precisely together!

Helen Musselwhite - U.K. Artist The oracle for this moon is: A Bareback Rider displays Dangerous Skills – The audacity and perseverance required to control and play with the powerful energies of the vital realm in human existence.

The aspect of the horse has always been the symbol of the vital energies. In a wild state the horse represents the magnificent, impetuous energy in all its forms. When tamed, this energy is put into service by the Rider. There are those who have dominated their natural energies well and they can perform dangerous feats and remain safe. These achievements are seen within the context of a function that is either hidden (the mystery) or socially which expresses a flair for the dramatic like the charismatic or art performance. At a third stage, the ego is in control; the great performer, serves a purpose. The performance stirs the imagination of the young consciousness to rise above the commonplace… VIRTUOSITY.

So what do you need to rise above in your life right now? What burden from the past are you tired of carrying on your shoulders in the ways of emotional burden? If your young, are their any fears or blocks to take the next steps to intimacy or feelings of needing to withdrawal from something toxic?  Generally our doors close slowly, years in fact. Its like when you experience a marriage divorce, you are actually attracted to the same type of partner until you begin to realize that its not good for you and that takes time.

This is the moon of idealism, changes, danger, risk and frustrations and the most important… endings because of the season. If we look deep into our heart and see what pattern or behavior we keep repeating which shows no change, then we focus there in a release. Many times in life people say reward good behavior with something or if you let go of something, replace it with something else better. This work doesn’t follow that reward path, it follows the disciplined path of choosing to let go of something small that is really much bigger without replacing it with something else.

This is why change is so difficult either within yourself or something you have invested in, such as a person, a problem, a confusion, an indecision. We lay the ground each full moon to let go of one small emotional issue that has arisen since the new moon, with your one release intention, with your full permission. Many times in life we fear if we take full responsibility for our feelings about something, as if we didn’t have that right to do such a thing. Well we do, we can make very difficult choices and tell ourselves we are responsible for the outcome regardless of whether its easy or difficult, whether we get flack from others or not for choosing our real emotional truth about our life.

Emotional flexibility within our senses and sensual life is equal to yoga flexibility of our physical life, one is intimate with the self and others and the other is not intimate, its an action. The more we become flexible with our emotions and stop resisting feeling the waves of uncomfortably, the more we work with our interruptions that knock us off balance. This is why we contemplate what we need to let go of one small inch at a time, each moon cycle, so it clears the way for the next new moon intention!

Letting go is emotional medicine,
we can practice it with less resistance if we remind our selves that its the other half of all teachings. Eventually when we practice it each full moon, a whole year has gone by and we get better at it, yes it may hurt, yes its not the popular love and light teaching, but it actually helps us “heal.” There are no perfect ways to work with our emotional issues, but wisdom does comes from experience that has successes. The more we are willing to be flexible with pain (new experiences to change our patterns of behavior, for the better), the more we become flexible, which means we find more peace and approach life more slowly and grounded and actually learn to listen “deeply” and that is a shock when we first learn to listen very deeply from meditation (silent meditation) practices.

I only give examples of New Moon Intentions, the Full Moon release is based on the your new moon’s intent, so you have to figure out the difficult work of the release. Remember, nature and life are listening energetically, which I call the mystery and magic (non-human magic, the only kind that is powerful) and direct, and when it listen to our intention and releases, it responds like the wind or the water in the ocean, its powerful and knocks us over sometimes! So be very careful with your release intention, because only your lack of awareness is present when it comes. Otherwise you would have seen all the subtle synchronicity that led to your release and all of them in the two weeks after the full moon. Developing awareness and soul work is an emotional practice and there are no results without hard work within awareness.

Blessings and Good Dreams on your Full Moon and set that intention for your dreams since the triple moon is here today and Happy Valentines Day!


Art: full moon watercolor: Full Moon CastleRigg Stone Circle by PA Jackson; Moon coffee cup by Mudstuffing on Etsy; U.K. Artist Helen Musselwhite – and a Transylvania Vintage linen cushion  velvet red Heart with tulips embroidery.






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  1. Steve Zubo says:

    – good for you, P – good for you.

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  2. Steve Zubo says:

    – i know what’s going on here. i’ve got this loss i’m dealing with – & i’m trying to ignore the depression around it that precedes the acceptance. I’ve just got to let it happen … – so i release my reluctance… SBIAD!

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    1. That is a good one Steve. Depression is the accumulation of sadness in a greater form, and under both of these is contained anger. The anger was contained as it wanted to be expressed along the way (years). So as you give yourself permission to get angry, each time we do, some depression releases. We have to be grounded around this and the best way is the therapy “Rebirthing” – its a breathwork holistic healing that brings us to that space a little at a time. The hard part is there was someone else expressing anger that we said we would never be like them because it hurt… but then we end up having half our anger debilitated and our body stored half the other persons anger (projected) in our emotional body. The combination of the two = depression.


    2. Steve Zubo says:

      – so i release my reluctance to feel this pain SBIAD!

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    3. Steve Zubo says:

      – you are right – Precisely. ” — there was someone else expressing anger that we said we would never be like them because it hurt… but then we end up having half our anger debilitated and our body stored half the other persons anger (projected) in our emotional body. The combination of the two = depression. ” – you are right = exactly.

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