The 13th Moon

Monthly Lunar Work-Study with Phoenix of Elder Mountain – My fated work with my kinship to the moon, was to return to the prehistory lunar practices of the grandmothers, which has taken me my entire life (maiden, mother and now elder) to bring this invisible reality back, step by step, moon by moon and decade by decade. I started honoring the lunar goddesses like some do, and the feminine, but I also became aware around 12 years old, the moons importance in my soul. I remember that day in my first Juniper return cycle in the summer of 1970. As a twelve year old I didn’t have all the luxury of experience but I had never looked at the moon like I did that day and it all made such sense. I could not use words to explain it but it must have been a mini awakening and I noting the symbolic moon and the moon in the sky each night.

As I matured into an adult, I combining lunar energy & dreaming practices together along with practices of synchronicity & signs as (mirror work), and then applied it in a healing way to my emotional, soul and intuitive bodies. Then offering it to my apprentices to see how it worked with them. It did and it did in the same way by realigning the real practices of “cyclical” emotional energy (chaos or our magnetic astral body (soul), to align with mother earth’s (soul consciousness) and the real magnetic influences on our emotions, our unconscious and our dreams.

Its taken me my entire life to awaken and consciously enter into the last phase in the last four years, which is the 13th moon’s real presence of earth and even be able to teach others what i have learned and the real benefits.  Those in the metaphysical and science communities say now that we have a “second” moon around the earth, but its not a second moon, it is the actual 13th moon, which no one honors and its so far separated from our soul as a living cycle. The other 12 moons were included in the sun cults after the 2nd century bce which basically is when astrology was invented into a physical structure. We will need this lunar living again as the time/sun cults (patriarch) begin to fall, dissolve and disintegrate.

Welcome to the 13th Moon (the Void), we begin our 13th moon of the year, in the sign of Pisces, starting Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 6:58 am PST at 80 – along with the second pair, the Solar Eclipse who heralds in our seasonal shift.  Blessings to all the Spiritual Dreamers, the Moon People, Ancient Healers, Sacred Artists, Mystics, Witches, Shaman wanna be’s and Magical Folk! Over the decades I have learned and practiced so much within the healing and spiritual realms of the emotional body, the soul bodies, the dreaming bodies, and the projections, fears and irritations of our emotional reality. Seeing, feeling and responding to this very natural seasonal process of lunation cycles within all of that, these lead me to learn, then respect, then heal and lastly respond with great dedication of each new moon and its magical properties of rhythm, balance and our mystical nature and nature’s mysticism.

I generally ask all of you to begin to notice and pay attention to your signs and synchronicity 2 or 3 days before the new moon and your nights dreaming. These gives you an indication of the personal flavor and setting of the stage of your whole moon cycle you will walk …

“The years about to end and it is like a Snake
   creeping in a field. You have no sooner seen it,
than it has already half disappeared.
   It is gone and it’s troubles have gone with it.
   It could be worse if you catch it by its tail,
   so why bother to try, when it will do you no good.”

(Poem by Su Tung P’o – 1036 ce,
translated by Kenneth Rexroth)


I teach from experience, so here are my signs and synchronicity up to this New Moon today, so you can see them as an example. I work with dream symbolism the same way I work with lunar synchronicity & signs…

#1st sign: I was sitting and waiting for my ride at the LA airport and the speaker kept saying “Have an exceptional experience in California”; #2 A big poster with the image of David Bowie with his finger over his mouth “shhhhhh”; #3 A twenty something, young woman emailed me and shared something, but did not care for my response as a teacher: “Trying to control someone’s death processes only shows a huge ego and a lack of respect to the Spirit of Death itself.”  Her response back was “You are a fake and I knew it all along.” #4 – I rode my bike to the beach and on the way I found “Two Prada Dresses” with the tags still on them laying on the sidewalk. They must have been tossed out of a car after they were stolen.

I found it interesting that Prada is a Romanian word meaning to “plunder, pillage, rob, loot and ravage” the actions of a thief. So the breakdown of these signs/synchronicity messages for this moon cycle of my personal journey is…

“Exceptional experiences exist within the silence;
do not try to control the spirit of change, otherwise
it’s just the path of a well dressed thief.”

For me, this moon is my graduation night – finally after two and a half decades and eons of hard work and healing, the integration of the final aspects of the ancient lunar living practice has commenced. Its been difficult over the years to see where and how the “13th moon” would actually fit into the natural year of a 12 month solar calendar – that we have all been living by for a few thousand years. It didn’t…

So I had to wait almost a decade, which seemed like a long time for the process to occur naturally, as I built the understandings and practices of each moon cycle, decade after decade adding the disciplines, awareness, 3 levels of mirror work and its balance and motion of how it effects us personally, our souls and our emotional body. The 13th moon is nature’s last cycle and a new beginning at the same time (of woman’s prehistory reality which we used to live within along with our dreams). I feel blessed that I stuck with it all these years to see the end of my works completion this year.

Wisdom always comes hindsight for all of us, when we experience rather than just learn knowledge, no doubt that the wisdom will from here forth be more magical now that the decades of dedicated work is completed. Now, finally the 13th moon fits in the year perfectly this year all on its own, the last puzzle piece.

The New Moon

This particular 13th moon for all of us has a lot of Pisces energy in store for you, as Mercury moved into the sign of Pisces and is conjuncting the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Chiron and the Eclipse in a very tight conjunction. So, if you feel a little tired this moon cycle, sleepy or dreaming more, its all that pure energy ruled by Neptune and this is a lot of spiritual energy to contend with. The Neptunian experience has several archetypes… first is the feeling of ‘dissolve’ or ‘self undoing’, the realms of mysticism, addiction, inner peace, transcendence and solitude along with creative solitude.

To navigate and swim the ocean of this abundant amount of spiritual and mysterious energy, Mercury in this lineup will help us communicate more openly about where we find ourselves confused for the month or confused in our life at this point. Neptune adds dissolution, confusion, lethargic energy (along with dreamy energy) and Neptune’s pressure on the mental body is like no other influence. But it will also help our creative and artistic projects or just a lot of extra sleep. Many people get colds and flu during this time of the year, I call that the natural yearly detox.

Another aspect  of Neptune is escapism, and where we fall into it and how we must swim to the surface to breathe again. If we find our selves lost in a personal issue right now, there are ways to comfort our struggles by adding a little bit of Virgo structure, which is the opposite of Pisces immeasurable dissolve.

On the positive side, if you do any spiritual practices such as yoga or meditate, or healing work, this is a great month to use this energy because it will give you a much deeper experience, and some very good releases. So take advantage of that to help you navigate through any challenges your facing right now in your mind, body or soul.


Neptunian energy is the ruler of our illusions, small or large. An example of an illusion that my sister shared when I first started my work was: “She was my best friend, I put so much energy into our relationship over the years. Then I realized it was me who was the best friend and she didn’t give a crap about me, and when I stopped calling, I never heard from her again.” This is an illusion of a friendship level, its even more painful if its family or our investments in our purpose in life. When we wake up and realize that we thought something was one way, when it was really the opposite, the dread of illusion brings sorrow and our fairytale has been shattered. Its truly one of the most painful awakenings.

A magician is one who fools the eye, playing tricks that are sometimes impossible to figure out, and when it comes to personal Illusions, these are the feelings which we tend to beat ourselves up with or feel we have done something wrong when things go awry. Or worse, we are in shock when we become aware of an illusion we held so precious wasn’t that real, after it fell apart. Because its hard to define the ethereal parts of us with absolutes, this emotional energy, this love is blind energy of ours, we must practice being flexible with our soul reality.

The best medicine is to add more quiet time and meditation which helps us regain some inner peace if its done consistently. To get some support to accept finally that we are not perfect and we have issues to heal. For others its being in nature or sharing time with family, whatever brings you peace is the medicine but make sure its touching ’emotional’ aspects and releasing the toxicity of that.

Try something new with your invisibles, those things you cannot see in your life but you know its there. Try laying any guilt aside, and bring a little positive self nurturing to any confusion you are feeling once or twice a week. Illusions tend to fall into that place where we wish to escape from the pain or responsibilities in our life that have become too much of a burden for us to handle. There are healthy escapes also, which can be immersing the self into music, going to a water spa, reading a good book in your bed, doing some art or quality time spent in nature. In other words, this moon cycle requires that you find some  “retreat and quiet time” in order to regurgitate some old pains and welcome some rejuvenation.


The most popular negative escapism that people generally do is turn to around the world is the false happiness in a bottle, such as alcohol, drugs or pot or even false vision in a bottle (shamanic plant/drug). Neptune rules addiction, drugs, pot but on the other side of that coin it rules sobriety, spiritual practices, its one of the most powerful Neptune archetypes of them all.  Neptune rules escapism or relief and as emotional beings we must “feel” and sit and surrender to just “feeling” them all, which is the medicine.

You could have an emotional issue occur and use escapism for ten long years, but when your tired of that or your body says no more, we return right back to the same exact day and the same feeling of the original emotional issue and then must begin right there where we left off. Emotion sits dormant there waiting for us to respond and address them and the soul is silent, we cannot hear her real screams, but we can feel it. This is how it really works, emotional issues never goes away until we commit to healing them. If we don’t, for some, they even come back in the next lifetime to begin where they left off in the previous lifetime.

Our emotions are like waves, especially this moon cycle, they start slow, they climax, they crash (which is the most painful part), and then they release (smooth out like the wave on the shore). This coincides with the moon cycles, the menses cycles and the dreaming cycles, they can only be separated by karma and the mental body. Getting back into rhythm with our self and our three bodies takes a lot of time and a lot of work, that is why one moon at a time makes us feel like we are making some progress and helping the self with our issues. And that “feels” good… Sometimes we have to remind our selves that its ok to feel good, especially if we have been through a lot and have felt bad for a long time, this is how we heal emotional drama.


I had made mention of Bach Flowers on our Facebook page, as a remedy this month because the flower essence are so subtle and bring a sense of peace and they really do work. So try it out and read up if your not familiar with them and chose one that fits your issue this month if you need more grounding emotionally.

Fear of course in any moon cycle is our greatest challenge and fear expresses the unknown. Change is the death symbolism and when you combine the two, we have imbalance and a halt in our rhythm. Most holistic healing work is to regain that rhythm and flow of our emotional body again, otherwise a wide host of neurotic behaviors come springing forth from suppressing or fearing your own emotional complication, rather than recognizing you must go through this because their is power or your soul’s power to heal you past the thresholds of entering it.

But we feel weak instead of strong when facing our personal emotional fears because we fear anything as humans that we cannot control. Overcome the cycle of stress or unwind the complicated feelings within requires letting go. All of this is ok and very normal to be or feel lost and confused in our fears and feelings, its part of life at certain times because through it and for the more severe, its how karma releases or our karmic debt that came due. We either learn to surrender and let go of the struggle (fear) or we find the strength to have healthier boundaries and self love.

This moon cycle chose your one intention, try to also find some time to relax and retreat a little bit more than usual so you can regenerate and accept the dreamy or lack of control this month with so many Pisces planets influencing us. This particular moon cycle always challenges our boundaries and our inner peace.

There is a big T-Square this moon cycle (see chart below) and the three legs of the table always seeks stability in the forth leg. That forth leg is Cancer this moon cycle, so try to self nurture a little extra this month to find balance…

Example Intentions for the 13th Moon (choose only one):

I am beautiful
I am creative
I feel grounded
I feel healthy (especially if you don’t – fake it till you make it)
I express my feelings more openly in a positive way
I am expressing my feelings
I have healthy boundaries

I am practicing healthy behaviors
I am healing my addiction
I am listening deeply
I have self compassion
I use my creativity to heal
I meditate for inner peace
I am emotionally honest with myself

I trust myself
I trust my intuition
I still my mind and open my heart
I accept where I am
I forgive myself
I allow myself to grieve
I focus on healthy imagination

I face my addiction one day at a time
I practice stillness
I free myself from my own imprisonment
I silence my busy thoughts
I value my perspective

I am unique (if you don’t feel that way)
I am honorable
I speak my truth with impeccability
I accept my anger
I am listening to my heart

I practice positive thoughts
I am confident
I heal myself with my creativity
I am patient
I am getting healthier one day at a time
I communicate my needs clearly
I am healing my stress

I am relaxed

Happy New Moon & Eclipse and see you at the Full Moon’s Release!



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  1. Steve Zubo says:

    I practice stillness. SBIAD !

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