First New Moon of Spring 2017

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Happy new year to Mother Earth and we celebrate the 1st New Moon of Spring! I hope that your three winter moon practices left you a little more grounded, at least enough to commit to another year of lunar intention work. Fresh air returns and opens the windows of our soul – so let the rebirth begin. The First New Moon of Springs 3 Moons, starts Monday, March 27, 2017 at 7 degrees Aries.

As a practice, lunar work requires that we start looking for our personal signs and synchronicities about two or three days before the actual new moon. We pay attention and keep a mental note, or write what appears in our dream journal to loosen our psyche and our mental body’s strong hold who does not see nor understands what the soul sees and feels.

This is the gestation womb period, a time where our soul is already paying attention to the sounds and feelings of the shifts of the moon, our body and mother earths changes.

Welcome Spring, Louis Janmot (detail) 1845

The origin of our soul before our birth into this reincarnated life in our world, we are still in our mothers womb, senses things outside the womb, for those of us who remote view, once the child has developed pass the seventh or eight moon they can see, truly and they can feel everything the mother struggles with. These are the dreaming moments of the our pre-manifested life, in relationship to the energy of moon cycles, our mothers soul and dream cycles, and the in-between the waking worlds and the dreaming worlds.

Those who are dying, so back fully to this place during time of passage. That is why its important to pay attention during the days just before the new moon because its deep within you to do this as a soul, rather than let our mind dominate all of our life.

Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka

Try to keep your intention in the first three New & Full Moons of Spring a bit more simple, because when Summer arrives, the building of emotional energy though out intention, gets stronger as Summer begins to peak. In esoteric terms, tarot, astrology, totems, elemental magic or even moon medicine, the beginning of spring, the fool card, or the first house in astrology all mean the same things symbolically as the first moon of Spring.

These all represent our new beginning, our definition of who we are and the embodiment of our soul, whether our soul feels entrapped or free or a bit of both. Its the moon to be alive in the physical world and our physical body, even if we experience these as painful. So chose your new moon intention of your inner life with some consciousness. New moon intentions always bring the “opposition” to us in life, because the moon like our soul is reflective, not direct.

I have an extra note for Libra people or those with a lot of Libra planets, you will be drawn into other peoples issues this cycle, because there are a lot of Aries planets bunched up dominating the energy. Try not too involve yourself in too much chaos. This moon cycle is to “love and respect” our body and soul, asking our self if we can do that work just this moon, in real terms by settling our worry, eating healthier, reaching for positive ways to work with our emotional stress. For moon or soul work, that means sharing your feelings with a trusted friend, a healer or a trusted family member.

Waterfall Pool, Devon, EnglandThe first spring moon brings forth  ‘actions’ and this moons can be somewhat complicated because Aries rule the independent side of relationship, and Libra at the next full moon, rules the connective sides of relationship (its opposition). Aries rules supporting others, while Libra exposes inequality of support (or whats termed: open enemy, recognizing that someone regardless of what they say, do not support you with their actions).

Our intention this month can focus around these types of personal growths, but not all moons are about growth, some are about balance and in the later seasons of the year, they are about death (letting go of old issues even in the intention of a new moon, which is the new beginning).

The moon this month is ruled by the element of Fire and fire in regards to relationships, can either be dramatic (intense) or bring warmth (nurturing and compromising) or purification. If its a really tough month, it will bring all three for balanced. All 3 fire moons of the year, when we apply them to our emotional and soul work, is the art of learning to compromise with our self, within balance and still be our unique fiery self. Otherwise too much fire and not enough water, can lead to some very destructive accumulations. Emotions will then rise quickly, without being controlled a bit by us, for some of you this comes more natural (that control), for others it can knock things down, and put others into shock. Either way, we have to really work at it with fire moons.

There is no shame in an underdeveloped relationship to our soul, everyone has this remembrance disease (I call it). Eventually finding ourselves through this unseen and untouched reality, we learning work with the most difficult cycles of our year. Every decade we must change, and depending upon our personal fears, how much we invest holistically to heal the self emotionally from loss or fears when it pops up again. If we do the work, we keep it flowing and can face any fear.


Attempting to get everything to work out smoothly in our real lives is a fantasy and fairy tale, and a youthful maidens journey, not the adults, and because we all base or have based our ‘expectations’ as real, when its not fulfilled or crumbles we become sad, or depressed, apathetic, or over zealous to start again to soon. Our emotional body and soul body doesn’t work that way, so we practice letting go of expectations in order to live in the present moment which go hand in hand. This helps us ground our disappointments. Practicing acceptance is true magic if we wish our life to progress.

Spring’s Enchanted Dream

Lay awake inside your nightly dream 
and learn to fly above the moonlit stream.
Seek the ancient guardian of the sea

who is only the reflection of you and me.

Cast your wishes and lots upon the stone, as you

seek your fortunes with a bird’s sharpened knife.
If you should stumble upon the land of trolls
those are the ones who have shaken and
stolen your souls.

But no need to fear, for your treasures are your fate,

find in them, heaven’s fiery gate – because dreams
are much more than what they appear and seem.
This Month’s New Moon Intention examples
(choose only one or make up one of your own):

For the newbies: Goals are our relationship to the outer world and Intentions are our relationship to our inner world. Moon work is intentional and inner emotional realities, so we chose one that supports the self. The world then becomes the mirror reflecting our intention.

I love myself
I am beautiful
I am healthy
I feel healthy
I am positive
I am strong

I nurture myself
I respect myself
I assert my will to change
I accept me just as I am
I am listening to my heart

I express personal anger with respect

I practice healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I am honest with myself
I express my competitive nature in positive ways

I am healthy in my body
I express my frustrations
I am grounded
I am focused
I am well rested

It takes mother earth no effort to make herself beautiful in spring, she brings it all forth in what seems effortless and gentle, but we humans have a lot to learn to bring our beauty forth! Believe in you!

Happy New Moon Dreamers!

Sources: Welcome Spring, Louis Janmot (detail) 1845; Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) over winter landscape of northern Canada. Yuichi Takasaka; Paper art by Romanian artist and illustrator Andrea Dezsö; Waterfall Pool in Devon, England; Moon and Stars dress by Valentino, 2015.

New Moon Chart March 27 2017

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