Cancer, the little Sea Scorpion

By Phoenix the Elder – My apprentice Burnt Stone and I were talking again about the Cancer Symbol of the Lobster, which looks so like the  Scorpion symbol. In antiquity, the symbol of Cancer was not the Crab it was the “Sea Scorpion” and this is why some of the old Zodiac and Esoteric work features the Lobster looking Scorpion, associated with the Moon (Cancer rules the Moon).

This symbol reveals the connection of Cancer to all water signs as its root base or the ‘core self’ of the emotional body (the Moon and Lake symbol). The next or second level of the water signs is Scorpio (the Scorpion and River symbol), which is “inter-personal’ which is how we handle our emotions with others and this interdependence; The last and third water sign of Pisces rules our greater light and dark collective soul (symbol of the Fish and the Oceans).

Akrabh or acrab (a-crab), is the Hebrew word for Scorpion. That scorpions were “engendered” from crabs (a belief in classical times): Ovid (Metamorphoses, 1st century CE, 15, 369-371) wrote:

“If you remove the hollow claws of land-crabs, and put the rest under the soil, a scorpion, with its curved and threatening tail, will emerge from the parts interred”

The first Scorpions are believed to have evolved from the Eurypteridae or Water Scorpions 425 to 450 million years ago in the Silurian Period. Sea Scorpions might have been the first animals to move onto land making scorpions one of the pioneers of terrestrial life.

They would have needed to be able to withstand the strong ultraviolet rays before the ozone layer buildup, scorpions fluoresce under ultraviolet light.

Christian DIor 2009

Art: Polish artist Marcin Nagraba and his Tarot card:
The Moon, costume designed by Agnieszka Osipa

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