First Full Moon of Spring 2017

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Dreamers, Artists, Healers and Shaman wanna bees, blessings to you on this first full moon of Spring! First Full Moon of Spring is Monday, April 10/11, 2017 (in Libra). I am always happy when Spring returns her beauty each year. Various traditions have many names for full moons, like this months Pink Moon, and whichever name you align with, its wise to keep moon or lunar work very simple because it is very powerful.

Simple is always the focus because moon work through dreaming and intentions is very intimate, personal and our emotional nature is very complex (rather than the mind-body “cosmic/universe” sun/solar types of teachings). Simple helps us maintain balance and speaking of balance, this is a Libra Full Moon, so balance is its very root.

Did anyone have a healing dream last night? If you need healing, then set the intention tonight on the full moon before you go to dreaming. If you need other aspects of your life seen or worked on, then ask your ‘inner dreamer’ for something very personal about that. People try to apply dream/soul work to their waking life of our physical world and physical life, but the soul does not live in this world, it lives in the world of dreams and feelings, unlike our mind/body. Its a good dream practice to begin to understand that cyclical dreaming and moon work cannot really be separated, because of recurrent energy that returns again and again in cycles.

moon eyes

Last night I set my intention before sleep, to heal my “heart-cold” in my chest up to my throat chakra, which I have had for just the past few days. As a healer I tend to absorb the emotional energetic sickness of others if I spend time with them and always know that my gifts come with these types of responsibilities. So my blockage in my heart area is both others (as healing for them) and for my own continual healing journey to keep flowing.

One of my apprentices also wrote me this morning and shared that she too, had set her dream intention for healing and received a very clear answer, also a wound from her past. After my dream last night, I then set my one “release” intention right when I woke up this morning (on the day or evening of the full moon is most potent)

I release the wounds of my Heart, in a healthy and safe way.
(literally in the heart area physically that I have had for three days)

Most of you here on our monthly lunar work-study have set your ‘one’ intention on the New Moon (two weeks ago), and everything was revealed and surfaced in order to release it today with one full moon release intention. I am sure some of you are becoming more aware of this practice as each month turns into years and see the power of it revealed.

Because the moon, lunar or emotional & soul work is so intimate, it symbolically represents our “inner emotional life” and for us to live this life of the World River and its Sacred Mountain (verses the teachings of the Tree of Life), we dreamers too must learn to flow emotionally and recognize our inner dreamer, our deep emotions, our anger, our sadness. We cannot attain our soul’s wisdom until we commit to healing and understandings where we have come form or what we must work with in the  present (or both for some who are over 40). Mysticism, awareness and being conscious is all just plain hard work!

Try to go out and just look at the full moon tonight and re-connect with the beauty of your ancient feminine and her medicines, and how that is expressed this lifetime on a personal level. You will recognize that she (the moon) is very quiet, gentle and simple as she glides across the midnight sky. I once wrote a poem asking the readers if they would notice if she was gone and how many days, months or years would it take for one to notice her. She is a great mirror and holds balance for us emotionally as a symbolic teaching in this busy world of mind body movements, challenges, stresses and especially the unconsciousness of:


We cannot address or heal anything until we become conscious of it… This means that almost all mystical experiences, synchronicity-symbolism that crosses our path in this waking world has to be recognized slowly. Nature’s magic (shamanism) when done without shamanic plants/drugs is an entire different reality on earth and contains the  hidden from our view. The more aware we become through practices in our real relationships, our real emotional struggles, conflict etc, very, very slowly the shamanic world reveals itself with each small awakening of our personal emotional life through healing of our nature.

Did you find anything magical that appeared right on your path in the last two weeks? My finding this moon was my chest (heart) cold and I jumped on it right away. I had also met a beautiful young woman two days ago, who found a Hello Kitty Magical Light as it was right in her path as she walked. That was a wonderful symbol for this full moon. When she picked it up it I thought of my daughter and how she loved HK, but also reminded me of a funny skit by comedian Margaret Cho. All symbols are good to find, so look for your symbols that appear, they are important in moon cycle work, when you find them, they will help you mold your intention (either new or full moon intentions).

Those who follow the more shamanic path, the animals, birds, insect and oceanic clans also come (but make sure they look you in the eye for a period of time or interact with you personally before calling them a symbol, which most call a totem.) Totems can come for a day or keep coming over and over again, like dreams that repeat.

First full moon of Spring Astrology Chart shows we have a powerful T-Square (the triangle in Red) which means tensions (growth) and a Uranus/Sun conjunction opposite Moon/Jupiter and Pluto which ties them all together. Generally Uranus/Son is like the one person in your life who is total chaos and a trouble maker, this full moons energy is like that and will own the next two weeks. For those who have planets in Aries or Libra, check your chart and see if the moon or sun conjuncts any of those plants.

first full moon of spring

Full moon dreaming is the time to honor who we are and to share our ‘release’ of what no longer serves our highest good (emotionally), as its not about the world we live in or about others… Learning to let go, is the feminine half of all spiritual teachings in the world, one full moon at a time! 

Blessings on the Full Moon ~Phoenix


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