Second New Moon of Spring

Travels of the Soul by Howard Pyle (1853-1911) 1902

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Dreamers, Artists and Moon Lovers! Our second new moon of Spring arrives on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Lets start off with the sabian oracle this moon:

The conquest over separateness through cooperation.

A person who has suffered deprivation or loneliness can give new substance to his or her’s emotional life by participation in positive cooperation. All great personal evolutionary challenges imply that we overcome basic difficulties in our life and that starts at our root issues we are struggling with just this moon cycle. When we figure out what this is, the fear of the unknown, which always confronts the evolving person, adds balance and groundedness to our spiritual journey.

“Substantiation” is where skill gives substance and demonstrates our capacity to overcome obstacles in order to achieve a little more personal awareness. Substantiation is to prove the truth or support with proof and evidence and to give substance to it; to make real or actualize. When we apply this to our emotional life, it means we must practice having deeper trust in ourselves if we wish to become more able in healing our insecurities.

How can we truly be angry with another who defines or judges our actions, values or perspectives, when its impossible to know the depth of another person? When we can begin to see our own growth, our own actions, our values mature, then we have some balance to who we are by our actions and our communication. It is then we can begin to develop healthy boundaries or keeping our promises, or developing a thicker skin to others judgments… these all require emotional clarity to eventually lead us into emotional empowerment. 

This month in our constellation divination, we enter the power of Taurus the Bull, a very ancient symbol, and a time when the sun begins to warm the earth slowly. Its a time for our outdoor work, planting our gardens, beginning a new project for the seasonal year, taking longer hikes or even planning a vacation for the year. This is also true in moon work as we prepare emotionally for the seasonal year by planting seeds of our continuing and committed healing journey, the acceptance of difficult transformations throughout the year, and assisting personal awareness.

Zodiak signs by ERTE (1892 - 1990) TaurusBecause our inner emotional life and our outer physical life can never really be separated, we learn to loosen control and find ways to work at unifying them. This moon cycle we learn about our values and personal responsibility that help bring these two aspects of our lives closer.

We have a powerful bucket of energy influencing our learning curve this month with a strong T-Squares (triangle of tension). I circled the triangle on the chart below and as you can see, the planets Uranus, Mercury, Sun and Moon are all aligned fortifying that T-Square tension with Pluto and Juniper. This means the lightening deep within you and your ability to communicate (or lack of) will have an impact within your intention this month and the one or two changes that you will meet along your path.

Those who have set intentions for few years with us each moon, know just how powerful the response is from life when our intentions are ‘too big’ and by this I mean we attempt to open up something that is too large of a wound in our life that needs healing.  Be very clear in your intention of inner growth this month and if you had a difficult moon last month, try a simpler or smaller intention to give yourself a break.

Venus who rules love, comfort & abundance will be conjuncting Chiron, where we are wounded consciously or unconsciously as Saturn (responsibility) brings in a square (tension) to make sure we respond with the responsible choice. Venus and Taurus are about our ‘values’ and if there is an issue or struggle around be undecided in what our values are, like love vs. money, this moon can help you find your emotional honesty with groundedness for the best immediate outcome.

Being patient always helps clarity’s direction with your signs & synchronicities, especially with your partner or even an x-partner. If you are still working on an ex-partnership issue or an old love, especially if you have children, then this is the moon to set clear boundaries with a little bit of the stubbornness of Taurus the Bull. Venus is ruled by Taurus, so they both want your values to come to the forefront this moon, especially if there is issues around love and money.

Taurus New Moon

With Uranus and Jupiter involved in this cycle (again), just like the full moon two weeks ago, then change rises the nearer it gets to the full moon. Expect a continuing theme this month with what you were personally month, except now – we have the ability to be more grounded in this earthy Taurus energy.

James Burgess says that the degree of this moon’s cycle is about “application” …

“Having power, we expect to apply it, to resist imposition and to overcome obstacles in pursuit of our desires, and this expectation is a compelling motivating force that reaches out to find mountains to climb and oceans to cross. Inevitably, issues arise. Often, dark energies become quite dominant, and we have to come to terms with choices where we are absolutely challenged on matters of principle.

It takes greatness of self-assurance to trust that the dark side will lead to the light, and indeed that there is no other path available to travel if one is to awaken at the very deepest levels of self. The supreme test – to master reality – requires the attitude of a magician, who applies a powerful will, and a profound inner sense of spiritual heritage, in order to shift manifestation around.

In all realms, whether higher or lower, we can play the role of creator. Everything is then seen on a symbolic level as a representation of the deeper hidden truths – and this way of eventually seeing and then living this life becomes a path that supports continual self-renewal. It is found by the wise rather counter-intuitive power hungry. It is the personal influence which arises through complete self-application in service to the needs of others and the complete healing of self.”

Example New Moon intentions :
Wildflowers (the Isle of Taurus)
I respect myself

I apply motivation to where I feel stagnant
I love myself in a healthy way
I value my inner ____________
I am positive

I listen deeply
I practice self control
I use my will to direct my energy
I am balanced
I am responsible for my projections
I use my stubbornness in a positive way

I am strong emotionally (if you feel weak)
I am strong physically (if you feel week)
I protect myself with healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I use my sexual energy in positive ways

I am honest with myself
I express my frustrations in a healthy way
I embrace my new beginning
I am honest with myself

I am responsible for my anger
I embrace joy
I accept my strong emotions

Or come up with one of your own, where you wish to “become aware” within your own emotional nature! Once you set your intention, watch for the signs on how its answered by the full moon. Blessings and happy second moon of Spring !

Sources: Astrology art by Erte; Sabian Mysteries by James Burgess; Travels of the Soul by Howard Pyle (1853-1911) 1902, Wildflowers (the Isle of Taurus).

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  1. annierue says:

    I always love your posts. This new moon feels like it’s an offering to move through things that have surfaced over the last several moon cycles. It’s very grounded but really calling me (and many of my friends) to work through some stuff. To see it and manage it.

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and creating this magical space here for us to come and reflect!

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    1. Thank you Annie Rue! Very sweet of you… its a practice you can do for ten years and it only brings you deeper within and increases awareness! I enjoy sharing it with others because its grounded and brings our whole world (which is sometimes unmanageable) into a manageable 30 day cycle with the moon!


  2. steve0hero says:

    SBIAD !

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  3. steve0hero says:

    Steve Zubo

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  4. steve0hero says:

    I embrace my new beginning

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    1. Wonderful one for spring Steve!

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  5. hocuspocus13 says:

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  6. LostAncestor says:

    I value my inner peace! SBAID

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