Bird Tribe Shaman Woman

The journey of shamanism of woman, had evolved from the previous dreaming cultures a million years earlier. She needed no plant to give her a vision, needed no medicine to ease her emotional pain, no outside sources or forces to give false vision, she was her dreaming, her creativity and her knowing as an embodied soul. Self respect (love), in relationship to nature’s magic (not human magic), and her intertwining mystery allowed her soul to be free.

Today, we have all come through the patriarch (builder of karma and the destruction of our souls) over the last three-thousand years, some of us here are to heal our soul and bring her back home to us. To do this, we only need our dreaming womb, our souls purification, the healing of our karma and its astral body which are the basic root of who we are and where we have evolved from and evolving to.

Let life be your greatest teacher and guide and from there forth learning to heal your sorrows and your pain with support of the great circle of women but also doing the work to let go and release that which does not serve your soul. Let chaos be your teacher, not your destruction because without it destroying you, you will evolve into a ‘you’ of inner unity of empowerment, humbleness, a truthful bitch and a silent warrior of spiritual strength (eventually).

Commitment to being spiritual also includes being sober completely for your eternal Soul (astral body). She is the unspoken one that is entrapped and in bondage from karma, she is so far away that one can barely hear her faint cry. She is also a part of your emotional body, and by giving up illusions of a more physical nature that saturate your astral cloud, your process of emotional balance and paying your karmic dept becomes the great “healing journey” in today’s world. At the root below mind-body, is a soul waiting to be f r e e  …

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