Sobriety Spirituality is for Old Souls and Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Healing takes a long time, one issue we have can weave through a lifetime for twenty or thirty years. That issue has an equivalent symbols in your dreams (at certain periods of your life) until the issue is completely healed. Never feel rushed in your healing journey, its better to be slow and steady, and just know its about you and you alone and using your dreams as guides is an extra bonus.

I am very dedicated to the few who go above an beyond (my students and apprentices) and sobriety  is part of a truly dedicated spiritual and spiritual self healing path. Everything else is just the power of the fears and of change. Miley Cyrus is a young Sagittarian-American and 24 years old, she is an extremely creative maiden. She stated in the video below, that she has decided to go sober and give up pot, not an easy thing to do for a daily smoker, but she found the reason to and sometimes, that is all that matters.

Its not unusual that a maiden around the age of 24 generally begins making choices that are different, because she starts to “feel” the energy of adulthood coming and winter. So she starts to walk with a little more seriousness, because at this stage, they enter the season called the “winter of their maiden” (24-28 years old). Not Shield-maiden, not Virgin-maiden, but the Death-maiden and by death, I mean this in its root meaning… “change”. 

With my female students and apprentices and some of the beginning challenging parts of their work with me is to get completely sober from meds, pot, wine, alcohol, shamanic drug (plants), etc. I have no such relations to this though, with my clients or artists. From my observation of almost twenty five years of working with apprentices, it actually takes about a full 8 years to completely clear pot from their emotional body system, lymph system, menses cycle system, energy body system and the soul cloud (soul, dream body) system. Its a long journey and one that takes great dedication.

Modern Addictions by TOMAAS

In his recent “Modern Addictions” fine-art fashion photographer TOMAAS explores the over-consumption and dependency on prescription drugs. “Over the course of our lifetime, many people are likely to be prescribed over 14,000 pills. It seems we are on the verge of becoming a very deeply medicated society,” he explains, describing his inspiration for the photo series. In his photos, he combines cinematic and surrealist styles, depicting copious amounts of pills. 

A wickedly bad dream remembered, will also help people make good choices, as it did for Miley, but unfortunately a trillion dollar market of pushing meds into every home, to alleviate fear, when basic psychotherapy, talk therapy or holistic therapy (when dedicated) will begin to unravel the original wound and the original trauma.

Some medications, drugs and marijuana generally will sever, deteriorate or eradicate one’s dreaming body all together (in some people), and for others they will heighten a constant repetitive projected dream stuck on one or two symbols which isn’t healthy either that eventually gets more shadowy with time.

With the world pushing more and more ways to ease pain rather than permanent heal, this is where meds, pot, alcohol, shamanic drugs (plants), come to shut up the feminine feelings and horrors of pain and their many steps. Many accept pain meds especially when young and then 15 or 20 years go by and the original wound is still active if they try to stop or get off meds. This just allow us to turn our head away from the original wounds, and then enter the great fall under the addiction issues – its then we have 2 things to heal. Some do get off of these and begin to take back control, some by sheer will with blessings from fate.

For Miley, I say very good for her, it takes a lot of strength in the entertainment industry she is in, to go sober and as for her strength, as a role model for millions of younger kids, her choices do influence others and do make a difference.

Spirituality to sobriety as a practice, even if one has an addiction, is heal-able eventually – as long as one is given information that spirituality and drugs/pot together is saturating of illusions. In other words its mixing fire with illusion and that is the most dangerous kinds of spirituality there is. If you have an addiction, just know that working with it piece by piece, step by step takes personal strength, continued support with healers (not knowledge teachers) and dedication. The practice is: If you heal with letting go enough over and over over a decade or so, the release of the addiction eventually becomes reality.

3 thoughts on “Sobriety Spirituality is for Old Souls and Dreamers

  1. We live in a time of collective post-traumatic stress with retraumatization ever occurring as we find ourselves targeted with media stimulation that enhances our awareness of suffering on the planet. To make matters worse, our current hegemony seeks to cultivate a lifestyle bereft of traditional teachings and community environments that the ancestors cultivated over the course of tens of thousands of years to develop and strengthen the character (and gifts/purpose) of each sold in the tribe. Meaningful therapeutic approaches to healing are widely inaccessible unless you are privileged enough to afford it or are part of a community with these mechanisms built into it as a way of being. I know many economically impoverished individuals so caught up in the reality of survival that there is often little space leftover to commit themselves to such a path. Change needs to happen on a systemic level as well as the individual level. Those of us who have privilege to do this work need to be part of the solution and make space in our lives for those who wish to get well but may not have the means.

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  2. The above comment is not to undercut the immense dedication and sheer strength of will that others are able, by whatever means, to walk a path of sobriety. Such teachers I have encountered who inspire me most do not condemn the coping mechanisms of others – especially when they themselves know personally what it is to go hungry when they didn’t have a choice, watch people they love die unnecessary deaths, endure chronic physical pain for many years, or know the deep sense of alienation from others that prevents one from being able to connect and reach out for help. Pain is a teacher when we can be in a supportive learning space to see it as such – this can only happen if our basic living needs are already met and neither is detracting from the other. Certainly, these medications in many instances save lives, allowing someone to live one more day – whether to continue providing for their children, or merely acquire that “one more fix” to relieve an existence fraught with dejection and sorrow with no other channels to cope being offered.

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    1. I deleted my previous comments because it wasn’t focused on the subject which is Sobriety. I work with students and apprentices who wish to be sober (of all illusion causing substances for whatever reason they chose) as part of their spiritual healing journey. Its as simple as that. If you feel that sobriety is not a personal “value” that is an individual decision. I reach for higher levels of awareness as a teacher with my work, and that requires sobriety for my students and apprentices. For clients or artists it doesn’t. Blessings to you.


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