Aliens are “Soul-Less” ancient Human Beings

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain
I wanted to preface this article by saying as I enter Elder, a lot of my life was collective as a shaman and I did not share much of the work I did with the public for many reasons. If you are new to my page, I have no other Alien posts and like most people, Aliens are ranked in the metaphysical and paranormal sector of spiritual knowledge, not shamanism. What spiritual people around the world think about them is quite diverse and it’s a difficult and elusive subject for most people to talk much less learn about. Every new age, paranormal or even traditional people have their opinions and their knowledge approaches which created a belief system about them which seems to be accepted now. I wasn’t that lucky, I had to have 3 decades of experience.

I had spent most of my mid-maiden and whole adult life doing collective work alone along side surviving deep shamanic initiations.  I did my collective work alone for a few reasons, one is not to be interfered with (when it came to dealing with the powers at be), or be influenced by the paranormal cult who has been feeding humanity quarter-truths about what they “think or thought” aliens were.” My fate as a shaman led me on a path I would have never chosen and because of that I had to understand the invisible nature of who Aliens are and why they interacted with this planet.

In the early days, I didn’t know what aliens were but I knew logically they could not be from other planets or solar systems, because of simple biology. Biologically that is impossible, put an ant on Mars, and the ant dies because its foreign. Plus the United States Military is always escorting alien ufo ships, another flaw in the minds of men.My work as a huntress and dream walker onto ufo (ifo) ships pretty much ended in 2012, which was my deadline, from my 1987 beginnings.

Once the military, fbi and then cia became aware of me starting in 2013, and the military was increasingly hiring and training advanced dreamers to attack civilians on the dream planes, and people wonder why they can’t sleep. I was getting beat up more and more over the last ten years than the previous twenty and my shaman initations were not completed until 2016 where I was then safe on every level, dreams, waking or in-between the veils.
But it was too late, all the ancient work I was fated to do since birth was completed in 2012. I could write many books, but it wasn’t my path, I was too busy trying to stay alive. I can speak freely now for the first time without consequences of what I had come to do this lifetime.


Let’s rewind a little bit, to the movie “Children of the Corn” which came out in 1984, and between 1984 and 1987 my life was about to change, my first of four awakenings were on the verge. My son was born in ’83 and my daughter in ’85, and my first full on conscious “out of body” (my soul 100% out of my body like what happens in death) happened on a sunny August afternoon in 1987 – which just happened to be the day of the Harmonic Convergence (which I found out later). 

By the time my daughter was two years old (the year of the first of four Harmonic Convergence); she told me there were aliens in our basement, I had never spoken those words to my kids when they were little and it wasn’t like it is today with so much dialogue. Back then it wasn’t spoken of in main stream much less spiritual circles that much. I told my daughter, ok, let’s go see if we can find them and I carried her down the stairs with me and we looked around really well, and I said they must be invisible (energy) like what I see in my dreams at night… she looked at me and nodded her head with great surety.

My daughter had a few nightmares about two months leading up to that point, with something stabbing her in her eyes (which I found out that, much later when she could communicate as an older child). I took her into the basement, and we went on a mini hunting to see if it eased her fear and it did and the nightmares stopped. I never had nightmares because I had no visuals in my voidless dream stages.

When I was a child under ten years old, I would feel my soul being sucked out of me (what I know as an adult as my soul astral body). It was being sucked up out of my body every night like I was being pulled out of my body and I cried every day when I woke up for ten years straight until those doors shut in 1968 and reopened in 1987. The majority of soul people have been abducted, which is 15% of humanity, the rest of humanity or more mental and newer souls, meaning they don’t reincarnate that often.

So, of course, I believed my daughter when she said that to me when she was little, I am no fool. We moved to our new house in 1990, and my daughter said all the neighbor kids said that were strange figures or ghosts walking around our house right before we moved in. Because I dreamed only in the black void of nothingness, from birth until I was about 42, this gave me an advantage and information with my gift. This gift was useless in my waking life or even dreams in general, but it was my fate in my shaman’s life and it served me well. Especially after sound, colors, visuals etc busted open after 42 in 1999.

This is how I eventually gained more experience when the intense stuff started to invade my personal life everyday, my previous awareness of what I was dealing with since 1987, was still frightening (the unknown of who these telepathic beings were and what did they want). Today most dreamers are distracted by the waking life and distracted in dreaming by sounds, voice, heavy visuals stories, emotional issues with nightmares etc, and in waking are taught to focus on the stories. And now with drugs and shamanic drugs ontop of that, encouraged by the CIA to become saturated… many who have opinions have no clue about aliens, nor do they have a clue how much their own soul is in bonddage. They stay in the mind cult and seem “knowledgeable” but that is all it is…. knowledge. A few have one or two experiences, but that is not a lifetime of suffering and then its wisdom from experiences for decades.

By 1995 I began the intensity levels of my karmic and shamanic purification (initiations) every single day for about four hours of practices, disciplines, meditation, and healing, forcing me to be pure and walk an active disciplined path (rather than the youthful way of not being in control of my destiny. This did not stop until 2012 at those intense levels, no job, just a few apprentices, living far below even the poverty line, but with a family of brothers and sisters who did not understand but loved me as my normal human self which was a life saver sometimes especially when I was on the verge of homelessness constantly.

The path of my ancient huntress was born, and it was the hunt for Aliens that I made a commitment for the rest of my life because hell hath no fury, like a female shaman been scorned. With my abilities I was built for this job, it would be my life’s work, I didn’t know exactly at first what “they were” as I was like everyone else who deals with knowledge or exploration of the paranormal, aliens, Illuminati. But once I committed to rebirthing my ancient huntress of prehistory, I finally excepted that my experiences were not stopping. I had equally focused and gave all of my life to my self-healing journey until enough stability and groundedness under my life practices were in place (I had also started yoga at 19).

So I began to set the intentions to dream hunt them, and it was frightening entering the unknown at the edge of the spiritual world, as I was awakening way beyond lucidity and my visions were getting stronger, so was my soul sicknesses as a shaman. The soulless alien (humans), who roam this earth, not only have a mental body (mental astral body left) but they were easy for me to see in dreamtime as clear energy shapes, having only dreamed the black void imageless dreaming most of my life.

By the time the FBI had come onto my path in the physical level near my home in 2011, it was too late, almost all most of my collective shamanic work was already finished, and my shaman initiation only had five of forty years left, until completion in 2016.

The laws of our planet would biologically attack a foreign species from another planet or solar system, which is biologically and energetically easy to understand…

Aliens are “Soul-Less” ancient human beings with only a mental (astral) body left, they lost their soul (turned over their lives to darkness) and then eventually the soul was destroyed. One cannot reincarnate into the physical body without a soul. Now the roam the earth as hungry ghosts with an extremely powerful telepathy (mind control) as they live on the dream planes (the non-physical, energetic layers of Earth), right near us every day.

Combine this with the Military and you have the real Matrix. When you lose your soul as a human, it is a permanent and final loss and you can no longer reincarnate, nor have perception, common sense, intuition, feelings, the powers of the great and greater souls along with mental body/soul body combined. Nor is there any consciousness because these are all the gifts of the combination of our emotional body which is only a feeling voice for our soul both its shadow and light, and its joys and pains.

But it doesn’t mean alien (ancient soulless humans) are dead… no, quite the contrary, they are very much alive. I first began to share my experiences, and epiphanies and experiencing their powers of possession (white eyes when in the physical world) but I soon learned that these mind controlling soulless humans, assisted along with the military’s thirst for power. I peaked in my fear and then after being so frightened for so many years in my experiences running, I just said fuck it, its do or die for me. My life became a lot more grounded after that, the first eight years of experiences were the most difficult. Alien humans only have a mental body left are extremely elusive, invisible and dangerous.

How does the mental body and soul body work in relationship to these mind controlling ancient soulless humans? The soul body of humans when out of body, is ghost like, or like a cloud (from pure white to dingy gray (more karma, and for the seers, we can see these whispy bodies and now they are even being caught on video cams (which means they are all fragments of the living soul of living people or people having out of bodies. The mental body though, is invisible, its clear energy, not cloud like as the soul body is and this is why people with no collective understanding of the entire experience of alien mental bodied humans, have created every path away from the truth (from not knowing) such as sci-fi, paranormal and ufo hunter people for the past 60 years… they created philosophies and a cult that does have correct pieces to the puzzle within their findings but not outcome of the big collective picture.

Around 2009 I decided to stop sharing my experiences, no one got it anyway or they put me down and called me crazy (because ‘they’ didn’t have experience), I understood because the consciousness (veil) had not lifted enough for spiritual or metaphysical people to pierce through in the energetic realms and dreaming realms at higher levels (over the past 25 years). In the last ten years, it has for younger people with more awakenings going on.

I stopped sharing my experiences altogether because everyone seemed to want the fantasy and the ufo chasers only wanted ratings and the chase, they never wanted to know or interview people who could enter ships consciously to know what they were chasing. 

tumblr_mmeqviFy8A1r5yk27o1_500.jpgDoes this sound weird or scary? Damn right, it is and if you are a dreamer, take your dream gifts seriously like I did because if you wish to advance as a spiritual being and free your soul from its entrapment of what I call the “Alien Gate in dreaming, because all the ships are just past that. It takes real work and real sobriety.  The first gate of dreaming is the first level and no one passes the first gate because it’s controlled by military dreamers, trained to keep you from advancing. I had to fight my way through as a dreamer every night for seven years just to get free in my astral out of bodies.

There are a few starting to get it slowly only because it’s the new generations like my daughter (who is 31 now). All I can say is waking up is the most difficult journey and extremely hard to do. Pot, shamanic plant drugs, etc give you false visions that are not applied to heal your real life, your real issues, your real family problems, they are just Illusion bending (altering) for you mind and make “real” waking up impossible. Fake spiritual philosophies and crystals are not good for the magnetic field of our emotional body or our dreams. Yet this saturation has all been brought forth for the last 40 years without people saying “no”.

Mastering the mind is the first most important thing you can do. I suggest the hardest, which is Zen and do it until you shut the mind noise down with “zero thought). People will spend four hours a day on their I-phone but not  This is so the mind cult (soul-less humans) cannot influence you spiritually anymore behind the scenes, the invisible world (energetic world and the dream world, both here in between the veils and across when you go to dream at night, those are the first order of the day.

I have been sharing this stuff for 20 years when I started to understand the larger picture of what was happening to us as soul people and dreamers. People have gotten extremely mad at me because I was awakening at greater levels, so I took the flying daggers from everyone and the jealousy of older spiritual teachers, and from my family, and the last ten years from 20-30-year-olds who are know it all spiritual people (entitlement); and especially the ufo chasers who never catch anything or ever enter a ship with full consciousness because that actually takes blood, sweat, and tears. Did it make me stop? No, not really, because my journey was to heal me, my karma, and my soul fragmentations to stay alive in the real sober frightening ways and healthy way.

Connecting Military and ancient Alien soul-less people, the two make a very deadly combination for soul people and dreamers and its been happening slowly and growing stronger side by side with the military and government patriarch since around 500 bce. That is the great mystery about aliens – that no one can figure. The last ten years people have been getting hints about this and speaking about it, but not saying with 100% absolute positive experience. I say withe 100% absolute experience these are humans without souls.

Do they influence us?  Yes but not directly unless your awakening and can’t be controlled by those that they control. When I was first interfered with as I was awakening and beginning to move beyond mental body dreamer, into my soul consciousness expanding in my waking and nightly dream life, these soul-less humans (aliens) began to enter my dreaming, not as a child anymore, but an adult, it was in 1999, they gave me very high-level physics mathematics, but I am a shaman and artist, I have no connection to math or science and literally hate it personally and spiritually. And since birth, I am the kind who has to count on my fingers to do any math and that is the level I am at with math.

This had to me at that time, because I was reaching a new level, past what I call the alien dream gate which is guarded and protected by the military who trains dreamers to attack you (always on the left side of the spleen, to push you back into your body to wake up. The powers at be do not want you to be free and snooping around their dirty little nasa military secrets. It took me ten years to accomplish breaking through that gate with sobriety, strict spiritual disciplines, self-healing and overcoming fear, I was frightened and it was very dangerous.

When I was given these very high-level physic’s mathematics in my dream without knowing it and woke up with pen and paper in my hand with the physics mathematics all over the 100 pages spread out on my bed, I became very frightened. Twenty years of fright at each new level I chose to go through building my warrior, or death. So, I decided to dedicate every single day at that time to master yet another discipline. For five years I sat an hour a day to master Zen to shut my mental body down completely (no thoughts at will) – which I accomplished so I could not be mind controlled.

I entered another new level then, of waking up and dreaming awareness and could not be mind controlled anymore. Mostly, the alien mental bodied humans are at the collective levels, mind controlling generals and presidents. They are invisible energy in dreaming, they cannot be seen, but since I had voidless dreaming for 40 years since birth, I could see them from 40 years of experience (at forty years old). I call that divine timing or mother earth’s shaman training and its realities.

Аndy Kehoe

Don’t let it get you down, your soul has been prayed upon all the time since the Pharoahs kicked out the grandmothers under Akhenaten’s rule when he and other grandfathers let the Alien humans in…  this is why Moses heard their voices at the burning bush, this is why the “word” was so important. Alien soul less humans could not telepath and communicated (and then control) us, if language had not been developed and mental body gifts had not taken over nature and the soul of the mind cults. So its been happening to you for lifetimes…

Since 1952 when the worlds militaries joined together, they own the world by mind cults and of course the mind control of alien-humans, and they control the top military and rulers of countries… We are just now at the end, the peak before their fall and destruction and fall, along with the whole patriarch.

Just stay focused on you, your healing, master your mental body with no thought at will, work at getting pure sober from everything (and yes it’s painful without any pot or drug or shamanic drug addictions) and really try to heal your relationships. Grounded Mysticism is always the path I worked for because I knew it would pay off in the end with my personal health and well being in this crazy world… and it did. For the intuitive, sensory feelers and receptors (empaths) let the sorrows of life let you suffer, just try to escape from your demons, vampires, narcissists unless it’s part of your growth by those things making you so sick and miserable you will change or die.



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