READ FIRST – Introduction to EMD & Phoenix’s Healing and Teaching

Elder Mountain Dreaming is an intimate (small) sacred space to nourish the soul of the dreamer, to heal the emotional body of the empath, and to atone to the sensitive nature of the spiritual seeker and the artists within the great creative within. Phoenix, Juniper and Burnt Stone have come together through fate, as artists, healers and dreamers to serve community and those committed to their spiritual and self-healing journey in a creative way.  Those who explore deeper into their personal fears, learning disciplines in a more holistic ways to integrate the emotional body, silence the mental body more, and dedicate to purity (sobriety) for their physical body.

We are a 100% sober community (no pot, drugs, no wine or alcohol, no shamanic plants/drugs (no perception / illusion altering substances).  We keep new age Crystals out of our spaces, we use common sense and sensibilities in our path to keep grounded in this new age world, and attract the same. If you feel that you could benefit from a community of like values, then please write to: 

Anna Magruder

Phoenix was fated this lifetime as a Dreamer (healer, exorcist and dream walker) from her family’s ancestral lineages of Szeptucha (Whisperer, Wind-Whisper and Folk Healer) Poland and Mol’farka, Ukraine. Molphar comes from the word molph which means enchanted spiritualizing. Her elders and ancestors are from Skrzyszów and Lubaczów, a region which holds the Galician, Rusyn, Lemko, Hutsul and Boyko peoples.

Phoenix began to step into the moon work, not through astrology, but by holding goddess circles, which soon turned into lunar or moon circles, and the last decade that naturally turned into dreaming circles. All of her cycle work, living by the 13 moons, and cyclical-synchronicity teachings are the from the ancient spiral medicines, helping others with their sensitive nature and learning moon-work (soul). Because her out of bodies, lucid dreaming and then eventually full out of bodies (death walk as a shaman) began to develop in the late 80s and 90s, she was able to access and go back to the past in soul astral flight. This brought much back to her in the ways of how the ancient grandmothers (pre-patriarch), followed the circle of life’s path.

Real Moon Medicine (not Astrological Sun squeezing that into the Moon Box), can teach the initiate about how to actually live by repetitive cycles with a direct mirror of one’s own life experiencing, their karma, and the blindness of the mind, as it weaves the healing path to our doorway each moon cycle.

There are three levels to lunar work, the individual mirror, the the obsidian mirror which is an inter-personal level, and the next level of complexity after the basic mirror work of one’s unconscious has been mastered. Both of these apply to the astral mental body and the soul’s astral body in waking or night dreaming. Phoenix helps others to turn inside out and reverse the teachings of the 3,000 years of sun teachings, using the moon cycles as an inner structures of the karmic and creative-intuitive, rather than mental solutions for personal issues.

For Slavic people and those who are of the night medicines, we swim the World River and the teachings of the World River from the Sacred Mountain are about our Emotional Body and our Soul (rather rather than the World Tree of Mind / Body.) Phoenix offers her monthly free lunar moon work-study which takes four to six solid years of practices monthly to begin to see the effects. Moon work is extremely slow and is truly only for the dedicated spiritual person. She also teaches and works with it one on one with clients besides her dedicated apprentices.

Dream Walker, Dream Seer, Dream Interpreter & Dream Medicine
Aligning with the mystery of both the inner dreamer, dreams, dreaming, astral dreaming and lunar phase dreaming, Phoenix both lives by the moon cycles (not time, or calendars). She speaks of night dreaming and the day dreaming, as one.  Cycles and cycle work is mandatory for dreaming work, because the dreams and personal experiences overlap effecting our life cycles of return (transformation, death and rebirth) in cyclical healing. We either become aware or we keep repeating old cycles and when we add dreaming and our perception body to the interweaving, awareness of self and of our dreams at night, begin to open.

Dreaming Ceremonies, Rituals & Spiritual work, clarity, sobriety, with groundedness all contribute to the soul and mental body dreamer, shifting our dreaming into self communication. She help others begin to structure issues of ordinary dream work into structuring chaos or fears, to epilepsy, sleep issues and nightmares. She also works with the energetic nonphysical aspects of diseases such as epilepsy, nightmares and a host of other dreaming related issues.

Practicing real structures of dream and waking dream medicines, helps one begin the path to work with mastering symbolism, adding simple sacred ritualism and personal healing. These all enhance dreaming and our relationship to self and others in order to bring self-awareness into a conscious state, in regards to the emotional body and the soul bodies that we have.  Phoenix teaches the dreaming path along with imagination (seeds), so when we combine ritual (the manifestation of action based through intent) energy begins to flow rather than remain or repetitive symbolic dreaming or stagnant. Dreaming is a living energy both night and day.

all of phoenix stages 2.jpg

Working with clients, students and apprentices within the sacred root of healing any issue, unraveling the mystery of illness and disease one  layer at a time for those whose belief system works with the organic self. Learning to heal the self and sustaining one’s own challenges. Healing at the core of the imbalances that causes pain and suffering. Supporting crisis or any issue of the emotional, physical and mental body, imbalances and diseases. Her element of folk healing is water and fire in the Slavic traditions, and in ceremony she activates the right of Slavic and Balkan ancient ancestors.

The role of our body & soul is to become free from our lower natures as the Buddhists teach, but this also applies not only for our mind but our emotional body as well, which she calls “intuitive and emotional chaos” through healing of the emotions (especially women). Because our mind and emotional body work together, the mind dominates with its insistent categorizations, bypassing feelings as objective nuances.

Getting in control of the mental body and giving it less power is generally the first steps through meditation and mind disciplines (control the mind or it controls you). We are entwined within our everyday struggles or illnesses and the first steps to healing is feeling and nurturing the self. Our past woundedness and our past life karma cannot be separated from the effects of the blocks causing pains and wounds in our physical body. 

Purification rites, when done within the context of  karma brings forth deeper levels of pain that are to be endured with structure in order to gain detoxing releases. Focusing on the root source, rather than the resulting manifestations of diseases or emotions and mental disease is the key, in other words, we start here and move to the past and backwards, not forwards. Transformational healing work (transformation, death and rebirth) are Phoenix gifts as a folk healer who works with water and fire medicine.

Phoenix specializes in chord cuttings, which can be done in person, or in tandem as distant work to free the person from shadows that connect with one unconsciously in their dreaming. As a dreamer who has completed the death rites of full out of bodies (died and suspended death), she has experienced for forty years what these chords do and look like between people in both a death states (over in the dreaming realms of the non-physical, energetic earth) and in her seer work, in personal healing and folk healing work. This is a powerful set of releases for only the client or student and she never does anything with the person who chords are being cut from, because it would cause karma not only for her but her client or student. This took decades to master as a compassionate slayer and exorcist, as well as basic and advance chord cutting experience. The process is simple, but the energy is deep and complicated. 

(Exorcist), Bone Mother (Bell Ringer), Mol’farka
Support to assist in one’s issues around shadow, or one’s family, depossessions, exorcisms, land, home or business clearings of shadow walkers and shadow demonic energy. Eradicator of demons, vampires, werewolves, skin-walkers etc. Curses, spells and hexes removed for individuals, family and ancient curses which are broken and dissolved. She is very experienced and professional. “As a dream walker I can work anywhere in the world and assist in the shifts that needs to occur.” Fees are according to issue and their duration, severity or duration of completion. Personal references available and only serious inquiries.

Phoenix has been leading group soul retrievals for the last twenty-five years, and only works with journeys for people on the Equinoxes and Solstices to assist in their emotional and soul healing work. She helps others learn to recognize, then face and lastly heal their personal fears which effects our mental, emotional and physical health. Soul work like moon work is very slow, much more than any other type of work. Those who are not life intiatiated shamans think that they open the underworld for soul retrievals, this is not true, only mother earth can open up her vulva, and the shaman must pass all her tests before that ever occurs. 

After 30 years of energy work in person with clients, Phoenix no longer needs to be present, she can be hired for distant healing and also dream healing work. She does distant healing for special issues, and energy healing for the emotional body, dream bodies (soul and astral bodies), physical flow of energy for sensitives and empaths. In her counsel work if something needs to be done, she will apply it.

Phoenix went to her first Astrology meeting at seventeen and was brought there by her sister who is ten years older and a healer and astrologer. She fell in love with the work ever since. She specializing in natal, transit and transitions, progressed charts, karmic relationships, goddess asteroids, fixed star astrology, karma and soul astrology. She focuses on the transformation period of life when karma, illness, struggles, transformation, death and rebirth and, or emotional struggles can become overbearing. She focuses on the how to elevate yourself within the aspects of change by applying real healing and emotional healing to the issues when chaos is the norm. Chart and counsel work for individuals and families. Charts for health, relationships, purpose, transitions, struggle, karma and more. Natal, Progressions, Karmic, Lunar & Asteroids

Phoenix does Seer Readings (prophecy / pre-cognitive) which extendsvas the basic foundations of soul work, remote viewing and her shamans soul’s life. She is also a reader of Medicine and Spirit Cards, the divination of Chinese I-Ching and Qi Jing. She also does Palm Readings with wise counsel based on the questions or inquiries you are interested in. For Palm she sets a skype session or records the session, then sends you an mp4. Her life of dedication to the esoteric and healing arts for over 30 years helping others find the healthy doors to open and understand their unconscious mysteries. 

For those who are called to work with Phoenix from reading her website, she can do single sessions to get a feel if her work is right for you, rather than more in-depth. She also offers a six month session which is once a month sessions with homework inbetween. Counsel and guidance work helps others to be supported and to put their changes into action and is helpful for the path of self dedication from where one is now. Phoenix has always work in person and in the last few years because of people abroad, she works with Skype from your home. 

Phoenix works with clients for any issue or illnesses of the mind, body, emotional body or soul. She started working with dedicated apprentices in the early 1990s full time, side by side of with her own personal healing journey.  Phoenix, now at 60 years old has stepped into the general public community. Her fated spiritual tests began in childhood, starting with intense dreaming, decades of mystical experiences, out of bodies, animism and more.

She dedicated to heal her karma, ground her mysticism, self healing and working with other healers, spiritual disciplines, and a life of total sobriety to allow visions from her soul to rise naturally in the pain of karmic detoxing. Forty years of initiations of wrathful dismemberment (deaths of the mind, body, emotional body and soul and its sicknesses). In 2017, all initiations were finally completed and she is free to guide those who wish to do the difficult work of self awareness, self healing, working at healing the emotional body and the soul bodies. For info on: 2-Year Studentships or 4-10 year Apprenticeship.

STONE WORK There is a reason our ancestors work with stones, for her students and  apprentices only, she works with the prehistory ritual stone work for initiation.

To work with Phoenix or to be on our free once a month Lunar Work-study and to stay connected to our small but intimate circles, please write to :

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