Phoenix the Elder

Phoenix is a Master Dreamer and Folk Healer who has always committed to her own personal healing journey. In the way of those she has helped over the years, she chose to work with the few and the dedicated. She does not teach workshops nor any public venues and works one on one with people. She chose instead this lifetime to work as a personal folk healer. Now with over thirty-five years experience and her own dedicated thirty year personal self healing and self mastery journey she shares some of her wisdom on this blog which she started 3 years ago.

She began to study astrology in her late teens and mythology in her twenties that were a good partnering with astrology. She then stepped into the healing and holistic work putting that into practices and actions in her 30s and her initiations which opened at 17, gained some difficult challenges and then the mystery began to open of both dark and light at her first Saturn return. She is now 61 and completed the adult phase, having just finished her second Saturn return.

An experienced folk healer, wise counsel, and dreamer and doesn’t partake in any pot or drugs, no medications, no shamanic plants like ayahuasca, no alcohol, not even coffee or aspirin). A master astral traveler since 1987, remote viewer, oracle, dream medicines, astrologer, symbolist, mythologer, moon medicine and moontime cycles, synchronicity-cycles, energy healer and exorcist.

Phoenix was fated a dreamer since birth and this lifetime she took the slow, common sense, sober, grounded and mundane self-healing, self mastery path for four decades. She teaches and walks the River of Life, the old Mother Mysteries of the Urals.

Her ancestral lineage and her blood is Slavic, Carpathian (red) Rusyn and Lemko where she was the next in her family line to fall under the initiations of the Szeptucha (Whisperer Folk Healer and also Wind Whisperer) Poland. Her elders and ancestors were from the villages of Skrzyszów, Lubaczów and Rzeszów, a region connected to the indigenous Galician, Rusyn, Lemko, Hutsul and Boyko peoples. She is a Mol’farka under the Ukrainian natural gifts and she now resides in the Midwest, USA.


*Phoenix is taking a break for the Summer & Autumn of 2019. She no longer takes students or apprentices and only work with clients by skype world-wide or in-person in the Midwest, US.

1. HEALING – She works with those who wish to heal (anything), within a six month wise counsel with practices sessions. She works once a month in a 2 hour-sessions with homework inbetween. This will reveal the core of any issue, sickness, emotional or soul sickness to heal it. She’s help others heal anything doctors and healers cannot heal or those who do not like standard hospital, doctor, therapy, medication routes etc.

2. KNOWLEDGE – For everyone who seeks Knowledge and or Training, she only work with others to help them learn how to heal themselves with practices and action.

3. HEALERS – A Master Healer, she teaches healers one on one, to take their practices and own healing journey to the next levels.

4. SHADOW – An Exorcist, Dream Exorcist and Land Exorcisms. Cost is based on the length it takes to remove, extract or bind the problems of darkness, astral demons, shadows, demon animism and dark creatures etc.

5. DIVINATION – Phoenix does several divination from ancient Chinese, to Reading Cards, Astrology and Palm Reading. She has over 40 years experience and wisdom. Sessions are 1 – 2 hours depending upon which divination.

Phoenix holds a mandatory commitment to honoring sobriety as an essential part of the foundation of self-healing and spiritual work while you work with her. Everyone must be sober 100% during the duration of your sessions with her. For those who do partake in any illusion causing substances, perception altering, daily, weekly or monthly – one must be sober for 8 years before she will work with you.

The structure of a Six Month (once a month sessions) are set in place in order to best support the Client. It helps ensure clarity around on what healing issues are needed, the karma behind the issue, the inter-connectedness of issues that may arise in cycles as you work together. For others, if they are wishing more to learn rather than heal, then more in depth teachings can fit your focus and needs.

Folk Healing is a “living” healing process, in the death and rebirth medicines and dreaming medicines, and they are integrating real change and healing of efforts put forth by you with her strict guidance and mandatory practices. It works into your personal life and journey, and dealing with the root issues of the emotional body and soul body as an extension of your dreams and dreaming. Her work is about the embodiment of learning to navigate the self, heal the self and become aware of what arises that is unconscious in the self.

Part of the work you two do together may also include various healing work she does in the dreaming (with permission of course) to see what karmic roots might be there. As a dream walker, remote viewer, out of bodies and death out of bodies in dreaming and this serves to bring medicine, the clarity about issues that help clients heal on a much deeper level which she can access from decades of experiences and initiations by life and nature.

Many are interested in her work but Phoenix is not for everyone, and she is wise enough to know that so she does many referrals. She works with those who are disciplined because of the nature of her work requires those who can be consistent naturally (not winging it or the seat of their pants type of spiritual people). Sometimes she suggests meditation or yoga and sobriety for five years or so before working with her. She works with only the serious spiritual people on a healing path, be they young or old. Costs vary depending upon ones needs. Write her at

We cannot heal anything we are not aware and conscious of… Phoenix opens that door of awareness during the six months and you are given that in order to make the right steps forward in healing from there forth. She reveals the hidden, the hidden soul issues, hidden karma, and hidden diseases or the path that will best be focused upon for clarity, groundedness and most of all common sense in this crazy new age era.

Aurora Spirit Wolf, the giant celestial of Earth. A great Solstice, December 2015 in the sky of Pajala, Sweden.
Spirit Wolf – Giant | Celestial great Solstice, Dec 2015 in the sky of Pajala, Sweden.


Client Cheryl
I have been on a healing path for over 25 years, having worked a good part of those 20 years in a metaphysical store. I have heard a lot of big claims and would be enthusiastic until the healing, then, more often than not, I was left unimpressed or my issues not resolved. Then I met Phoenix, she is a true healer, going into my shadow and helping me heal an old wound, that was very scary and daunting, she showed me fearlessness in her work that showed results.

She helped me heal my alcohol addiction and ultimately, we heal ourselves and Phoenix encourages that, so her pressure on me encouraged me to make a change, she never gave up. There is no ego in her work only truth, as she share her courage and helps you face, heal and then release with the difficult “letting go” medicines that she’s mastered and works with. Its what helps keeps you from realizing the love, which you are and her ceremonies help you focus on these letting go aspects as they arise  in a cyclical process, what she calls lunar cycles through the season which includes the healing of our emotional body and then our soul.

I highly recommend Phoenix for anyone serious about their healing journey, their intentional growth and spiritual growth.

Apprentice Sarah
The basics are the foundation of starting to live with a lunar awareness for me, which Phoenix has totally opened this very ancient work and discipline with me. This is being aware of the energy of self awareness with the structure of the monthly through intention and learning how each cycle effects us personally through keeping track of the symbolism that pops up during the moon cycle and the dreams you have.

Dreams are one big part of her work and because I am a natural dreamer (as she calls it), it was something I yearned to learn from a master dreamer. That was a huge part of my first couple years and I had to work through undoing many of my assumptions about symbolism. Then came the more complex “mirror” and self reflective work work within that. How to find yourself and the parts of yourself you are blind to through the things that are happening around you or that you are attracting or the way you are feeling. This process is the ancient way of lunar enlightenment, and is about learning to look at yourself through the “mirrors” that surround you.

This much more difficult than it sounds and takes a lot of humility, willingness to heal, disciplines, and willingness to hold your issues close and not to project onto those who mirror them, point them out ( kindly or unkindly), touch them or bring them to the surface. It can be very hard but it is very worthwhile and is a learning process and an unlearning process.

Phoenix work is tailored to each person individually and what your life is like. Most likely she will have you commit to a healthy activity like yoga, meditation, martial arts, dance etc ( what ever you like) because it helps keep you grounded and disciplined which is in your benefit as the practiced discipline comes in handy later on in the apprenticeship.

Phoenix is like a surgeon in her preciseness and she doesn’t say things unnecessarily. So it’s best (and makes your time worthwhile) to learn to listen. And your issues will come up around her because she is, by her very nature, a soul healer and that’s what happens in her presence and under her tutelage. You will have to figure out how “not” to project that onto her because when we touch a trigger to heal, we project and usually its not nice for the self or the other.

Many of her apprentices over the last three decades could not handle any of this and cannot truly slay their own ego (which, when done properly, feels truly shitty until you get used to it) when it comes to spiritual learning. I think its especially hard for people who have read lots of books about spirituality ( and feel knowledgeable )…

Which they are, but as you know knowledge is not the same as experience or are used to being in more “social” spiritual groups which is usually fun and strives to be conflict free. An apprenticeship in learning the art of self healing work is not always pretty and full of conflict, tears, rage, uncertainty, inner triumph, true epiphanies, healing and priceless lessons.

So, I have found it worth my apprenticeship for 10 years. Her bar is so higher that most and most cannot make this level of self dedication. 


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  1. Barbara Ezell says:

    Much happiness to you in your retirement! Since I’ve found you, you have been an inspiration in my journey! I’ve loved all the associations you’ve gone in depth to write about. They resonant with me still. Blessing as you sojourn on.


  2. Berta Benally says:

    your video of Sihasins Child of Fire is amazing. thank you so much..Can we please share it? Please contact me on FB through Sihasin..WOW….it’s exactly right…..


    1. Thanks I wrote them on Facebook!


  3. Caroline says:

    I love this! Especially your teaching about holding attention between walking and dreaming. I will read and read again about the practices of water, fire and I feel resonance with your writing about an intimacy/relationship with the elements. Also, the insects and birds…


    1. Caroline says:

      Also, I remember when I lived in the city at the highest elevation of this country I’d love the snow arriving —during storms it called me outside. I’d go walking for miles as it snowed. There is a magic to winter a deep spirit. Thank you 🙏


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