Introduction to Elder Mountain Dreaming

Elder Mountain Dreaming is a small sacred space for spiritual art & healing, dreams & dream work and soul wisdom. We are a dreamer’s collective, an empath’s retreat and soul nurturing space. We support Artists, Moon people and Dreamers who seek to explore their spiritual nature, while adding or further developing their creative practices and processes in a sacred way. Ceremonial and purification for our emotional life that enhances self-awareness and wellness. Seasonal Retreats, Dream and Healing Ceremonies, Soul Dream Journeys, Lunar Circles, Moon Sweats, Organic Gardens and Art Circles. Opening Spring 2019. Located in the Pacific Northwest near the Oregon/California borders in Ashland Oregon.

My beautiful home
Cascade-Siskiyou Mountains, Ashland OR, Elder is located at the left. Photo by Matt Witt.

Phoenix is a fated this lifetime as a Dreamer from her family’s lineages of Szeptun (Szeptucha, Whisperer), Poland and Mol’farka (Hradivnykiv), Ukraine, a region where the two blend with Slovakia called the Carpathian Mountains of the Rusyn (Indigenous Lempko, Hutsul, Boyko). Her elders were from Tyczyn, Warsaw, Lublin and Lubaczów Poland.  Her fated life-initiations began as a very small girl, having intense dreaming experiences, animism experiences and mystical (nature) experiences.

phoenix inside.jpgShe entered her twenties with the true form of the undeveloped dream shaman and was an apprentice to both life, sicknesses, soul sicknesses and mother earth. She has led a challenged life without medicines or doctors, risking her own death. In her thirties she entered the devotional practices of self healing, strict spiritual disciplines and complete sobriety. Entered the deeper layers from intense awakenings, visions and vision quests, emotional body and soul healing and truth speaking at every step with the challenges of right relationship. Her forties were the deepest of the three layers of extraction and purification, the voidless states of death and emptiness which lead to her collective work. Her fifties were the final horror of death initiations, final karma completion  through the wrathful mysteries completing the dream shamans initiations from 1987 – 2017. Now completed, at 60 she begins her work and wisdom with the general pubic.

Dreams, Dreaming and Dreamtime – A dreamers life is the continual expression of the Mental body (projection) dreamer, Soul body dreamer, the Animism body dreamer, the Karmic soul body dreamer and the shape-shifting dreamer. She helps students and apprentices begin to develop the importance of training the mental body dreamer first. She teaches to bridge night dreams with our mundane waking dreams, cyclical and seasonal dreaming, symbolism, synchronicity through dreaming practices. When the dreamer advances, the dream medicines can awaken for self-healing, protection and understanding dream-shadows. Phoenix herself has mastered the Dreamer in the forms of advanced astral travel, lucid dreaming, out of bodies; full out of bodies (death), remote viewing (mental astral body) and soul remote viewing in dreaming. Safety, groundedness and purity (no pot, no drugs, no shamanic plants (drugs) or alcohol) are the most powerful paths to advancing in dreaming.  She is a walker in-between the veils, completed animism souls, dream walker (dreamtime) and shape-shifting. 

Folk Healer & Soul Coach (Emotional Body, Soul Bodies, Animism Bodies) – Since 1995 Phoenix has worked with clients within the sacred root healing of any issue, unraveling the layers at the core of the imbalance. Supporting crisis or any issue of emotional, physical and mental pain, imbalances and diseases. Purification rites (when karma brings forth deeper levels of pain); Focusing on the root source, rather than the resulting manifestations of diseases or emotional and mental dis ease. Transformational healing work (transformation, death and rebirth) by applying her gifts as a healer and worker of water and fire. Through mental, emotional and physical cleansing, purification and detoxes through self mastery, she gets to the soul nature of the problem. Emotional body structures for overcoming self sabotage and self abandonment. 

Soul Retrievals, Exorcist, Bell Ringer, Wind-Whisperer, Bone Mother (Dream shaman) – Phoenix works with the most difficult issues around shadows. She works with individuals, families or institutions. She has lead group soul retrievals only on the equinox and solstices to journey slowly to one’s karmic and soul issues. She helps others find their vision when suffering from shadow issues (astral soul shadows attacks), or healing one’s own shadow makers (addictions, self sabotage, ego, sex addictions etc). Experienced slayer of demonic or djinn depossessions, clearing sicknesses from homes, community, land and trauma lands because of demonic presence. Eradicator of demon, vampire, werewolf, skin-walkers etc. Curses, spells and hexes removed for individuals, family and ancient curses which are broken and dissolved.


Phoenix offers her service for apprentices and students. She also works with clients in “once-a-month” personal sessions for six months with homework in-between, specifically working with the spiritual path (regardless of what path you walk), and work towards self healing.
For more information or to be on our free once a month Lunar Work-study and to stay connected to our small but intimate circles, please write to:

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