Elder Mountain Dreaming

We are a small three fold sacred space, in the processes of being created by Phoenix the Elder, Wisdom Teacher, Dreamer (shaman), Folk Healer, exorcist and remover of dark souls and energies;  Jennifer Lee Reeves – Dreamer, Sacred Artist and Gardener; and Sarah Burnt Stone – Dreamer, Artist, and Dancer. We are a Dreamer’s collective for those devoted to the practices of healing the Emotional Body, Animism Body and Soul Body (disciplines and purifications). Development of the Empath, Dreaming as Medicine, Spiritual Artist’s Creative/Retreat; and Organic Gardens. Located in the Pacific Northwest. Write to ElderMountainDreaming@gmail.com for more information or to be on our newsletter. We are a shamanic plant/drug free zone, no pot, alcohol, psyche meds or any other “perception” altering of the mind, body or soul. 

My beautiful home
Photo by Matt Witt of the Cascade-Siskiyou Mountain Range in Ashland OR. 

Phoenix the Dreamer was fated this lifetime as a Dreamer from her family’s lineages of Szeptun (Szeptucha, Whisperer) in Polish and Mol’farka (Hradivnykiv) in Ukraine, the area were the two blended in the Carpathian Mountains of the Rusyn (Lempko, Hutsul, Boyko etc). In the Norse tradition she would be called a Völva (seer shaman). Her elders were from Tyczyn, Poland, a Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Rzeszów and Lubaczów (borderlands once Ukraine and now Poland). Their ancestors were Carpathian. (The Rusyn’s http://www.carpatho-rusyn.org/voj.htm).

Phoenix’s active initiations journey began as a small girl having intense experiences when trying to sleep, her astral body was either being sucking up and pulled out of her body, and other nights she was falling into the underworld. These were daily event until she turned 12. By 17 in 1975, the first initiations of pain of the wasp medicines began and the shaman’s sicknesses and soul sickness began at 27 and continued until completion (2017). All initiations, self-healing, karma purification (through pain and suffering) and a shaman’s life of initiations as an exorcist are completed. She passed three decades of tests, allowing entrance into the mysticism, mother earth and tests of death and suspending death. She has trained apprentice females who are dreamers since 1995 and in 2018 steps out in public as elder (sixty).

me as oldDreamer: Teacher of the levels of both the mental astral body (lucidity and astral travel) and the soul astral body, animism soul bodies (the more dangerous levels of dreaming). Symbolism, signs and synchronicity cycles and its living applications. Dream medicines to help others, heal, protection of roaming shadows. Learning to grow beyond astral travel, into the purification of soul karma, extract attachments and working on fear. She carries the initiatory rites of the ancient Dreamer (shaman) and has mastered her own lucidity in the early 90s, consciousness in waking and dreaming by the 00s, partial and then full out of bodies (silver chords or death cords cut) of the souls astral bodies in the 10s. Remote viewer (mental body) and remote viewing (soul body and remote in dreaming). Walker in-between the veils, shaman’s weather rites and mystical fog and animism shape-shifting. The integration of our dreams and personal issues, helps us approach our fears in personal healing, accepting more opening the “changes” in our life. If you are interested in adding a new layer to your dream work, please write for more information.

Folk Healer, clients, students and apprentices: Sacred Intention work, circles of sacred art ceremony, ceremonies for cleansing, purification detox of a soul natures and emotional body structures for healing; Intuitive counsel, medical intuitive, energy healer. Astrologer, Astral Body (chakra purification). Seer and Esoteric readings, Moon Charming, Moon Cycles practices for emotional and mind-body balance; Supporting crisis or any issue of emotional, physical and mental pain, imbalances and diseases. Working with the purification rites (karma); with illnesses, focusing on the root source rather than the resulting manifestation of the disease (mental, emotional or physical). Transformational healing work (transformation, death (changes) and rebirth. She adds practices and folk healing towards the emotional healing work which we all must do. 

Exorcist, Bell Ringer Rites, Wind-Whisperer: Shadow dream huntress and binder); eradication of shadow roamers (if the person does what is recommended to keep it contained afterward); Clearing sickness (home, land) from living peoples shadows. Animism path for apprentices only (some student and apprenticeships are available).



SPIRITUAL SEEKER OR AWAKENED – Wise counsel sessions for those who enter the next level of their path, or for beginners who need assistance. Empowering the spiritual seeker or the expanding spiritual person who wishes to move forward to the next level in their journey. Finding help on understanding the variables, choices, false teachings, discernment, teachers, sobriety, healing path vs social or knowledge path. Differences between New Age work, Traditional, Knowledge, and Metaphysical, Paranormal, Pagan, Drug (plant) Shamanism vs Shamanism. 

THE GATHERING OF DREAMERS Empowering the Dreamer in a Series of six personal dream work sessions (2 hours) each, with dedicated homework and practices in-between and emails with the option of continuing the studies afterward. This work-study is a personal one on one teaching, guidance, direction, and practices with monthly meetings by phone or skype (especially for international).

Video Series: For those who like their own personal learnings… A series of three video classes: Introduction to the Empath & the Intuitive; Video 2 – The Empath, its Gifts, and Challenges; Video 3 – The Intuitive and the Gifts of the Knower. Series is a six-hour teaching videos focusing on the sensitivities and gifts of those who experience their emotional body called the Intuitive and the Empath.

For more information or to be on our once a month Lunar Workstudy and to stay connected write to: ElderMountainRetreats@gmail.com

Photo: Elder Mountain is located just to the left of the lake on the left by Matt Witt.

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