Phoenix the Elder

Phoenix is a wise elder, dreamer (last level of a shaman), folk healer, wise counsel and exorcist. She was fated as a Dreamer (мечтатель. шаман) since birth, and developed her folk healer abilities, dreaming gifts and more through a life of disciplines, self healing, dedication and humble service.

Her ancestral lineage is Carpathian (red) Rusyn and Lemko where she was the next in her family line to fall under the initiations of the Szeptucha (Whisperer Folk Healer and also Wind Whisperer Exorcist Shaman) Poland and the Mol’fark a, Ukraine (Shaman). These are Slavic wrathful dismemberment of a ancient traditional shaman (sober and no hallucinogens of any kind) who are completely destroyed in all four bodies and have to heal all of it themselves. In her tradition, the Alkonost is the Thunderbird except feminine, and why she is a bird tribe shaman woman.

She also suffered the dark decades of the soul to purify her soul. Real karmic healing involves taking back real pain of those you hurt of killed in past lives and feeling what your enemies felt when they died or were hurt. That energy (pain) is released and returned to you, freeing the past life soul so they can return to their reincarnated person. And this is how you repay real karma and its debt.

Molphar comes from the word molph and means an enchanted natural spiritualizer in folk healing of the ancient peasants (not paganism which is very different). Her elders and ancestors are from the villages of Skrzyszów, Lubaczów and Rzeszów, a region connected to the Carpathian Mountains of the indigenous Galician, Rusyn, Lemko, Hutsul and Boyko peoples. Phoenix’s moon path (night / internal) which is the River of Life of the Sacred Mountain which are the visions from one’s own soul helps nourish their journey (not plants or shamanic drugs).

She is a master dreamer (dream walker, remote viewer in dreaming and waking life, astral travel, out of bodies and full out of bodies)

Phoenix the Elder has decided to retire as of Summer of 2019 but please do read over 200 articles of her experiences and wisdom. Blessings and Peace.

Remember: The Season of Fire is Spring and Summer and ….

Phoenix Flowers 3 2016.JPG

The Season of Night is Autumn and Winter before Grandfather ever led the earth.

12 EL Spring 2019 Phoenix.jpg


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  1. Berta Benally says:

    your video of Sihasins Child of Fire is amazing. thank you so much..Can we please share it? Please contact me on FB through Sihasin..WOW….it’s exactly right…..


    1. Thanks I wrote them on Facebook!


  2. Caroline says:

    I love this! Especially your teaching about holding attention between walking and dreaming. I will read and read again about the practices of water, fire and I feel resonance with your writing about an intimacy/relationship with the elements. Also, the insects and birds…


    1. Caroline says:

      Also, I remember when I lived in the city at the highest elevation of this country I’d love the snow arriving —during storms it called me outside. I’d go walking for miles as it snowed. There is a magic to winter a deep spirit. Thank you 🙏


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