Introduction to Elder Mountain Dreaming

Read First…  Elder Mountain Dreaming is a small sacred space, an empath’s retreat and a soul’s nourishing space. Phoenix, Juniper and Burnt Stone have come together as artists, dreamers and healers to give service supporting those on a spiritual self healing journey, spiritual artists, moon people, empaths, soul people and dreamers who seek to explore their deeper nature. Adding health and further development of their creative practices and emotional processes in a sacred way. Ceremonial Seasonal Retreats, Dream and Healing Ceremonies, Soul Dream Journeys, Lunar Circles, Moon Sweats, Organic Gardens and Art, Moon and Dream Circles. Opening Spring of 2019. Located in the Pacific Northwest near the Oregon/California. *Elder Mountain does not support shamanic plants / shamanic drugs nor pot/alcohol as medicine. These damage our Soul’s luminous astral bodies and animism bodies.

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My beautiful home
Cascade-Siskiyou Mountains, Ashland OR, Elder is located at the left. (Photo by Matt Witt).

Phoenix was fated this lifetime as a dreamer, from her family’s lineages of Szeptun (Szeptucha, Whisperers), Poland and Mol’farka (Hradivnykiv), Ukraine. The regions where the two blend with Slovakia of the Carpathian Mountains of the Rusyn, Lemkos, Hutsul, Boyko, her elders and ancestors are from Tyczyn and Lubaczów. Her initiations began as a small girl with intense dreaming experiences, out of bodies as early as four years old with shadow attacks, soul extractions, animism experiences and mystical (nature) experiences. She entered a deep commitment to her initiations and purifications in many ways, which were to sustain the pain, wrath and death (initiations) from 1987 – 2017. At sixty, having lived, healed and experienced this life path, she begins the wisdom work with the general pubic. 


Phoenix helps others with their emotional issues, mental pain, physical diseases and the elusive soul issues of karma and its sicknesses. She works with her seasonal Mirror-Lunar teachings and its weaving into the Dreaming of our Soul. She helps others turn inside, out and towards many types of creative solutions, spiritual and purity disciplines as their spiritual practices advance. Part holistic healing, part sobriety, emotional honesty and groundedness within those and working with personal “fears” and unconscious “fears” and all their expressions.

Aligning with the mystery of both dreaming and lunar phases, these fall into actual repetitive cycles (the spiral teachings – see below) and how these cycles overlap again and again, effecting our life as we keep repeating these old cycles. Perception awareness is the biggest part of spiritual work around dreams, besides teaching the mental body symbols that it will project in dreaming as a beginner tool. Practicing sign, symbolism, sacred ritualism and personal healing, all enhance dreaming. To help bring harmony into a conscious state, we effect our dreams at night by our waking awareness. Phoenix teaches the dreaming path along with imagination (seeds), so when we combine ritual (the manifestation of action based through intent) energy begins to flow rather than feeling stagnant or helpless with applying self-holistic health principles and modalities.

me at 60 2 (2)Folk Healing
Since 1995 Phoenix has worked with clients, students and apprentices within the sacred root of healing any issue, unraveling the layers at the core of the imbalances that cause pain. Supporting crisis or any issue of emotional, physical and mental pains, imbalances and diseases.

The role of our body & soul is to become free from our lower natures as the Buddhists teach, but this also applies not only for our mind but our emotional body as well, which she calls “intuitive and emotional chaos” through healing of the emotions (especially women). Because our mind and emotional body work together, the mind dominates with its insistent categorizations, bypassing feelings as objective nuances. Getting in control of the mental body and giving it less power is generally the first steps through meditation and mind disciplines (control the mind or it controls you). We are entwined within our everyday struggles or illnesses and the first steps to healing is feeling and nurturing the self. Our past woundedness and our past life karma cannot be separated from the effects of the blocks causing pains and wounds in our physical body. 

Purification rites, when done within the context of  karma brings forth deeper levels of pain that are to be endured with structure in order to gain detoxing releases. Focusing on the root source, rather than the resulting manifestations of diseases or emotions and mental disease is the key, in other words, we start here and move to the past and backwards, not forwards. Transformational healing work (transformation, death and rebirth) are Phoenix gifts as a folk healer who works with water and fire medicine.

Soul Coaching – Wise counsel of needing support with or on your spiritual path. Astrologershe started studying astrology at 17 and has forty years experience in node work, chart and counsel work for individuals and families. Any type of chart for health, relationships, purpose, transitions, struggle, karma and more; Energy Healing work for those under 55 years old (unless a long time healer or practitioner such as yoga, meditation and sober etc.). Twenty five years experience on the mind, body and emotional body energies, a medical intuitive, through the practices of releasing toxic energy that causes blocks in the body and soul; Oracle Readings – Seer readings for the bigger or more prophecy aspects of your soul; I-Ching, Qi-Jing wisdom oracles for present guidance in your life right now. Energy Healer – Phoenix was an energy healer for twenty five years but with her karma-healing completed, her energy just radiates when she works with others, and the natural energy healing just happens now.

Exorcist (Wind-Whisperer), Bone Mother (Bell Ringer) – Exorcist Dream (shaman) combined, assisting one or one’s family with real demonic / shadow issues, depossessions, exorcisms, land, home or business clearings of shadow walkers and shadow demonic energy. Eradicator of demons, vampires, werewolves, skin-walkers etc. Curses, spells and hexes removed for individuals, family and ancient curses which are broken and dissolved. She is very experienced and professional. “As a dream walker I can work anywhere in the world and assist in the shifts that needs to occur.” Fees are according to issue and their duration, severity or duration of completion. Personal references available and only serious inquiries.



Client or student work – On a larger scale all the work Phoenix does is the ancient spiritual path (and contributes to those she works with, regardless of what path they have walk up until now). She offers an intro with six month sessions, a “once-a-month” personal session with homework in-between for new clients. For Students and Apprentices after completing the first spiral (about four years), the second spiral begins for another four years. (men and women over 27 years old).

There are four distinct parts to the Spiral Path that Phoenix teaches and each depends upon the duration of time that one chooses to work with her and one’s own soul destiny and fate, depends upon the length of dedication to moon work, moon shamanism, dreaming and healing…

Single SpiralSingle Spiral – The spiritual path of the largest outer circle, even if we have had ten or fifteen years into our spiritual work (not knowledge path) there is always an infinite amount to understand and heal. The outer first steps of the spiral is self mastery, and takes great effort. Hard work to understand our personal journey to the interior of our mysteries and understanding the self, our sensitivities, our wounds. This is the self healing and discipline paths of the first level required to ground and heal.  We begin by a valid commitment to the self first, those real actions and disciplines that will support our decision. Things take longer to heal and syncronicities are further and fewer in-between on those outer circles. Literally we are trying to awaken for the first time of our being where we finally want to face our sorrows and struggles with real self commitment. We don’t have the time or money but we make the time and finding value for what needs we must embrace for change. This path is only about you.


Double Spiral – The middle journey that is inter-personal (putting what you have learned into real relationships, work relations and more. We begin to live in real situations with what you have been healing and practicing and focus on inter-personal growth. This is more difficult and intense because we test who we are and what we have learned. We become more aware of our self and the lies we have told our self and the illusions we believed (which were not true) and begin to sort these out.  Here we overcome issues faster and its easier to accept letting go medicines because if we do not, our healing journey is much more painful. We also begin to slowly see because results are becoming real. This is where our emotions begin to heal, where our inner child has her fits and tears and we begin to mother her. Where we begin to take care of our self and choose healing rather than continue unconscious relationship drama.

Third spiralTriple Spiral – Entering the third level is are much tighter and much more complex path, it involves, mind, body and emotional body as our walk is the most intense where old fears, old past wounding, karma and illusions begin to materialize in real ways. This is where people falter and turn away from intense fears or their foundation in the single spiral and double spiral were not completed and begin to falter.  Because of emotional sicknesses and the mental body’s unruly ego, these had to be completely mastered in the first two spirals to move forward. The dormant mystery rites also begin to surface as real. Its disorienting and we have to trust ourselves 100% because spiraling out of control is real (thats why we do major discipline practices when we first enter the spiral to protect ourselves by the time we reach the most inner spiral path. The 3rd inner rings of the spiral were all our issues in life to heal, but now we have entered them 1000 times deeper when we had no idea spirituality of the self was so deep, or the tears so painful or the grief were such core. The last turn of this layer of the spiral requires total sobriety (no pot, shamanic plants (drugs), alcohol etc). All those must be let go for one cannot go any further on the path with them.

Тетерка это блюдо

Tarxien SpiralThe forth and last which is rare and what the traditions call the true realm of Self Realized, or Nirvana, completed Dharma (no karma of all past lives healed), the Dreamtime, Pure Buddha Enlightenment. These are completed through the mastered death gates (mastering and overcoming death).

To work with Phoenix or to be on our free once a month Lunar Work-study and to stay connected to our small but intimate circles, please write:

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