Phoenix the Elder

UPDATE:  Phoenix is on an extended break until after the Winter Solstice 2020. If you would like to work with her, she works with clients 27 years or older, in Six Month increments (once a month sessions with homework) in her master teacher, master healer work. She no longer works with apprentices or students. Also no sliding scale nor trades anymore. Serious inquiries only, write to:

Phoenix has been deeply committed and dedicated to her own personal self-healing journey for three decades in the forms of karmic purification dedication, living a path of 100% sobriety of everything, disciplines and helping others. She teaches and nurtures actions of those who work with her, based on self-awareness disciplines as she has walked her talk. She is a Dreamer and Dream Walker, one who has honored the feminine principles of our ancient lunar past this lifetime.

Her life has been a full time committed spiritual journey, including whispering, folk rites of the molfarka, mysticism, self awareness disciplines, dreaming disciplines, lunation cycle work, astrology, seership and karmic purification water & fire rites, whisperer and wind whisperer (exorcist), breath-work, inner child work, stone healings and much more.

She is dedicated to the great care of those she worked with in apprenticeships since 1995 (both dark apprentices and light apprentices) and now works only with clients who are dedicated to their sobriety, their health, their dreaming and self awareness actions.  Her initiations as a dreamer and karmic purificationhave now all been completed (1987-2017).


Phoenix’s ancestral lineage is Carpathian where she was the next in her family line to fall under the fate of the Szeptucha (Polish) / Mol’farka (Ukraine). Her elders and ancestors were from the villages of Skrzyszów, Lubaczów and Rzeszów, a region connected to the indigenous Galician, Rusyn, Lemko, Hutsul and Boyko peoples.

She can find the cure for any issue, as long as one is willing to take actions with the changes recommended, in order to heal the self, and work extremely hard at disciplines including sobriety. She is careful not to work with those over 55 who do not have a strong background in holistic healing and self healing foundations because serious illnesses in self healing paths require a long dedicated life style.

Nothing is a cure all and quick fixes don’t work. Real healing is a dedication to one’s emotional, mental, physical and soul, and those are not easy, they can be painful on top of the pain you already are experiencing.

Phoenix offers free on her website (once a month), an ancient Lunar (work-study) that helps empaths, sensitives, emos, artists and gifted people to increase their self-awareness through a discipline. We cannot heal anything we are not aware of. This is mandatory in healing or in changes needed in order to address difficult issues in one’s life. 

Buddhism is for the mind and mental body and its stillness lunar mastery and its awakening processes are for grounding and healing of the emotional body and its connect to the inner soul body, which is just an extended of both the higher self (dormant) and karmic souls (activated or dormant). We do this work to purify real karma through healing and its awakening of the subtle bodies. She also works as a dream master, teaching others the foundation, beginning, medium and advanced dream work.

rumi 3
Phoenix (by Ryn)

Mythical Bird, show me your secret
Hatch forth from your shell
Plumage of orange and scarlet
Emerge glorious from whence you dwell.

Fiery Bird, you must reveal
your astounding, magical ways
Where from these lives you steal
forever reincarnating well into your days

A flamed Bird, you must teach
How you reinvent yourself anew
With no help within reach
Without aid, effortlessly you flew

Majestic Bird, take me in
Blanket me with your wing
Listen and acknowledge my sins
With all your wisdom and heart could bring

Magical Bird, will you impart?
What knowledge you keep
only then, I may start
To make my way out from the deep

Enchanted Bird, you have to help
I’m desperate to rise like you
**** your head and hear my yelps
Of all the things I’m trying to undo

Celestial Bird, if only you could know
Intricate workings of this unfounded fixation
Why I seem to always wallow
An eternal target of sorrow’s attention

Imaginary Bird, will you demonstrate
Your amazing fantastical flight
Dipping, gliding, in the air you gyrate
Aggressive dance with gravity you fight

Mystical Bird, won’t you display
For unworthy eyes, would you give?
Seemingly easy, aloft you stay
Even when you know you’d die before you’d live

Wondrous Bird, oh how perfect you are
I am in awe, I am swooning
How you become one with the stars
Making the best of the short time you’re living

Secretive Bird, is it time?
Reducing yourself down to ashes
Ready to absolve your stint of crimes
Reborn perfect, free from previous gashes

Ensorcelled Bird, please don’t retreat
Back into your familiar cocoon
I’m uncertain if again we’d meet
Just afraid I might be gone too soon

rumi 2

Phoenix in Elsah 2019 00

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  1. Berta Benally says:

    your video of Sihasins Child of Fire is amazing. thank you so much..Can we please share it? Please contact me on FB through Sihasin..WOW….it’s exactly right…..


    1. Thanks I wrote them on Facebook!


  2. Caroline says:

    I love this! Especially your teaching about holding attention between walking and dreaming. I will read and read again about the practices of water, fire and I feel resonance with your writing about an intimacy/relationship with the elements. Also, the insects and birds…


    1. Caroline says:

      Also, I remember when I lived in the city at the highest elevation of this country I’d love the snow arriving —during storms it called me outside. I’d go walking for miles as it snowed. There is a magic to winter a deep spirit. Thank you 🙏


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