Phoenix the Elder

Phoenix has been committed to her own dedicated personal self-healing journey, karmic purifications, sobriety and self-awareness disciplines for the past 40 years as a committed spiritual life style. She started with yoga at 18 years old and continued the pursuit of self awareness especially the subtle bodies (emotional body, soul bodies). She equally dedicated to the great care of those she was blessed to work in folk healing over the past 30 years and apprentices (both dark and light). Phoenix has decided to retire from healing, chaos and crisis work and pursue her life of making Slavic Charm Folk Dolls and Folk Art (after the Summer of 2019.)

Phoenix’s ancestral lineage is Carpathian (red) Rusyn where she was the next in her family line to fall under the fate of the Szeptucha (Polish) and Mol’farka (Ukraine). Her elders and ancestors were from the villages of Skrzyszów, Lubaczów and Rzeszów, a region connected to the indigenous Galician, Rusyn, Lemko, Hutsul and Boyko peoples. She offers on this website, her once a month ancient Lunar (workstudy) which helps empaths, sensitives and gifted people to become more conscious of the disciplines they need. Buddhism is for the mind and mental body and its awakening, this work is for the soul and emotional bodies healing and awakening.

If you need to contact her, please write to:


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  1. Berta Benally says:

    your video of Sihasins Child of Fire is amazing. thank you so much..Can we please share it? Please contact me on FB through Sihasin..WOW….it’s exactly right…..


    1. Thanks I wrote them on Facebook!


  2. Caroline says:

    I love this! Especially your teaching about holding attention between walking and dreaming. I will read and read again about the practices of water, fire and I feel resonance with your writing about an intimacy/relationship with the elements. Also, the insects and birds…


    1. Caroline says:

      Also, I remember when I lived in the city at the highest elevation of this country I’d love the snow arriving —during storms it called me outside. I’d go walking for miles as it snowed. There is a magic to winter a deep spirit. Thank you 🙏


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