Working with Phoenix the Elder

UPDATE:  Phoenix is on an extended break and returns to work next Autumn, 2020. If you would like to work with her, she works with those 27 years or older (in six, once a month sessions with homework inbetween). She no longer works with apprentices nor students and only takes three clients per year. Serious inquiries only, write for more information:

Phoenix offers wise counsel now and no long a hands on folk healer in person (now that she is semi-retired). She assists others to make real changes, to learn spiritual insight, learn to ground, learn to have boundaries with an ever increasing shadow world, and dedicate to the self through self love and compassion in order to change. She teaches the real spiritual warrior’s path, self trust, emotional healing, mental and physical disciplines, empathic realities and the importance of creativity and awakening in your dreaming.

She helps guide one to the next level of their spiritual journey when they have completed the current one and needs guidance or a gateway to open. She works with birth, transformation, death and rebirth medicines and helps others gain insights into their subtle self. She is also a professional exorcist and takes care of problems with a person, family, home or land.

Photo by Dionys Moser

By fate, she entered the awakening processes in the late eighties and early nineties, those awakenings continued for three decades nonstop. She worked with a continual journey of healing with self and others side by side, and mastered the ritualistic cycles of the natural four seasons, that were an endurance of karmic purification to fulfill her destiny.

She began working with apprentices from 1995-2018 (both dark apprentices and light apprentices) and began working with clients after 2006. Her initiations as a dreamer and her karmic purification journeys are now completed (1987-2018).

She has always walked the dedicated path of pure sobriety (of everything), self mastery, karmic purification endurance, mastery of Zen and the steps of the Bardo, Yoga since her teens, spiritual disciplines to walk the double edged sword of the dreamer and spiritual warrior  initiations.  Once she gained mastery, she embodied the self which is the result of a fated path… meaning, there was no choice, it was do or die.

Note: She no longer works with those who smoke pot (casually or weekly) or those who do any level of shamanic plants. If one remains sober from these for 10 years, she will consider.Phoenix

rumi 2

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  1. Berta Benally says:

    your video of Sihasins Child of Fire is amazing. thank you so much..Can we please share it? Please contact me on FB through Sihasin..WOW….it’s exactly right…..


    1. Thanks I wrote them on Facebook!


  2. Caroline says:

    I love this! Especially your teaching about holding attention between walking and dreaming. I will read and read again about the practices of water, fire and I feel resonance with your writing about an intimacy/relationship with the elements. Also, the insects and birds…


    1. Caroline says:

      Also, I remember when I lived in the city at the highest elevation of this country I’d love the snow arriving —during storms it called me outside. I’d go walking for miles as it snowed. There is a magic to winter a deep spirit. Thank you 🙏


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