Inner Child Healing helps prepare for real Soul Retrieval Work

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By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – The video below, shows a mother and daughter in an artistic portrayal of separation. Separation of mind and emotional body, or in relationships, can leads to rejection and abandonment issues, or phobias, co-dependency and addictions of any kind. Drama-diseases as any 40 year old will tell you, arise at midlife (37-42) stronger, than any other time in our right of passages as a human being.

Inner child work is a long and slow process and can be prepared for in one’s 30s and 40s, setting up the emptiness required from very powerful and strong shaman’s soul retrievals.  I have found working with people in an eight year cycle, will release karmic detoxes at much greater levels, if they prepared for the soul retrieval and can handle these levels of power needed to remain grounded. Soul journeys and healing work to together and although soul retrievals without any purification disciplines reach a certain layer, it goes much deeper with other alternative healing modalities such as rebirthing, energy work, hypnotherapy regression. These other healings allow a slow step by step process so the soul retrievals can reach their maximum impact with groundedness and balance.

When we reconnect with the fragmented parts of the self from our past, the inner child also prepares. As a dreamer (forth level of a shaman), I can have a relationship to the astral body (inner child that was fragmented) and see both the person and their ghostly astral inner child that split off. When the person has not prepared with other types of healing, the soul of the child that is split off, is not close enough in the realms to the person, to fully return.

The main problem I have seen as an exorcist, is the inner child (astral body) lives its own independent life in fear, and it lives on the dream planes close to the veil, here. It is generally separated between from the person by a shadow astral body demon) of the parent or caregiver’s shadow, when they were young. This can be past issues of abuse from the extreme to even the mild.

The layers of energetic reality that the inner child’s astral body lives in, in these terms is a living and breathing environment and unless the shaman can actually see the inner child in its soul aspect and where its at, they can then tell if its coming closer to their clients soul body or what is preventing its return. Many times shaman practitioners are good healers, who have taken shamanic classes and have a drum, but this doesn’t mean that they have suffered immense decades of death and pain like the shamans who from the realms of pain, have busted open into the out of bodies and astral travel levels of experiencing the dead aspects of living people. For those of us who do, the person must prepare with healers, for the job to be complete and this can take 8 to 20 years of committed healing work.

Since I also have gifts of clairaudio, I can hear the inner child as well, some are tricksters, some are extremely frightened, some are held separate from returning because of a demonic shadow. I can also hear clairaudio and see the dogs of the underworld when I send a human’s demon soul fragment back to the underworld. In other words, 8 or more years of healing and repeatative soul retreavals must be done for the basic shaman and shaman practitioner to get the inner child to return closer to their clients realm.

Here is an example of one of my clients who was prepared on his own healing journey for 14 years before he came to see me… A doctor was referred to me by a friend of mine and when we met the first time to discuss his issues, he was surprised at the depth. He said I have been to many healers and people in workshops, charging me thousands of dollars, and you go in there and clear what I was looking for over many years. I told him: All those others were necessary, because they prepared you for me and my work, and without that, my work would have taken years.

I wanted to share several layers here in this article about separation of soul fragmentation. It can come from this lifetime from abuse or past lives and your abuse to others and its generally one or the other.  When one separates from their inner child, through life experiences or where we sold our soul, or where it was stolen or abused, all lead to fragmentation. Past life inner child or past life adult soul fragmentation separations are very different and much more dangerous because, for example, if a soul has fragmented two thousand years ago, then there is a few lifetimes that need healing through the individuals present life before those can even be considered. These scenarios go into more severe karmic pain and karmic struggles, near deaths, severe crisis etc.

Our astral body was once complete before the patriarchal war societies began to fragment clans and tribes, so we all have much healing work to do. This luminous body of ours is very bright even with a lot of karma or abuse. When we experience abuses this lifetime, in reality, this is how we pay real karma off, and people do not like when I say that. All the  monster and folklore creatures that are shadowy, are just real depictions of what our real human fragmented shadow energetic souls look like in its karmic states in a story or folklore form. Its pretty ugly and sometimes frightening when its at the demonic levels of fragmentation. Real shamans must see these demonic fragments equal to the inner child’s soul body and its light. They cannot be separated.

1. The personal: When I began the more adult aspects of my shaman’s initiations after 30 years old, as a Dreamer (dreamer is a fourth of four levels of a shaman); I lost my daughter and son, because the vibration of my collapsing life (shaman’s sickness) and was rapidly approaching my fragmented and broken self. From the outside it just looked like a really bad divorce, but it was much deeper than what appeared on the surface to friends or family. Loss or death of anyone’s child brings grief, great stress or a living heartache. The first was the loss of my own children.

2. Inner child work: This crisis then led me to even deeper healing work, and my path to my own “inner child healing work” which began with consistency around 38 years old. We forget what our childhood felt and looked like as we get older and what the fear at those ages felt like. To re-feel the original wound’s trauma is part of the detoxing of inner child work before soul retrievals. We begin the healing work to remember its pain and feel it, so it can release from our emotional body.

Even small things like moving to a new home can traumatize a child, much less being abused which is high level trauma and detachment of the emotional body from the mental and physical bodies unity. When the astral body of the child leaves the physical body, we then operate on the remaining soul left in the adult. Literally its like removing a large piece of the soul cloud, and then the functioning of the inner soul with the emotional body (within) is reduced leaving the physical body vulnerable to diseases.

Childhood issues that can lead to minor or major fragmentation…

  • Physical abuse, being hit or smacked by parents or grandparents
  • Emotionally unavailable parents or those who withheld basic affection
  • Being “punished” through kicking, shaking, biting, burning, hair pulling, pinching, scratching.
  • Molestation, shown pornography, or any other type of sexual contact from a parent, relative or friend
  • Children of Divorce, children of pot or alcohol addictions
  • Age Inappropriate responsibilities (such as caring for your parents)
  • Starving, or not in a Safe place to live
  • Abandonment of any kind, big or small
  • Emotional neglect, not being nurtured, encouraged or supported
  • Being deliberately called names or verbally insulted or shamed
  • Denigration of your personality
  • Destruction of personal belongings
  • Excessive demands
  • Humiliation
  • Car accidents, or other spontaneous traumatic events

What is the inner child and why does it separate and fragment from us?

The inner child is like a wheel, and each year that we grow and experience any one of those concerns from the list above, and we end up surrendering (not fighting to live or give up hope) we have touched an inner child issue that is causing us pain. Many times I see this behavior all the time in people and now with social media, its extremely easy to see. Yet no one shows compassion, because they are working out the other side of the victim and perpetrator scenarios as adults.

As children our fear stay with us as adults, but they look different. We don’t kick and scream on the floor at our best friends house when we feel hurt by a random comment over dinner. Well maybe the introvert does and then expresses it later, but most people hold it in and have learned to control it, but not be ‘aware’ of ‘it’ anymore. The inner child “it” has been tampered and toned down until one gets drunk.

These issues overtakes us or circumstances in abuses in the family has been created in our family we birthed, this puts us in survival mode (shock) and people can live in great shock. Look at the survivors of Auschwitz as an example, the astral body keeps fragmenting a little at a time until we loose our energy completely and have lost the path and are now in the deep forests of our pain. Even then we can still exit, go to work and drudge our way through issues that do not heal.

The astral body fragments that partly steps out of us, at the age we were traumatized, remains outside of the body until we do the work. This is when peoples emotional body’s start to flat-line, and depression sinks in and a host of other issues like chronic fatigue etc. We are given a certain amount of our own astral life force (soul), to reincarnate with and when we are abused or hurt continually, that part of us leaves and stays outside of the realms. We can only address the original wound in order to begin to walk towards the inner child whose astral body has split off from us as we were growing and it remains outside of our body until brought back home.

But the inner child in her astral form is usually or almost always, separated from the adult self by the abusers shadow astral body. This is why its so hard to heal, the behind the scenes are not there even for really great healers and psychics. This is where a dreamer (shaman) like myself, had to be witness behind the scenes on the astral planes, seeing the inner child soul and the shadow soul in their prison (so to speak). Be that a physical or emotional abuser, who is unconscious of their shadow (and to us shamans, that the unconscious shadow is a real and living dark energetic astral soul body).

The shadow soul of an alcoholic, or shamanic drug/plant person who does peyote also has caused new problems in clans, tribes, villages and society. The darkest person in these  circles is always the most charismatic one. Or an abusive parent and the parent that was in denial can still bring up old wounded feelings by an adult with inner child issues at the holidays. The wounded child is still in the realm of the past, surrounded by us in the present, and these shadow bodies do not let go of her so easily, until its safe. I have done many soul retrievals but only when people are ready, and not before when it comes to healing. In group soul journeys (winter solstice), everyone is invited regardless because its not like individual sessions.

What this means is we have to do the healing work for her or him to return (slowly). After major healing has been done to understand your own depth of your personal story and what you have to reclaim, we have to work out and heal the majority of one issue or a few and overcome them to be ready for the next phase. Self healing is full of a thousand phases.  Then, this is where a shaman comes in to see who the demonic astral body is and begin to enter that realm with a fighting force as a warrior shaman to free the child in a soul retrieval. Most shaman journeys are feel good journeys, people feel supported by their book trained, school trained or conference workshop trained shamans, that is because they are getting “emotional support” for the first time in their lives, but it doesn’t mean their astral fragmented soul isn’t still out in the realms.

Past live soul fragments are much deeper and they cannot return until all parts of this life’s soul fragments have healed, and returned. This is because past life shadow fragments are older, stronger, more powerful demons when its our own. And that path requires a whole lifetime to overcome and many people do not. They can be slaves to their alcohol, sleep medications, doctors meds, pot, shamanic plants/drugs, or whatever keeps them separate from that pain of sobriety or past life demonic shadow fragment (dark soul body) and that chaos of that pain that appears. The rule is, most are totally unconscious of any of this type of past life shadow, as long as they feed themselves the illusion causing substances which only makes the shadow astral soul body eventually more powerful and one day busts through (if the person gets sober or wake up in ‘cycle’ of age).

The following is from “Union Within” and explains some of the dynamics of the inner child parenting process.

“The feeling of wanting to die, of not wanting to be here, is the most overwhelming, most familiar feeling in my emotional inner landscape. Until I started doing my inner child healing I believed that who I really was at the deepest, truest part of my being, was that person who wanted to die. I thought that was the true ‘me’. Now I know that is just a small part of me.

When that feeling comes over me now I can say to that seven year old, “I am really sorry you feel that way Robbie. You had very good reason to feel that way. But that was a long time ago and things are different now. I am here to protect you now and I Love you very much. We are happy to be alive now and we are going to feel Joy today, so you can relax and this adult will deal with life.”. . . . 

“The integration process involves consciously cultivating a healthy, Loving relationship with all of my inner children so that I can Love them, validate their feelings, and assure them that everything is different now and everything is going to be all right. When the feelings from the child come over me it feels like my whole being, like my absolute reality – it isn’t, it is just a small part of me reacting out of the wounds from the past. I know that now because of my recovery, and I can lovingly parent and set boundaries for those inner children so they are not dictating how I live my life. By owning and honoring all of the parts of me I now have a chance to have some balance and union within.” 

Step Processes We do not heal these parts of ourselves until we have prepared to be here, the action part of inner child work you can do and when those are completed (and take your time), leave no stone un-turned because you will just have to repeat and go back over them anyway. Here are some good first steps which I give practices to people…

1. Connecting with your Inner Child – Acknowledge your inner child exists, treat this part of you as a loving mother would. Let him or her know that you won’t let anyone ever again treat you the way a parent or partner did. Treat him or her with kindness and respect. This is all about taking care of you, being the mother or father you never had to you. Some self-nurturing communication: I love you. I hear you. I’m sorry. I forgive myself.

2. Get out a photo of you at the age of your trauma(s) – I ask people at this stage of their journey, to put a photo of themselves on the nightstand to connect with each night and and remind themselves that they are on a real healing journey and that they are on consistent and won’t abandon themselves. This is an excellent practice for a few years before a soul retrieval. 

3. Reconnect and go inward – A lot of people who enter the midlife crisis around 37 or 38 already have children or have stress in their life and overburdened at the prime of their life. Inner child work really starts at this most potent time to heal around this stage of life.  Those who have abandonment or co-dependent issues will peak during this age. Reconnecting to sides of our self that we never even knew existed as adults, can change your relationship to yourself and to others. This discovery is truly life-changing whether its inner child work or any deeply devoted healing path. Having fun and returning play is also an important action that is also needed for some people to loosen up their fool to lighten some burdens.

Meditation is not an inner child work and I see a lot of suggestions for that. Emotional and Soul issues are more connected with inner child fragmentation and emotional issues that have turned into phobias, fears or addictions of any kind. Meditation if for the mind, and what we try to do with inner child work is to get deep into that emotional body first. Here are some good holistic therapies which I would say commit to, from 1 to 3 years, building upon each other if you need to go deeper.

Try them all, especially if you were molested or raped or unconscious as an adult of some of your past abuses. There are many healings out there, when you feel ready to deal with the traumas of the past,  real healing work is very slow and make sure you ask your healer what types of healing they have done and do they drink or smoke pot. This makes a huge difference in your recovery time of your emotional detoxes. You don’t want to spend time having to heal and cleaning up your healers emotional body that has slipped into yours (if your an empath). Might as well get the best since you are investing in you…

* Water Therapy, also called Watsu is excellent;
* Rebirthing (5-10 ten sessions with a woman and 5-10 with a male practitioner)
* Massage Cranio-Sacral (work is very good for physically abused children)
* Energy work (any kind, except crystal healing, it fragments the emotional soul body);
* Re-connective Healing, which is a form of body soul work

As a shaman, I do not open up the underworlds or middleworlds to find the fragmented inner child or past life karmic demonic soul, mother earth is the only one who can open those realms. All i had to do was pass 40 years of death tests for her to do it. The pierce of the veil, to get an inner child, is gotten by the person who is seeking it, not the shaman. The person has prepared to meet her wounded self by working at healing all along, the wounded self with real healing work. The shaman only holds both self, the other or the group, in a protected place so they can return one inch deeper to that ultimate destination.

Some need soul retrievals for sickness, some need it for soul loss this lifetime (inner child), others can only withstand being close to the sickness of death for a few years and that is not enough time for past life soul fragment to return back home (purified, yes the dark soul of karma must be purified through intense pain to burn off karma)… I other words you have to feel the pain of people you killed two thousand or a thousand years ago, in your real body and it hurts like “hell”, that frees the soul you killed and you get to feel their pain. That is real inner child work of a past life. The Hindus say your can “breath away” your karma. Well, even a devout practice of 30 years of that is not going to pierce the veil to enter the realm of the dead.

We first have to heal the pain of our ordinary life that arises, before we can go to the next level, in other words we have to fix the broken arm, and it must be all healed before we can approach the broken body (soul work). Its all the brokenness that occurs when you open the doorways to this type of healing because its not something that is simple, its highly complex. If the person can withstand their own deep sorrow, grief and the detox changes that occur, then an inner child fragment (the astral body of the child of this lifetime) will return as it gets so close in your space, you become aware that you are ‘feeling better’. As a shaman when I know its time I will hear the child in waking (clairaudio) or at night when I dream walk when I have a more long term relationship to my clients or apprentices.

3. So to conclude, you deserve to heal your issues, start with basic support from a loving circle, a women’s circle, a sweat lodge, if that turns ugly or your intuition tells you something is not right in the group its not, move on. In the last thirty years, many leaders who are my age have never even gone to a healer, much less dedicated to a decade or two of many modalities. So move on if a circle does not support you, you will know because all they want you to do is serve them.

Having gone through this process of my own inner child work for five years and being certified in some of the practices helping my apprentices and clients do the same, I saw the deep importance of the “length of time” really requires to do real healing work that is permanent. The memory system of the emotional and soul body is highly complex and one must purify and heal all of it to have a true successful and permanent soul returned. Many times a person will do a majority of the work before they go to a shaman and that is the best scenario. Real life initiated shamans enter the purer forms of chaos and darkness, the potent accumulation, which is at the end of a healing journey, not the beginning. In our ordinary mundane life, we go in cycles to touch one more layer of pain to release. I felt such burdens lifted from me and a heaviness that I was not even aware of the longer I continued my own healing journey and the deeper I went inward.

I have turned many people away in my path because they were just not ready for a real shaman, nor did they need a shaman yet. I have referred them to shaman practitioners (healers) to help them and their real emotional, physical and mental preparations.

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    1. Suzie Suzie says:

      Hi and I read this a so true…the fragmented inner child splits to survive, so her soul has to be redeemed for the adult self also to evolve. I too have had many experiences and do soul retreival, but till the child is healed the adult will stay hurt….thank you so very true


    2. Thanks Suzie for your comment… phoenix


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