Protecting & Healing the last frontier… our many Souls


By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – There was a life before men’s kingdoms of conquiring, of war and killing. This life was our many ensouled life, the one we reincarnate with, the one of our animism shape shifting soul that some of us still retain, few but strong. People only know history by what they have been told, but when you have out of bodies, can time travel and astral travel, most of its not true. Yes kingdoms did rise and fall and yes the Dragon was the symbol of women’s cultures before men took over. And all at the cost of people don’t even know what the soul is and what is did before the kingdoms rose to power around 1000 bce.

In today’s world, the development of our emotional body and the development of our intuition is mandatory and that doesn’t even include the eternal soul astral body. To protect this soul and emotional body of ours, is even more important today because there are not many of us left. We may not o to the extreme of this photo, but energetically, we definitely have to protect what we have worked so hard for in waking up and knowing that power and control is a mind reality and its built Religion, War and Science and they don’t give a shit about your soul.

I suppose it depends upon where you live whether you even have an ability to heal your soul, not many do and even in western countries or first world countries, so many are asleep, still. Within the ability to heal our personal issues, our drama, our emotional destruction to self or others, our past wounds and learning to not taking things so personally, as daily practice along with sobriety, then there is a chance you can walk and stay on a path when things get really intense. These are the times in our life when cycles of change begin to descend and letting go becomes self bondage (making our life more miserable by not letting to).


True healing practices are weekly, if not daily, if you can see them in the light of becoming new while burying the old. Even just a little pull back when you want to lash out, or walk away rather than engage in conflict if you are an extrovert, or the opposite if you are an introvert. These self development practices, which are based in common sense, helps us develop our intuition by mastering our own emotional energy and protecting it at the same time by confronting our fears.

Once we chose to commit to our emotional wellness, we learn to increase our listening abilities to a greater or lesser degree depending upon the person. Healing practices help us remain grounded in our sicknesses, and emotional clarity even helps us to begin to recognize our personal fears within our emotional responses if we can become aware of them while they are happening. Triggers to our emotional issues are some of the most complex energetic realities out there when it comes to personal mastery. Loosing our shit is what its called, or collapsing in upon our self from fear.

I put this lion photo together to show the evolution of the natural history of Baghdad. First the lion was admired and fear, meaning that nature and woman were respected. Then the power of men began to tear down the goddess (women, animals, nature and our souls journey making it impossible to heal with the loss of the elder grandmother shamans); and lastly, the imprisoned soul from the misuses of the feminine soul, destroying both its gifts and the birthing our repetitive shadow which has soul loss lifetime after lifetime.

This is a result, of all the wise and shaman grandmother teachings of how to really heal the soul by paying and healing real karma (not religious and pagan writing substitutes), were excluding. Writing and its invention was exclusive, it was only taught and allowed by and for men (and maybe one or two daughters of Kings). Now on earth because of this, we are coming to a crisis and peak of karma.

In 1918, the last lion in Iraq vanished, and now, one imported lion sits in a cage starving to death in the Baghdad’s Zoo. That is all that is left after 2000 years of its Kingdom. This is what happens when you deny half of the earths population in spiritual and religious leadership (women).

Baghdad is just one place of the millions of places that have this same thing happening.  In animism (my shamans reality and living of it), the souls of men and women and their animal (animism) souls, like lion, is completely wiped out by religion/warrior religions. All religions were warriors from their beginning and the true soul people of earth, have paid a great price for allowing that to spread and grow.

Today it is not only necessary to protect our emotional body and our soul, but mandatory through our sensitivities, because so much shadow and temptation roams as power these days, even in the small forms like ego, pot, selfishness, fear, astral sex, etc. You would have to be fully asleep to not even recognize shamanic plants are destructive to the soul or astral sex is a form of rape. When we are an emotional person, or even the more server emotional person, called an empath, it makes a great difference in our quality of life on a daily level if we nurture our wounds, stand up for our self emotionally and intuitively. Most of us, for years suffer emotionally until we begin to really commit to do something about the mess that our mental and emotional imbalances are in.

When we do finally commit to the “healing” (spiritual) journey, we also effect the development of our intuition, and when adding or getting healing work done monthly our quality of life improves to add strength to our issues. There are no quick fixes in healing once something has opened up.

In my shaman’s reality, I rely on these healed aspects everyday.  I rely this sharpness, and focus and especially the positive detached nature I have mastered over three decades of healing and practices. I do not separate my human self from my animism nature which includes my shaman self and all three now work together without any blocks. Long years, hard work and even retreat from the world.

Within all living life, the animal clans, bug or insect clans, bird clans and oceanid clans, they guide us, give us information along our path as we travel this world, travel the in-between worlds (this world and the energetic / dream worlds) of earth. We have a great connection to nature, not our drum. The drum is only used in certain instances to go into more intense places, not to be used like drum circles, or meditation. Its a tool that is used very specifically for specific reasons in many traditions around the earth.

The natural world is our allies in order to do our work more precisely. The trees, rivers, wind, oceans also contribute and lend their help as well. Whats arising today is a lot of young people doing aerokenisis, hydrokinesis, cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, terrakinesis, electrokinesis, chronokinesis and others, which are all manipulations of energy, either mental astral body or soul astral body, but the majority are the mental astral bodies energy system, its like the sublevels of astral travel. Bulldozing a forest is also a manipulation of energy, or the miltiary training electrokonises soldiers to shut you and your soul down – is also a real future coming.

So what do gifted people do? Do what they always have done… peace and self healing.
bronze bird 1st millennium BCE Perm AnimismWhen most are young, these gifts are born out of wanting to be powerful, and just like war, opposing forces come to hunt. Developing our skills, whether its intuition or a kinesis abilities also requires ego destruction practices, anger and emotional trauma healed, mastering not taking things personal for many years, because it is our own karma which has given you bad experiences or drugs/pot/shamanic drugs, which ends up energetically being our own self destruction.

As a shaman, our realms of animism, which is “so different” from sorcery and waking magic, we don’t do magic nor set spells, nor enchantment or intent outside the self – because the karmic wrath is too severe of a punishment. Animism is our jurisdiction and even as a small girl I could shape shift into my black jaguar and it took years to heal and purge karma, which kept my jaguar alive. These types of gifts protects us while roaming the real underworld levels or the more shadow parts of the middle worlds and without them you do not survive.

Those who think they are roaming this reality with shamanic plants and drugs are not, not even astral travelers enter our realms, the mental astral body rules both lucidity and astral travel and those are beginners. They don’t even come near. Shamans enter these realms, only when we do healing work for those who have lost their souls, have sickness from soul ‘loss’ this lifetime or other lifetimes or being attacked by living humans and their demonic shadows that are sometimes freed through addiction or ritual manipulations for power.

In animism, the fairy clans are bug and insect groups of people, and are highly respected, whether they are in their shape shifted forms or their human form, after all they are over one and half million years old. I have read on some fairy clans that they think they control the bird clans, from Thunderbird down to song bird. This is not true because bird clans eat bug clans for nourishment.

Shamans serve a purpose in healing and that is what they have always done, whether they add aerokenisis as a gift of their incarnation or not. It is our job when shadows, dark forces, are too big for others to handle, and sicknesses descends because of it… not only in times of plagues (that is why they originally wore the bird mask), but also in times of great shift of the ages, such as now.

Sources: Female shamans of ancient Perm animism (birds), Baghdad lions.

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