Slavic Folk Healing: Flower Washing & Moon-Water Charming

By Phoenix the Elder –  I work with a few different Water Healing and Traditional Slavic Water Ceremonies to support releases with not only myself but with my clients, students and apprentices. Water Charming rituals are very ancient, combined with healing flowers, helps us with the continual flow. Most people know about Flower Remedies and they work for our emotional balance but this ancient Slavic Folk Flower ritual goes a lot further. My work is not the tree of life, its the water of life that flows from the sacred mountains.

Water Folk Charming has two seasons, the season of Fire (spring and summer) and the season of Night (autumn and winter). As a folk healer for the emotional body, I have done this work a long time and its a renewal process. In healing, there is a birth, transformation, death and rebirth process when healing emotional / soul issues that we have in our lifetime. Water charming and Flower washing are very simple yet powerful and subtle.

Season also make a different according to your natural cycles in life. In the Spring and Summer Moons (Season of Fire), you wash your body with a combination of Moon Water, especially as a ritual on the day of the Spring Equinox to start your year off with purification and the Summer Solstice. See directions below.

A strong healing and purifying elixir to drink for empaths, emotional, and sensitive people is done in the Autumn and Winter Moons(Season of Night) with herbs that are picked in wild-crafting trips or your own back yard garden (but make sure they are non-toxic) and know what you are wanting to heal. The Season of Night are the six moon cycles to do the deepest healing in the year.

This article is about the Baltic, Balkan and Slavic Moon Charming through the Spirit of Water and Flowers, when moisture is needed and emotional healing is needed, connect with our elusive Soul.

Slavic Spring Ritual Washing the Flowers - Elder Mountain Dreaming . com.jpg

Full Moon Water Charming
The Rituals of Simplicity…

Set out a bowl of water at evening or dusk, on the night of the full moon, whisper into the water asking it to bring down the magnetic healing properties of the moon into the bowl. Hold up the bowl to the moon or the sky if it hasn’t risen yet and speak to the moon in a sacred way.

Let the water in the bowl be pure, do not add summer herbs or flowers, and then let the moon magic begin. Make sure to set your intention for the water to coincide what your Full Moon Release intention is, so these energy have direction for healing.

In the morning, get the sacred bowl of water and fill your jar, filter it if you want. Then leave it in the refrigerator and take a few sips everyday for the next week or two during the cycle after the full moon. Make sure its gone before the third day of the following new moon.

There are cures though that work, especially for empathic people and sensitives (emo types). People take commercial products like Flower Essences to assist with their emotional healing and growth but if you are a gardener or like nature rituals, think of pure moon water as an even more potent healing, when you do it cyclical with nature, especially on the three water moons of the year. (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Moon Cycles). 

I also do Fire charming rituals but only in Autumn and Winter when warmth is needed, which is strictly for purification, an emptying out and burning off energy with letting go. Emptying out (letting go) are always full moon rituals, and covers a wide range of issues, from addictions, to abuse or self abuse, fears, and even the root foundations of physical healing.

Balkan Water Charming

This is a Romanian Water Ritual and one I really love. In folk healing and emotional healing work, water charming must be done within certain restrictions and guidelines of polarity work, where the issue is (the pain) and where the intake (of behaviors) causes the most pain  and upsets of the issues in our life and its fullness.

Seasonal timing and the polarity of life, is of utmost of importance when doing folk rituals. You never work with crystals if you are an empath, a sensitive or dreamer, those fragment our entire astral system (soul) and create anxiety for emo type of people. If you are a moon person, then definitely find alternative besides crystals, like black stones, or river and ocean stones or gems that contain little quartz crystal or crystal in general.

Water Charming is the opposite, you can do as many water ceremonies, water washing in sacred ritual as you want (preferably on solstices and equinoxes, new and full moons). They not only leave you more sparkly, but your soul (astral chakra body) will thank you.

I used to bath and swim in Rivers, Oceans and Lakes all the time up till about 8 years ago, as it was very natural, but now I prefer a sacred sauna. I used to do sweat lodges for twenty years with an AA sober group and that met my water fire needs until I got deeper into water medicine and my own traditional Slavic rituals.

I spent much of my spiritual path in my favorite River and did many ceremonies over the years in the river and on the shore or with other women and group healing rituals. When it comes to using water charming as medicine, one must discern for the self or one’s client, if they are:

1. The Receiver (receives negative energy)
Magnetic or counterclockwise type of person, whose emotional energy is receptive of other peoples emotions or shadow emotions or dirty mental emotional energy. These come into the persons body within one’s environment. These people need lots of YIN or water and fire ceremonies.

or the opposite… 

2. The Giver (gives negative energy to the receivers)
Electric, mental or clockwise, whose shadow or yucky emotional energy moves out of them, into others when they give a hug and they feel much better. They receive good energy from life and from people, and they generally do not see ghosts or spirits. YANG types need earth and air to help them open up more and work with their issues.

These makes all the difference in the world we live with others, work with others or mingle in society with others or socialize. An empath or magnetic people change the moment someones anger, depression, anxiety, suicidal emotions all enter their body.

They go from happy and grounded to any of the described emotions in five minutes. Boundaries are mandatory for receivers, empaths, sensitives, emos and receivers, because the universe does not take care of you. You take care of your emotional and soul body, and  that is truth for empathic women.

bosnia water washing

Bosnia Herzegovina
People washing their faces with flowers – usually violets (ljubičice) – and other plants on the mornings of Easter weekend.

This tradition is related to celebrating spring, youth and new life from the peasant traditions before religion came. Young girls collect spring flowers and put them in the family’s wash basin.

Often the entire house would be decorated with spring flowers. Spring flowers that have grown best around the place where you live swarms in smaller quantities and petals can be washed clean, in villages with spring water and left overnight in the fresh air.

In the early morning wash, you say out loud good wishes and intentions for yourself and your family. A long time ago it was also traditional to climb to the roof of your house and throw the used petals over your shoulder, protecting and blessing your home.

Washing with Flower’s ritual is most popular in central Bosnia, Hungary and Northern Slovakia. One of our patrons on Elder Mountain (facebook) said: “Our Hungarian heritage of “Boldogasszony” (God-Mother) is similar to this ritual too.”

Water Protection for Dreaming
Working with water can be done in the forms of “bowls of water” or water fountains in the home, or if you have a pond or a lake on your property. At Elder Mountain there are two ponds here, one is magical and the other for the animals and they are both protective and cleansing for the land.

For individual moon dreaming protection, put out in your bedroom or your living space a bowl of water with intention. Whispering to the water itself so it knows to receive releases or receive or attract shadow.

Change it out at least once a month, preferably on the full moon and refill. When you are out in town or in a classroom or work, you fill a bottle of water and keep it with you wherever you go, to take in the emotional energy of others. Then dump the water out asking the earth to heal it. Refilling your bottle again in the morning and carrying it with you throughout the day. This works for sensitive kids too so make sure to put it in their bedroom.  (just don’t drink it).

Water Charming can also be done through song or dance if you do these as a sacred ritual. When applied to healing, set intention for “transformation and change” especially in ceremony. Charming has also been called magic, but shamanism and witches work is very different when it comes to magic. Both do them with the phases of the moon of course, as paganism sprung and was birthed out of goddess cultures, which were born from shamanism.

The importance of natural magnetic energy is receptivity, self healing, and is the magical  aspects of nature especially within a dreamers. Prehistory was not base in men’s teachings nor sun cults, nor time, or the outward flow of energy, electric-energy. Yet today, this 5G world of ours has reached electric over capacity. Water brings balance to that, both inward in our purity path to heal our inner astral bodies and exterior to heal our surrounding environments.

The flow of receptivity is the Charming, it is the relationship to the environment and it’s energy of magnetic reception, through a personal application of it is utilized with natures flow. The empath, dreamer, sensitive are magnetic based people and must do the opposite that all other spiritual people do if they wish to make headway in their healing journey.18555939_10154573588818321_8501052371301068701_n

This is a very important factor because its energy uses are receptive and if the intention and basis is not balance by the “change your mind change you life” mentality, then you will get nowhere. Mind cult and Emo cult have two different applications in spiritual work and they are usually reversed. If you don’t switch up some teachings and reverse them, they backfire causing more harm to us as empaths, dreams and sensitives.

The earth’s natural calendar for millions of years was the combination of the cycles of the moon and woman’s cycles of bleeding in unison, along with the seasonal changes of nature, and the equinoxes and solstices. New moon ritual that included sacred tattoos can also help as a visual reminder for women to become in alignment with nature. Sacred tattoos also done in ceremony can energetically connect ones dreaming and intuition with the tattoo itself. I have done all of my vision quest tattoos this way.

When the moon work is added to both tattoo with sacred or purity rites, the tattoos transference of dreams becomes stronger. In the beginnings of lunar cycles, within a ceremony and full moons which carry the most power of endings, releases and letting go, we learn and begin as a practice, flex-self awareness. This means that to become more free in expressing our truth through emotions, the more we are willing to work with our fears. These contributions actually are the energetic power that feeds the symbol of the tattoo and makes them applicable as sacred items on the body.

Within the cycles of sickness that begin to release from awareness practices, one must commit to begin a journey of sobriety for groundedness, and flexibility during struggles of changes. Changing moon is a path for those who are serious about their health and spiritual journey and willing to be flexible or flex-self. Without being flexible to personal fears, then stagnation and rigidity remains. All of this is done with strict and healthy boundaries in relationship. To advance spiritually, it must all be worked with together.

Larger rituals for community are set around the moons of the yearly solstices and equinoxes. The most powerful healing is for individuals or community occurs after the Autumn equinox, especially right before dusk. This the the most powerful time that our personal releases from our emotional body can be released.

When doing Moon Charming, moonlight illuminates the water, adding more of nature’s power to the already magnetic energy within receptive water, not just in a physical ways, but an energetic ways.

Setting Clay Bowls of Water Outside
Set clay bowls in a quiet natural place, fill with water and ask the water to receive the light of the moon and to bring blessings and healing from its light is basically all that needs to be done.  Working with our perception body (emotional body and soul body), with magical pure water, is a great purification elixir (drinking it). Moon charming is added to rituals to bring a receptive quality to our path, as the most powerful rituals are the most simplified.

Flower Washing
New Moon rituals in both Spring and Summer, is to cleanse the self, the body-soul connection (or our sacred items). Its a good way to start the new year (spring equinox) with a beautiful purifying seasonal ritual. This is good after a long winter, to release old wounds or issues that come up the previous three years.

Water Charming
Is a pure healing elixir to drink (water only, preferably spring water), setting it out on the night of the Full Moon. (see that ritual here) On the following New Moon, then do another “Washing with Flowers” again. This adds to keeping our internal and external mind, body, emotional body and soul body purified, which also helps keeps our personal space clear and purified.

Spring New Moon Water Ritual
Ritual flower baths and purification baths are very ancient and the Slavic people were no different in their appreciation of the natural abundance and flowers of earth as a healing tool, just as herbals are a medicine tool to bring health or detox an illness. Water cleanses energy and I always suggest healers always have a bowl of water to receive left over detox releases from the people they work with.

Most people use sage, incense or palo santo wood most of the time, but water is always my first choice in personal and spacial healing because I as an empath and a dreamer, water cleanses and purifies any soul walkers who should not be in one’s space.


To do your ritual flower washing, collect your flowers early in the morning and gather as many different types of flowers as you can. As you can see in my sacred bowl photo, I used both pink and white apple blossoms from the apple trees here, some perennials growing in my garden pots, clippings of azalea, weeping cherry and a little pine and sage. I put them all into my sacred bowl and filled it with water (spring water or clear river water is always the best). Let it sit overnight outside, you shouldn’t bring the flowers into the house, they are left outside overnight to absorb the essence of nature and all its beauty.

Set the intention for both the water and the flowers according to your needs. If you are sick, then ask the flowers and water to heal any emotional, mental or physical issues. If they are for your tools, then set that intention, or distant healing etc. Water is a wonderful cleansing agent for empaths, dreamers, emos and sensitives and it helps relax, cleanse and rejuvenate the aura (astral body’s exterior) when flowers are used. The internal astral body (soul) also gets attention paid to it by working with the high vibration of flowers because the soul is like a cloud, it likes moisture and is needed for a luminosity and flow.

The next morning you take out the flowers flowers and use the just the water or if taking a bath put all of it into your bath. Or take a clean wash cloth and wash your face as the flowers blossomed all night, they added more healing power to the ritual of cleansing. You can also put your spiritual tools in the water and let them soak the entire day.

This tradition is to transfer the power of beauty of the flowers, their high vibration and healing properties onto the self. If you are a healer you can use it in your healing session because Folk Traditions require only natures tools and herbs and flowers help people immensely. This is not an herbal ritual, its a flower ritual, so you can make a seasonal batch if a client comes to you, or set intention for a distant healing of a loved one who is sick, sending the healing energy of the flowers to them. This is basically a “fresh” Flower Essence treatment, a direct practice of healing waters and flowers together.

Marianne Stokes Hungary_1909

Some of the intentions for Washing with Flowers are: Krasuljak (to be or bring beauty of one’s health forward); Drenovina (to be strong or have good boundaries); Violets (to be more kind and loving); Wolf branches (to move forward); in some places, a gold or silver ring is placed in the water for good luck in relationships.

Washing with flowers is generally done in two ways, one for self purification and the other is washing your ritual tools. You can use the water to wash your sacred stones that you work with, any special ritual clothing or cloth with symbolism that you use (embroidery), wands, ritual bowls, or anything that you value as sacred in your practices or healing practices. I clean my ritual tools with flower water every few years.

Spiritual Ritual Tools

Since I don’t use crystals – I need the extra cleansing of water rituals to clear the energy of the items I use all year long. I wash my sacred objects with flower water on my stones, my drums, my sacred bowls that I decorate with sacred Slavic symbols. Spring is the best time to cleanse all of them with the water/flowers to release all the old energy from the sicknesses that clients, myself, students and apprentices carry.

I put my stones in the flower water overnight and I wash my sacred knife for cutting chord work, wash the handles of my rattles and splash the water over my three drums. I also wash all my bells and dry them afterwards.

Ritual Flower Baths
Salt Baths – You can also bring the flower water inside and take a ritual bath for purification and cleansing your body and energy aura. Add a little salt first in a warm bath and then pour in the flower you water. Soak for as long as you like. Just make sure you are not allergic to any of the flowers you picked for your Washing with Flowers.

Spring Water Baths – Add fresh Spring Water (which is the most powerful) to your warm bath and then put your flower water in.

Baking Soda Baths – Add a few tablespoons of baking soda which also leaves your body soft, add the water flower and soak.



Phoenix has been a folk healer and dreamer over the past thirty years. She helps others structure their emotional life through the assistance of wise counsel, dreaming, folk healing and applied disciplines of self love. 

Sources: Joan Miro stone painting, Artist Remedios Varo; Hair repel from; Sources: Woman Bathing by Odilon Redon; Phoenix’s Ritual Bowl and Flowers; Marianne Stokes Hungary 1909;


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