Full Moon Water Charming

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – I work with a few different Water Charming properties, some I work with the Moon at Night and use the full moon water as a purifying elixir to drink. Other times I used it to wash my body on the new moon in Spring and Summer only on the new moon. This article is about the Balkan Moon Charming through Water, when moisture is needs to rise within the person because they have become to dry, too mental, too physical.

Full Moon Water Charming
Set out a bowl of water at evening or dusk, on the night of the full moon, whisper into the water asking it to bring down the magnetic properties of the moon for healing and bring them inside the bowl. Hold up the bowl to the moon or the sky if it hasn’t risen yet and speak to the moon in a sacred way. Let the water in the bowl be pure, do not add anything to it at all. In the morning, get the water and fill your jar up with the water, filter it if you want. Then leave it in the refrigerator and take a sip everyday for two weeks during the cycle after the full moon. Make sure its gone before the third day of the following new moon.

After many years, I also have found what the common bridges are, having sat in Northwest Native song circles who sing to the water and to see the water’s responses when loved. Water is tied to our emotional issues within folk healing, which is done when the mental body and mental activity has terribly repressed and imbalanced the body’s relationship to the emotional body.

There are cures though that work, especially for empathic people and sensitives (emo types). I also do Fire charming rituals but only in Autumn and Winter when warmth is needed, which are strictly for purification, an emptying out and burning off energy with letting go. Emptying out (letting go) are full moon rituals, and covers a wide range of issues, from addictions, to abuse or self abuse, and even the root foundations of physical healing (sometimes called chord cutting.)

Balking Water Charming
In folk healing and emotional folk healing work, water charming must be done within certain restrictions and guidelines of polarity work, where the issue is (the pain) and where the intake (behaviors) cause issues in our own life. Seasonal timing and polarity of our own life, is of utmost of importance when doing folk rituals. Its like you never work with crystals if you are an empath, sensitive or dreamer, those mess up our entire astral system and emotional body, just like pot does. Crystals can also create anxiety for those who are very receptive (sensitives) types or empaths. How we use water charming is for a host of issues, from shadow roamers, to those who unconscious pull our emotional energy into their system, receiving our light, but leaving us drained, all the way to cleansing a physical space.

There are those who like salt, and there are those who like pepper, and the rarer ones who love both, so when it comes to water charming, its the same thing, one will repel water charming and its uses if they are too moist, or conscious about their needs, and one will need much water rituals, because they need the cleansing and purification or practices with water to feel healthy. These are the ones who will receive its benefits from water healing.

We used to bath and swim in Rivers all the time in order to attain the blessings from the natural river, stream or ocean, and this could sustain us half the year in the hotter weather or for those who live in the hotter seasons all year long. But many people do not have the time for such rituals or do not make the time. I spent much of my spiritual path in my favorite river and did many ceremonies over the years in the river and its shore or with other women and their rituals. When it comes to using water charming as medicine, one must discern for the self or one’s client, if they are:

1. A Receiver (Magnetic or counterclockwise) whose emotional energy is receptive of other peoples emotions or shadow emotions. They come into the persons body within one’s environment. YIN

or the opposite… 

2 A Giver (Electric or clockwise) whose shadow or yucky emotional energy moves out of them, into others. They receive the good energy from life and from people, and they generally do not see ghosts or spirits. YANG

This makes all the difference in the world we live with others, work with others or mingle in society with others or socialize. An empath or magnetic people change the moment someones anger, depression, anxiety, suicidal emotions all enter their body. They go from happy and grounded to any of the described emotions in five minutes. Boundaries are mandatory for receivers, empaths, sensitives, emos and receivers, because the universe does not take care of you. You take care of your emotional and soul body, and  that is truth for empathic women.

I cannot give water practices to those who are totally external, only the internal water people like empaths, feelers, emos, over emotional ones, and the more extreme empaths and dreamers. These people feel everything and if they use folk water medicines, it must be done wisely, but it is protective as well if that intent is set.

Water Charming
Working with water can be done in the forms of “bowls of water” or water fountains in the home, or put out in your living space with intention and whispering to the water itself so it knows to receive releases. Then you have to empty out the bowl once a month and refill. When you are out in town or in a classroom or work, you fill a bottle of water and keep it with you wherever you go, to take in the emotional energy of others, while you out of your home and then dump the water later. Refilling again in the morning and carrying it with you to school or work (just don’t drink it).

Water Charming can be done through song or dance and applied to healing, as long as the intent is set for “transformation and change” of the persons life or ones self, especially in ceremony. Charming has also been called magic, but shamanism and witches work is very different when it comes to magic. One is human based and the energy going outwards, and the other (is a shamans work, not shamanism) and is receptive and strictly nature. Both are done within the phases of the moon of course, as paganism sprung and was birthed out of goddess cultures, which were born from shamanism.

joan miró

The important natural magnetic energy of all living things that are receptive is what is the magic aspects of nature are, especially within a dreamers or shamans rituals. A shaman’s healing work or healing ceremonies are all based upon the experience of the shaman herself who required decades to heal their deadly diseases and that has given them the medicines through many experience (non plant, non drug shamanism).

Prehistory was not base on the sun cult and time, or the outward flow of energy, electro-energy. It was and still is based on the cycles and phases of the moon and no-time, on deeper emotional energy and living energy of feeling by all plants, humans, birds, animals etc. The flow of receptivity. Charming then, is the relationship to the environment and it’s energy of magnetic reception, through a personal application of it is utilized with natures flow. That is a very important factor because its energy uses are receptive and if the intention and basis is not balance and the shaman balanced, then it will backfire causing more harm to the shaman.

The natural rhythm of the full moon is about “Releasing”
The New Moon is the point of transformation into “Creating”

The earth’s natural calendar for millions of years was the combination of the cycles of the moon and woman’s cycles of bleeding in unison, along with the seasonal changes of nature, and the equinoxes and solstices.

18555939_10154573588818321_8501052371301068701_nNew moon ritual that included sacred tattoos can also help as a visual reminder for women to become in alignment with nature. Sacred tattoos also done in ceremony can energetically connect ones dreaming and intuition with the tattoo itself. I have done all of my vision quest tattoos this way.

When the moon work is added to both tattoo with sacred or purity rites, the tattoos transference of dreams becomes stronger. In the beginnings of lunar cycles, within a ceremony and full moons which carry the most power of endings, releases and letting go, we learn and begin as a practice, flex-self awareness. This means that to become more free in expressing our truth through emotions, the more we are willing to work with our fears. These contributions actually are the energetic power that feeds the symbol of the tattoo and makes them applicable as sacred items on the body.

Within the cycles of sickness that begin to release from awareness practices, one must commit to begin a journey of sobriety for groundedness, and flexibility during struggles of changes. Changing moon is a path for those who are serious about their health and spiritual journey and willing to be flexible or flex-self. Without being flexible to personal fears, then stagnation and rigidity remains. All of this is done with strict and healthy boundaries in relationship. To advance spiritually, it must all be worked with together.

Larger rituals for community are set around the moons of the yearly solstices and equinoxes. The most powerful healings for individuals or community occurs after the Autumn equinox, especially right before dusk. This the the most powerful time that our personal releases from our emotional body can be released.

When doing Moon Charming, moonlight illuminates water, adding more of nature’s power to magnetic energy within receptive water, not just in a physical way, but an energetic way. Setting bowls of water outside, in a quiet natural place, asking the water to receive the light of the moon and to bring blessings and healing from its light is basically all that needs to be done. On the great shift eclipse August 17, 2017, I did an eclipse moon charming. I did it specifically for dreaming and drank the water a little each night and set my dream intention. The more our heart is into this kind of magic, the more powerful it is. Working with our perception body (emotional body and soul body), with magical pure water, is a great purification elixir (drinking it). Moon charming is added to rituals to bring a receptive quality to our path, as the most powerful rituals are the most simplified.

When I do chanting in my shamanic work I am generally alone and I never do moon charming with my drum. Drums open doorways and stir up shadow and sickness (shaman’s drums), or lightning and thunder energy. They shouldn’t be used when moisture is needed because its more of a nurturing energy. Fire and Water rituals are different, they are both for healing and purification.

The photo below of the Chukchi woman has her three charmed tattoos on her cheek and mouth. All are and still are today, for protection of shadows. They say the dead, but as most real shamans know, they are for the shadows of living people, that roam outside their body or have been freed from the underworld. The charming rites of shamans goes much deeper than medicine people . For some reason when we fell asleep, those who have ancient traditions or modern ones, think that even forces are not known and the dead, but they are not.

When I received my tattoos for all of my vision quests, they were charmed and they serve my purposes as well in the same manner. I did ceremony with each tattoo artist which I made them also participate, they received a blessing as well. Those were my water rite or moon charmed tattoos. Now I begin a series of tattoos for my fire rites and they will complete my 40 years of shaman’s initiations of death, transformations and rebirths.

CHARMED TATTOOS. Chukchi woman with three fertility tattoos on cheek and a cruciform tattoo foil marking the corner of her mouth that was intended as a charm against evil spiritsTattoos themselves do not protect us by themselves and never have, but rather, the experiences of healing and tests to overcome one’s personal fear are the power. These tests and sobriety and another disciplines mastered, purify the astral soul body (chakra body or chi), which then is the power against shadow forces. The tattoo is only the “honoring of that” or the power of the soul honored in the form of symbolism in sacred tattooing.
When I lead group journeys (my shaman’s journeys), everyone offers a piece of their hair by cutting it to represent letting go of what has held them back, their own emotional, mental or physical disease while alive. I burn all their hair in a fire charming ritual with them present before we journey. I gather it all in a sacred bowl and I do this because its not only is it an intent of cleansing of their own personal issues but it is a way in which I can protect them during a journey.

This Chukchi tradition is that after the death of a relative, the Chukchi fastened a single bead to a lock of hair to repel the “spirits of disease”.

apr 20 full moon

Water Charming does have its root in the Night and the Night Sky, which are now called Star Lore, the light that shines in the darkness. I focus on the root of all takes, folklore and stories to extract their connection the feminine magnetic energy and older traditions of prehistory. In this story, the connection of our grounded and earthy life, is impacted by the emotional and soul life that some of us must live as predominant, more than our mind-body life.

Long ago before grandfather took over all things spiritual or leading community, grandmother’s teachings were that “star” means “night”, not the night sky. Night meant the inner reality that is feminine, hidden, unconscious and perceptive. The emotional body in its highest expression along with the soul. That is what star meant. When the astronomers took out astrology, especially in first through third centuries, star took on grandfathers teachings, which was the physical and science spiritual concepts of other beings off planet. When we return to wholeness, the other half that has been missing a few thousand years, we leave those night tales and paranormal tales go and return with two feel on the ground and remember that star means night and night means our inner life.

According to a Chukchi legend, the Earth (Nutenut) lives in a large house. The story tells that the Sun, Moon, Sky, Sea, Dawn, Fog and Mist were visiting. They all wanted to marry the Earth’s beautiful daughter. The story resembles to some extent the Estonian myth of the Star Bride yet their endings are different.

In The Star Bride the maiden picks the Star to be her fiancé. In the Chukchi myth the maiden does not get to choose a fiancé, but suitors compete and the winner marries the bride. However, none of the aforementioned suitors wins the contest, but a Chukchi shaman Jettögöt, who raises his staff and touches every rival with it.

As a consequence the touched side of each suitor catches fire and they all flee in panic. And Jettögöt marries the maiden. By the way, polygamy is not forbidden among Chukchis and is unofficially practiced to our day. As can be seen from the above text, the Sun already has a wife called Kavra-ŋŋa.


The North Star (in the Chukchi language Iluk-eŋer ‘the Immobile Star’, ‘the Nail Star’ or Unp-eŋer ‘the Driven-in Stake Star, and the ‘Pole Star’ is cast in the central role among stars. V. Bogoraz Tan claims that the latter version of the star’s name is common all

over Europe. The North Star in the firmament is like a pole or stake driven into the ground around which stars circle, resembling horses or reindeer tied to a pole. Its house is near the Zenith and through its smoke opening it is possible to travel between worlds.

Due to that opening of the North Star can be seen in all worlds, and the underworld as well as in upper realms, while other stars and constellations are not the same in different realms. At the same time it is believed that the North Star’s house is higher up than other houses. Its house is made of ice-like substance and to its top is fixed a lighthouse, like source of light.

In his book Andres Kuperjanov lists the names different peoples call the North Star by the Golden Pillar (Mongols, Buriats, Kalmyks and Altaian Tatars), the Iron Pillar (Kyrgyzes, Bashkirs and Siberian Tatars), the Lonely Stake (Teleuts), the Golden Stake (Tunguses). All these ethnic groups picture the North Star as an immobile stake or pillar or a stake driven into the sky. The same applies to Chukchis. The Chukchi name of the Nail Star has a close resemblance to the Estonian name of Põhjanael ‘Northern

In the Chukchi worldview stars ranking next to the North Star as to their importance are the so-called heads (in Chukchi Leutti). Heads are formed of two stars. The First Head is Arcturus in the constellation Bear Watcher (Chukchi Janotlaut, Estonian Karuvalvur

‘Guardian of Bear’) and the Second Head is Vega in the constellation Lyra (Chukchi Jaatlaut, Estonian Vabamees ‘Freeman’, The Sun, the Moon and Firmament in Chukchi folklore.

According to Chukchis these stars are cousins. Travelling in the nighttime tundra Chukchis use the mutual position of the heads and the North Star as a reference point to find the right direction. Arcturus is sometimes also called the leader or the guide of stars. Chukchis turn to both of the stars to seek help when healing. In case of diseases a sacrifice has to be brought to Arcturus or the First Head. In case of stomach ache the sacrifice and spell have to be addressed to Vega or the Second Head.

The Estonian Staff stars are the three stars in a row in the constellations Aquila (Old Staff Stars) and Orion (New Staff Stars). The stars a (Altair) and g (Tarazed) in the constellation Aquila have a special meaning to Chukchis. They are called by the name Pettigún. The Aquila constellation brings the new year to Chukchis for it appears for the first time on the horizon on the winter solstice. Reindeer herders as well as Chukchis living in the coastal areas brought sacrifices on the occasion, at least formerly. Especially suitable were fat male reindeer. At other festivals, blood is sometimes sacrificed and reindeer are exchanged for symbolic statues made of plants or snow.

Sources: Joan Miro stone painting, Artist Remedios Varo; Hair repel from larskrutak.com, the Star stories from www.folklore.ee.

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