Directions for Elder Mountain’s Monthly Lunar Work-Study

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – We have been getting a lot of new participants on our monthly Lunar Work-study that I offer for free as part of my humanity service and dedication to the healing of women and their emotional life. The moon was chosen by prehistory grandmothers as our symbolic guide to our soul because the moon is “reflective” and not direct touchable light (there is no light on the moon itself, it shows phases of light from the reflection of the sun and the earths relationship to it). So too with our Soul.

I have just finished my 24th year of practicing my own Lunar Dreaming through Intention structure every single moon cycle with one intention and with one full moon release. Fulfilling the subtle energetic and mystical reality of walking and living with the new, full and dark moon cycles. The whole forty year initiation process of my fated life as a dreamer (forth level shaman) was life and death constantly. This path lead me to my own dream medicine and 24 years ago I had to start bringing it through the moon work, into a simple but powerful structure for the emotional and soul life I was experiencing. They say shamans go across the veils into their own visions and dreaming to return their ancient medicines back into their present incarnation…  in my case, this was truth.

When I reached a certain level, I started to take apprentices as a shaman and I have taught these practices and living structures to my apprentices to walk through them and practice them, since 1995. What I offer in my email once a month, is a guidance to the surface teaching, because this work is too slow and too deep and why I did apprentice work most of my life. But I have seen this awareness work to heal, to increase naturally self awareness done with steadfast hard work. Its hard to see and accept ones shadow sides and illusion, but that is how we heal our emotional body which leads to the freedom of our soul.  Now I offer it to the general public after all of the 30 years of tests and living tests, all has been done and refined of the ancient moon mysteries of the circles of women’s mysteries that were destroyed.

With Lunar Dreaming work, if I divided you up into three aspects of your “feminine and eternal feminine soul life” it would be the feminine sides of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon.

1. Your Earth would be your River of Life – the waking emotional life’s intuition, feeling, then the deeper levels of perception and memories that surface in our waking life both negative and positive.

2. Your active Sun’s physical Life or Tree of Life, in the waking mind/body, is your “Sun” and how you process non-ordinary reality, deeper memories that surface and remembrances of your soul (including mysticism) as it tries to enter your “Sun Filtering” of your belief systems, what you think is real and how  distorted and fearful when we cannot control these with our sun.

3. And lastly, our Moon or Moon Life – the elusive “Soul” life, including the soul’s bondage by karma (even within our actual astral bodies (not mental astral body). These are the most painful life lessons in this lifetime and her distant dreaming reality is untouchable without preparation. This is because ‘mental body dreamer’ dominates 95% of our dream life (including lucidity and flying in dreamers) and its how we all dream (shamanic plants just make it more intense, but its still the mental body dreamer). Waking up is a process of the soul dreamer even if you “THINK” you are awake, there is always more and more.

This practice of Lunar intention with dreaming work is to master the self, with these three aspects of our feminine sides. The Yin or Inner Reality connected to Mysticism and Nature. It is a very simple practice in application, that is slow, mundane, and steady each moon cycle, to reveal our emotional struggles and issues to us (creating self awareness of the intuitive body), yet revealing our very complex nature the longer we do do the practice.

It is also to ground the emotional body to become aware of what no longer serves our highest good through a real practice. The mental body work I have done has been mastered, I mastered both Zen and the dream death aspects of the Tibetan Bardo (out of necessity and survival as a dream shaman). One cannot beat or improve Zen or Buddhism to heal the mental body, so if you need to start there, then begin a simple meditation practice, it helps when working on an emotional/soul practice.

The soul is not an easy reality to purify or raise one’s vibration, in fact, raising one’s vibration of the soul body, its the most difficult of them all. You can raise your physical vibration through yoga, you can raise your vibration of your mental body through Zen or Buddhism, but there is no teaching that raises your emotional vibration to effect the reflective aspects of the souls vibration and karma. Otherwise there would not be a need for shamanic plants or drugs, to have vision, because vision is natural in our soul body.

My circles have always been intensely small and intimate and only with women as I did this work myself, five to ten women who were dedicated and that changed with new women as others came and left. I created and returned this medicine as a shaman and spent the first ten years doing the first level of new moon work in a “goddess circle” that I facilitated with others, and the focus was on the personal relationship to the self, based on emotional awareness and healing.

The next ten years I added and entered into the full moon practices of this work, and blended it into my “moon” circles with others, and for me personally to understand the ‘higher self’ of the feminine soul, and how it is connecting the emotional body. This full moon phase of the practices is the “inter-personal” relationships; and lastly, the last ten years of my personal healing and work, and the circles I facilitated with others, I added “pure dreaming” of the cyclical work for new, full and dark moon completion.

All along these circles with other women, I experienced thirty years of mystical experiences, out of bodies, dream gates, the complete removal of mental body dreamer (which all people dream in), remote viewing, seer reality and when the veil dropped about half way through the forty years, the real karma began. I tested the self awakening steps every year on myself and how I could heal my emotional bodies relationship to my soul bodies.

The awareness of self into self enlightenment was beyond what I ever could have comprehended in my first ten years of doing this practices along with my life and death initiations and its why I could only teach it as a “living” teaching, a living experience, not a knowledge study reality, but applying it to your real life within real practice for our emotional life.

What we can do, is to have a relationship to our emotional body that is healthy that effects our souls health (to increase our soul’s luminous light body, what other spiritual teachings talk about raising our vibration). The answer to the fountain of youth, is this soul body, not our physical, because our physical gets buried at the end of our life and our soul steps on to continue until its next reincarnation. All three bodies should be healed of course, but for most women, they have had to learn all teachings written from grandfather and men over the last 3000 years. Its time for grandmother’s teachings of our teachings.

Healing our waking life, our emotional issues and our physical body’s purity (including no pot, drugs, shamanic plants, alcohol etc which all lowers our vibration and dulls our luminous soul body) we gain stability with the expressions of the pains of our emotional life which is what all empaths, emos, sensitives need to understand. All pain at the source within comes from our karma and each time we touch that emotionally it can be horrible. The increases of our emotional, mental and physical health comes through awareness practices, spiritual disciplines, purity (no pot, shamanic plants, alcohol, meds, drugs etc and eating organic foods and drinking plain spring water that is pure), and open the depth of our emotional communication – these “reflect light” onto our Soul (moon) as we heal each moon cycle one simple step at a time. There are no promises here, only hard damn self work.

Moon Phases, Lunar Workstudy by Elder Mountain Dreaming

We start with ONE New Moon Intention on the day of the new moon. If you set your intention with more than one, then you will be too distracted to see how its answered by life. Also stay away from words like “All, Everything, Universe, anything that is big” keep it small, personal and simple. The intention you set is ONLY ABOUT YOU, not anyone else and this is because self-awareness is about you. It comes from within through you into your conscious self and into your waking life.

After you set the one intention, you will see over the following two weeks before the full moon (or the developed awareness to see) what experiences that arises from your original intention – and its usually the “opposite” of what you think it is. This is because the moon is reflective, there is you and then there is the truth that you have to witness and accept or come to terms with, one small step at a time at each moon cycle in order to heal.  

Example, if I set my one intention as: I am peaceful. For the following two weeks, you will begin to become slowly aware of what upsets you, what triggers your emotions, or what bothers you in real life experiences. But remember, each moon cycle each month has a different energy and vibration and it would take at least two years of doing this every month (moon cycle), to really begin to pull the veil back a little bit, to see the invisibles happening within the self in relationship to your behaviors in your ordinary mundane life.

Change and responses to our life is always growing and there are always new cycles and layers revealed to us along our spiritual journey. We only have so many experiences in our 20s and 30s and when we enter our 40s and 50s, life turns up the spirit-heat, and starts removing layers of where we have been unconsciousness (whether we want to see it or deal with it). Life and this work I teach is a slow journey, when it comes to emotional and soul work, and its important that life has is set up this way because its potent. I based my work on my 20s through my 50s and each layer and level become aware through the same root practice. The longer you practice it each month, the more is revealed so you can heal. We cannot heal anything that is not revealed about the self, to the self.

What happens in cyclical work when its grounded and structured, as the years go by, we can work on the same exact issues that we have but we enter deeper and deeper. This is how soul and emotional body healing works. Because our emotions are also entwined with memory and remembrance, when its paired with our dreaming and “good” symbolism work it gets more potent and pure. Each subtle change will be revealed in different ways, depending on the energy of that particular moon cycle after moon cycle.  But its the same issue surfacing over and over like a dream that repeats its story. When we are ready, to take one step in our eternal life (our soul), we do this kind of work so we can really get down to heal and address our emotional issues.

Lunar The Fullness Of Nature Sky Moon Mystery

When the Full Moon comes in two weeks after the new moon – then you set ONE RELEASE INTENTION on the day of the full moon, to let go and release something within, which was based on what surfaced with the new moon intention. It takes a while to get the practice and you can make it as sacred as you want. But the goal is to keep it simple.

Goals are our relationship to the outer world, Intentions are our relationship to our inner world, and that is the main difference. When this practice is walked along side your other healing work or spiritual practices, it reveals the hidden self to us. Buddhism calms and breaks the mental body down, out of its out of its harsh grip or control of a well worn and grooved path, by making us aware of the minds busy sides of static, noise and constant thoughts.

This practice is only about your emotional well being, and how this effects our soul that is untouchable. Its not about anyone else, except the mirrors of those who come onto our path each month as a reflection of our own shadow or our past life karma. This practice helps you to become ‘aware of your projections onto others’, your emotional resistance (fears or self sabotage), intuitive blocks and the responding mirrors (other people) and how that effect our emotional balance and imbalances each moon cycle.

Our emotional energy and soul energy are just… energy bodies, one feels and one does not. The soul is an untouchable and unrecognizable (astral body) even for those who astral travel (because lucid dreaming and astral travel are confined to the mental astral body). How we awaken to the multi levels self is how aware we are willing to become and that is not always pretty or nice when we recognize our own shadow or behaviors. Otherwise, every alcoholic or pot addict would stop drinking or smoking at will.

Not happening without great struggle, because the addiction has overcome the awareness body of the inner soul self and she is left weak and abandoned. Love addiction relationships are the same, anything where we are bound by habit and unawareness. We are unconscious more than we can possible imagine until we begin a dedicated journey of any kind, but this kind of practice is “emotional intelligence” and the loosening of the “subtle body” called the soul.


moon 3Lunar Cycles – Each Moon cycle is approximately 28 Nights
(28 x 13 moons = 364 nights in a year).  In nature’s Seasonal year, there are “3 moons” for each of the four seasons (three moons of spring, three moons of summer, etc.) – with one extra moon cycle between the end of winter and the beginning of the spring equinox which is the actual 13th moon.

As emotional beings we must contend with our karma in smaller or larger ways, that are precisely timed in their calm and intense cycles. These cycles return the burdens of our past life deeds and play out in many simple to complex ways like physical disease, mental illness, and emotional instability including illusions all the way to bipolar and schizophrenia.

The emo-soul flow gets blocked in our memories of our emotional systems until we approach and heal them from a journey into our past (this lifetime) and the woundedness which we have all suffered. That is the wounded psyche or what we shamans call, the fragmented aspects of the soul (of this lifetime). There are soul fragments also from past lives but that is much more complicated. We do what we can, and we are even under the natural age cycles and fated cycle in doing such work. Remember, the Mind-Body reality, its perimeters and jurisdictions are not the same as the Emotional-Soul reality, its perimeters and jurisdictions and perceptions.

At each moon’s cycle, the subtle energies of nature and our own soul (which is different than the emotional body), begins to flow or has been blocked from lifetimes of karma even at our birth. I learned how each moon cycle was very different in its effects, its energy, its thick or thinness of energy and its effected on each individual person. Around the tenth year into this monthly simple lunar path and its disciplines I saw an awakening process that was coinciding with this work, with my other spiritual path. I also shared it at my monthly goddess circle, then moon circles and lastly, my dream circles.

moonBuilding a Monthly Lunar Foundation
In the invisible aspects of our life, which are our feelings, our soul, our intuition, our dreams, our psyche, including our personal illusions and illusions in our dreams, we also build a foundation and that is working with the moon, the cycles of the (energetic) reality of that invisible.

In ancient alchemy, the Mental body and the Emotional body (and the lesser soul that we incarnate with), are called the Sacred Marriage when they are no longer at odds or in battle, and these two bodies are housed in our Physical body and bring health. The lunar life through the night’s dreaming life, and the purification of the shadow self (karma) as a process is what fragments this flow. That is simply called self sabotage, unconscious behavior, projections, neurotic behaviors or addictive behaviors and a host of other dis eases that are mental or emotional resulting in the sicknesses of the physical body.

Each New Moon, the first step is to set only “One New Moon Intention” … on the day of the New Moon.

The second step in two weeks after the new moon is setting: “One Full Moon Intention Release” from what appeared on your path for two weeks.

The third and last phase is the “Contemplation of the Dark Moon” period that prepares the new intention for the next New Moon.

On each New Moon, set one inner intention (about our emotional life, our creative life, our perception life or the healing of a struggle or sickness). A “Goal” is you in relationship to your greater (exterior) world, and an “Intention” is your relationship with your (inner) world. We work with intention.

When you set your New Moon, then wait for the signs and synchronicity to begin to appear (and they will). For many, this practice is first building awareness to be able see the signs and synchronicity and then eventually to weed out what isn’t important of all the signs.

When the Full Moon arrives two weeks later, we set “One Release Intention” based upon the signs and your responses to it, of what surfaced from our new moon intention. On the full moon, speak out with I RELEASE…. or I LET GO OF…. (something that no longer serves your highest good, that is about only you.)

Then during the duration of the two weeks “after” the Full Moon, this is the time of contemplation and the processes of “awareness” occurs. It is the releases in our life that brings more clarity. We bring one small awareness to us, each month.

Foundation of the following New Moon, one month after another…
The most powerful days of signs and synchronicities are the three days before the new moon, and with practice, we begin to recognize the signs that will play out the entire month. If you do any spiritual work like fasting, or meditation retreats, try to do it the week when the dark moon shifts into the new moon. The amount of information will be doubled. This all takes a lot of practice for the more advanced Lunar Practitioner, but year after year we get one more drop of awareness. A mountain moves an inch every ten years, and so too, with real awareness (consciousness) mental or emotional body. 

For most beginners, its more a dedication to begin to see results. Within one year, you have set 13 actual intentions and 13 release intentions that are symbiotic. The next seasonal year, you begin a second layer of the same issues that arise, with the next 13 new moons and so forth.  This is a stabling process and practice and we cannot heal anything we are not ‘aware of’ – not mentally, but emotionally. The mind follows the emotional body but in the patriarch that has all been reversed along with philosophy to fragment core emotional truth.

Only my apprentices have practiced the ‘more complex 2nd through 8th stages of this practice’. But at my circles I have taught and still teach, just mastering the first stage is complex enough.

rock carving discovered in the vicinity of Almaty, a large city in southeastern Kazakhstan.Moon Cultures & Sobriety = Emo, Empath, Sensitive and Dreamers & their Astral Bodies
Last and certainly one of the most important aspects of the dreamer, intuitive, and emotional body and soul body is sobriety. This is our eternal body, unlike the intuition of the psychic or medium who works off the intuition of the mental astral body.

The Moon cultures were a living culture and not based on mind-body at all, but body and soul. These were the cultures of prehistory art, dreaming, shamanism, creativity, food, music, dance, sobriety (pre-Dionysus cults), which were rituals around the lunar cycles that included maidens, mothers and grandmothers. Since then, we have all lived without a real ancient awareness practice of our emotional and soul body before the 3rd century and have accrued much karma in our past lives. The purification of karmic lives require us to experience the visions of pain returned into our body, of those we had hurt in past life relationships, be that a antiquity soldier or family issues. What remained after that was the motion, but not the enlightenment aspects of the inner spiral walk that the moon cycles can lead us to, which is first and foremost, emotional rhythm as a healing practice to eventually enter emotional intelligence through nature’s consciousness.

If we drink or smoke pot, we disrupt our emotional body’s natural rhythms and flow and each decade that this has occurred its required about half that time to purify. Example, if you started smoking pot or drinking at 15 and are now 40, the rhythm of your energetic magnetic (soul cycles and emotional body cycles) have been “dried out” and no longer work with natures’s rhythm and emotional intensities. Think of the energetic astral body of our soul and emotional body as a cloud, its moist, movements, and continual flow like a large set of clouds in the sky.

These substances dry out of soul cloud body into small, millions of dried or hardened granular sand that are no longer moist nor unified. Your mind may work with your life and nature and “think” that these are intact, but when you need the power of your soul the most, we fail in not only making large changes in our life but overcoming addicts, behavioral issues etc. The Soul offers us superpower when life hits us the hardest and the “subtle” is revealed between illusions, soul blindness and emotional waves of detoxing.

This is because our magnetic energy bodies are complicated and painful when touched and they get “lost” because pot reduces and dries out the moist “cloud body” of the emotional and soul bodies. Alcohol spikes its rhythms until they are completely off balance. If one does both, it takes about 8 years of sobriety to release what was not seen in awareness of issues or loss of the past. The memory body of the emotional body is emotional energy and the remembrances is the soul body.

These magnetic energies are a great resource that many shadows have tried to steal within our astral light (of our astral, chi or unified chakra body), not only from us in waking life, but also in our dreams at night but luring us away with useless mental, university and mind cult distractions of love and light. Keeping boundaries healthy of our receptive body (soul/emo) requires that the mental body and physical body be clear and aware that the emotional body is subdued even when it shouldn’t be. And aware that the greater self (the soul) has been put into bondage even before we reincarnated.

If mother earth ignored her moon, her tides would not be consistent nor would the germination of her seeds of plants get started. So the moon is important both physically and energetically. Moon is the ancient keeper of the seasons’ natural flow, coinciding with woman’s natural emotional cycles and her bleeding cycles  – which were the original time keepers of this planet. This was replaced with the Sun calendars around the time religion came into power.

Please ask Elder Mountain for permission to use any of their writings and teachings. To work with Phoenix as a client or student, by skype, phone or in person, please write to for more information regarding that.


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