Thief of the Golden Light and the Huntress of the Sphinx

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –  My out of bodies and astral travel accomplished my collective work from 1995-2017 in which I have had too many mythical, mystical and death related out of body stories to tell. They are too long and need too much weaving for others to understand the nature of this collective understanding of a pre-patriarchal past.  So, like the tradition of the ancients, I write it in the poetic form…

She has golden eyes now, the new found glory, from the emptiness of wandering. The Brotherhood of the Sphinx was erased through time but still exists in the way darkness is untouchable through the thick matter of our bodies and our hidden mask.

This had brought her into the target of the golden sight of three billion newly unborn souls who were never protected and the golden light stolen. All because of the “ancient paradise” which no longer existed in present form. 

I entered this forbidden and hidden space, the inner mirrored circle where snow and water swiftly rises and falls. I entered her home of the non-existence. Ageless glowing threads, born from my hands, pulled forth from the weaving entrapment within karmic perfection. I too have a golden spirit of my power old friend, which came with a debt.

Sphinx Huntress of the Moon, Elder Mountain Dreaming

When I wake up, I will unravel the boundlessness of space within the Thundering Sun. Entrapment of the the ageless golden aged mirror – the oldest thieves of earth, this patriarch of a deathless kiss, one last time.

Her awakening shall first turn her eyes golden, just as they are in the wise owls of the oldest trees. Original ancient paradises of Baghdad, Sumeria & Akkadia. This is the price of a Mesopotamian who lived in the land between two rivers, who is forced to answer Death’s final calls of Fire, Water and Heaven.

She found no attachment to the past until one morning when the wind woke her up, flooding a past time into her life of troubles. Death and Dreams shattered her screams, drowning in an untouchable and invisible daughter. Remembering to swim the rivers and springs, my feet are always covered in mud and soil, remnants of a time not remembered.

She opened the hidden doors and jumped through each one, when all her troubles began at that moment six millenniums ago. Taking these from their hidden place within the Sphinx – changed the storms to be nearer where fire, earth, wind and water brought them back to flesh and stone. 

 The Anunnaki (Anunaki, Anunna, Ananaki, and other variations) are a group of worshiped alien humans called deities, that appear in religious traditions of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.

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