First Full Moon of Autumn 2017

By Phoenix the Elder – Blessings on this full moon dreamers in the beautiful month of October… we enter our 1st Full Moon of Autumn on October 5th 2017 @ 12 degrees Ares. Our signs and synchronicities begin three days before each new and full moon and if we can be flexible enough in our attention, we can give more energy to heighten our second sight, which helps our personal intuition (empath nature, psyche, remembrance, and memory) grow stronger.

The slow progressive journey of awareness comes with difficulty and that is precisely where we walk our talk. Its fine to express ourselves and believe everything we wish, but in an Ares full moon, our actions show us more of who we are than any belief system we have, negative or positive.

So, to really see our signs clearly in the Libra right relationship cycle, the Ares full moon reveals where we are passive or aggressive, where we listen and where we deeply listen or where we put our feelings into action, negative or positive This is not a practice for those who lack attention in the greater good of right relationship, so if you need to settle the mind or intense emotions first in order to focus, then begin there!

Nesting Horned Owl

I always write this Moon wisdom practice a day or two before the actual new or full moon for specific reasons and that is because emotional awareness is the “other” consciousness path (besides the mind), and its root of practice is much more ancient than the mind cult, especially for dreamers and empaths. Like the wind, we don’t want to be carried away too far from our center.

Major work is always required for us to ‘wake up’ as a human beings decade after decade, and these lunar practices help us increase awareness of the opening and closings of our emotional body through our life changes. Memory is very tricky when it surfaces from our past unconsciously and it effects our base instincts and can knock us off balance or not be committed to our decisions.

tumblr_ojyx9hMPpX1tjduiho1_400.jpgWe all tend to fall asleep everyday and then float in a hypnotic stream, becoming swept away by routines, or our compulsions, and worries, or even our past emotional woundedness. Being vulnerable to change this is always recommended and a most difficult. Setting your intention to “let go” is the most powerful ways to begin and keep repeating. Letting go is “healing medicine”.

All relationships are important, even the smaller ones as part our spiritual work, and sometimes they lead to intensity and releases during the full moon time. Our mundane life and all our responsibilities takes up so much of our time that there is little left to experience in the ways of emotional risk, conflict resolution and honoring and respect of giving things the time it needs for resolve or flow. This is where real nature’s magic gets lost, and soul people must re-learn to remember its all real, even our untouchable soul life.

Mystical and magical happens all the time around us and not in the false happy way, but  in mystic proportions of nature’s way, but when our soul is sleepy, we cannot see it, feel it or touch it. Focusing instead on the “it” are things like drama and our insecurities which “shine” more than practicing peace and detachment practices. When we are asleep we cannot see the dull shadow that permeates our  ‘shine’ so we must learn to take our time, breathe slowly, make sure we have the right tools to address our issues and concerns.

The conscious practice of emotional flow through a continual interconnection of why we are experiencing this particular issue now, in the first place is always the best place to start. Fire signs are swift with release during full moons, for some that is great, for others that is overwhelming. We cannot bake a cake in five minutes, well neither can we bake our issues under pressure and heat. But we can experience that heat which opens what was blocked.

So this month when you set  your one intention to let go of something that doesn’t serve your highest good, try to hold that intention the remaining two weeks to build awareness around it and don’t fall asleep and forget. You might be surprised what you find out about yourself. I know personally that our greater soul waits for us to find the self deep within our self, she is very patient, even for lifetimes for us to do this difficult work.


After five moons (months) with Mars involved, this Autumn moon begins with Mercury, the blessings of communication, subtle communication and blatant communication. When we walk our spiritual path, try to remember the ancient heath fires, the season of transformation that comes at all the equinoxes and solstice shifts. This is what people talk about when they speak of the heart and communication of the heart.

The heart is pure fire energy, be that Ares, Leo or Sagittarius moons and either that fire is warm and inviting or aggressive and we feel burned. Its always our responsibility, not the other to work at resolve within, which effects the outer issue. How you touch these Ares flames today or the next few days is your choice, either it will burn in the communications and leave you upset to contemplate, or it will be warm… work at warmth and the burning, this way you find that balance.

black pumpkinIts the time for some active and conscious shift-making in our life, because we had six long moons to prepare for the Seasons of the Night which has come so quickly. All full moons within Autumn and Winter help us recenter with the “letting go in our seasonal descent” into our inner-world, our dream world, our astral world, our creative world.

Our practice of letting go intentions are a sacred art, remembering the things that arise might challenge us and bring forth the saying: “being right verses being happy.” There is a fine balance with speaking your mind verses saying too much, so try to show a little bit of courtesy to others even when upset, or at the least put some structure in place to achieve that and remember to pull back when your emotions drown you along with the other person. If you are too dry emotionally, then add some intensity of anger or tears by giving yourself permission to express the whole self. For both the expressive emotional people and the reserved emotional people, just remember to keep your hearth fires lit with warmth.

22222057_118823035452180_7400939327450991192_nThe Goddess Minerva came onto my path for this moon cycle. She is a very archaic and powerful goddess who represents balance, wisdom and the warrioress which is very Aries like.  The Etruscan Menrva (asteroid #93) stems from the Italian Moon Goddess Meneswā, which means ‘She who Measures’ with the moon. The ancient Etruscans adopted the inherited name Menerwā, calling her Menrva and its presumed that her Roman name, Minerva was based on a more ancient Etruscan mythology which puts her more into the tribal rather than cultural feminine. She is the counterpart to the Greek Athena who is more modern that her.

The Goddess Themis (asteroid #24), is closely related to the great Goddess Minerva who has many different names, and is the ancient Titaness, described as The Lady of Wise Counsel. She is the personification within divine order, fairness, law, natural law (nature’s laws), and customs of culture when her temple was build around the 5th century BCE.

Her symbolism and shamanic animals are Owl, Death & Rebirth and when that is completed, then Wisdom. Both Minerva and her Greek counterpart Athena exude the strong yet fair woman. The Owl of Minerva flies seeking nourishment from late evening until dusk. This allows us to catch a glimpse of her beauty and guidance in motion in reflection to our night dreaming. All archaic goddesses of the Night were Autumn and Winter seasonal expressions. At Night, she turns into the huntress (her war symbolism) and has entered the lucidity and dream worlds, which are the realms of our soul’s flight.

At dawn, she returns home to rest in her physical body and becomes conscious in her mundane life again. As symbolic insight, it is what we all go through to understand our journey each day and the night if we are aware of our dreams. Its also the battles we fight, where we win our desire, or find balance and compromise in ‘letting go’ of our obsessions, which can be one of the difficult parts of our life’s journey.

On the dark side of the moon, Minerva is the goddess of war, but men’s wars are very different than women’s wars. She is often depicted in her battle helmet holding a spear which represents, in a modern way, the strict and healthy boundaries one needs today to remain or learn to be empowered. Empowerment means all your validation doesn’t come from the other, the other lover, the other family member, the friend, it comes from deeper within your inner world.

The Oracle for the 1st Full Moon of Autumn…

When the one above is square-dealing and straight forward
lesser people attend to their tasks. When there is concord
in the family, younger and older all work together.

If nothing in your nature opposes your will,
you will achieve what you seek.

With the unyielding yang it is appropriate
that you must be very straight forward and
fair, with yourself and others. Harmony is
important, once this harmony is achieved,
everything can be accomplished.

Rufino Tamayo (1899 –1991)...The Astrologers of Life, oil on canvas 1947

Set your “One”
Full Moon Release Intention
based on what surfaced the
last two weeks from your
New Moon Intention,
and release what no longer
serves your highest good!

Aries Full Moon 2017Sources: Painting of the Moon by John Philp, Rufino Tamayo (1899 –1991)…The Astrologers of Life, oil on canvas 1947; Baby Dragons in the Game of Thrones; The Cult of Minerva (; 

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