White Buffalo – Sacred Omen of Change, the end of the Patriarch. And now we begin.

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – 2017 was the year that all my prophecies I was given in 1987 manifested and this was one of them…  I was driving down to Redding, California and when I got to the outskirts of Redding, I kept looking over into the fields along the highway, expecting to see something. The first time I stared out the window, I didn’t yet understand. The second time I did it, I realized I “was” looking for something but didn’t know what it was yet. The third time I looked, I only saw some deer in the large fields.

At 70 mph driving down the highway, you cover a lot of ground, I looked and saw on the other side of the highway, a police SUV with its lights flashing. I had a feeling something was up. Behind the first police SUV was another one, and he was doing an S shape driving on the three lane highway back and forth slowly, with a pile of cars following behind him slowly. It was about 8:15 am, so there were hardly any cars.

As I was again looking into the field at that moment, then I saw it… It was what I would say, a huge white buffalo that was in the flesh, but not of this physical world, it was in both realities at the same time. And the white buffalo was about 10 feet tall.

At that same exact moment, my apprentice was staring intently on the road and says: “I think there is a white dog up ahead in my lane” and we were coming up right on it. I turned around looking straight ahead and sure enough,  it was a huge white dog, like a mountain sheep dog.

She then was slowing down from 70 mph to about 35 mph in the matter of 30 seconds as the dog then came and stood right in the middle of our lane (the inside fast lane) and just stood there staring at us. I looked back again to see the White Buffalo, and saw an 18 wheeler blue truck who had totally slowed down to about 30 mph (which is unheard of on a state highway when they drive fast and its literally impossible for them to slow down that fast).

As I was looking back one more time after seeing the huge white dog, the White Buffalo just stood there on the side of the road in the field looking at me in the eyes. I knew it wasn’t there in the flesh but it was at the same time.

Then my apprentice navigated up around the dog very slowly and the intense expansion in those few minutes that was total chaos everywhere, and everything that had slowed down in my reality, went back to normal time again and everything was instantly back to normal. When I looked back one more time behind us, there was no big rig truck, there was no buffalo, that all vanished and so did the dog.

The official White Buffalo of the prophecy had appeared in the summer of 2017.

Questa - New Mexico - The White Buffalo by Federica Chimenti
The White Buffalo in Questa, New Mexico | Photo by Federica Chimenti, 2016

miramma dog

White Buffalo Story and White Buffalo
Calf Woman’s Prophecy to the Lakota Sioux:

“Seven times I have circled this fire in reverence and in silence. This fire symbolizes the love that burns forever in the heart of the Great Spirit. It is a fire that warms the heart of every Buffalo, every prairie dog, every sage hen, every Eagle and every human being. You the people of the Sioux, which is humanity, are like a single beam this tepee of many skins is your body, this fire that burns at the center is your love.”

Here she paused and looked deeply into the eyes of those around her, “there is creative, as well as in a destructive way, for this to occur Passion that roars out of control is like a wild grass fire that destroys everything in its path but tempered with wisdom that same passion can fuel whole generations. Creation did not, does not, take place where there is scattering and a dispensation of energies. Creation requires a gathering of together a focusing of your power within a circle of commitment.

In the warm atmosphere of that circle, the power of love builds like a storm above the wet summer prairie until suddenly the circle can hold no more and explodes in the conception of the new. This fire is more powerful than any one of you,” she says pointing to the dancing flames in the fire.

“And the seven sacred circles I have walked represent the seven worlds that it has created. You all live here in these seven worlds but you were only conscious of one the physical, the external, the duality. You have forgotten the inner worlds, the worlds of vision, the world from which I come from and in which my kind lives.

My tribe is the Firebird she stated quietly, I am one of the bird people. This tribe once covered this island of the turtle. Do you remember the winged ones from Heaven? The Thunderbird who is made of fire? How long has it been since you called us into your counsels as Grandmothers?”

She walked around the fire holding up a burning branch and looking into their faces for an answer. “You my Lakota people have forgotten, that which is more precious than water. You have forgotten your connection to the Great Spirit. I come with a fire from heaven to your memory of what has been and to strengthen you for the times to come.”

White Bufallo by Roberta Estes

The white buffalo calf holds special significance to American Indians – especially the Oceti Sakowin (The People of the Seven Council Fires, also known as the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota, or the ‘Sioux’). As it is a crucial part of the teachings and prophecy of White Buffalo Calf Woman, the white buffalo calf is considered a sacred omen of change.

Legend says the White Buffalo Calf Woman was a holy divine woman that visited the Oceti Sakowin over a four-day period about 2000 years ago. White Buffalo Woman, or Ptesan­Wi, as she is called in the Lakota language, taught them sacred ceremonies, songs, and dances. She gifted the people with a sacred bundle containing the White Buffalo Calf Pipe, which still exists to this day and is kept by Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

by Andreas Lie ...

The oral tradition says she first appeared to them in the form of a wakan (holy) woman who “floated” above the ground. She stayed among them for a period of time and taught them how to use the buffalo to sustain them, and gave them instruction in seven sacred rites they were to incorporate into their daily lives and preserve and pass down to future generations.

One version of the story from John Lame Deer in 1967 tells us that two young men went out to hunt. Along the way, the two men met a beautiful young woman dressed in white who floated as she walked. One man had bad desires for the woman and tried to touch her, but was consumed by a cloud and turned into a pile of bones. The woman spoke to the second young man and said, “Return to your people and tell them I am coming.”

This holy woman brought a wrapped bundle to the people. She unwrapped the bundle giving to the people a sacred pipe and teaching them how to use it to pray. “With this holy pipe, you will walk like a living prayer,” she said. The holy woman told the Sioux about the value of the buffalo, the women and the children. “You are from Mother Earth,” she told the women, “What you are doing is as great as the warriors do and you too are a great warrior.”

Before she left, she told the people she would return. As she walked away, she rolled over four times, turning into a white female buffalo calf. It is said after that day the Lakota honored their pipe, and buffalo were plentiful. (John Lame Deer’s telling in 1967).

Another different variant says that when White Buffalo Woman left the Lakota people, the people saw her walking off in the same direction from which she had come, outlined against the setting sun. As she went, she stopped and shifted four times. The first time, she turned into a black buffalo; the second into a brown one; the third into a red one; and finally, the fourth time she turned into a white female buffalo calf before disappearing.

The Omen of Change Begins

White Buffalo Woman promised to return to restore the Earth to harmony if the necessary preparations were made. She said she would send a sign her return was near in the form of four unusual buffalo, which would be born white, then during their lifetime, they would cycle through the four colors of the medicine wheel which, among other things, represent the races of the world: red, yellow, black, and white. Some people say the prophesy said they would do this in reverse order from the way she took her leave from the Earth as she traced her way back to our spiritual realm.

White Buffalo Woman warned that several other white buffalo would be born around this time, who would not live to complete the full color change cycle, before the true sacred buffalo were all born.

She said when all four sacred white buffalo had returned, the people would be at a crossroads and if they took the right path, there would be a renewal of the Earth. If they chose the wrong path, the Earth would destroyed them, and there would be no hope of restoring harmony to the self beyond this point.

Tim Smith of The Brandon Sun

Years of the White Buffalo

1833, a white bison was killed by the Cheyenne Native Americans during the Leonid Meteor Shower (The Night the Stars Fell). This event was documented by historian Josiah Gregg and other travelers on the Santa Fe Trail.

1933 – A bison named Big Medicine (1933–1959) was born in the wild on the National Bison Range on Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation. The name “Big Medicine” was chosen due to the sacred power attributed to white bison. Following its death in 1959, its body was preserved and is now displayed at the Montana Historical Society in Helena.

1940s – A white buffalo was experimented on by the U.S. Army Arctic Testing Center, in Fort Greely, Alaska. There is a copyrighted photograph of it in seeing the White Buffalo by Robert Pickering.

1994 – A female named Miracle (not to be confused with Miracle Moon), was born at the family farm of Dave, Valerie, and Corey Heider near Janesville, Wisconsin. Her fur fully transitioned to brown as she matured, and she gave birth to four calves of her own before dying of natural causes on September 19, 2004. Additionally, a calf born at the Heider farm died aged 4 days in 1996. A third white calf was born in August 2006 which died after being struck by lightning in November of the same year. Kathleen Buerer wrote a memoir about her 1994 visits to Miracle, “By the Side of the Buffalo Pasture”.

1996 – Medicine Wheel, a white buffalo was born on May 9, 1996 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Pine Ridge, SD on the Merrival farm, In 2000, Medicine Wheel escaped his pasture and was shot by a tribal police officer.

*Spirit Mountain Ranch donated a herd of white buffalo to the Sacred World Peace Church and Alliance. The SWPA has successfully bred six generations of white buffalo starting from a single white female, almost all with brown fathers. Their herd includes 17 white buffalo as of February 23, 2015:

*1997 – Miracle Moon (female, born April 30, 1997), calf of Big Momma (brown). Miracle Moon (the first white of this line) has been DNA tested, and is shown to be 100% buffalo, or bison.

*2001 – Rainbow Spirit (female born calf of Miracle Moon). Mandela Peace Pilgrim (female, born July 18, 2001, calf of Miracle Moon).

*2002 – Arizona Spirit (male calf of Miracle Moon).

*2004 – Sunrise Spirit (female calf of Mandela Peace Pilgrim).

*2004 – Spirit Thunder (male calf of Rainbow Spirit).

*2005 – Chief Hiawatha (male calf of Miracle Moon)

2005 – Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo in Tupelo, Mississippi, owns a white buffalo bull named Tukota (“Too-ko-ta”).


2006 – A male named Blizzard was born in March 2006 on the farm of an anonymous rancher, who arranged to have the calf transported to Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg, Manitoba in recognition of his spiritual significance to aboriginal people.

2006 – Lightning, formerly known as Kenahkihinén (Kĕ-Nah‛-Ki-Nĕn, from the Lenape language meaning ‘Watch Over Us’), a male white buffalo, was born November 12, 2006, at Woodland Zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania.

2006 –  A farm in Wisconsin had its birth of its third white buffalo, an animal considered sacred by many tribes for its potential to bring good fortune and peace. Dave Heider said he was inspecting damage on his farm after a late August storm when he saw the newly born buffalo, a male. His last white buffalo, a female named Miracle, died in 2004 at the age of 10. Thousands of people came to see the animal, whose coat became darker as it aged.

2008 – a third white calf was born to a normal brown two-year-old at the National Buffalo Museum, Jamestown, North Dakota.

2011 – Oregon, three white bison calves were born on a 288-acre sanctuary near Bend over Mother’s Day weekend, bringing the number of white bison to 14.”Everybody is shocked that more white buffalo are being born”. The Buttons at their buffalo sanctuary, named them Opal Sunrise Spirit, JR Spirit and Silver Spirit.

2011 – a white male buffalo calf named Lightning Medicine Cloud (Wakinya Pejuta Mahpiya in Lakota) was born near Greenville, Texas during a thunderstorm on the ranch of Arby Little Soldier.

2012 – less than year after its birth, Lightning Medicine Cloud was found dead, thought to have been butchered and skinned by an unknown individual; his mother was found dead the next day. A necropsy determined that they died of natural causes, from a bacterial infection called blackleg. 2012 – Lightning Medicine Cloud’s father was killed by a lightning strike.

2012 – a white male buffalo calf was born on Peter Fay’s dairy farm in Goshen, Connecticut. The calf was temporarily called Tatanka Ska (‘white buffalo’ in Lakota).Four elders from the Oglala Sioux Tribe, along with Fay and members of the Lakota, Seneca, Mohawk, and Cayuga tribes, performed a naming ceremony on July 28 at the farm; the calf was named Yellow Medicine Dancing Boy.

2012 – a white female buffalo calf named “Baby” was born on Steve and Carol Sarff’s Countryside Buffalo Ranch in Avon, Minnesota. She died on July 20.

2012 – a rare White Buffalo was born in Northwest Connecticut.

2015 – Wichita Kansas, Robin Pinkman, an Angus rancher who is also steward of a small herd of buffalo, acquired a white buffalo calf. Since then, the young heifer has thrived and become an object of devotion, honor and curiosity.  “I’ve come home and found members of a tribe here doing a special ceremony for her, ” said Pinkman. “To them she is a “sacred prophecy of change.”

2016 – A white buffalo mother gave birth to a white male buffalo calf at Sioux Valley Dakota Nation in Manitoba, Canada.

2016 – A white buffalo can be found in the village of Questa, New Mexico.


white buffalo


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