Third New Moon of Autumn 2017

 By Phoenix of Elder Mountain –Hello Dreamers, our next moon cycle begins on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 @ 26 degrees Scorpio. This moon brings us fire to dry out after last month’s long watery journey. As the season slows down more and more, we enter our third and final moon of the 3 moons of Autumn and its the dark moon phase of the three. This is our Sagittarian cycle, even though by degree, its 26 Scorpio. The reason is because the 13 “moons” of the seasonal lunar year, does not fit into the 12 “month” astrological and “sun” calendar year. This gets out of balance every so often, but that doesn’t mean we have to.

I hope all of you are doing well after last month,  because everyone I spoke with said it was challenging or very challenging. Scorpio moons make us face the inevitable, and look at hardships that we do not wish to face, and Sagittarius moons make us live and force us out of the stagnant, the decay and the mortality.

Many told me that last moon cycle they had dreams of their past childhood, their own inner child issues surfaced or issues with their own children or brothers or sisters. Just know that you are not alone in your struggles and I do hope you were able to bring your path into some balance by the end of the dark moon, because that is what this practice is meant for.


With this practice we learn to ride the lunar waves (emotional, intuitive and the letting go medicines). Sagittarius moons ask us to be cunning and sharp like a fox, or the archer who hits the center with focus. We must deal with oppositions in our life in order to have a focus point or destination which needs to be fulfilled within or at the least, attention given. When we ignore our issues, they only get stronger.

Astrologically, we have two separate challenges this cycle, the first is “Mars, Uranus and Pluto” are in a wide T-Square (*the red triangle). These are powerful forces in tension to each other and Mars, who rules our personal impatience, actions or anger is the only one of the three that we can control. Uranus rules chaos by life and nature’s terms thrusted upon us and same too with Pluto is the death and rebirth aspects of life life itself. Heavy energies have consequences, but we can control the Mars aspect who has been involved with every lunar cycle for the past six months. At least we have been aware of our actions for a half of a year in this lunar work.

The second issue is Mercury square Neptune, and this results in some foggy communications in the netherworld. Wonderful if we are using our communication skills in artistic pursuits or silent meditation, but challenging if we wish to be clear and precise. Just take your time to formulate whats important, or use the symbols of what your inner dreamer is trying to show you in your nightly dreams to guide you.

New Moon Sa 3rd New Moon of Autumn 26 Scorpio

Some of you here, have to deal with karma in this cycle of your life, which is really difficult and can be a long term issue, and this can make our burdens unbearable because of duration. One suggestion is that you realize the struggle is not going away, and that you do have choices after you find acceptance that they are not healing without your input. Then you can come of your cave a little bit with some structure to support your issues.

When we surfaced from the deeper caves the last moon cycle, its wise to welcome the energy of fire or the hearth fire, which can help us detox something we had absorbed last month, whether we are aware of what it was or not. Every year I get a natural detoxification of my physical body in this particular moon cycle, which takes the form of a cold and or flu. This is a natural process that burns off any sickness in my body that has built up over the last year and I literally have never tried to stop or prevent it with any herbs or aids. I wanted to find out how my body worked and I was willing to suffer consciously to get the wisdom of that. You do what you are able to do in your journey and then try just a little more.

I met a man at the sauna yesterday, who said he was experimenting with veganism and wanted a healthier life style. I shared with him that I too did the vegan and then a vegetarian path during my five year detox. He seemed very surprised and said five years?… he thought that was an extra long time to practice or commit to anything within. I told him ten years is a long time to me and I could see his mind working with questions about his own commitment to himself. We always have the chance to learn something new and test our ability to love the self by putting it into action. 


The Moon’s Oracle… SCORPIO 26
A she-wolf’s udders are full of milk.

Bearing within you something vast and wild and true, your instincts give over to this nature. What can be, must impel sacrifice and renunciation. To truly change we are being held in the grip of a vast, primordial force, which takes over by depths that forge our new worlds into a new being. Stunned into submission and unconsciously obsessed with something that lives within you and cannot be forgotten, is the true challenge.

Supercharged with energy and in tune with the Earth’s cycles, everything happening in a magnified and hypnotic atmosphere his the energy we are required to change even the smallest of issue. The hidden worlds take charge and the individuality is eclipsed, and the surge of power dominates consciousness and life by its intensity and ruthless currents, right through our body, and there is nothing we can say about it. Its a doing and an action that we struggle to take, but once taken, we must go the entire way.

This third moon of Autumn is a also about the the part of us who is a trickster, a magician, the fool or the fox / coyote. Although these all get us into trouble if we are honest with ourselves, they also hold good medicines for both the self and others in our path. We can use the jovial trickster in both a powerful and positive way by learning to trick ourselves when we get too stuck in our own blindness. Or we can flex the fool when everyone is so serious around us and things need to lighten up. Have you ever heard someone being cruel to you and then they say “it was just a joke, i was just kidding”.

Well, we know they were not, they had some unconscious anger and that is what they were doing, I call it comedy-projection. That is not what I am speaking of though, I am talking about using  trickster medicines to get to the truth of a situation. To be “witty and wise” in our approach. We can still take our life serious the other 12 moons, but this month its built for this type of communication. In other words, fake it until we make it, and apply some lit up honestly – flexibility for your sanity (for this month).

We may have a bigger issue to work on, but if we cut it down to the size of one moon cycle, our issues are much more manageable. Don’t let the mind fool you into thinking you can overcome huge issues in shorts amount of time. Its more about duration and application that is continual and you know this, I am just the messenger to encourage the real practice.

new moon.jpgWhat is it that you need to detox “this month” and which “body” does it sit in?”

Start to assess if an issue is in your mental body (your thoughts, a belief or too many thought called the busy mind, negative judgment, self judgment, attitude, unaware of a personal mental behavior), which needs some healing? Is it your emotional body that needs healing and support (emotional spikes that last too long or drag you down too deep, or memories of the past of disillusion and illusion that keep surfacing or surfacing in your dream at night)? Is it your physical body (loss of energy, loss of power, or a really unhealthy person in your life, an organ pain)?  These are all really hard to face and that is generally the focus we begin with, by accepting that we do have to find a solution.

The hard part is finally telling ourselves that we have a problem, and that its ok to change, which is a difficult commitment. But once we do, we assist our self awareness and enter another phase of our life by being fully responsible for our emotional choices that effect our life. Even if we love someone who does not wish to heal or change, that is ok, let them be who they are, because in the end, its you who benefits from your changes and practices and awareness. Its true others will benefit in some way also, the more you commit to yourself.

Step up and runs with those wolves, and try to figure out how that works for you. Or learn emotional boundaries or patience at the next level, or tell yourself you will do yoga every day or a few times a week to add to keeping all three bodies flowing. Let the fire moon bring you some warmth and energy this moon and try to have a month that supports you, even if there is trouble.

Sag Moon Cycle Elder Mountain DreamingSample intentions of a Sag Fire Moon
Just chose one for the month, two is too many.

I am energetic
I am in control
I am receptive
I embrace humor
I am intelligent

I have perspective
(if you are feeling lost)

I am successful
(if you do not)

I am well rested
(if you are over tired or burned out)

I am happy
(if you are feeling sad)

I accept myself
(if you are having issues of rejection)

I am abundant
(if you are having issues of not feeling safe)

I am balanced
I am positive
I am magical
I practice simplicity (if life is overwhelming right now)
I am patient (if you have anger issues)

I am grounded
I am enthusiastic (if you feel apathetic)
I am honest in my communication
I tell the truth (even if it hurts)

I am loved (if you don’t feel loved)
I am strong (if you are feeling weak)
I turn defensiveness into receptivity
I honor who I am

I am unique (if you are feeling ordinary)

Happy New Moon, may you keep year Hearth Fires Warm all Month!

Sources: Inside Degrees by Ellias Lonsdale; Photo of this years Marzanna by Phoenix


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    Thank you, my friend. Missing you. Reposted over on the forums. ~Marilee~

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