The Dreaming Spring – Water Detox Challenge part 1

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – I want to challenge you today to do a one year “Water Detox Challenge” and drink the purist water you have, with intention to detox with a few glasses of water each day.  Are you up for it? I am starting on the next full moon of December 3rd 2017 and I encourage you to join me. [update, its been one year and I feel great and I remember more often after this practice]. We just went through almost two years with “Standing Rock, Water is Life” and I brought that home personally by showing my body and soul that I again remind myself to drink less of everything else and replace it with water. I go through decades of doing this practice, and then I will forget and get into my fav teas or coffee and then have to remind myself again! 

I have had water poisoning once in my life, but recovered quickly. It when I was worked at a hypnosis center full time and all the hypnosis tapes had water promptings, subliminally encouraging one to drinking 8 glasses a day, which I did everyday for two years. That was way too much and it made me sick, but on the positive side, it reached my unconscious (hypnotic) habit and I then began to make water my number one drink from then on (its been 20 years), but in a proper moderation.


I am drinking about one to two medium size mason jars (four regular size glasses) and it should be fine and safe. As long as you are consistent, which is most important, you should be fine. You can do your research if you want on how much to drink if you want, there is a lot of information out there for your lifestyle you live presently.

I am writing this article and this water challenge today, because I read an article the other day from a Buzzfeed young writer named Chelsea Marshall. In her buzz feed article she took a “one month water challenge” and she said:

waterLike many of you, I have been promised a radiant, natural, luminous glow… if I just drank enough water. Gwyneth Paltrow herself swears by drinking water for a better life, I briefly consider it and then promptly forgot. After all this time, I finally wanted to find out for myself: Would water call forth the goddess living beneath my brittle, dehydrated skin?”

The article she wrote was only a one month test and she had said it didn’t work because she looked worse in her photos as the weeks went by (I posted the article at the bottom so you could read).

The actual one month was working for her, and that is what detoxing looks like, we look worse as the toxins rise in our healing journey, be that a physical detox like this, or emotional healing of emotional detoxes etc.

To test anything, be it a water detox or a change in your habits regarding anything ingested, I suggest doing it for 1 year if you wish to be accurate in results. With that amount of time, or longer, you will know if it really works or not.

I have been a detox queen most of my life to keep healthy, because I chose to heal all my sicknesses as a shaman myself. I have a very watery constitution and need water and moisture a lot. My sun sign of Aquarius went into Pisces (and with a Pisces moon) I needed water. Five years ago my sun moved into Aries (fire) and I still need water but not as much.

And still to this day, water is a part of my healthy path and routine for my physical body. I have not been perfect in my path, but after 35 years old, I have tried to be as perfect as I can, to work at self healing in a more committed and strict way.  Since I am fully one hundred percent responsible for all of my health, I must take the hard road and test everything to see if it works for me and then do the difficult disciplines or letting go work that does not.

Its not a fun life, but its one that is a necessity for me, in other words, I didn’t have a choice, and when you do not have a choice because you are sick, you do it much more completely and very seriously as your life depends upon it.


I don’t usually comment on articles like the buzzfeed, because the writer is not a healer, she is very young and inexperienced, nor one who is dedicated to purity as a profession or counselling others and responsible personally for each person who takes her advice she writes. I don’t have that luxury to throw something out there in the world and not be responsible for it as a healer. So I wrote my article today because she is sending a personal message to the world about water detoxing that it doesn’t work and she gets 100% exposure and I get about 15% exposure in the world. But the 15% are the ones wanting to do the serious work anyway!

Doing anything for one month is like a one day miracle cure, it doesn’t work. Its water we are talking about here, one of the most sacred and precious things on this planet, liquid of earth’s life structure, pure and fresh non-salted water that supports all trees, all animals, all humans, birds, insects. That is a gift and the in lore its the wellspring of life as the ancients used to call it. And it does have cures if you know what your doing and know how to honor its consciousness, be that in the form of water, rain, clouds, rivers, creeks, storms and snow.

As a folk healer, water is a major part of my healing work, it may seem simple on the outside eyes viewing in but its not. It supports my health and healing and ceremonial work, but my shaman work as well and the people I work with. Also my sweat lodges I have done for twenty five years, or my Japanese detoxing hot tub, hot sauna and steam room spa I go to twice a month.

Its also my top list of drinking habit of only fresh water (or fermented organic drinks or fresh fruit rather than juice) or spring water that is near where I live. I am completely sober and don’t drink alcohol, wine, pot, drugs or medicines, so the more pure the water isthe better it works to purify our body and its a gentle detox and works very well.

waterHealing and detoxes take time, lots of time (which leads to patience). The writers face in her photos did look worse as the weeks progressed – because she was actually getting a good detox.  I can see why she mistakenly think she should look better if she drank a lot of water… but this is not how healing or detoxes work.  The more natural and pure a healing modality is, like a water cleanse, or energy work of a sober person, or acupuncture etc, the more toxins its going to surface and release.

And that is what you want it to do. That is exactly what it did in her photo series, the water challenge was working and you could see the progression of toxins surfacing in the look of her photos. There is a lot more in her to detox and maybe next time she will try a year challenge.

With all detoxes, anything you drink and eat that your body doesn’t need, will surface or cleanse if its an organ. If she would have done a 2 to 3 year water challenge instead of a month, there would have been a lot that would have surfaced, enough to make her weak, before she feels the benefits.

I want you to imagine having a super large glass of pure clean water…  now throw in it 100 bottles of beer or wine you have had over ten or twenty years, and or add fried foods and pizza or any other junk food you ingest since you were a teen. Now shake that large glass up and it becomes black with all the ingredients.

To begin to detox that, you pour in a few glasses of pure water each day until slowly the fresh replenishes the entire glass to make the water pure again. Literally that would take ten long years and only if you do not eat or drink any toxic chemical loaded habit or junk foods again.

Wanting to see great results in a month is truly impossible. True results of any health related issues and test requires a lot of time and dedication.

Part 2 – go here

To see the writer’s photo progression, go here to the original article.

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