What is a Soul Retrieval?

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Soul journeys are dreaming awake visions (psychopomp) to attain and return pieces of our luminous soul body, called the astral body, which has separated, fragmented or damaged by different life situations. Our soul (the part which we incarnated with) is an astral form, made of energy light (like a cloud) which is connected to our emotional experiences but not our emotional body. When we suffer greatly, our soul does too, and it fragments from more severe and long term traumas (physical, mental or emotional) abuse, sexual abuse, deep depression, grief and sorrows from life events, including child abuse for some.

The soul is also damaged by sickness and soul sicknesses of our past life karma. Past life Karma has torn and removed the largest chucks of our soul and animism souls (astral bodies) which sometimes can take lifetimes to heal. Try to think of our soul as a human shape made up of a bright light that continually keeps creating itself like a cloud, when healthy. It is our life force and our main energy system. The Hindu people of India have broken down the astral soul body into pieces and called it the Chakras. In its whole form, it keeps us alive, it contributes greatly to healing our body, our organs, our electro-magnetic energy. If this soul body steps out fully, we die.

Lithuanian Wind Horse (Psychopomp) associated with water (emotional and soul bodies).

For those of you who astral travel and are lucid like myself, its not the soul astral body that travels and is lucid, its the ‘mental astral body’ which is a clear energy shape. Other aspects of soul loss are from chronic situations of prolonged emotional struggles, addiction, diseases, operations, addictions of any kind, behavioral disorders, disease, etc.
These all play a role that hurts, cuts and dulls the luminous soul body.

I do not lead soul retrievals just because its popular today or because someone wants me to, I have found most are not prepared to have a real soul retrieval and are wiser to do other alternative and holistic healing to prepare. Yes, one can always receive a vision in soul retrieval work, which is good, but it takes preparation and stepping slowly into each yearly soul retrieval to receive back missing parts and aspects. 

The visions in soul retrievals are not full soul retrievals, but deeper steps into seeing our soul loss. An analogy of journeying would be if you wanted to be an Olympian swimmer (have a soul retrieval) but that is impossible without starting training in the kiddie pool and work our way into a full soul retrieval. If someone promises you a retrieval the first or second year, its a false promise. Yes you may feel better and feel supported, but its not that easy. We need to start to heal the less complex personal issues and emotional issues first and step by step enter the more potent and more frightening levels of soul retrieval. Soul retrievals are more about layering and each step of undoing the layering reveals more of the loss. 


The soul can suffer trauma or body stress and sickness this lifetime as well and a host of issues that can surface in our ordinary struggles, all the way to emotional, mental or physical diseases caused by soul loss this lifetime. Soul retrievals are a process of visioning consciously in order to retrieve at first, our memories where we have had loss or rape or abuse. And like a dream at night, the journey can slowly shows us how our soul communicates with images, symbols and sometimes feelings in order to attain the root story of the loss.

 We suffer greatly when we are beaten down by life, abused, hurt and lost from regular difficulties. Soul loss also takes place long before we were born, and our issues that we struggle with today – are fumes and whispers of our fragmented soul. The older that a soul fragment is, the longer amount of years of healing is requires to retrieve it. Soul retrievals are accumulative healing of layers and layers inward, deeper and deeper. These can take decades, in a slow and safe manners. Many people just vision during soul retrievals, and receive important clues to their souls elusive story. 

Almost all soul retrievals involve this lifetime and the inner child who is reluctant to return and that is to be expected. There is no forcing anything in vision work, there is only the gift of observations, and receiving the messages from your journey for deepening insight. With preparation and if the soul is ready, a soul retrieval will occur. 


Question: What can someone do if they suspect soul loss has occurred but do not have immediate access for soul retrieval with a Shaman?

Phoenix: Local healers who hold a drum (shaman practitioners), energy healers, massage therapists, talk therapists, hypnosis, past life regression healers, dedicated meditation for 3 to 10 years, inner child healers such as Watsu and Rebirthing all help a person immensely and add to the strength of a journey. These in my eyes are all mandatory for the person serious about healing root issues. Depending on the person and their lifetime, it can take 10 to 30 years depending upon ones karma, sickness and duration of crisis to overcome more serious issues. 

Its best to work local and if you develop a longer relationship with a shaman if they are in a distant place, then eventually a real shaman will know when to do a soul retrieval because they will see the inner child’s astral body roaming around the home or the teen or young adult. Most people in their late 30s and their 40s can do soul retrievals that have the greatest success and benefits. These ages are when life accumulates or reaches a fullness, through issues and struggles as a seeker. For the severely sick, any age is appropriate for a soul retrieval, but the shaman must be experienced to do major shifting of the karma and attachments of shadow levels to the person. Not all people should have their karma because if you are not in a state of dedication, it can open things you are not prepared for. 

If the shaman is not aware at very deepest levels of why this person must suffer to pay their karma, they should not interfere with that persons soul contracts (karmic processes of purification). This is because if you interfere before the right time, then their karma and its pain can be accrued for person doing the soul retrieval and that could occur 30 years from now. Science of course has also greatly interfered with basic soul evolution.

The processes of intense awareness and enlightenment of the shaman themselves avoids karmic residue and that is because the shaman has experienced death and knows the realms of how to navigate from that perception and range of environment of the soul, for they know their own journey to the underworld. Most karma that hits shamans or shaman practitioners in an accumulation, from shifting a persons destiny and fate. Shamans work is dangerous but not to those who only touch the surface or those who take others on basic journeys.

Question: Is there a healing exercise the person can do to begin to address and/or heal the root cause of the soul loss?

Phoenix: There are hundreds in many ways. I have turned away many people because they were not prepared or ready by healing other issues that they have,which have nothing to do with the soul, but have to do with the mental body, astral mental body and the emotional body. Some things I recommend to detox issues by healing them are through meditation, which is one of the first things I always recommend because the mind always gets in the way of our healing journey.

We have all lost our souls and have soul fragments, but preparation work is so important, because just going to a shaman as a cure all, shows a lack of understanding and a grave mis-education out in the world. There have been holistic healers training for 30 years just waiting for people to come and do the mental, emotional work first, inner child work, hypnotherapy, yoga etc.

elder quotes 1Some signs of more server soul loss are states of:

Nervous mental breakdowns
Violent and rageful outbursts
Sicknesses that will not heal (including 
bones, organs, migraines, etc.)
Emotional disorders
Sex addictions are huge soul issues 
Addiction, Drug abuse, pot abuse, shamanic plant abuses that
binds the soul into further destruction and submission and 
allow the shadow soul to start to take control
No memories under 10 (this can also be other abuses)
Constantly dealing with an illness that never resolved (sometimes
these are karmic debts and no matter what you do, a time
frame must be played out to suffer)
Any compulsive behaviors that develop more as we get older
Nightmares and loss of sleep

The largest, and to date the most significant, of more than 300 artifacts found so far at al-Magar. This horse sculpture fragment dates to about 7000 bce.

Question: Does Soul loss also for some, shadows healing, such as those who are not limited to just the physical world, but can see, feel or empath energies such as ghosts, soul shadow walkers or even possessions? 

Phoenix: “Our past life fragmentations are very severe in our karma, for those who must face these levels of openings. Not everyone is awake or has these issues yet because those mysteries are off limits to them, even advanced spiritual people. Real challenges to the soul are when visions begin or out of bodies or fearful shadow attacks and soul retrievals by a shaman, especially those who are exorcists like myself, make a great difference in the peace and protection of a person. It takes all three bodies to heal.”

Question: What is the elephant in the corner that no one can see?

Phoenix: The most current damage to the soul’s luminous astral body is from the pop culture of shamanic plants, shamanic drugs, heavy pot use (3 times a week or more), psyche meds etc. These perception altering substances will “dry out” the moisture of the luminous soul body, turning the light energy body into a hard sandy type of energy. That too is soul loss which not many people know or understand how it weakens their inner fight or flight and instincts.

Phoenix is a dreamer, and leads group and individual soul retrievals for healing for the past twenty five years. She does group journeys only on the solstices and equinoxes and individuals who are in crisis or have opened up levels of their spiritual journey from years of healing or disciplines or new cycles. As she enters elder, she holds the wisdom and the power of the journey itself. To contact her, write to: Eldermountaindreaming@gmail.com.

Soul Retrieval Video…

Sources: Image of a stone horse from al-Magar in Saudi Arabia, the sculpture fragment dates to about 7000 bce.

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