First New Moon of Winter 2017

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Holiday Blessings dreamers, soul swimmers and artists, welcome to the First New Moon of Winter, on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017 @ 10:30 pm PDT, followed by the Winter Solstice, Thursday, Dec. 21st. The moon work that I share is based on living and walking the 13 Moons (no time) of the seasonal year with nature’s cycles, just like the world who lives by the (Sun) Calendar and the clock (time). If you don’t believe, just put away your cell phone for one month!

We dreamers have our own natural and intuitive rhythm within no-time, within the feeling and dreaming reality of our lives. But our soul is elusive and many can spend thirty years meditating or doing yoga to awaken the mind, but the soul, she is not that simple as the complicated mind. When we really begin to desire a reconnection with our true internal emotional nature that is cyclical, or align with our elusive and distant souls, or find freedom from where we have self bound our life to distractions. Moon cycle awareness work is an ancient, yet gentle guide and compliments any other spiritual practices we do. 

Your signs & synchronicity for the three days leading up to the new moon are in their processes right now. Pay attention and write them down or draw them in your moon/dream journal. The practice of doing this each moon cycle, is more about next year’s solstice, than this one. We have two different memory functions as people, one is our mental body which remembers facts and figures (a rote memory), and the other is our soul and emotional body which remembers feeling experiences, past memories of emotional experiences.

Regardless of which memory is applied for you, our remembrances of our emotional memory requires paying attention with images, symbols, and the clairs (clairaudio, sentenance, vision). Not everyone has these dormant watery abilities, but whatever we do in spiritual disciplines, allows us to move an inch, every ten years in our awakening. To the young ones… trust me on that one.

The season of winter and the winter solstice are governed by the grandmothers, it is the season of the Night, the season of the elders of Moontime. She carries our wisdom of the ages, within our dreams, our sicknesses, our root ancestral lineages of our soul for millions of years. Winter’s dream is deeply rooted within us and weaves us to the earth herself. Our ancient grandmothers had the authority to make time stand-still, sometimes we need stillness which is not manifested instantly, it required practice. So this moon cycle, align with mother earth and bring your spiritual knowledge path down a bit and up your emotional honesty, fluidity, emotional truth and share it.

ancient kokoshnik

The oracle of the First Moon of Winter… After a Feast

Something has ended. It is a memory and what happened cannot be reconstructed. Something else shall follow, but it will be in a very different vein. Irrationally, persistently, the traces remain and there is loss, there is grief. The magnitude of destiny overshadows cycles lived in its afterglow. The power is elsewhere. Vital forces have been spent. And in the melancholy mood of looking back, so much is missed, passed over, not deemed important. Yet truly, it is what you learn afterwards that counts, for all understanding is born through hindsight and contemplation to understand its meaning.  And it is the inward reverberations that mean everything to the secret Soul.

When you chose your new moon intention this month, consider your level of being able to hold peace, while your driving, in a long line, with loud and fussy children, with crabby friends, within stress or events that are stressful. Our regular mundane days and weeks do not test our peace, and like any spiritual discipline, we do it so its there when we need it.

This moon cycle rules our inner authority because of Saturn’s influences, consider where you feel secure or insecure recently. Because Winter has both its warmth and its bitter cold, it can be cruel sometimes in more ways than one, not just the physical especially after the winter holidays are long gone, yet we still have two and half moons to go, until spring. As a tribe we have all, in our evolution, gathered closer together and more often during this season of the night and that is why we celebrate together. I love the more natural ancestors before the gods came, like the legends about the sleeping people of northern Russia, who would sleep all winter long. They were originally one of the last dream clans who vanished as a culture around the 15th century when Religions interfered. There is so much that winter holds of our ancient past and that is part of its beauty.

This moon cycle has Saturn directly involved, that inner desire to make a difference or to learn when we are young. In midlife, that purpose generally has already been completed and we seek a new way to express ourselves, which means some old baggage must be worked through and put in the fire pit. For the elder stage, wisdom has descended and all the seeds planted in the last thirty years have a new germination growing within the stillness. Saturn in its first priority is about our accountability and responsibility and since its with the moon, family issues will arise. Welcome to the holidays!

Latvian Candles
Latvian traditional candles

Winter Solstice and the Midwinter Moons are all about emotional sustainability and stability, where we feel most safe and secure is where we heal our trust issues and forgive. How we express our security or insecurity can be some of the places where we find instability in our lives or unfair judgments against us. But nothing is a coincidence in our life and many times in order to really grow, the same issues will return to us in yearly cycles, both our behaviors and others treatment of us. This is because to truly change a pattern of behavior or addiction, we have to practice it over and over again.

I repeat a lot in my sessions with people because I am not talking to their mind, I am speaking to their soul and the way the soul works, is saturation. These returns of tests of our spiritual path that repeat, is to see if we truly commit, in order to see where we need to improve, over and over again until we master something we are working on. We cannot just hope in a sled of flying reindeer and fly it across the earth, we must…  practice what makes us sad, what grieves us in the snow storms of our winter season.

I have worked on my issues for decades and even within that spiritual journey, I made new mistakes at the same time I was working at and trying to break free from old patterns of behaviors, thoughts and weaknesses. No one is going to understand our journey when we try to heal without excuses, without giving in emotionally and without except, except to learn to trust ourselves. I have worked with female apprentices for over two decades, I teach them to be champions and spiritual warriors, and the day that they really feel their power, they throw daggers at… me. I have to laugh because it has happened to every single apprentice. Why is that?

Because when we work really hard at something we have to test others within our new found freedom or truth or boundaries, and that is our female nature, men do the same but in a very different way. Those who are natural compassionates or our supporters understand when our friends or family get angry at us and its because they know we love them. We move forward or change our life by holding onto both our inner truth and uncomfortable changes that require flexibility this moon cycle. We must put this into a “practice” daily or weekly through our lunar intention, for this is where inner emotional security is born, and is one of the expressions of inner ‘peace’.

We have many traditions that welcome back the Light right away or only focus on the light during the moon cycle of the solstice. I do not do this, I wait patiently until all three moons of Winter are completed and try to find the beauty in each of them. The moontime does include all the expressions of the Season of Night, and the elusive and mythical 13th moon which appears in its phase, which I now finally get to experience.

I welcome back the light when mother earth does on her Spring Equinox as I burn my Marzanna, when both hers, the animals, birds, rivers and my rebirth occurs for the new year. Whatever your tradition try to find that night aspect of yourself, your soul is in there. I have seen so many who become light deprived or somewhat depressed during the three moons of winter because it seems so long before spring arrives. Just try to adjust the attitude and perception a little bit each year by welcome winter, she wants you to see her beauty.

Be yourself, be unique, be loved and learn to love deeper, forgive sooner, open your heart when someone asks, and at the same time, don’t be so innocent by having very strict boundaries with the shadow behaviors of friends, family and strangers! Today, we have to use all of our senses, even if you cannot see with your soul, for the soul is nothing like the heart. After all, winter’s harshness is natural, even within global warming, she is one of our best teacher on the planet when it comes to survival vs living a creative life.

Andrew Wyeth Winter Carnival. 1985,.jpg
Andrew Wyeth Winter Carnival. 1985

Here are example Intentions (choose only one)…

I am communicating honestly with myself
I ground my emotions
I listen to my heart
I give myself permission to be angry
I have healthy boundaries
I listen deeper
I am stable

I make positive judgments about myself
I structure my responsibilities
I focus on the present
I nurture a past wound (which one?)
I am abundant
I am grateful

I am confident (if you feel insecure or have anxiety)
I reclaim my inner authority
I respect my feelings
I am taking care of my body
I am serious when I need to be
I practice financially stability with consistency
I respect my intuition
I am getting stronger in my awareness
I discover my uniqueness

I embrace feeling secure
I respect my inner child
I respect myself
I nurture my insecurity
I give myself permission to grieve
I manage my sexual addiction
I accept change with groundedness

Happy New Moon and blessings to you and your family during this beautiful time of the year! Keep dreaming and hold close, what you cherish and love. Blessings, Phoenix

Winter Rabbit Elder Mountain Dreaming

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  1. Patty says:

    I’ve picked one.

    Not the one I’d have wished, but if I’m to be honest picked just the same.

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    1. Wonderful Patty… then when the full moon comes, set ONE “release” (or letting go) intention in 2 weeks…, something that does not serve your highest good.


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