Second New Moon of Winter 2017

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Hello Dreamers, Artists, Healers and Moon Lovers, Happy New Moon. Welcome to nature’s Second New Moon of Winter, starting Jan 16, 2018 @ 6:17 pm pst. We finished our first moon of winter with decorated lights, good food and holiday celebrations. If you had any work or family issues arise last month, just know that is very natural and normal for Capricorn Moons. I hope you found some warmth in whatever your month brought you in regards to your spiritual journey.  For those who are new here, you might wish to read over the instructions first for this supportive work-study lunar work. (see the link at the very bottom).

Now, our second moon of winter has arrived and we have another group of Capricorn planets (again) challenging us. We are settling into and walking our ancient “Midwinter” path this moon cycle. In soul, emotional and dreaming work, this is the ancestral voices moon songs, a reality where time does not exist and never did, but everything else does. This is a place and reality where we combine the timelessness of memories that arise and our past remembrances (pleasant or harsh) that surface with our karma.

We always evolve when we add some creativity in this direction of healing, in order to dream our medicine at night or in the waking day, before spring arrives. I love the time of Midwinter and its very ancient feelings which surfaces within me a reconnection with nature. This always brings me closer to my Slavic and personal Slavic family Ancestors. My eldest sister told me around New Years day, that our father’s mother’s name,  Czegigal (szczygieł) means Goldfinch.

Goldfinches also have a folk name of Thistle-Tweaker and their preference is for thinning the seeds of thistles in the winter. I have had goldfinch as a regular helpful totem and it makes it more personal meaning that our ancestral name has an atonement with the bird. There is also a folk tradition based around this bird when you see it on Valentines Day:

Winter Solstice Gloves - Second Moon of Winter.jpg

If you see any black bird on Valentines day (crow, raven, red wined black bird etc) it means you will marry or (work) with a spiritual or holy person; a Robin tells of one who will meet a partner who lives by the sea or they love being near the sea; if one sees a Woodpecker on Valentines day, he or she will be single and free most of their life. If the first bird he or she sees is a Goldfinch, however, she is promised love, wealth and support.

Winter reconnects us to our own ancestors even if its a folk tale, and especially through our own rituals and rites. Our ancestors, who for millenniums have had both wisdom and suffering and these connect  us deeper to our spiritual “healing” journey. This can help us connect with our own personal indigenous rites and past (all red, white, yellow, brown and black peoples have their own). White people sometimes forget that their ancient “indigenous” ancestors (pre-pagan) were killed off first, long ago by the kingdoms of war and the religion paths against woman which were and still are the downfall and loss of soul work, of dreaming work and shamanism realities of our sou. Now we have shamanic plants/shamanic drugs destroying our soul body even more.

I encourage everyone to find and seek in this winter moon a bit of their own ancestral lineages and rites; that is what all the Capricorn energy this month can be applied to rather than family drama when its unresolved and no one budges to forgive. Old soul people also believe in reincarnation with or without experiences of our past lives. This is because it allows us to swim in the mystery of the World River (water/dreaming cults) or weave the World Tree (pagans) in our ceremonies which connects with our soul (psyche).

Agnieszka Warnke says: “There is a magical land where birds find refuge in the winter like the Wyraj – a Slavic heavenly bird and underground snake, located just above Nawia. There were tales of a beautiful garden beyond the gates guarded by the Golden Firebird and the Rarog the Fire Daemon Falcon.  Souls who went to these lands of paradise would then return to reincarnate with the aid of the Crows in the winter and the storks in the spring. So, the folk tales that children are brought by the stork is not without reason.”

Sun and Moon, Lunar Work - Elder Mountain Dreaming Winter Moons

People tend to be impatient for Spring and start their carnivals and festivals in mid February, but me, I wait the entire process and look forward to my Marzanna burn and watery river experience. I honor and live within the fullness of winter’s clear waters, I drink winter’s magic with great curiosity and let the winter’s light, both its softer sun and the stronger moon light, keep my imagination (imaged visions) strong. I would hope that you would learn to do the same, because this is how we used to dance with mother earth with our soul and spirit.

For many, this is the moon of oracles and having your fortunes read, or doing the yearly tarot or I-Ching reading for spiritual guidance for the entire year. I encourage you to get one or do one yourself to practice your spiritual gifts. Also in Midwinter, we try to keep a steady and slower pace for this moon cycle, for the mere fact of rejuvenation. We can get very tired at this time of the year, which is the root of our flu and colds, keep it positive and only take organic herbal remedies like Elderberry and Honey-ginger Teas. Your body will thank you and the detoxes are better, which means the healing is faster.

In astrology, this is an Aquarian moon cycle, a time when we express our courage, speak our truth, maintain our independence and flex the rebellious parts of us. Ancient times were prepared for the winter moons, and even in post middle ages we took a break from ordinary life.


The Oracle for this Second Moon of Winter

The enjoyment of spiritual values by the Soul able to familiarize itself with their implications. Birds symbolizes the soul, and the spiritual forces in which the soul must deal with. The aviary presents us with a picture of these forces or desires contained within the shadow and the light of psyche of Soul realities, and bringing joy and harmony to the consciousness through a series of events that can shake our foundation emotionally.

The strenuous ascent represented by the preceding scene changes into a picture of familiarity with inspiring experiences. Yet this familiarity may also suggest a lack of spontaneity. To use modern terms, the peak experiences have become those of a high plateau, at which level one may lose one’s sense of direction at times. The youthful effort to reach the summits of  spiritual attainment settles down into a complex state of inspiration of the self as we age, if you are on the real spiritual path and do not remain on the knowledge or socio-spiritual paths forever. The twenty something spiritual person will soon find at forty or fifty that it was child’s play to assume they knew more than they did about the mysteries of life which only reveal a little each decade, regardless of our desires.

These are states, which at times may bring confusion because of the multiplicity of the voice to which one has become open. One may speak here of Clairaudience, meaning a capacity for being responsive to many inner voices of the self. As every good therapist, psychotherapist and shaman knows and understands, you must heal and then master all your own voices of your mental astral body first, before we can ever truly master any  exterior (which is mainly shadow painted divine).

Our Astrological lineup…

We have a strong Capricorn lineup again this moon cycle: Saturn which rules Capricorn is at 3 degrees, Mercury at 8, Pluto at 19, Moon at 26, Sun at 26 and Venus at 28 Capricorn. These are a lot of personal planet energies to deal with about home and family. A bucket is always a sing of intensity, and when you meet really intense people, they will generally have a bucket of planets all compressed in one or two signs.

new-moon-capricorn-aquarius-jan-16-2018-astro-chart.jpgThis moon it can happen to us. Also we have Uranus (the thunder god who is impulsive, full of ego and impatient on his shadow side) will bring us forth insight and flashes of insight to help become aware of the puzzle pieces by making us struggle more (just for this month). Its because Uranus is square the new moon (sun/moon), so expect the unexpected for both negative and positive flashes of insight and or chaos.

We get another test of family or work issues just like last month because of all those family issues that flow through Capricorn. The root issues of Capricorn and Cancer are by far the greatest challenges as a human being, because they effect our intimate relationships, our family relations, our security and insecurity, our parents, children, bosses, being a boss and co-workers. It rules the daily work and home life that impacts us everyday, and that defines the intensity of the energy of this cycle. Its all for the good of course, so remind yourself to only focus on this moon’s struggles and how the positive is found in the challenges so you can ‘learn how to change.’ Last moon was phase one, now we move into phase two (the fullness).

Our Dreaming Winter Landscape…

Each new moon cycle – we reset the whole system for the next months work and we cannot rush this, its more about saturation and being present and thinking ‘less’ in order to find that balance and harmony of self  in reality, not mind’s reality. This is why its called “changing moon”.

I call the three winter moons, the 3 dreamer’s moons, because I have seen the increasing of dreaming in winter, not only with myself, but my students and apprentices as well when they are more seasoned in my dream work. Once they do enough healing work and emotional healing work, they begin to return to the dreamer’s rhythms of the season of night (autumn/winter) and less during the season of fire (spring/summer). This slowly effects our dreaming cycles.

I have had some people come to me who wish to learn to astral travel and know the secrets of our other life of our astral soul body once its out of the physical body. I chose not to share any real or deeper mystery with those who just “want and desire” quick trips of the astral body and quick plant visions and forget all about their self disciplines, addictions, emotional suffering, and the karma of their soul. For she suffers even without our conscious reality and all our knowledge.

For all of you you here who work with your dreams, and are learning dream symbolism, try to focus on the winter aspects of winter totems and signs to align more with nature’s season. Winter is a deeply inward experience as the colder weather and snows covers the landscape, and its very important for dreamers to get their sleep in order to dream with more clarity.

For those who work with me personally, we focus on our emotional issues of winter, which are about survival, root family issues, healing stress, and detoxing for our karmic detox practices, along side our spiritual art and creativity. This increases the potency of our dreaming to gain self-awareness. When I speak the word dreaming its both waking life dreaming and night life dreaming. Dreams are not about the volume or number of our dreams to increase, that we have in a moon cycle, its about clarity of the ones that do push through. So many things we do in ordinary life shut them down. These subtle steps to self enlightenment require focus, practices, and commitment.

Second Moon of Winter Intention (chose “only one” wisely).

Artist К. Васильев  - Elder Mountain Dreaming Winter MoonsI structure my responsibilities
I focus in the present
I nurture myself
I am healing my past
I am abundant
I am confident

I reclaim my inner authority
I respect my choices
I am taking care of my body
I embrace sobriety
I am serious when I need to be
I practice stability

I have purpose
I accept change with groundedness
I respect myself
I grieve loss with support
I heal my sexual woundedness

I am honest with myself
I silence my busy thoughts
I allow myself to feel my feelings
I value my perspective
I practice being honorable
I speak my truth with impeccability

I accept my angry feelings
I am listening to my heart
I am beautiful
I accept positive thoughts
I am confident
I am patient

I communicate my needs clearly
I work with my fear (which one)
I am independent
I accept my inner
spiritual warrior (if your fearful)
I recognize my truth
I am aware (if you are feeling foggy)
I practice silencing my thoughts
I nurture myself

I am in the present moment (for the worriers / anxiety ones)
I protect my intimacy
I am capable & grounded in confrontation
I recognize my toxic behavior

I express anger with honesty
I express my feelings (if you are shy)
I recognize false expectations
I bring my idealism into action

I am beautiful
I am making appropriate judgement
I am intelligent
I breath to relax
I practice observation
My needs are real
I trust my process

Blessings on your New Moon and your whole month! Love yourself, believe in yourself, and practice inner strength and sobriety which is a life saver for all Emos’, Sensitives, Empaths, Dreamers and Artists!

Elder Mountain Dreaming Winter Moons

____  Phoenix of Elder Mountain’s monthly writing is an inspiration and encouragement and supports others. She works full time in her teachings, healing, dreaming and shaman’s (non plant, non drug shamanism) work. This work is for the Dreamer, the Emo, Empath, Artist and Sensitive’s spiritual path. Outline of work-study and how it works:

Sources: The Mari Lwyd (Welsh, Y Fari Lwyd) is one of the most ancient of a number of customs with which people in Glamorgan and Gwent used to mark the passing of the darkest days of winter; Sammi natural teepee in the mountains;  Dane Rudyard’s Sabian Systems (remixed). Russian Artist К. Васильев (Winter Woman Woman with Candle).0

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  1. Steve Zubo says:

    I am healing my past

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    1. SBIAD Steve! The past is a big one, so if any CLUES come this month, write them in your moon/dream journal !


  2. Halia says:

    Wonderful and ispiring.
    Thank you. _/♡\_

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