Moon Work & Lunar Astrology

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – In the seasons of the Moon, our Moon sign separates and is also joined within our life, which the Greeks called the action of synafae and aporroicae. All the signs in which she enters or departs, she can depart from the many and is joined by the many aspect of life, becoming our mirror. Whatever star (sign) she is found in each month or by progression in our chart, she bears towards that unity; for example, water.

The moon for one lunar cycle in water, becomes watery and reflects watery types of things. Water in symbolism 101 equates or translates to our emotions, our inner sensitivities, our intuition, where a moon crossing into the element of Fire, represents something completely different.

Learning the elements of the 13 moons is more important than the signs when doing Lunar Astrology, because it requires us to look at nature first here where we live, not up in the sky, as the foundation. All astrologers try to fit the 13 moons in the 12 astrology box and it works to a degree but I only see astrologers layering astrological teachings that cover the moon, not a discovering of the moon without astrology. 

We leave the mind when we enter the moon, and since mind dominates astrology rather than the lunar emotional, intuitive and the soul bodies to navigate the monthly moon, we start with letting Astrology take a back seat. I personally gave up astrology for about ten years when I really wanted to work with the moon in a more serious manner and get closer to my ancient grandmothers practices.

In monthly lunar moon work, look to what degree the ruler that is aspecting her. Example if the moon this month is in the sign of Pisces, we look to see the placement and position of Juniper (the old ruler of Pisces) and Neptune (its current ruler). But we don’t look at our natal chart, we look at our “progressed chart”. This is because the moon is always in flow, or changing, in ancient times the moon was our time keeper and our season keep, we didn’t use astrology. This was both the shamanic and dreaming cultures and their reality. 

full moon.jpg

At the degrees of which the star (zodiac sign) enters, she progresses and (we) receive the power of denoting [a new element in our life] and proceed in that journey, down to the last degrees of that sign. My moon just went into Gemini in the 8th house, an air element in a watery emotional environment. I have much less patience in Gemini moons than any other moon sign and most likely because its opposite my natal Mars/Saturn in Sag. I find myself more frustrated in the murky waters of the Scorpio environment.

It used to be worse when I had my birth Scorpio Rising and the progressed Sag rising, but now with a progressed Capricorn, things seem more tempered, but I can still feel its dark waters in the element of Gemini’s flighty air.  This is so we can find everything in particular that pertains to the efficacy of the Moon self, while she progresses in life.

Whenever the Moon possesses the last degrees, she bears to nothing, she is prevented from doing so by the obstacles of the next sequential sign. The same is done in our lunar intention work-study that we do here at Elder Mountain. When the moon is positioned in the first degrees of a sign, she departs from none, but then only the efficacy of the [next] conjunction is she investigated and worked through. This is basic mirror, obsidian and collective mirror work of our emotional life, our intuition, our second sight and our security.

When your moon progresses and is nearing the next planet, that is the influence that possess her (you). Because I incorporate Goddess asteroids in my life, I have Ceres at 20° in the 8th house, so my moon approaches her first, that is the mother aspects of me, or I should say the Scorpio mothering with my adult children. With regular planets, I work with progressed planets with the “living moon work”…

Example, my progressed Moon in Gemini now, is closest to Uranus in Leo in the next house. The influences then is the archetype of chaos or unpredictability, but also insight and epiphanies which will be apart of my 2 1/2 year journey to eventually reach Leo and Uranus. All the power of the preceding degrees is forfeited from her having passed over a dividing line, which is between both the signs, and the allotted efficacy from the first degree of the sign. I also use

slavic medicine wheel

Humans have gotten used to believing that “time” is real as a linear waking reality, but that is the illusion of the mind and societies. All the while, life and nature are cyclical and spherical in their living and dying aspects, which our soul and emotional body exists within these as well. As time begins to bend and fade away, the dreamer and the soul aspects shall re-surface from the places in which they have been pushed aside for two thousand years. As we readjust to this energies return, we will have to relearn how to live without time and with the mind’s linearity.

Learning something new about how to work with the Moon and Moon cycles to incorporate Astrology is tricky work and I teach astrologers who to work with the more subtle aspects of the moon without the complications that astrology’s vastness imposed upon moon work. The living moon is not an art like the art and sciences of astrology / astronomy. If you would like to learn more about natures moon and her cycles while still working with your astrological moon work, please contact Phoenix to find out more. 

~ Phoenix began studying astrology at seventeen, which lead to becoming a professional astrologer by 35. Now at sixty, she offers wisdom to help others understand their personal cycles or to attain the necessary cyclical paths of living, changing, growing, suffering, regressing, releasing (letting go) or karmically struggling. To schedule a personal session with Phoenix for a relationship, family, personal, work/career/purpose or illness, please write her at

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