Moon Astrology

Lunar Astrology by Phoenix – In the seasons of the Moon, our Moon sign separates and is also joined within our life, which the Greeks called the action of synafae and aporroicae. All the signs in which she enters or departs, she can depart from the many and is joined by the many aspect of life, becoming our mirror. Whatever star (sign) she is found, she bears towards that unity; like water… this is our moon sign.

Look to what degree the ruler aspects her or is in the same house with her. Having grasped the preceding astrological influences, you will be able to explain the whole fate of a human within her true nature. This is what the north and south nodes reference to within our moon sign, our karma, our destiny and our fate that is always moving like the moon each night and day.

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At the degrees of which the star (zodiac sign) enters, she progresses and (we) receive the power of denoting [something in our life] and proceed in that journey, down to the last degrees of that sign. This is so we can find everything in particular that pertains to the efficacy of the Moon self, while she progresses in life.

For it must be known that in all signs, whenever the Moon possesses the last degrees, she bears to none, for she is prevented from doing so by the obstacles of the next sequential sign. The same is done in our lunar intention work-study we do at Elder Mountain. When the moon is positioned in the first degrees of a sign, she departs from none, but then only the efficacy of the [next] conjunction is investigated and worked through, for this is a mirror of our emotional life, our intuition, our second sight and our security.

When your moon progresses and is nearing the next planet, that is the influence that possess her (you). For all the power of the preceding degrees is forfeited from her having passed over a dividing line, which is between both the signs, and the allotted efficacy from the first degree of the sign.

slavic medicine wheel

Humans have gotten used to believing that “time” is real and that its linear, but that is the illusion of the mind. And all the while, life and nature are cyclical and spherical, which our soul and emotional body exists. As time begins to bend and fade away, the dreamer and the soul aspects shall surface from the places in which they have been pushed aside for two thousand years. As we readjust to this energies return, we will have to relearn how to live without time and with the mind’s linearity. 

~ Phoenix began studying astrology at seventeen, which lead to becoming a professional astrologer at 35. At sixty, she offers wisdom to help others understand their personal cycles or to attain the necessary cyclical paths of living, changing, growing, suffering, regressing, releasing (letting go) or karmically struggling. To schedule a personal session with Phoenix for a relationship, family, personal, work/career/purpose or illness, please write her at

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