Third New Moon of Winter 2017

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings and welcome Dreamers, Artists, Healers, Singers, Soul and Moon Lovers! We are now entering our last and final moon cycle of Winter, which includes a partial Solar Eclipse on Thursday February 15, 2018 @ at 27º Aquarius (traditionally the Pisces New Moon). For the newbies here, see the link at the very bottom for instructions of how to work with this lunar work-study.

If our dreaming and visions can find some harmony with our apractical mundane life, we may find some agreeable unity during transitional times. Transitions always involved a relationship between the self and our soul, between others and our desires, between our nature and the earth’s nature. It is here we step a little closer to our authentic self or further away into worry or any name for fear. Practices make us aware, so we can regain our balance during times of transition and when we agree to align and give energy finally to what creates our own personal inner peace we can then take a step by step approaches to difficult times. If we don’t, then everything is upsetting and we can be swept and wept away by the frozen rivers until next winter.

Winter always temper our wilder nature like the places we are in denial, or asleep or angry, winter does so in order to reveal our destiny, which is hidden deeply in the silence of our fears. If you chose to awaken when spring returns and just try to lay dormant (still) for one more moon, you can learn walk with the rhythm of nature herself. Winter moons are the most difficult to master culturally because the entire feast fest of alive, sound, music, dancing, of the holidays and the new years keeps us “on” and the lights “on” since we were born. Those of us who mastered turning off the lights starting on the Winter Solstice until the Spring Equinox do walk with the rhythms of nature’s silence and stillness and then come alive when spring truly arrives.

magic lantern
This feeds our soul one more spoonful of balance within the entire seasonal year. Now as Midwinter has ended (the second moon of winter), and Spring is not yet fully upon us, we are in the place in-between where magical things really do happen. If we can spend our time wisely this moon cycle by choosing what we wish to “purify” we can add another small layer of winter’s charms that are bestowed upon us, which always involves the magic of… letting go.

February was a Roman “Month of Purification” and gets its name from the Latin word Februarius, which means to expire (to complete) and to purify.  We will then slowly fade into the elusive and mysterious 13th moon. We want to turn over stones or receive stones this month that aid in our transition time of the year (nature’s season), so when the spring equinox does comes, we can move into our new beginning and start the entire seasonal cycle and its processes over again. So think about how your intention fits in with something you need to purify this moon cycle.

ORACLE – A tapestry loom on it is a half-finished tapestry
Karmic processes restrict us, it curbs the self, dictates what must happen to the self. Our work must be resumed and taken further, no matter what. Unfortunately, this often means imposing duties upon our self and thus we just do what you have to do. But if the heart is not in it, work becomes mechanical or we resist. A dilemma faces us at cross-roads: “to stay with what has been, or to introduce innovations?” Any such innovations represent a struggle.s, but without them, the inner core of self is short-changed and the outer mind takes over. We are being propelled by a greater destiny – and that is to honor our karmic agreements, and to enhance these by bringing into play an engaged willingness with our struggles in life. To meet things from another side, and realize everything needs to be met with real passion.

The aspects of Illusions and Mirrors will rise with this new moon which is the rites and energy of transformation itself. The last two moons were very heavy in Capricorn energy, which is family, work and accountability and thus we became accountable to our karma in some sort of way. This moon, we shift gears now and enter a more lucid spiritual energy, rather than physical one, the one memories are based on and eerie or ether is based upon. This is the elusive and indirect spiritual endeavor (called fate or synchronicity). We are effected more emotionally on spiritual levels, and unconscious level that can directly trigger awareness (for those of us who are working on our insecurities and fears). We cannot increase awareness (consciousness) without increase self-awareness, otherwise its a false sense of blindness. So in order to work with this moon, we just allow more honestly and find more simpler resolve. 

Elliott Daingerfield (1859-1932), The Moon Path - 1900

Sun, Moon, Mercury are the dominant factors this month which are freedom of speech, communication, listening deeply and the other side which is being responsible for what comes out or is allowed in around the more psychopomp aspects of mercury.  First things we learn is to get out of our own way, and a big part of that are the blocks from our own mental body, what I call the mind cult. The mind just wants to control everything and compartmentalize our issues into neat little love & light valentine boxes, which is fine as long as their is no energy of transformation looming. But looming energy of change, is how we grow.

When an eclipse arrives in a moon cycle like this one, full or partial, we must remember that they are not personal, even though every astrologer out there says they are. Eclipses enter two phases, a blindness or a harmony and since no one generally chooses blindness, stillness or meditation or anything that soothes the self, offers us a bit more harmony. Try something like that in your purification process this month.

The guardian of our true soul, is the collective, elusive and eternal souls who either tears us down (our shadow); or lives in the worlds of dreams (escapism vs awareness); or in our memories which are energy and resurface, both positive or negative when we get sentimental, or endure pain or cannot figure out life with our mind. All of these exist in the energy realms of what lays in-between the physical, just out of touch in the dreaming, between the real and the illusions of our mundane life and in-between acceptance or defensiveness. We can feel vulnerable when our invisible life begins to knock on our doors.

We support our soul’s journey through our ability to nurture our emotions in our waking life, express our creativity as a tool, seeking help and healing or disciplines for our karmic pain and restricting false projections of visions from others or the self, that our mental body seems to adore.

So moon children, what do you need to “purify this moon cycle” in your mind, body or emotional body? Just pick one, its only one month. This could be some negative aspect of a relationship to increase appropriate and healthy boundaries? Or a detoxing of your physical body’s pain by getting a great massage? A limited belief system that keeps you confused or not connected to the meaningful in your life called values? Taking things personal or even an addiction that you have been in denial of? We each have something we can dedicate to this month of purify, which adds a commitment to a healing discipline and shows us our strength to complete it for only one month.

Reviewing our past twelve moon cycles
Looking back over last year, how have you changed for the better? Last year, the 3rd Moon of Winter started Jan. 27, 2017 with a Lunar Eclipse, do you remember what your intention was? Now at the end of our seasonal year, we gain perspective of the small steps to introduce ourselves slowly to the self we want to be. Our “one” intention we set this month and the progress we have made already is important and both are connected. Honoring endings are important for our new beginnings – a place which we are guided to find wholeness.

Seven Stones of Hordron Edge by Andy H..jpg

Intention samples for the 3rd and final Moon of Winter:
Remember, the intention we set causes a mirror to attract the opposite, and this is how we tell the true state of our intention we set. Example: I am peaceful. Then a few things come on our path filled with experiences that challenge our peacefulness (and we get to see how truly peaceful we are or are not). This builds self awareness each moon.

I am creative
I am grounded
I practice self compassion
I express my feelings more
    openly in a positive way

I set healthy boundaries
I am healing my addiction
I am listening deeply
I express myself more honestly
I am practicing healthy behavior and thoughts
I give myself permission to express my anger

I trust myself
I have self compassion
I feel my heart
I meditate for inner peace
I am emotionally honest with myself

I accept where I am
I forgive myself
I allow myself to grieve
I accept

I am free
I practice peace
I practice stillness
I am grounded
I face my addiction one day a at a time

Or chose your own, just keep it to the I AM statement because moon work is all about you!

This months video…

Happy New Moon, and
have a healthy month… Phoenix

Instruction Link:

pisces new moon


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  1. saymber says:

    The affirmations are what I needed this morning of my 50th year. Thank you.


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