Empaths – A “Hug Free” Spiritual Diet

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Everyone one likes a hug, it comforts us when we are children and when we are adults. A hug is a sign of affection and shows us that we care for others and other care about us. But outside our family, for some of us, hugs can be a never ending roller coaster of empathic pain.

Empathic people have a very fine tuned energetic system and astral body within connected to their emotional body and because of this, they take everyone’s yucky emotions and shadowy energy in their body. Not only do they deal with their own emotional ups and downs, anger, depression but they also must handle others as well. That isn’t pretty when others add drugs, alcohol, shamanic plants, pot and all the residue that they cannot feel, the empath can.

The other person will feels great after a loving hug, or a pat on the shoulder and we feel bad immediately or at least within twenty four hours (of those who really pay attention to energy and how their body responds). Most don’t even pay attention to even know the effects we have by a toxic hug or a hug of someone who drank the previous weekend before. Its hard enough just being a regular emotional being, but an empath suffers a thousand times more.

So why should some people be hug-aware?

Because in this world, we have to use all of our “senses” today… 

Elder Mountain Dreaming

Whats the solution? Detox and go on a 1 or 2 year Hug-Free Spiritual Diet

For my apprentices the last ten years, and myself the last fifteen, since we are  “empaths and sensitives” I put them on an energy diet to clear out their soul (astral and dream body) from the lingering trauma or painful emotional energy that has accumulated. First we attend to the self and our own energy issues to begin to purify our emotional body and soul body out.

Then I give them a disciplines – The first is  zero tolerance sobriety for two years. I started this out as a way of students preparing to work with me. They remain totally sober of everything for two years before they can work with me in person. Which means no pot, no alcohol, no drugs, no medications, no shamanic plants / drugs (pot takes about seven years to clear out of the emotional body and astral soul body). Once they have cleared out their own emotional energy body and soul energy body from sobriety, they start to do the discipline to get clear with others energy bodies.

The second part of this discipline is the “no hugs at all” energetic cleansing, in an everyday mundane way to clear out anything from the self that remains in shadow energy, or others that will sticks to the emotional body’s energy and souls energy (astral/chakra) body.  This discipline is a fine tuning of their own energy body by not hugging others and reaching a maximum of detoxification to see the differences between post-self and present self in the ways of how they feel emotionally.

The third part is no crystals of any kind. Crystals fragment the magnetic body (emotional body, soul body and dream body) and causes much disruption for empaths, dreamers and very emotional types. It can cause anxiety and stress to what should be a regulated flow of consistent energetics. Once the two years are up, then we have to set very important boundaries between one’s own emotional body and others. This allows, in time, to experience and see whats really happening energetic. Many energy healers who have ten or more years in that are too receptive will find that this works wonders to add to their disciplines to keep themselves clear of energy waste from detoxes of clients.

After all of this, we really begin to feel the difference from the no hug diet detox and we are listening to one’s intuitive body and subtle bodies with more awareness. After the two years hug free diet is completed, and giving friendly chosen hugs, we now base our choices on a more intuitive practice and we can then see what pot or alcohol or shamanic plants, even causally effects us and how.

zen bowing

Hug free always brings with it, a social challenge

All kinds of issues of “rejection” will surface when you do this hug free practice. Casual friends or close friends, co-workers and spiritual groups and for those who chose family also, expect some responses that are not positive, either verbal or energetic.  Those who are devout meditation practitioners tend to be the ones who understand the most, why you are doing this, but everyone else may have issues. Social aspects within spiritual hugging groups or popularity trends to hug everyone, can have surprising judgments that make us feel uncomfortable in our hug free diet.  The “natural energy suckers” and vampires types tend to take it the hardest and you will feel a wobbly energy going on if you really pay attention.

The energy cleansing effects of this practice on our emotional body validates that we can have love and compassion for others, but not take all their depression energy, anger energy, sickness energy etc.  through hugs as an empath. Some of us have always been super sensitive since childhood, and to commit to the hug free diet long enough to make a difference of detoxing your subtle bodies, will do wonders for your emotional well being. When we go on this hug-free diet (for as long as it takes) to cleanse, you will see results.

These all support the detox process of the toxic energy stuck in our emotional body. This not only helps us heal our body and emotional body, but allows us to have a healthy “boundary” relationship with our own energy body to understand how it works and how to protect it. Getting healing of course helps like massages, and personal work and other disciplines such as nature walks, meditation, yoga, qi gong etc.

Phoenix is a Folk Healer and Soul Coach, for more information about working with her to assist in your healing journey, write to Eldermountaindreaming@gmail.com

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