Slavic Goddesses

Phoenix of Elder Mountain – When personal web pages were new in the early 90s, you could find any goddess you wished, or many of their names on the web, and there were tens of thousands, Now, everything that was, is practically gone, people moved on, or web servers close down or women’s websites were filtered to not find them, so theirs not a lot of goddess teachings on the web anymore that are in-depth.

Things tend to be more gentrified today, but I had some old lists on my old computers, and thought I would start compiling them again and updating them. According to Pagan pantheon’s there are hardly any goddesses, but that of course is not true, there are a lot.

Slavic and Balkan Goddesses (including some Baltic, Nordic and Indigenous ones that are now called the lands of the Slavs) are here on this page. I will update as I come across more in old books, old peasant folk work, or odd or rare astrological books, and esoteric works.  If you have a specific question about a goddess you are interested in, as an elder, goddess circle holder for forty years, lunar practitioner and folk healer, I can help. You can write me at ~Phoenix

SLAVIC (more than one Slavic Country)
Astrik – Anastasius, Astericus, Ascrick,
Astricus Goddess of illusion
Baba Kasha – Slavic – Lady Gruel
Beda – Slavic – Goddess of Disaster (Beda and Fimila)
Bereginy – Slavic – Female spirits of nature
Bereguni – Slavic – River Nymphs
Berehynia – Slavic – River Bank, Protect
Bestalannitsa – Slavic – Goddess of the unfortunate

Chuma/Tshuma – Slavic – Fate, Plague
Debena – Slavic – Goddess of the Hunt and Forests
Dennitsa – Slavic – Morning Star Goddess
Devana – Slavic – Goddess of the Hunt
Dodol – Slavic – Goddess of the clouds,
snow, rain and air. (Serbia Doda or Dodola)

Dolya – Slavic – Goddess of luck, happiness and fate
Dziewona – Slavic – Maiden Goddess
Gore – Slavic – Goddess of Grief
Jiva – Slavic – Maiden Goddess of Spring

Kamennaia Baba – Slavic – The Stone Mothers
Khoromozitel – Slavic – house spirit
Kikimora – Slavic – Female house spirit
Kostroma- Slavic – Fertility Spring Maiden Goddess 

Slavic Goddess personification of the winter solstice

Koliada, Koljada, Kolyada, Koleda
Kupalo – Slavic Mother of the Waters
Kude-wodez – Slavic Cheremis – Spirit of water
Lada – Slavic Mother Goddess, Fertility

Polish artist Jerzy Przybył

Marzanna – Dark Goddess of Winter, Death and Rebirth
Matka Gabia – Goddess of Hearth Fire
Matergabia – Slavic Goddess of fire
Mokos – Slavic Goddess of Art, Spinning
Mora – Slavic Goddess of Fate
Moravaya Panna – Slavic Black (night) Goddess
Najade – Slavic Water nymphs
Nav – Slavic Goddess of Death
Nedolya – Slavic Goddess of dissatisfaction *version of Dolya
Nestrecha – Slavic Goddess of grief and failure
Nuzhda – Slavic Goddess of hardship and poverty
Oynyena Mavia – Slavic Fire Goddess called Fiery Mary

Pogoda – Slavic Goddess of Favorable Winds
Peperuna – Slavic Thunder Goddess, mother of the sun-goddess Solntse, twin brother Perun
Perchta – Slavic – Fertility Goddess
Perkuna Tete – Slavic – Goddess of Thunder
Poludnitsa – Slavic – Female nature-spirit
Polunocnica – Slavic, Ukraine – Lady Midnight
Poluvirica – Slavic – Female forest-spirit

Samovila – Slavic – Goddess of the Forest, Protector of Animals 
Si – Slavic – Goddess of Justice 
Siwa– Slavic – Goddess of fertility and love 
Solbon – Slavic – Goddess Morning Star and Evening Star
Solntse – Slavic – Sun Goddess
Surits – Slavic – Maiden Goddess joy, fun and light 
Tabiti – Scythian – Fire Goddess

Ustrecha – Slavic – Goddess of happiness and luck
Vedma – Slavic – Goddess of Storms
Vesna – Slavic –  The Old Slavic Goddess of Spring
Vila, Veela – Slavic – Goddess of Storms
Vagneg-imi – Slavic – Old Woman
Vel’-ava – Slavic – Village Mother
Vechernyaya Zvezda – Slavic – The Morning Star

Zaria – Slavic – Goddess of Beauty
Zarya – Slavic – Goddess of healing waters
Zemlya Syra – Slavic – Earth Goddess
Ziva Siva – Slavic – Goddess of life
Zhiva – West Slavic – Goddess of life force
Zoria – Slavic – Three goddesses of Dawn; Utrennyaya – Morning star; Vechernyaya Evening star, Polunochnaya Midnight star
Zorya Utrennyaya – Slavic – Dawn, Aurora of the Morning
Zorya Vechernyaya – Slavic – Dusk, Aurora of the Evening

Zvezda Dennitsa – Slavic – The Morning Star

9 pits

Dive Zeny – Bohemia – Wild Woman

Ava – Finno-Ugric – Mother
Cacce-jienne – Finno-Ugric – Water Mother

Loddiu-edne – Finno-Ugric/Lapland – Bird Mother
Kuutar – Finno-Ugric – Shining
Idem-huva – Finno-Ugric – Threshing Barn Woman
Ilma – Finno-Ugric – Atmosphere

Kalma – Finno-Ugric – Corpse Stench
Kul – Finno-Ugric – Water Dweller
Kutugia – Siberia – Mistress of the Fire
Luonnotar – Finno-Ugric/Lapland – Daughter of Nature
Maddarakka – Finno-Ugric – Old Woman
Mannu – Finno-Ugric – Mother Earth
Mere-ama – Finno-Ugric/Finland – Sea Mother
Metsanneitsyt – Finno-Ugric/Finland – Forest Virgin
Mielikki – Finno-Ugric/Finland – Friendly
Moksha – Finno-Ugric/Finland – Giver of Life

Nakki – Finno-Ugric/Estonia – Water Maid
Perke – Finno-UgricGoddess of Success
Radien-akka – Finno-Ugric – Mother Goddess
Risem-edne – Finno-Ugric/Norway – Twig Mother
Sadsta-akka – Finno-Ugric/Lapland – Cloven Wood
Sjojungfru – Finno-Ugric/Lapland – Lady of the Sea

Tshadze-ienne – Finno-Ugric/Lapland – Eastern Water Mother
Tshatse-neida – Finno-Ugric/Lapland – Western Water Mother
Uksakka – Finno-Ugric/Lapland – Door Woman
Vellamo – Finno-Ugric/Finland – Rock Oneself
Viljaneitsi – Finno-Ugric – Maidens of the Cornfield
Vir-ava – Finno-Ugric/Russia – Forest Mother
Wut-awa – Finno-Ugric – Mother of Water
Yabme-akka – Finno-Ugric/Lapland – Grandmother-keeper of the Death & Rebirth Rites

Briet u-mate – Latvia – Mother of Elle
Breska – Latvia – Goddess of Dreams, Weather and Magic

Darzu-mate – Latvia – Mother of the Garden
Dziparu-mate – Latvia – of Colored Wool, Yarn Mother
Juras Mate – Latvia – Mother of the Sea
Kapu Mate – Latvia – Graveyard Mother
Meza-mate – Latvia Mother of the Forest

Lauka-mate – Latvia – Mother of the fertile lands
Lazdu-mate – Latvia Mother of Hazel
Linu-mate – Latvia – Mother of Flax
Naves-mate – Latvia – Mother of Death
Ogu-mate – Latvia – Berry Mother
Piegulas Mate – Latvia – Mother of the Night Watch
Smilsu-mate – Latvia – Mother of Sand
Sniega Mate – Latvia – Snow Mother
Semmesmaat – Latvia – Keeper of the Grave
Senu-mate – Latvia – Mother of Mushrooms

Udens-mate – Latvia – Mother of the Water
Uguns-mate – Latvia – Mother of Fire
Veja-mate – Latvia – Wind Mother
Zeme – Latvia – Mother of the Earth
Ziedu-mate – Baltic – Mother of the Blossoms

Dolya Slavic Goddess of Good Luck


Ausrine – Lithuania – Lady of the Morning Star
Balta Saulite – Lithuania – Darling Little White Sun

Breska – Latvia – Goddess of Dreams, Weather and Magic
Dugnai – Lithuania – That Which Is at the Bottom
Egle – Lithuania – Queen of the Serpents, Fir
Polengabia – Lithuania – Bright Hearth
Rigiu Boba – Lithuania – Old One of the Rye
Indraja – Lithuania – Water Witch

Laume – Lithuania – Earthly Mother

Sweigs-dunka – Lithuania – Weaver or Bride of the Sky
Saule – Lithuania – Sun Goddess
Saules-mate – Lithuania – Sun Mother
Saules-Meita – Lithuania – Little Sun, Daughter of the Sun
Saulite Sudrabota – Lithuania – Little Silver Moon
Zemyna – Lithuania – Mother Earth

Ja neb’a – Magyar (Hungarian) – Benevolent Goddess of the Earth

Viz-Anya – Magyar (Hungarian) – Water Mother
Viz-Leany – Magyar (Hungarian) – Water Daughter

Szelanya – Magyar (Hungarian) – Mother of the Winds

Dilwica – Polish, Serbian, Slavic – Goddess of the Hunt
Dziewona– Polish – Goddess of the Hunt and Forests
Dziwosony – Poland – Wild Woman
Mamony – Poland – Wild Woman
Percunatele – Poland – Mother of Thunder

Marzanna Illustration by artist Vera Pavlova.

Awa – Russia – Mother
Azer-ava – Russia – Mistress
Baba Yaga (Jaga) – Russia – Grandmother
Cuvto-ava – Russia – Tree Mother

Gudiri-mumi – Russia – Mother of Thunder
Iarila – Russia – Ardent Sun
Jurt-ava – Russia – Dwelling Place Mother
Keca Aba – Russia – Mother Sun
Ketse-awa – Russia – Mother of the Sun
Kildisin – Russia/Siberia – Procreating Heaven
Kos La-kuva – Russia – Old Woman of the Forest
Kud-ava – Russia – House Mother
Kugu Shotshen-ava – Russia – Great Birthgiving Mother

Mati-syra-zemla – Russia – Mother Moist Earth
Melande-awa – Russia – Mother of the Earth
Mokosh – Russia – Moist
Mukylcin – Russia – Earth Wife
Muzem-mumy – Russia – Mother of the Earth
Neukeper-ava – Russia – Bee Garden Mother
Nishke-ava – Russia – Great Birth-Giving Mother
Paks-av – Russia – Mother Field
Purt-kuva – Russia – House Woman
Ptitsy-siriny – Russia – Bird Maiden

goddess zemynai

Razorites – Russia – goddess of destiny, guardian of all living things
Rodnaia Matushka – Russia – Birth Mother
Rozanicy – Russia – Mother, Heritage, Destiny
Rozhenitsa – Russia – Birth Giver
Shundimumi – Russia – Mother of the Sun
Sjantaik – Russia – Birth Mother
Seewa – Russia – Mother Friday

Slatababa – Russia – Golden Woman
Sor-ava – Russia – Mother of Corn
Sundy-mumy – Russia – Mother of the Sun
Sur-mumy – Russia – Mother of River

Teleze-awa – Russia – Mother of the Moon
Tul-awa – Russia – Mother of Fire
Teterka – Russia – Graybird

Vaku-oza – Russia – Mill Ruler
Varma-ava – Russia – Mother Wind
Vu-ava – Russia – Water Woman
Vut-kuva – Russia – Water Old Woman
Vit’sa-kuva – Russia – Cattleyard Woman
Zimarzla – Russia – The Frozen
Zlotababa – Russia Golden Old Woman

SIBERIA (technically they are indigenous but
I listed them with the Slavic and Balkans anayway).

Ajysit – Siberia Milk Lake Mother
Anapel – Siberia – Little Grandmother
Ya’hal-na’ut – Siberia – Cloud Woman

Edji – Siberia – Mother
Ehe Tazar – Siberia – Mother Earth

Ilena – Siberia – Rain Woman or Dampness Woman
Joli-taren -Siberia – Giver of Life

Khosadam – Siberia – Eater of Souls
Kubai-khotun – Siberia Great Mother

Locid-epie – Siberia – Grandmother of the Fire
Lymyzn-mam – Siberia – Mistress of the Threshold
Manzan Gurmu – Siberia – Heavenly Goddess
Ojid-emei – Siberia – Water Mother
Pugud-emei – Siberia – Sun Mother
Sabaga – Siberia – Mother of Fire
Sangia-mama – Siberia – Mistress of the Earth and the World
Selci-syt-emysyt – Siberia – Mother of Snakes

Tarn – Siberia – Flames of Fire
Toe-ceivune – Siberia – Dawn-walking-Woman
Unchi-ahchi – Siberia – Grandmother Hearth
Unen-emei – Siberia – Mother of the Korkodon River
Y-lyunda Kotta – Siberia – Mistress of the Universe


Kuga – Slovenia – Goddess of Fate
Os Keca Aba – Slovenia – White Sun Mother
Ot Ana – Slovenia – Fire Goddess

Lada – Ukraine – Mother goddess
Lelya – Ukraine – maiden goddess of love
Mokosha, Makozh – Ukraine – Goddess Mother
Mara – Ukraine – Dark goddess of dreams, other worlds, ghosts

Poludnitsy – Ukraine – Moon Goddess
Polunocnica – Ukraine – Lady Midnight
Potercha – Ukraine – Spirit female of deep rivers and lakes

Austrina – Latvian name for planet Venus.

Jutrzenka – Polish name for planet Venus.
Koidutäht – Estonian name for planet Venus.
Poranica – Slovene word for Venus
Utrenitsa – Old Russian name for planet Venus.
Vakarine Vallis – Lithuanian word for planet Venus.


Dolya – East Slavic good fate goddess.
Gegute – Lithuanian goddess of time.
Giltine – Lithuanian bad fate goddess.
Kruchina – East Slavic goddess of sadness.
Laima – Latvian and Lithuanian goddess of fate.
Likho – East Slavic deity of bad fate.

Nedolya – East Slavic bad fate goddess.
Sudenitsa – Slavic fate deities (three sisters).
Sudice – Czech goddess of fate.
Ustrecha – Old Russian goddess of chance.
Verpeja – Lithuanian life thread goddess.
Zirka – Belarus happiness goddess.
Zorya – Slavic Utrennyaya (Morning Aurora)
             and Zorya Vechernyaya (Evening Aurora)
             Slavic dusk and dawn Night Goddesses

Gabija – Lithuanian goddess of fire and hearth.
Vaidilute – Lithuanian priestesses, protector of the Sacred Fire.

Grechukha – Ukrainian earth goddess

Khotal-Ekva – Mansi (Slavic Russian) Ob River
Muru – Estonian earth deity / goddess
Sumerla – E. Slavic underworld goddess.
Ugra – Mansi (Slavic Russian) Sun goddess.
Vilakh – Slavic Lakian Daghestan fire goddess.
Vupar – Slavic Chuvash (Volga area) lunar and solar eclipse goddess
Yurt-Ava – Slavic Mordovian (Volga Finn) Hearth Fire Mother
Zorya – Slavic dawn goddess.

Neringa – Lithuanian seacoast giantess.

Breksta – Slavic, Lithuanian night darkness goddess

Karra-ma-hte – Slavic, Latvian warrior goddess.
Kalaipahoa – Hawaiian war goddess.
Kara – Icelandic Valkryie.
Lampedo – Scythian Amazon queen.
Magura – E. Slavic winged warrior goddess
Perunitsa – E. Slavic winged warrior maiden.
Sui-ur – Slavic, Mansi (Ob River Ugra) death goddess

Alkonost – E. Slavic Thunderbird size Paradise Bird

Auska – Slavic, Lithuanian Sun goddess
Aušra – Slavic Lithuanian dawn goddess.
Alpan – Slavic, Lezghin (Daghestan) fire goddess.
Argimpasa – Slavic, Argimpasa,Scythian goddess of love.
Ney-Anki – Slavic, Khanty (Ob River Ugra) Goddess of Fire.

Praurime – Slavic, Lithuanian Fire goddess.
Vut-Ami – Slavic, Chuvash (Volga Region) Fire goddess.
Bezlea – Slavic, Lithuanian evening light goddess.
Boszorkany – Slavic Hungarian witch goddess
Breksta – Slavic, Lithuanian night darkness goddess
Charykh-Keyok – Slavic Khakasian (S. Siberia) magical divine bird.

Dylacha – Slavic, Evenk/Tungu (Siberia) sun goddess.
Iyele – Moldavian Wind Goddess
Lau-ma – Slavic, Latvian Goddess
Mardezh-Ava – Slavic Volga Finn Wind goddess.
Metelitsa – E. Slavic Snow and Snowstorm goddess

Nichka – Slavc, Ukrainian Night Goddess
Poludnitsa – E. Slavic goddess (witch), corn fields deity.
Ragana – Latvian Night Goddess (witch).
Salme – Slavic, Estonian Night Goddess (sky)
Saule – Slavic, Lithuanian and Latvian Sun goddess.
Sel-Anya – Slavic, Hungarian wind goddess.
Semuni – Slavic, Ulchian (Siberia) Night Goddess (sky).
Shishimora – E. Slavic Night and Dream Goddess.
Sinanevt – Slavic, Itelmen (Kamchatka) Raven’s daughter.
Spidola – Latvian Goddess (witch).

Tinianavyt – Slavic, Koryak (Kamchatka) Sky Goddess
Tomem – Slavic, Ketian (Siberia) Sun Mother
Vaiva – Slavic, Lithuanian rainbow goddess.
Varma-Ava – Slavic, Mordvinian (Volga Finn) wind goddess.
Vedma Dorsa – East Slavic Night Goddess (witch).
Vejas-mate – Slavic, Latvian “wind goddess/mother”.
Vetsorgo – Slavic, Mordovian/Erzya (Volga Finn) Sky goddes

Yumyn-Udyr – Marian (Volga Finn) Sun Goddess
Zaryanitsa – E. Slavic lightning goddess.
Zimcerla – W. Slavic Night (dawn) goddess.
Zorile – Slavic, Moldavian Night (dawn) goddess.


Audra – Slavic, Lithuanian sea goddess.
Bereghinya – Slavic water spirit.
Bolotnitsa – E. Slavic swamp mermaid.
Chernava – Slavic, Russian Sea Goddess

Dennitsa – Slavic Sun goddess
Dodola – South Slavic rain and snow goddess.
Dudumitsa – S Slavic Bulgarian rain deity.
Ganiki – Slavic Orochian (Siberia) water spirit, mermaid.
Jurate – Slavic, Lithuanian Sea goddess, tale of Jūratė and Kastytis.
Marake – Slavic, Mansi (Ob River Ugra) Sea goddess
Mena – Roman goddess of menses.
Migazesh – Adygan (N.Caucasus) daughter of Sea goddess.

Navka – East-Slavic mermaid.
Nepra – East Slavic goddess of the Dnieper River.
Oilule – West Bulgarian, Goddess of thunder and rain
Omutnitsa – East Slavic river deity.
Perynya – Slavic goddess of rain and thunderstorms
Podaga – Slavic goddess of rain, storms
Rusalka – Slavic Russian mermaid.
Snegurochka – Slavic snow maiden Russian folktales
Undine – Slavic Lithuanian water nymph, mermaid.
Vishera – Legendary Komi-Permyak woman who turned into the Vishera River

village of Krivorivnya.jpg

Baba-Jaga – Slavic Night Shaman Goddess (forest witch).

Devana – Czech Huntress of Demons, Wild Animal Goddess, Goddess of the Moon
Dziwica – Slavic Forest Goddess (Luzicke Serby/Sorben/Wenden), W. Slavic
Gamsilg – Slavic, Chechen and Ingush evil forest deity.
Kaygus – Slavic, Ketian (Siberia) Goddess of forest animals.
Kov-Ava – Slavic, Mordovian (Volga River Finn) Goddess of the Forest
Kozhla – Slavic, Mordovian (Volga River Finn) Goddess of the Forest
Lasdona – Slavic, Lithuanian Supreme Goddess of the Forest

Medeina – Slavic, Lithuanian forest goddess.
Mežas-Mate – Slavic, Latvian forest goddess.
Misne – Slavic, Mansi (Siberia) forest goddess
Morana – Slavic, Czech Night Goddess and moon goddess.
Sutkatyn – Slavic, Kumyk (Daghestan) Forst Spirit goddess
Varz – Slavic, Lezghin (Caucasus) moon goddess.
Vir-ava – Slavic, Mordvinian forest mother.
Zewana – W. Slavic Polish Huntress of Demons, 
                Wild Animal Goddess, Goddess of the Moon
Žverine – Slavic, Lithuanian Huntress of Demons, 
                Wild Animal Goddess, Goddess of the Moon

Images: Last photo is the Village of Krivorivnya, Russian; Mermaid Night by Rainris

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