The Light Side of the Night

The Light side of the Night is the ancient Dreaming cultures and the later Shamanic cultures of earth which were created, lead, nurtured and dominated by the grandmothers. Oh but we fell asleep and when writing came and symbols into writing, she was left out of the stories, the legends and even her names. Only certain cultures still hold the grandmother in the highest esteem but even then she wasn’t allowed to learn to read, participate in community leadership or spiritual leadership.

Since the 1970s, the Age of the Sun (10th century bce until the 1970s), no longer control everything, as all of this must now come to an end. The sun cults and their final completion was 2012, and then in 2017 the doors opened for the Moontime and the Dreaming, starting on the world wide Eclipse that happened August 21, 2017. This was the sign that the  grandmothers and adult women over forty now flow with the energy of the magnetics of earth pouring up.


When we honor the spiritual grandmother we honor the most ancient prehistory cultures on earth, and the women over forty who are spiritual leaders, spiritual healers and spiritual teachers, bring that ancient part of us and our souls back to us. Try to do it more often and learn to honor the wise elders.

Ignore my grammar and spelling on this video, they are not my gifts this lifetime.

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