Nightmares, Bad Dreams, Demonic Dreaming and some Dream Medicine

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – After I mastered meditation (slowing down the mind to the zero point, which results in slowing down time), it thrusted me into my higher mind’s awareness. Then I headed my two past life karmic lives which was a twenty year painful detox mixed with that demonic eternal wrath. This finally led me to mastering lucidity, then out of bodies (mental astral body) which led to soul out of bodies (time travel of present and past and future). I am glad I worked on my karmic path first to build a solid foundation, before the dreaming and out of bodies descended my reality.

The world has held dangerous realities for my souls every night and what used to be everyday in my thirty year adult life which has finally completed this year with the ending of my second Saturn Return. This way of life as a dreamer (forth level shaman), forced me to enter greater realms of protection, from ordinary to the shaman and folk healing practices of the earths past.

This made me thankful for my devotion, my abstinence and sobriety of no alcohol, pot, or shamanic plants, vision drugs… for my thirst and my fever was to heal me and my karma in a three decade long journey as the main focus. That would pay off now as I enter elder in this era as the roaring twenties is just around the corner. Little did I know in my youth, that the resulted end of my fate, that I would master the light and become a demon slayer, an ancient Huntress of the Moon in her origin meaning.

baby shadows

Two of my apprentices and myself got hit pretty badly in our collective dreaming work this moon cycle. Since we are ancient dream huntresses, I let the demon posses my body on the first night we located her (on the dream planes – middle world) in order to be able to mark her, which allows me to “hunt” her wherever she went from that day forth. This demon is a past life demonic astral body of a living person – so I must be extra careful with how I bind this shape shifting black tar(ish) witch demon who for lifetimes has had dark power.

I used to have to do my work in the physical world with the person in front of me, but I no longer have to do that as a Dreamer (shaman) now that my three decades of initiations are completed and  the healing of my own karma (dissolving my own darkest past life shadows in the underworld). This of course was along side my ordinary life of my devotion to the practices of the light, including my real human life to heal ordinary struggles and issues like cancer and karmic relationships.

For me I do it all in dreaming, I bind the shadow astral bodies (of living humans) and then send it back to the underworld.  I am always careful in my exorcism work not to damage or hurt the living person (be they wicked person or a regular person). This way I do not accrue any personal karma for interfering with natures rules of life and death (birth, transformation, death and rebirth) of the soul, and that is most important in my work. I am fully conscious of that price one would have to pay if they are not conscious at great levels doing this work if they had not met their own demon shadows in long shamanic initiations and dissolved it completely. For this work when its real, is very dangerous.

Art by Andrew Wyeth

From this demon’s demonic and dirty energy, my physical eyes (and my soul eyes in dreaming) went a little blurry and were pieces of dirt left over from the possession. I also had a fever and was sick for about four weeks to burn off the darkness. About two weeks after we were all recovering, I set a dream intention for a healing that would bring me some medicine for all of us to heal faster.

My dream walking: That night I had gone to a Tibetan temple and entered the room and found a  Tibetan master who was wearing a very dark blue robe that was pressed in angles – like those ancient Chinese Emperor uniforms. I was not sure if he was Tibetan or a Chinese master, it didn’t matter. As soon as I walked up close to him (within his field) in the dreamtime, the dirt in my astral eyes and astral body, just cleared up immediately. We communicated (not in telepathy mental body or mental body dreamer) but soul to soul and the medicine he shared was to listen to original recordings of Tibetan sacred chants and then I woke up in this waking dream.

I felt three times a week for a month would be good, (but not listen to new age versions of the music but actual recordings since there are no monks I can go to where I live to sit in on a sacred chant).

Elder Mountain Dreaming

So we are all doing it each week now and improving, after four weeks I am completely back to normal and the demon witch is semi-bound, but as I said, it has to be done slow for the safety of the reincarnated person that this demon belongs to.

My suggestion is if you have dark dreams (and cannot see the demonic presence in your dreams at night), join a vocal Darshan where they sing sacred chants, or Chant “Medicine Buddha” with a Master teacher, or listen to origin recordings of the Tibetan monks to help assist with the dark dreams.

Here is a good one to listen to:

Art: Andrew Wyeth, Dreaming and Abhorson from the book Sabriel by Garth Nyx.

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