Uranus in Taurus 2018-2026

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – This Uranus in Taurus is special to me as an astrologer, because its going to fill in my T-Square at 6 degrees Taurus, completing my T-square planets of Uranus, Neptune, Juniper, Sun, Venus and Chiron (in cadent houses). Since my Sun is in Aquarius and opposite Uranus nataly, I have always been influenced by Perun the Lightning God and learned to structure chaos as my life’s work as a Dreamer (shaman). Uranus revolves around the Sun once every eighty-four years and when he returns to a chaos original position like Taurus, we usually experience great transformation.

As it enter Taurus, I compare it to the average Uranus midlife crisis occurs for everyone who is alive, and if you have been through this (38 to 43 years old) you know what I am speaking of personally. This is a good symbolic example of the Uranian upheaval forces that thrust the truth out of all of  us and admit to our self that we need to make changes midway through our life. With Uranus in Taurus for the next eight years, its a big cultural and worldwide midlife crisis and transformation for Humanity and the last three times its gone into Taurus, the same things have occurred. (see the charts at the end).

Uranus enters Taurus on the New Moon, May 15th 2018 where it will stay until the 26th of April 2026. The challenge in an earth sign like Taurus is that it activates all the other earth signs, so the authoritative Saturnian conservatives will be at odds with the Uranian freedom and oppositional forces (or the don’t tell me what to think or do part of society, clan and village). There is no good or bad here in this oppositional force, there is only change vs stagnation. If my estimation is correct over the last 20 years as a shaman who had all her visions in the 90s the great changes begin in 2019, and I hope I am wrong. Both our physical life and our spiritual one enters a great transformation. Think of the roaring 1920s and what happened ten years later… the roaring 20s are coming again.

Uranus in Taurus is our safety net, not in the prevention of chaos, but a pushing of us through it, into the mess so we can see it, experience it, and then change personally. This is after all, how humans work, by repeating and returning some old mistakes (karma) to our doorstep. 

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus (May 2018 – 2026)
The last time Uranus was in Taurus was world war two, 1934 – 1941 and it brought great challenges to the world and an end to some of the chaos of world dictators. Uranus has a giant ego and destroys pride when its in Taurus. Its especially deep as it enters Taurus because Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are all in Capricorn. The intention or foundation of any outer planet going into an oppositional force, sets the whole reality of the entire time in that sign and thus we have the maleness of the crazy Uncle Uranus and the shadow side of his three thug brothers who started the Patriarch and now he has returned to tear it down. You see, his three brothers ended up calling him not the light bearer which he was, but the Lucifer and then shamed him. Do you think that an unstable electrical god takes kindly to that? I don’t think so.

This time Uranus goes into Taurus with the other three in Capricorn, does not give the powerful or wealthy (above middle class) much of a chance to stand on like it usually does. This is because so many planets are in Capricorn challenged by the death and rebirth planet Pluto is deadly. Ask a Capricorn about how that feels lately. As we prepare for transformation and change coming soon, I know that we all have to adjust our “fixed stubbornness” and become more and more flexible to counter balance the energy of two very powerful opposing forces…

Key words of Uranus… disruptive change, science, impersonal, electricity, unique, intelligence agencies and intelligence, groups and freedom and on its shadow side – egotistical, destructive, rebelliousness, anarchy and chaos (and storms in Taurus because its an earth sign).

Key words for Taurus… earthy, work ethics, values, groundedness, sensuality, trustworthy, patient, perseverance and the shadow sides – hedonistic, stubborn, materialistic, low self esteem, lack of values and insecurity.

The combination of these key words when put together are… “earthy but has no real sense of value” or “destructive in order to be stubborn” or “the intelligent hedonist” – I think you can see the picture, that in times of pressure, everyone’s light and shadow comes forth but in intense pressure, we all can turn into jerks or very fearful. The shadow sides of us, our impatience, our delivery, our insecurities cannot be hidden with Uranus in Taurus, its like we all have a shadow nature, but we just can’t see it.

Uranus rules chaos and free magic, but unlike its brother Mercury who rules personal and structured awareness, that is more traditional, Uranus rules non-traditional chaos that are close to storms and lightning. Mercury also rules communication which is very personal, and thus, we rely on the messenger when its in a transformative reality. Uranus in Taurus combats all of these, it loves revolutions, destruction and burning down the house and doesn’t make any excuse or hold any guilt in its wrath.

Blue Jennifer Lawrence

The swiftness of change made Rome fall in a day, and that was a Uranus signature as well, the original planet that moves not only mountains through earthquakes but things we cannot control which is even more difficult. Saturn by its nature seeks too much protection and safety beyond reason, always building Roman roads to extinction, fear and the stopping of real progress called responsibility and maturity. Uranus’ best quality is the change itself and that is based on truth, but real humans hate real change, and this is the problem in general, it brings what we dislike… not fear, but what annoys us to the bitter end.

The beneficial reforms or anarchical disruptive elements of life, always will bring change for the better. People living in 1927 in Villages in Slovakia, or Poland, or the Czech Republic did not know that Uranus in Taurus was going to destroy their way of life and that it would take them thirty years to recover from 8 years of this planet… this is how swift Uranus influences on life act.

The rules freedom and the acts against conventional authority (Saturn), will seek the swift and drastic changes called reform. Uranus seeks and searches out the lie that we have gotten away with far too long, or afraid to confront. The elephant in the room which no one sees, now seeks to expose all of us to the truth, followed by the hands of chaos making that elephant visible for all to see. This goes for air and water pollution, corrupt politics to the modern sex trade industry funded by computer porn. Is there anything good? Not really, humanity has reached its peak, there is no where else to go and the hidden secrets of just how corrupt everything is, is too big to change. But we must try, it gives us purpose.

Is there any good from this combination of Uranus in Taurus? As an Aquarian myself, with Uranus opposite my Sun in a T-Square with five planets, I have only had the mirrors of chaos delivered to me since birth to understand how to work with chaos, but that took me 40 years to do it… So I can say, one gets used to chaos and then one learns to structure it without control. The blessings are only hindsight, the action of living within change is a struggle. I can never sugar coat Uranus energy even if I wanted to. In my Uranian life I have lived it far too long and full, I can’t say hardly anything good about Uranus except that its a necessary purification.

Uranus rules Idealism, and that is a wonderful and creative way to be for some people. The shadow sides of idealism can lead to the fanatical. Idealism cannot manifest without some kind of action to set the tone, but idealism is not really about action, its about ideas. Some people tend to believe their ideas are real, or the solution, without putting it into action. Idealism generally doesn’t pass the tests of Pluto, Saturn or Juniper reality, in order to be 100% real and manifestable.

I find that about 20% of Idealism is actually usable in societies or situations, after all, Nazi Idealism was a good example on a large scale of how too much Idealism doesn’t serve anyone but the idealist. Progress, Utopian Expectations and New Age are also all Uranian Idealism. This is why Uranus is the crazy uncle.

Yashas deer in the war, 1941
Yashas deer in the war, 1941

The Charts of the last three times Uranus was in Taurus…

Note that the 2018 and the 1767 chart – have a few things in common: 1. Uranus & Mercury are conjunct, 2. Pluto is in Capricorn and 3. Neptune is in Pisces right now and it was in the opposite sign of Virgo in 1767. This tells me why the Spiritual nature of the energy (dream) worlds will be involve rather than just the physical (Virgo).

2018 – Uranus in Taurus –  May 15, 2018 until April 26, 2026
Uranus in Taurus May 15 2018

Uranus in Taurus – June 6, 1934 – 1941
World War 2 (Chart US PDT)…

Uranus in Taurus 1934 Astrology Chart

Uranus in Taurus 1850-1858. Prominent issues of the changes of Slavery, Native American and the Civil War which was 1861– 1865.

Uranus in Taurus 1850 July 8

1767 1774 – Uranus in Taurus, American Revolution (1760−1791)…
Note that this chart puts Pluto in Capricorn just like it is today, as Uranus entered Taurus and Neptune was in Virgo, the opposite sign of what its in today (Neptune in Pisces) which means the illusions and horrors were in earthy Virgo so we could see it, but in Pisces its the opposite, its paranormal, or spirit clad and inbetween the worlds, like a shadow you see in the corner of your eye (even if you don’t believe). 

Uranus in Taurus 1767 May 2 @ 9 pm

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