Aphelion of the Moon Phases of Change

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – I am a Daughter of the Moon, a Dreamer with the Moon Birds, a Swimmer in the River of Life that Flows from the Great Mountain, a Huntress who puts boundaries on the shadows and one who lives by the seasons of moontime. I was born to live and understand timelessness as a living reality, each phase of the moon, its cycles and combinations of cyclical mirrors that effects, that are, and that have become my life. I learned to heal deeply enough to remember the moon and my own soul, and to die for my soul remembrances.

We walk, live, breath, detox and heal by the moon and her phases and that is the teacher of our souls, and we have many. What seems to be inconsistency, random or chaos in our lives, takes a blind dedication to commit to our soul who we rarely ever meet, but who is reflected as a mirror in almost everything we do and see, both shadowy and light. It is she (our soul) who guides us by this seemingly, invisible, inconsistency path we are on spiritually.

Our emotional life has patterns of magnetism connected to the pull of the moon, to gravity, to love lost, to the soul’s love of us. This movement is like the moon, it is steady but not simple, it is both visible and invisible, it is both full and empty, it is wise and has no common sense, it is cold and loving, it is both feeling and void of feeling.

I held my first moon circle in 1995 because of a deep fated thirst and have continued to evolve it, reconnecting to it the ancient goddess within and how that is expressed in circles and then dreaming circles. I combine all three to work with the 13 moons of nature’s seasons.

New Moon Watercolor by Pat Erickson

New, Full and Dark Moon
The three phases of life, begin with a conscious application of the mental body which is linked with the desire stage of life called the Maiden’s New Moon. Its veils and structures must come through the mind-body reality, and we must work at our practices and our observations. The veils into consciousness and self-awareness exists through the healing of the emotional body in order to touch both its karma and chaos of our many souls which begin with the…

Mother phase of the full moon. At this time of our life, we create, we change, we feel chaos and painful emotions, but different than the maiden. We enter the adulthood of karma. In the mother stages (anyone over thirty with or without children), we feel physically different, we embody our mother moon, and our karmic tests which arrive in different ways and our emotional issues if we are dreamers and moon people gets deeper and more intense. We put boundaries up to protect our moon nature.

The last cycles are maturity and wisdom’s growth of the Grandmother Dark Moon phases (this doesn’t mean shadow, it means internal). The fullness of emotion has subsides with no more moon time and the issues of mother should have been healed for over thirty years. The crisis and the letting go phases have completed as we enter our grandmother phase, the Golden Moon of the sacred River of Life.

This is when true wisdom from a life lived as maiden and mother has completed, and comes forth from the Mountain waters, down from the heavenly influences of purity. We then give back what we have learned, we support, we teach. If we have done our healing work in our maiden and mother phases of life we are healthy, wise and giving. If not, this time can be lonely, stuck in the past of memories of the fullness of the mother that will not let go of our heart. It can also be a time of illnesses, sicknesses or regret.

The Lunar sensitive nature, our emotional connections and our deep emotionally life, which connects us eventually to both its light and shadow, of the phases of our life, as a  reflective mirror. We life our waking life and our dream life and all along that journey, whether we are aware or not, there are mirrors in our life, like relationships, times of crisis, and phases emotional growth (maturity) as we develop each decade.

We grow, transform, change, experience hardships and then are reborn each month, each year as we progress with with our spiritual path. Our emotional struggles that we endure in our lifetime can be healed and balanced by working with real phases and cycles of the moon within a structure of emotional chaos. When supported by healing, and understanding the internal imbalances, we can wake up to our drama and start to change or at the least, put practices in our daily routines that help our inner life.

Elder Mountain Dreaming - Phases of the Moon Work

We were born in a particular moon cycle and that means for our internal life, we have a fate and destiny along with your soul lived through your emotional life. And like the phases of the moon, and the tides of our watery ocean within, it effects us deeply and also brings sorrows and emotional pain to our life at certain cycles …  for our emotional maturity and growth.

New Moon
Waxing Crescent Moon
First Quarter Moon
Waxing Gibbous Moon

Full Moon
Waning Gibbous Moon
Third Quarter Moon
Waning Crescent

When Grandmother was ruler over all things spiritual before the Sun (cults) rose on earth (around 1000 bce), a daughter of the moon, a mother of the moon and a grandmother of the moon was born into the initiations process at birth. She would complete all three 24 year cycle phases of her maiden, and then move into adult. If she was born to be a shaman the difficult moons would reveal her pain, if she was a healer, a medicine woman, that too would surface through the moon and lunar rites of prehistory. All is revealed in the moon path before we lived by the mind cults (the sun).

It doesn't have to be blue it doesn't have to be bloody or super the moon is alwaysHere are the Phases explained by one of my past teachers Demetra George who wrote a few books in the 90s on the Phases of the Moon, the Asteroid Goddesses etc. – Remember, moon is our internal life and how the sun (waking life and actions) reflects upon it in different phases of the year. A progressed moon will stay in a sign for approximately for four years (just like Saturn) and that moon effects us with different lessons and sensibilities.

New Moon – Spring – New Beginnings
Those born in the New Moon phase there is no light. It is the seed of beginnings its life beneath the soil, literally out of sight, those born at this Moon phase are full of energy and enthusiasm with many new moon creations. A constant starting of new projects and new feelings and new experiences. There is always a lot going on for New Moon individuals, but we must wait for maturity to understand its depth.

New Moon individuals take things serious but also have a lighter heart. New moon rules blindness but also innocence. Instinct will always be strong because of the lack of sight and one should always listen to their first gut feelings and instincts because its usually right. A strong desire for continually opportunities and the energetic life that this is a new lifetime and a new birth. New Moon have come to experience both stillness and life.

The Midnight Sun is the Moon of Winter, photo via telegraphcouk.png
Crescent Moon Spring – Pushing Forth
The seed begins to emerge from the ground, which shows the patterns of the Crescent Moon person, the struggle to push through beyond the new seed stages of life. Life wants the crescent person to learn something that is not seen and great efforts must be made in order to do so. Those born at the Crescent phase are full of all the energy and enthusiasm of the New Moon, but have an added touch of strength.

The blind rush to “do” of the New Moon but Crescent phase must learn awareness born from an instinctive knowing there is more to come. Crescent Moon individual’s creativity has a spiritual goal and the phase of the “first light” is seen within them and all around them. The Crescent Moon is the energy of light with focus and a sense of anticipation to do. The challenge for Crescent Moon phase individuals is to channel their anticipation into action and that action will always be labor intensive and requires strength.

First Quarter Summer – Growth
The first quarter and last quarter moons are about struggle, about tension and tests of the moon. First Quarter Moon is the first critical point where the Moon squares the original birth place of the moon (the new moon). The elements of tension or nervous energy in the heart must be worked through. From such difficulty this is the passionate, confident or non-confident state of the moon, its square itself in the waxing growth and therefor they are not natural risk takers but must learn to be.

They are quick to act but can can carry a chip on their shoulder, because life treats them very harshly in their focus of desire, as if they are trying to prove something to the world or the other person. Anger is both a first and third quarter issue, and the need to heal their emotional pain is of great importance and until they do, nothing will be peaceful. This is the phase of a “Crisis in Action”. First Quarter individuals are at the heart, whether recognized or jealous of, are ambitious, self motivated and independent and once they’ve decided to do something are hard to stop , their determination is the key.

Gibbous Summer – Preparation
This Moon phase is preparing fruit and flowers, because its the stage before the full moon, but there is still work to do, stones are still left un-turned from the previous lifetime. Those born at this Moon phase know that they must prepare or be prepared in life. They strive to know as much as possible about themselves in order to feel grounded yet touch beauty. Devoting time to personal development and growth is nourishing and supportive for Gibbous Moon people and there are many hints of success in life.

The desire to purify and perfect is a prominent life theme as these individuals constantly seek to improve their lives, be creative without being impulsive and seek new modes of self expression to honor their connection to all the moon phases before the full moon arrives. Even when it arrives, there is still work to do. Apprenticeships to life are important, to complete what they start which they do and it develops self esteem and feelings of peace when they do,

Lunar The Fullness Of Nature Sky Moon MysteryFull Moon Autumn – Fullness
The plant has matured and blooms in its expression and fruit ripens. The moon phase means the person will be busy for most of their life, they will have many people come in and out of their lives and some will stay the duration. Their work regardless of what it is, has emotional passion to it and they accomplish whatever they set out to do. The shadow sides are the drama of the full moon person, this is because many are attracted to this fullness and see it as desirable and beautiful.

Most full moon people and new moon people have common threads, just different sides of its expression, one is outer and one is inner. Sun and Moon now stand opposite each other, witnessing the other’s complete glory or complete failure, the full moon is the greatest mirrors in life that the person must face. Full Moon are relationship people, they find their mates that support their light, and like the Sun finally see’s the Moon, they grow into their own blossoming.

Finding the significant other, be it a personal or even their professional partner, is a catalyst for great periods of success. They come to shine and be adored, a very Libra or Leo moon phase type of person because its their time of illumination and that comes with a lot of things to do.

Disseminating Moon Autumn – Release
After the full moon life, we can be tired in our next life, and that can be the primary theme of the lives of disseminating individuals who must look back and give back. The Moon comes off her fullness and the slow processes of wisdom begins. Disseminating phase individuals are involved in beginner teachings or spreading their very important message of what they have learned in their life after forty. Remember if we live till we are 80 or so, 45 would be the disseminating period and thus it fits with the writing, the research or become active in community issues as they mature.

Disseminating Moon phase individuals are not so easily fooled as the previous moons, they have struggled early in life and it wasn’t from new issues or problems, it was from old issues and past life problems. The term “disseminating” itself, refers to distribution, meaning that they were spread out everywhere in their soul and emotional body, and must find valuable insight and meaningful in order to make that wisdom.

russian cave.jpg

Third Quarter Winter – Transformation

Now we enter the elder stages of the moon which is wisdom. These moon phase people take life more seriously, they were given more challenges at birth. Third Quarter people like first quarter moon people must struggle and grow, but unlike first quarter, they have accumulation of issues. These are life’s burdens which have been given because deep down their soul is strong and the test are to prove this, which will make them a champion for those who have been hurt, but also this accumulative struggle is a past life burden, that must be healed.

Third Quarter types have less issues of physical security and more issues of the crises in consciousness and this is connected to past life misgivings that emerge. Valuing and re-valuating the old patterns, must be hand sieved and moved though otherwise they can harden into concrete. Many cut ties with the beliefs that do not fulfill them and seek something more stable, common sense and nature based.

Waning Crescent Moon (Balsamic) Winter –  Death and Rebirth
The last phase is is the deepest of winter, which has an archetype of the hermit (and for those more social) who tend to be the crisis worker, ambulance drivers, hospice nurses and find satisfactions on the outskirts of life. This moon phase is about endings and their life is always in one way or another about completion. Even when young, they enter a lifetime of closure and completion and must work at being content with letting go, which brings the most healing for them. All three of the phases past the full moon, are about the expressions of letting go rather than new beginnings as a life theme. They learn to leave situations or others leave them, in the end, with dignity.

The female or male monk who meditates alone helps us find peace in both the reflect and spiritual freedoms that are so essential and needed for Balsamic phase individuals. Nature can be their greatest allies and the mysticism of nature their friend. Often referred to as the scorpion type, they hold much wisdom and find peace with those burden eventually.  They are complex but karma always stands in the way of such validity within community when young. They are not really to be within community like the full moon people, they are to give service without ego and bow without having praise.

Sometimes sicknesses can be the Balsamic moon phases lessons and path, which pushes them naturally into the quiet, retiring and resilient. Or they care for the sick because they are quiet, retiring and resilient. Balsamic moon is about endings on the verge of new beginnings and if they do their work emotionally and soul wise this lifetime, that rebirth at their third stage of life can happen and they begin a new moon life at the end of their life.

Those are the 8 of the 13 Moons
These are the eight phases of the moon which is what I call the Midnight or Night symbolism which goes along with all the teachings of the Night Goddesses (also called star goddesses, sky goddesses). The complexities of the thirteenth moon mystery is something that has taken me my whole life as my life’s dedicated to the moon. Walking and living it, and evening dying for the rebirths to finally complete the wisdom aspects. It was a great validation when I entered the thirteenth moon last year as the ending to my journey, it was so subtle that its phase is invisible to the world. I have finished all my moon work this lifetime and enter elder now.

Moon work to truly work with it to advance in consciousness, one must detox from any perception or illusion causing stimulants such as pot, alcohol, medications, drugs, shamanic plants, shamanic drugs etc. That is absolutely mandatory for moon work to actually work right from the beginning.

Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings (1882) moon
* Working with Phoenix and Elder Mountain –  If you would like to be on our once a month newsletter to join us here in the free, once a month lunar work-study, please send us an email and we will put you on our list. Phoenix also does personal “Astrological Moon consultations” of your personal moon and north and south node fated destiny, which effects your growth, sensitivity and four year cycle phases. Also how your moon influences and effects your karmic cycle. To join one of Elder Mountains Moon or Dream Circles in person, they will resume after Spring of 2019.

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