Melusine and the Water Beings

Compilation & additions by Phoenix of Elder Mountain – A Melusine is a twin-tailed siren and mermaid, associated with numerous stories and legends, and is imbued with symbolic meaning in alchemy. The most common iteration of the Siren is Melusine from medieval legend. Melusine (sometimes, Melusina) was, according to legend, beautiful woman with a disturbing tendency to transform into a Serpent and this nature triggers chaos and calamity. One of the stories is the famous French Folktale:

Melusine was the daughter of Pressina a full-fledged water fairy and the daughter of a mortal man, King Elinas (or King Helmas) wasn’t always a mermaid serpentine creature. According to the myth and legend stories, she was stricken with this ailment or condition after her mother found out what Melusine did to her father, King Elinas.

King Elinas had met Pressina at the “fontaine de la soif” (Fountain of Thirst) and fell madly in love with her instantly. He then asked for her hand in marriage. Pressina agreed to marry the king under the condition that he never enter into her chambers during or just after childbirth. Shortly after the marriage she became pregnant with triplets and soon thereafter gave birth to three daughters Melusine, Melior, and Plantina.

When the daughters are teenagers, Pressina takes the girls to look upon their father’s realm. She tells the girls about the promise their father broke and Melusine decides to seek revenge against her father. She convinces her two other sisters to help her kidnap their father and imprison him inside of a mountain. Once Pressina finds out about this, she becomes very upset and punishes Melusine by telling her that she will become a half-fish/serpent creature every Saturday for the rest of her life.

Melusine goes on living in the forest until one day she stumbles across Raymondin,-Count of Anjou (some stories say Duke of Aquitaine), who had been very distressed due to accidentally killing his uncle during a boar hunt. He was unsure what to do, and since having come across Melusine, she promised him that she help him obtain riches, wealth and power to which he could never imagine and offered advice how to go about explaining the accidental death he caused of his uncle to his family. The new found companion he found in her, helped ease his grief. He was so pleased with Melusine’s help that he asked her to be his bride. She agreed under one condition,  that he could not see her in her chambers on Saturdays, no matter what.

A Melusine playing the harp coloured woodcut by Jost Amman

He agreed to the silly request and they were married at once. Melusine helped him gain power to the kingdom and build up the city of Poitou and newly built Lusignan, where Melusine became the mother of the Lusignan line. She even had the castle built in Lusignan and ruled over the land graciously and lovingly to her people.

Over time the happy couple had in upwards of at least 10 children (most of which were born with a deformity of some sort). It was obvious due to the time span of so many children being born that they had been married for at least 10 years or more when Raymondin became pressured by family members about Melusine’s odd Saturday activities. It became more curious when they mentioned that she didn’t like to attend Mass at their Cathedral and Raymondin started wondering what she may be doing in her chambers by herself.

In a fit of jealousy (thinking she may also be cheating ) he peeked through the keyhole in the door to her chambers and sees her bathing in a tub. She appeared as beautiful as ever from the waist up, but from the waist down her fish or serpent-like body splashed around with a fierce tail.  Raymondin couldn’t believe his eyes but never did he mention this to anyone until their son Geoffrey burned down the Church. He felt that Geoffrey was a bad soul and had perhaps inherited it from his wife, Melusine. He then accused her of being a “Faulse Serpente.”

Melusine then is so distraught over the fact that Raymondin not only knew of her secret, thus he broke his promise, but also that he announced it to everyone of what she really was. Some books say Melusine then turned into a serpentine creature  or dragon and flew away, while I read another state she jumped out the window in her fish-like state and swam away into the river. She was said to visit her children in the night in human form but other stories claim that she was a bad omen, for if you saw her flying around crying out that meant an impending death in the land.

King Elinas’ curiosity got the best of him after his elder son (previous marriage) insisted that he go in and see his wife and new babies. Pressina was so overcome with sadness because her king had broken his promise, that she takes the babies and runs away off to a hidden island, Cephalonia.  The Faerie Mélusine is an ancient being of European mythology, primarily found in Northern and Eastern France and in Southern Germany.

Medieval Mermaid at Clonfert Cathedral in County Galway, Ireland. Photo Mike HardingIf we start today in our fairy-tales and fairylands, and walk backwards in time – we enter folklore of the same stories. If we go further back in time we enter paganism stories of the goddess and then walk further back into the goddesses of ancient history. If we go a little further into the prehistory past, we enter the shamanic cultures. Starting from today, each step we took, we cut off more and more of woman and her soul, their legends, their stories and their animism beginnings, wounded beyond repair until now they are just fairytales.

The great destruction of the shamanic cultures took the soul of the water or earth or air or even fire beings and they ended up in a cute little, harmless quaint maiden girl called a Melusine fairy.  The Mélusine archetype dates back to prehistory and was  not a faerie, but for woman to live in the patriarch, there were no places for the Queen Divinity of woman of the Ocean and her daughters, there were fairytales.

In the greatest powerlessness of her her water clans, by the 1400s all literary and folk tales created versions of Mélusine, or Mermaids or Sirens in compilation became ones of sorrow and misfortune. One of the standard folktale is that of the supernatural maiden who marries the mortal. There is always a mistake the mortal must not make, or else the supernatural maiden will abruptly depart, and the is then marriage severed.

This usually leaves the immortal with a wounded soul and the human heartbroken, and any offspring of the marriage left behind so the immortal can fulfill her destiny. I can relate to this as a shaman when my initiations at the more wrathful metamorphosis, caused me to undertake a karmic purifications that occurred in which I was served this archetype in a timed fated manner and the transformation thus begun into the light leaving broken hearts in its path.

Melusine was one such being in folktales and mythology as there are so many of what women endured during the rising of the kingdoms and their wars when they lost their spiritual connections to mother earth and her oceans. In other words, her souls were fragmented and wounded. In a French tale, she marries a nobleman in the middle ages, but he inevitably made the mistake. She returned to her siren or watery form and departs, leaving her human children behind and returning to her extra-dimensional watery life as a soul-spirit.

The animism shamanic connection to folklore, is when her descendants were in danger, and she could sense it and come to protect them. Melusine would soul travel to warn them in their dreams or if she was still bound to earth, help them in the physical life. She could warn of approaching danger, or merely mourn their passing like the banshees do. There are many water being humans that are underdeveloped in their spiritual capabilities such as the dolphin clans, the mermaid clans, the nymph and water sprite clans, the whale clans, the salmon soul clans, these people all have watery souls and in animism have great gifts.

In folklore there are quit a few ways they change and shift, and as in all things, we only get a few gifts if you belong to this clan, but karmic purification of all your past lives that hold karma is the gate of no return (suffering endlessly) until purified…

Create magical or magnetic shields of protection
Transport (astral project) or dream / precognitive 
Communicate with animals
Swim through the air as though it were water
Memory and remembrances of the past
Travel the oceans astrally
Emotional and Soul healing
Hydrokenisis and Aerokenisis gifts
Cloud Water Serpentines

Melusine de Alba - The Soul Sheela Na Gig
A watery Sheela Na Gig type of Mélusine

How do we go from reclaiming the destruction and the soul that is in prison to return our great divine soul (higher self) and animism souls? Its a very long journey, a spiritual path of healing our emotional body, our woundedness, our karma, our awareness, healing our mental and physical body (seeking purity on every level). Those must be pierced open by fate, but there are things we can do along the way that optimize our life. It takes lifetimes, so don’t waste time, get started and reclaim as much as you can this lifetime.

Sources: French Folktales (Pantheon Fairy Tale & Folklore Library) by Henri Pourrat;; 


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