13th Moon & First Moon of Spring 2018

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Blessings beautiful Moon People, Artful Dreamers, Creative Artists, Soulful Dancers, Witches, Wild Women and Men and everyone inbetween. We begin our 13th Moon & the First New Moon of Spring on Saturday, March 17, 2018 and the Spring Equinox, Tuesday, March 20th! Its the season of endings and new beginnings as ‘endings’ and ‘new beginnings’ are equal in the 13th moon cycle. There are three parts in this writing today: 1. The 13th moon writing & the Black Canoe Mythology; 2. Marzanna’s final Spring Equinox Ritual; and 3. Examples of Intentions for this month.

Clear your distractions away today, take a deep yawn and stretch and shake off last years moons, like a wolf who shakes the water off her wintery coat. Accept that its time to embody the next layer of our Moon-Spirit as the 13th moon cycle releases old sedimentary layers of emotional issues and completes all of last years moons. Our First Moon of Spring reminds us of the eternal rebirth of our earthly life and why embracing our new beginning is healthy in both ritual, song, prayer, spell, incantation and dance.

For our moon this month, we learn how take the very first steps (again) to strengthen our foundation for the entire year. The 13th moon keeps repeating her foundations until we are solid within it and remember who she is. We must relearn the steps of our spiritual path again and again, just as a good yoga teacher must practice over and over to perfect a peaceful balance with a healthy body. Moon work seeks the workings of a healthy emotional body and a relationship with our soul’s life who communicates through our dreaming life. Moon is our relationships to our feelings, our body, our behaviors, our fears and our intimacy and we strengthen this “one moon cycle” at a time “with one intention” …


Russian Maslenitsa
Traditional Slavic Winter Goddess releasing through Fire for the Spring Goddess to Return


On the 13th moon cycle each year, we are given one wisdom moon of the year, its more of an expanding stillness which can also bring messages for the entire year. Remember, each moon cycle, our personal actions and signs begin either at the new moon or the full moon because of what the moon phase was at our birth. For many, we have some moons that have all the activity at the new moon and some at the full. If you do the work long enough, it all just beings to flow continually like a spring.

As an elder now, I can look with hindsight and see fully that my fate this lifetime was to live the Autumn and Winter (The Season of Night), which was full of struggles, karma, an empaths continual pain, and the old souls burdens. But I did not know this when I was young or even up to my late 30s. Instead I was struggling and seeking to live a Spring and Summer life (The Season of Fire), which is filled with abundance that relishes in love and light.

What I ask of you today is to address which person are you? And what life have you lived so far? Which Season do you live, the Season of the Night or the Season of Fire? Reflect back on your life, as you might see clearer what you have been made to walk as a path – even if you struggled for something else.

Its so important that we know where we live “within” with our emotional body. Do we live in a dark moist forest, or a sunny and vast desert, close to the ocean of emotional turmoil or in the air, where we constantly have to clarify that we remain grounded? In order to work with our reality without self judgment – we work at seeking clarity in so many different ways. This is not easy, in fact, its the most difficult task on earth today. Keep doing it anyway, its a path of blindness seeking to see.


egg ukraine 1.jpgFuture Benefits, is it Joy or Worry?  – There is a sorrow in our heart; or we toss and turn sleeplessly, fearing there is some calamity in store, and the good times only make it worse. Rejoice in your happiness and you will benefit greatly. In any undertaking, hardship always is preceded by accomplishment, but worries are empty while our accomplishments are full. Worrying is needless over-layering circumstances that are beyond our control. Take time to rejoice in what you have right now, then assess the situation again in a little while. Is your worry about that or can yodig deeper to what is “really” bothering you?

Lets talk about your syncronicities and signs that appear right before the new moon each month so we can ease some of that worry. Messages come in threes, you may only see one, and that is ok, practice eventually makes perfection in this type of lunar work. Mercurial messages take forms in images, words, wrong phone numbers, written notes blown by the wind at your feet. And in great cycles, they can be blatant to down right dangerous. Are you paying attention to them right before the new moon?

People talk about listening to that small inner voice or watching for signs, those are good but its only once in awhile do we need to listen. There are only two times we need to pay attention to signs in one moon cycle, the first is the three days and nights up to the new moon and the three days of the full moon itself (day before, day of and day after). These times reveal pretty much everything for the whole month’s cycle and its when we need the greatest focus to pay attention.

Its so important to understand how “the self” works as we mature, especially within these mystical aspects of cycles, syncronicities and signs as an inner guide. If we really pay attention, life is always trying to give us what we need, not what we want. If we only look for what we want, we miss all the signs and syncronicities. Its that simple.

In this type of emotional soul work of the moon, there is always the ebb and flow of intention and then the releases which relieves the pressures of our life. This is especially true if we are trying to simplify, trying to lead a more healthier and honest life and/or spiritual life.

Let me share my examples of this moon’s synchronicity/signs in the last three days…

  • Personal: The first sign was the word Ameenbas. I searched the word, knowing it was of Egyptian or Arabic root:  1. Ameen – An honest and trusting person (or appears to be); and the second half of the word 2. B’as – which mean harm. This word carries the balance of both light and shadow and I take note for my 13th moon cycle.
  • Inter-personal: I was wearing an old pair of sweat pants, that were punk, which  my daughter wore in her teenage years. I keep them because she gave them to me, plus they are super comfortable. On the rear they have the words Christian Death with a graphic of the cross with two skull bones. I am guessing its a punk band’s logo. A woman walked up to me in the store to ask me about my pants, what that meant and got real close looking at my butt. I explained it was a Punk band symbol and that if it offended you – I do apologize. She was gracious and said no… but I know words and symbols have meanings which can trigger peoples fears.
  • Collective: A huge double Rainbow appeared yesterday, first with heavy rains, then the breaking of the clouds against the southern mountain range, then the Rainbows appeared, a low arc near the ground. This was in the direction of the north which happens to be where the five yellow star sits (difficulty) in Chinese esoterics this year. So rainbow was good sign, and as usual, I drank it up breathing the Rainbow into me, as I always do.
  • 13th Moon – The Spirit of Haida Gwaii (The Black Canoe) The last symbol that appeared was Black Mirror, a Black Dog and Black Canoe all the day before the new moon…
The Spirit of Haida Gwaii (The Black Canoe)
The Spirit of Haida Gwaii (The Black Canoe) 

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii of the black canoe is the heritage of the Haida Gwaiis which literally means the “Islands of the Haida people” and is the heartland of the Haida Nation. The islands are separated from the North Coast of British Columbia’s mainland and Nisg̱a’a, Tsimshian and the Lingít Aaní to the east by Hecate Strait. Finally, to the north across the disputed Dixon entrance is Alaska and much of the Lingít Aaní. The Haida, who make up approximately half of the population for 13,000 years, to this day, they exert control over their sovereignty of the islands through their acting government, the X̱aaydaG̱a Waadluxan Naay.

The Black Canoe mythology carries the following passengers:  Raven, the traditional trickster of Haida mythology, holding the steering oar; Mouse Woman, crouched under Raven’s tail; Grizzly Bear, at the bow and staring towards Raven; Bear Mother, Grizzly’s human wife; and their cubs, Good Bear (ears pointed forward) and Bad Bear (ears pointed back); Beaver, Raven’s uncle; Dogfish Woman; Eagle; Frog; Wolf, claws embedded in Beaver’s back and teeth in Eagle’s wing; a small human paddler in Haida garb known as the Ancient Reluctant Conscript; and, at the focal point, the Kilstlaai in Haida (human Shaman) who wears the Haida cloak and woven spruce root hat. a tall staff carved with images of Seabear, Raven, and Killer Whale.

Consistent with Haida tradition, the significance of the passengers is highly symbolic. The variety and interdependence of the canoe’s occupants represents the natural environment on which the ancient Haida relied for their very survival: the passengers are diverse, and not always in harmony, yet they must depend on one another to live. The fact that the cunning trickster, Raven, holds the steering oar is likely symbolic of nature’s unpredictability.

Its important in the 13th moon cycle / first moon of spring to start our “lunar” year off by paying attention and keeping notes of what happens. This is how we check in emotionally to experience creative acts from the self, for the self. In two weeks, we then get the answer to our one moon intention around the full moon release intention.

Many people prefer to work with synchronicity or sign work in the privacy of their own home with pulling Tarot Cards or something similar or going to a reader, but as a Shaman I have to let life, animals, the wind and snow, and all the messengers bring me my message each moon cycle (like the woman in the store). This is because moon work is a living “experience” and the messages from messengers are the “mirror” part of the process. The great consciousness and unconscious reality entering our life in waking or dreaming.

Avery, Spring Daydream
Avery, Spring Daydream


egg ukraine 3Those of you who participate in our yearly Slavic Winter and Spring Equinox Ritual of Marzanna (or at your own home), we will share our photos on our facebook page the day after the Spring Equinox on Mar 21st. I hope those of you who did build one and burn it share your photos on our facebook/ElderMountainRetreats.

If there are any exploring people stepping outside their comfort box heading into spirituality or any pagan or witches here, I want you to know that some of the Slavic traditions like Marzanna (burning) are older than paganism and we honor Marzanna as the Dark Goddess in her origin as a reflection of us. In her ritual symbolism, she is the “Season of Winter” and we burn her and or throw her in the river (or water) lighting her on fire on the day of the Spring Equinox, to release Winter itself, so Spring may commence and come forth.

She has many names: Polish Marzanna (pagan) Black Madonna (religious), Lithuanian Morė), Czech, Bulgarian, Slovene, Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian Morana; Slovak and Macedonia Morena; Russian: Maslenitsa (Russia). Belarus and Ukraine: Mara. Poland folklore as Mora, Zmora Końska, Mara, Nocnica, Dusznica, Moréna, Mora or Marmora. A prehistory Dark Goddess of Seasonal Rites associated with Winter’s Death, Rebirth of Spring and Dreaming (night goddesses/star goddesses). As she transitions into Kostroma, Lada, Vesna (Spring).  Hope you do it with us next winter.

Goals are our relationship to the “outer world” and Intentions are our relationship to our “inner world.” Moon work is reflective mirror work, the mirrors of life, which reflects our intention back to us, and its “never” what we think its going to be.

Chose only one…

I love myself
I am beautiful
I am healthy
I commit to my personal health
I am strong
I feel my grief and nurture myself

I respect myself
I assert my will to change me
I accept myself, just as I am
I express personal anger with respect

I practice healthy boundaries
I practice safe sexual boundaries
I practice safe energetic boundaries
I am honest with myself
I express my competitive nature in a healthy way

I am healthy in my physical body
I give myself permission to express frustration
I am grounded
I am focused
I am well rested

I take care of my needs first
(if you’re putting everyone else first)

I live authentically in the present moment
I am positive

13th Moon March 17 2018.png

Happy New Moon, Spring Equinox & Blessings to You!  ~ Phoenix

Note: Phoenix’s lunar and moon work is copyrighted so please do not use any part of her seasonal moon information for you own books or teachings without her permission.

Phoenix as a folk healer or teacher of the emotional and soul side of your being and your dreaming, or if you would like to be on our contact list and once a month email, please write to Eldermountaindreaming@gmail.com. LUNAR SHARING GUIDELINES: For all articles, monthly new/full moon writing, please share the “link” on your social media, instead of copying text or partials, thank you for sharing and supporting our soul and dream work here at Elder Mountain.



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