The Mind and Shadows of the Mental Body

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – For three thousand years we have been on the great quest, the great journey and all manifestations of the Mind Cult. Everything we live today, from bridges, to clear cut trees, to universities and written languages, to the military, to cities have all fallen understand the sun and its rise to power. Now that the moontime is rising and the sun cults are setting in the great cyclical process we are left with the shadow sides of all these great conquests, wars, laws of the human mind. Buddhism is the one principle which has rebelled them all and still survives in tact.

Holistic healing of our Mental Body, which also effects our Mental Astral Body (the dreamer who is lucid or projects dreams), is generally the first approach and steps to a healing spiritual path of all three bodies (mind, body and soul). Learning to silence and quiet the mind’s insistent calls for distraction, for mind-noise and compulsive mental behaviors are not an easy feat to accomplish when reaching for meditation to help us distress and heal our addictions.

We heal the mental body by learning to listen if we are a big talker and sharing if we are the quiet or shy type. We heal the voices of self abuse, by learning to detach in a positive way and develop the observer through practices. We heal the mind of compulsive behaviors if we commit to our healing journey to “let go” when we have had enough pain, addiction or suffering of mental illness and mental pain. Many of the worlds sicknesses and issues are really emotional sickness but the behaviors are called the mind, when they are not. Sometimes clarity about which body we are really suffering with, is work all in itself.

For those not in crisis with the mental body, but still have moderate to intense issues, there are places that offer silent retreats (Vispasana) and peaceful heart warrior and a more committed Buddhist mediation practice such as Zen, which is more silent than all the other Buddhist or sound, voice, chant, drum meditations. Some of the issues the mental body has are more severe and should be addressed with a talk-therapist first to get some clarity or just beginning to learn to share one’s imperfections and struggles. Only those who do not like medications and are firmly committed to practices everyday, should consult a holistic healer or shaman (non plant, non drug shamanism).

Almost all diagnosis today and the last fifty years and even spiritual teachings, call everything the Mind, Power of the Mind, Manifestation of the Mind, etc. This is not truth, only 1/3rd of our reality is our mental body, the emotional body is the other third and the physical body is the other third, when it comes to healing our issues. In my path, I healed all of them, and continue to do so to keep unified and purified. Here are some basic mental body issues, their shadow sides and remedies (practice commitments).

1. All or Nothing Thinking within Duality of the Mental Body
Looking at life in two categories, fight or flight, duality of good or bad, with no middle ground at all, not even for the self “If I fall short of perfection, I’m a total failure.” Shadow: This is a fear of conflict by denying that options exist within the self or the other, and working it out face to face. Over achievers tend to have this issue. Remedy: Zen Meditation and challenging one’s self to do practices with the “intention” of failure and then congratulating oneself. 

2. Over Generalization
Generalizing from a single negative experience, expecting it to hold true forever, example “I didn’t get hired for the job. I’ll never get any job.” After years of this is really difficult to break the mind down to stillness but it can be through dedication within meditation. Shadow: This is a fear of acknowledging solutions and letting the mind control negative self thoughts or thoughts about others. Remedy: Zen Meditation and giving the mind less power and control by responding to it, with positive feedback every time you catch yourself over generalizing. Taking creative classes in order to improve personal solutions in an artistic way in order to express the unconscious and seeing it.

3. Mental Filter
Focusing on the negative because life has treating you badly while filtering out anything that touches a wound. Noticing the one thing that went wrong and feeling that pain beyond an ordinary amount of time a few days or weeks later, rather than living in the present moment. Solutions are practices that continually bring the mind back to the present moment, so the original wound can surface and we see it (eventually) more clearly. Shadow: The fear is self denial or denial/trust issues in  the other. Remedy: Zen Meditation and working with healers who specialize in Self Nourishment and Self Love practices.

Mental Body Issues - Mind Issues.png

4. Diminishing
Repeating the past, not from a healing perspective or practices, such as forgiveness or forgiveness of the self, or yoga, meditation, working with a healer, therapist or shaman (non drug non plant), but coming up with reasons why positive events don’t count, or disregarding the importance of one’s truth or others truth. This is called negative hyper-focus and it comes forth deep from the unconscious of the emotional body, pain or inner child wounds and the mind tries to deal with a emotional reality when it cannot. Denial example: I did well on the presentation, but that was just luck. etc. Shadow: Confusion.  Remedy: Zen Meditation and Sobriety and taking classes on Honest Communication / Right Relationship.

5. Jumping to Conclusions
Assumptions and non-reality events, making negative interpretations without actual evidence or deep listening, or asking the other more detailed questions, or sharing your feelings, when particular difficult situation which occurred. Example: “I can tell she doesn’t like me or I just know something terrible is going to happen and I cannot rest or relax at all until time proves it wrong.” Shadow: The fear is distraction and confusion (sometimes from accumulated use of pot, alcohol, drugs, shamanic plants etc even if its only once a month or once a week (which is a lot). Fear of self love. Remedy: Zen Meditation. Practicing honesty in small then larger ways to put yourself in a vulnerable position with friends and family, and suffering the pain of how that feels.

6. Catastrophic-izing
Expecting and then dwelling on the mental bodies worst-case scenarios that “could” happen even if it doesn’t. Example “The pilot said we’re in for some turbulence and the catastrophic-izing Mind’s reaction: The plane’s going to crash.” Shadow: The fear of conflict or directly dealing with difficult situations that cause stress or emotional stress. At a more intense level, disturbing thoughts stuck in the past tense and in a repetitive loop. Connected to emotional trauma at its root when the original catastrophic event(s) happened. Remedy: Zen Meditation and working with emotional body healers.

7. Mental Bullying
Justifying and justification of being right by the mind’s thoughts. Believing that the way you think about something, reflects actual reality which allows the mind to believe it to be truth truth when it is not. Years of this causing compulsive and addictive mental thoughts that become out of control. Example: “I feel frightened right now. That must mean I’m in real physical danger. I feel frightened right now, that means its the other persons fault.”) Shadow: The fear is mental drama leading to illusion causing discernment, or at more extremes disillusionment. Low self esteem in passive-aggressive behaviors of power issues of having to be right.  Remedy: Zen Meditation and working with emotional body healers and/or talk therapists.

8. Good verses Evil
Holding yourself to a strict list of what you should and shouldn’t do and beating yourself up if you break any of these rules. Holding others to be accountable if they do not believe in your religion, beliefs, morals or family ways. Shadow: The fear is self creative expression and personal freedom.  Remedy: Zen Meditation and Personal accountability practices within being vulnerable about being judged.

9. Labeling and Judgment
Labeling yourself based on past mistakes and perceived short-comings that one cannot see a solution or a situation that can never change which effects the mind’s way of judgment, clouded judgment. Judging others the same way (external). Example: “I’m a failure; an idiot; a loser or they are a failure, idiot or loser.” Shadow: The fear of failure, low self esteem. The fear of vulnerability. The fear of forgiveness.  Remedy: Meditation and practicing forgiving others and the self. Choosing to put yourself in vulnerable situations by sharing your shortcomings with a therapist or healer.

10. Rationalization of the Personalization
Assuming responsibility for things that are outside of our control or someone else’s bad behaviors, and assume that responsibility for them by trying to make things “nice” all the time. Or not doing anything about it because it causes conflict, but just holding it as if it were yours. Example: “It’s my fault my son got in an accident. I should have warned him to drive carefully in the rain.” Shadow: The fear is guilt, fear of conflict.  Many empaths suffer from this. Remedy: Meditation and practices to keep reminding the mind to live in the present moment, especially when things are running smoothly. Addressing personal emotional pain (issues) with a healer and or therapist.

Phoenix mastered both Zen Meditation and the Busy Mind (mental noise) through years of dedication and mental break(throughs). She works with others to get the mind under control. Email her at for more information. 

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