Second Moon of Spring 2018

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings artists, dreamers and lunar muses, I hope that your last moon cycle was supported, slightly challenging and you recognized at least one awareness or change, in a positive letting go. We start the Second New Moon of Spring on April 15, 2018. Second moons are all about fullness of the three moons of each season. We continue to build our practices of emotional and soul healing through awareness and if you are new to this work-study, the link to the basics is at the very end.

Our moon cycle starts off with Sun, Moon and our crazy Uncle Uranus, all conjunct in Aries and this energy flowing means its time for change, changes and changing. Wherever Uranus shows up on a new moon, the clock down the hall starts chiming its eerie sounds in the middle of the night for no reason at all, as the lightning god is sure to come find us and cause a little bit of trouble. Uranus also rules the truth and once we are comfortable with speaking our truth we must do it from there forth. Kto prawdę gada, wiele slow nie potrzebuje. Truth gives a short answer, lies go round and round.

Next month, the last moon of springagain the thunder god will be conjunct mercury, and will also entering the earthy sign of Taurus and stay in that sign position until April 2026. Are you read for some big changes to happen world wide (and for us, one moon cycle at a time) for the next 8 years? I hope so.

Most of you dedicated readers here know that last year’s 5 new moons were conjunct Mars (our actions), and we had to work out our personal choices and act upon them in order to flow. Now we raise that bar higher this year because officially Moontime has now begun and you may think that is a bold statement, but I have waited my whole life for this Spring – to share that the Sun Cults after 3,000 years is finally over, just wait and watch.
Sztetl.Zobacz też inne plakaty z serii PLAKAT-POLSKA Or

 Oracle for this Moon
The Ornamental Garden – “The year is a good one, the season is right, cultivated fields stretch out into the distance. Peace reigns over all like the majestic Mount Tai. There will be no unseen reverses. When the fields are cultivated to await the fullness of harvest, there can finally be no ill fate for you. Your inner peace is immovable, if you have done all the healing work. And like mighty Mount Tai, you calmly survey your good works. All are in accord, and as a result, there is no contrary indications.

If you have worked diligently and paid due attention to the unfolding of all seasons, so that all your actions have been purified and timely, there is nothing more in life to worry about. If you have not spent all your time on these processes, then it is time to begin if you wish for inner peace.”

This month we also have the general’s planets aligned: “Mars, Saturn & Pluto” conjunct in Capricorn, which are square the Sun, Moon, Uranus conjunction in Aries guiding us with the Magic Lantern this moon. This is a lot of tension and power with two collective planets and the very personal sun and moon. Each of us will be required to hold our inner power, and not forget that a master is one who just holds on for five more minutes in any situation that is intense. This requires a combination of practicing patience, focus and groundedness as a commitment.

Odilon RedonEnjoy the beauty of spring and do your self-love a favor, meet your challenges this moon cycle with integrity and impeccable speech. Say what you mean and mean what you say, because its wiser to have the god of truth throw his lightning bolts at someone else than fear our own truth. If you are shy, then practice speaking up this month, if you are a chatterbox, then practice some silence. Honor and embrace your personal “oppositions”  this moon cycle.

Spring is of course, our time of new beginnings, our joy to be alive, and our health that always needs attention no matter what. We all are in a process of understanding our journey and how we work as spiritual beings and that takes dedication. Through the four seasons of this year, we cannot jump ahead to summer, nor can we hold onto winter’s past, even if we wanted to. Mother nature teaches us that we must walk with and experience all that is put before us.

I suggest that each moon cycle this year, be your great altar to the great mother (earth), and that you have something new to learn as a co-creative. This is because no ‘real’ visions come without sorrow, no real peace within can be attained without great struggle, and no life can be lived without karma to burn. Practicing being kind to yourself each and every single day this moon cycle is necessary as beautiful as spring is beautiful. If your tired rest, if your angry, cry… spiritual work is hard and anyone who says different, is certainly not doing doing the hard work of spirituality, its purifications and the challenges of waking up more and more inside. None of this is free nor easy.

Charles Giron 1850 - 1914 Le nuvole Valle di Lauterbrunnen 1901.png

New Moon Example Intentions:
For the newbies, we pick “one” intention of something we personally need to work on, heal or improve. Light a candle, light some sage, create sacred space, then speak your “one intention” out loud. We then observe the self’s behaviors, with what arises as challenges in the next two weeks before the full  moon. At the full moon, we set one “release” intention based on what arose since the new moon, and on what no longer serves our highest good. The new moon intent and the full moon release will work eventually work in synchronicity as you get better at it. Its a slow building practice:

I respect myself

I am positive
I listen deeply
I practice self-control
I am peaceful (if you feel stressed)

I am grounded
I am creative
I am patient
I accept myself
My desire is healthy

I am loved
I am balanced
I am responsible
I nurture myself
I speak my truth
I use my will in a positive way

I am strong emotionally (if you feel you are not)
I am strong physically (if you feel you are not)
I am focused mentally (if you feel you are not)

I practice healthy boundaries
I have safe sexual boundaries
I am honest with myself
I am healthy in my body (if you are not)

I practice self control
I embrace joy (if you are depressed)
I embrace my new beginning
I live in the present moment
I express my frustrations in a healthy way
I am healing my anger (or frustration, impatience etc)
I create a strong boundary with my addiction (which addiction)

Ludwik Stasiak (1858-1924).jpg

from Pippa Passes

    The year’s at the Spring 
    and day’s at the morn; 
    Morning’s at seven; 
    The hillside’s dew-pearled; 
    The Lark’s on the wing; 
    The Snail’s on the thorn: 
    Great Spirit is in heaven— 
    All is right with the world!

~ Robert Browning (1812-1889)

New Moon Astrological Chart… April 15, 2018
2nd New Moon of Spring.jpg

Happy New Moon and Blessings, see you at the next full moon (release)… Phoenix

Moonbabies (newbies) can read the basics for this lunar work-study here:

Please Note: Phoenix’s lunar and moon work is copyrighted so please do not use any part of her seasonal moon information for you own books or teachings without her permission, you can use them in your moon, goddess and dream circles as a guide.
Phoenix as a folk healer or teacher of the emotional and soul side of your being and your dreaming, or if you would like to be on our contact list and once a month email, please write to LUNAR SHARING GUIDELINES: For all articles, monthly new/full moon writing, please share the “link” on your social media, instead of copying text or partials, thank you for sharing and supporting our soul and dream work here at Elder Mountain.

Sources: Art Charles Giron (1850 – 1914) Le nuvole (Valle di Lauterbrunnen), 1901; Ludwik Stasiak (1858-1924), Odilon Redon.

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