Lunar Spring and Summer Slavic Washing with Flowers, Water Healing and Water Charming

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Traditional Folk healing and remedies are often very simple in their ritualistic forms, its the power behind the healing and cleansing that makes all the difference and that difference is you. I learned as a long time about many things as a folk healer along my own personal healing journey, that the more one is dedicated to pure, organic and sober (no pot, alcohol, drugs, shamanic plants etc), the more power we carry and carry energetically to heal the self and be a strong healer for others. 

There are two water rituals that I do which I would like to share, one is on the new moon and one on the full moon. “Washing with Flowers” is done as a Spring Ritual on the New Moons of both Spring and Summer, to cleanse the self (or our sacred items) and to start the new year (spring equinox) with a beautiful purifying seasonal ritual.

The second is “Water Charming” which is a pure healing elixir to drink, setting it out on the night of the Full Moon. (see that ritual here) On the following New Moon, then do another “Washing with Flowers” again. This adds to keeping our internal and external mind, body, emotional body and soul body purified, which also helps keeps our personal space clear and purified.

In the tradition of real shamans of earth (non plant non drug shamans), we have to put ourselves completely back together by healing the self after decades of the wrath of being shattered. Any ritual in healing helps us do that slowly along with healing the self without doctors or medications. I have never taken any kinds of medicines, I don’t go to doctors, don’t smoke pot, or drink or do any drugs or medicines in order to keep my bodies, and spiritual bodies steadfast on the healing path (over the last forty years) I continue my rituals more with more dedication like this water healing.

Spring New Moon Water Ritual…

Ritual flower baths and purification baths are very ancient and the Slavic people were no different in their appreciation of the natural abundance and flowers of earth as a healing tool, just as herbals are a medicine tool to bring health or detox an illness. Water cleanses energy and I always suggest healers always have a bowl of water to receive left over detox releases from the people they work with.

Most people use sage, incense or palo santo wood most of the time, but water is always my first choice in personal and spacial healing because I am an empath and a dreamer. Washing with Flower’s ritual is most popular in central Bosnia, Hungary and Northern Slovakia. One of our patrons on Elder Mountain (facebook) said: “Our Hungarian heritage of “Boldogasszony” (God-Mother) is similar to this ritual too.”


Slavic Spring Ritual Washing the Flowers - Elder Mountain Dreaming . com.jpg

Instructions – To do your ritual flower washing, collect your flowers early in the morning and gather as many different types of flowers as you can. As you can see in my sacred bowl photo, I used both pink and white apple blossoms from the apple trees here, some perennials growing in my garden pots, clippings of azalea, weeping cherry and a little pine and sage. I put them all into my sacred bowl and filled it with water (spring water or clear river water is always the best). Let it sit overnight outside, you shouldn’t bring the flowers into the house, they are left outside overnight to absorb the essence of nature and all its beauty.

Set the intention for both the water and the flowers according to your needs. If you are sick, then ask the flowers and water to heal any emotional, mental or physical issues. If they are for your tools, then set that intention, or distant healing etc. Water is a wonderful cleansing agent for empaths, dreamers, emos and sensitives and it helps relax, cleanse and rejuvenate the aura (astral body’s exterior) when flowers are used. The internal astral body (soul) also gets attention paid to it by working with the high vibration of flowers because the soul is like a cloud, it likes moisture and is needed for a luminosity and flow.

The next morning you take out the flowers flowers and use the just the water or if taking a bath put all of it into your bath. Or take a clean wash cloth and wash your face as the flowers blossomed all night, they added more healing power to the ritual of cleansing. You can also put your spiritual tools in the water and let them soak the entire day.

This tradition is to transfer the power of beauty of the flowers, their high vibration and healing properties onto the self. If you are a healer you can use it in your healing session because Folk Traditions require only natures tools and herbs and flowers help people immensely. This is not an herbal ritual, its a flower ritual, so you can make a seasonal batch if a client comes to you, or set intention for a distant healing of a loved one who is sick, sending the healing energy of the flowers to them. This is basically a “fresh” Flower Essence treatment, a direct practice of healing waters and flowers together.

Intentions – Some of the intentions for Washing with Flowers are: Krasuljak (to be or bring beauty of one’s health forward); Drenovina (to be strong or have good boundaries); Violets (to be more kind and loving); Wolf branches (to move forward); in some places, a gold or silver ring is placed in the water for good luck in relationships.

Washing with flowers is generally done in two ways, one for self purification and the other is washing your ritual tools. You can use the water to wash your sacred stones that you work with, any special ritual clothing or cloth with symbolism that you use (embroidery), wands, ritual bowls, or anything that you value as sacred in your practices or healing practices. I clean my ritual tools with flower water every few years.

Odilon Redon

Your Spiritual Ritual Tools

Since I don’t use crystals I need the extra cleansing of water rituals to clear the energy of the items I use all year. I wash with flower water on my stones that I decorate with sacred Slavic symbols because I use them in my work as a folk healer and shaman. Spring is the best time to cleanse all of them with the water/flowers to releases all the old energy from the sicknesses that clients carry.I put my stones in the water overnight and I wash my sacred knife for cutting chord work, wash the handles of my rattles and splash the water over my three drums. I also wash all my bells and dry them afterwards.

Ritual Flower Baths

Salt Baths – You can also bring the flower water inside and take a ritual bath for purification and cleansing your body and energy aura. Add a little salt first in a warm bath and then pour in the flower you water. Soak for as long as you like. Just make sure you are not allergic to any of the flowers you picked for your Washing with Flowers.

Spring Water Baths – Add fresh Spring Water (which is the most powerful) to your warm bath and then put your flower water in.

Baking Soda Baths – Add a few tablespoons of baking soda which also leaves your body soft, add the water flower and soak.

Slavic Spring Ritual Washing the Flowers - Elder Mountain Dreaming . com 2

Sources: Woman Bathing by Odilon Redon; Phoenix’s Ritual Bowl and Flowers.

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