A Mental-Body Astral Dreamer in a Soul Astral Body Dreaming Reality

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming – I dream at night as if I would live forever, and I dream by day as if I were to die tomorrow. This is how I have lived since 1987 when I first began to astral travel…  The title of this article is the end of the journey, where the complex has been lived and the essence or alchemy becomes simple.

We have a mental astral body that dreams, and we have a soul astral body that dreams, both are very different and complex. The entire dreaming reality of earth is multidimensional, from the lowest and darkest vibration and energetic reality to the highest and lightest.

We were born in bondage (karma) and we are trapped inbetween both the lower and highest versions and vibration of our self, when we dream in waking life or at night when we leave our body, consciously or unconsciously at each of the thousands of levels (of vibration).

We cannot enter the upperworld until all past life karma has been dissolved, and we can tolerate the pain of eternity of hell in our short visits to purify karma. Thus everyone dreams somewhere in the middle, right across the veil close to here where we live in waking.

dream flight - elder mountain dreaming
As an Elder now, I have more experiences that I ever wanted to have in life. For those who follows my blog or works with me, knows by now that I and those I know and work with vision naturally and it is nature’s way, the divine way to be within the womb of this beautiful and sometimes dangerous mother of ours. A planet that is water and water is life.

I set my bar and standards of purity very high in regards to dreaming, to avoid vision plants or drugs, alcohol and pot, in order to respect and self respect one’s soul. Anything that clouds or is a deterrent that clouds our perception and astral bodies, does one a great dis service if they are serious dreamers.

Rather, dedication to taking the long journey of awakening through healing, spiritual disciplines and facing one’s fears, behaviors and issues in one’s real life. We earn our visions with the focus on the mental astral body’s clarity and this then, becomes a reflection in our dreaming as a mirror image and mirror reality, and the soul astral bodies becomes our warning systems and our prophecy.

In the world of our dreams or our waking life (dreams or visions) there are many aspects of  the self, equal to aspects of illusions and the diversity and depth of our dreaming, our visions and our illusions that we carry not only in our life personally but also our karmic life. How do we know what we carry concerning our disillusion and our personal illusions?… exactly.

Waking up from illusion is one of the most painful and difficult “continual” spiritual journey that there is and it lasts for decades. As each decade we live, we must face more and more of who we are beyond our illusions. In dreaming, the same is required. One must prepare with other disciplines and healing work before many levels of awaken can occur.

Illusions in our real life requires much time to work through our relationships, our struggles, our inner mind chatter, personal relationships spiritually, our small but steady awakening, and this of course, since its our real life, has both positive and destructive effects. We have even believed in illusions we thought were real and thus our soul becomes involved when we wish to overcome our pain or sorrow, grief or abandonment.

If we cannot make our dream life connect to our waking life and weaves these as one, then why are you even try to astral travel? To escape the pressures of this mundane world? All of our life is real and has value and so too its connections to the wisdom and the fearful parts of our dreaming.

Old emotional “cycles” play a part as an effect in our life, not a cause. We are complicated and it does take decades for us to understand our nature and our gifts. People do not know the difference between the emotional body, its intuitive and empathic nature and the small bit of our soul we reincarnate with. Our emotional body, our mental body, our soul body all have huge signification of our struggles in life. If you think our dreaming at night doesn’t involve this too, then you are not awakening. 

In dreaming and waking dreams, we must live, walk, breathe and express a mirror life. Mirror work is mandatory to be able to see the self without looking at the self. The first two steps are mirrors of those in our intimate circle. People can mirror our struggles or joys and these mirrors are about focusing on the self.

The next level is interpersonal mirrors and that is the next stage of focusing on relationships and how this relation ship reveals our issues, that is also called obsidian mirrors. Last are collective mirrors and that cannot be understood until the first two mirrors are mastered.

Mirrors are either direct reflection of the self or;
Reflection of our past life behaviors.

shamanism and dreaming - elder mountain dreaming

As we walk through our life, the human illusions must be healed because the soul body which we know is real is very elusive and hidden from us. There is the unconscious mind, but there is also the unconscious soul.

The bridge between waking up and dealing with our sleeping illusions, rests with our mental body and our mental astral body dreamer – who both know nothing of the soul’s existence, its world and literally tries to protect us from it. We experience deep emotions, sensitive feelings, empathic depth through our own natures about who we are and still… this is not the soul or the dreaming soul’s reality at night.

Our three bodies (mental body, physical and emotional body) all function in this world and only the mental body has an astral body which can leave the physical body and roam the dreaming planes (mostly during sleep unless one is a sorcerer or takes a lot of drugs and shamanic plants and generally causes trouble because the person is not conscious or has enough awareness to know). When the mental astral body returns to the physical body, the mind then analyzes, dissects and tries to discern our nightly dream life or our experiences and visions.

Some believe its real, and those on shamanic plants believe its even more real of what they are experiencing… but its not, its all a “projection.” Its like a movie that our mental astral body project what we wish to see, both in visions and in dreams, not whats actually there and happening. What is actually there and happening is hell and shadows of the soul’s life. This is why its important to heal all our issues in the waking life. To dream in the real, it is both wrathful and an extremely painful and debilitating life.

The soul is worth saving, her beauty and strength for all of us, costs us, and is a sacrifice to do such work, but in the end, it is worth it. There are no short cuts, there is nothing free when it concerns the soul, and pot, alcohol, drugs, shamanic plants, peyote, and all these things keep her in bondage, regardless of what ones philosophy is. Once you experience your own bondaged soul, philosophers have no experience, otherwise they too would be sober in the spiritual and mystical worlds.

Dreaming right side up - elder mountain dreaming

Lucid and astral dreamers agree with themselves, that they are flying around the world, what they are doing is flying in their “projection” bubble with their mental astral body which includes lucidity and astral flight. There are only certain ways to break that bubble, or have the water break to be born, so to speak, into the dreaming reality of the soul. As I said, its painful and on the edge of wrathful and horrific and oh how humans love to judge when you enter the soul realms of waking and night life.  We are still in the mental astral body, which has no consequences and no pain in dreaming.

When we fall asleep at night, the soul in which we get to reincarnate with, is only about twenty percent, of our many souls and it lives strictly in the dream worlds with or without the mental astral dreamer knowing. Some of us seek to find her other lost parts called karma because we are paying a karmic dept and that is immensely painful for our entire life. Our souls have been fragmented so much by our past lives, that she lays imprisoned in dreaming, and a slave to the shadows there.

In the dream realms, the soul exists in the unknown and the abyss, and those students who work with me, being in a dreamers (shamans) space, for the first time get a taste of her bondage in the darkness shadow in dream planes where they are not protected. I assure them this soul of theirs has been in that demonic realm since birth and from one’s previous karmic lives and you are just getting your first real glimpse of your soul astral reality, with your mental dreamer.

For the average lucid and astral traveler, they have no clue or idea why their mental astral body is traveling in the first place or that its even their mental astral body flying.  Or even what its looking for because of life’s distractions.

Our distractions in our waking life and our regular addictions equals our distraction-projections in our nightly dream life. Overcoming false distortions and fragments of pieces of our story in nightly dreams requires observation and taking note. Dreams are not about making friendships like waking life. Dream or Astral Traveling is not about taking a vacation to the islands like in our daily life.

They are the hunt for our soul, the hunt to purify our karma and the necessity of learning boundaries and protecting our self in such a vulnerable state. Our 20% soul within – cannot operate fully until we commit to the purifications required as dreamers and these are not easy.

astral and lucid - elder mountain dreamingThe most common separation and brokenness of our life, is our own karma from our past lives which splits her apart for lifetimes and literally these pieces of our soul (in broken states), sits where damage was done to her, in our past lives, which effects our emotional struggles, here in this incarnation. When we suffer emotionally, our most painful experiences are because we are separate from her and/or him.

Modern religions and paganism after the first century, call her dream territories Heaven or Hell, the Indigenous or shaman’s call her homes the Upper, Lower or Middle worlds, the Vikings call it Helheim or Valhalla, each has its own names and descriptions for the energetic levels of the dream planes. When you feel intuition, or the gut feelings, or have prophetic or pre-cognitive dreams, it is she (your own astral mental body dreamer) who has been feeding you such information from these energy realities, not your soul dreamer.

Any other ‘givers’ of information and messages, are to be caste out and rejected and said “no” to. Saying no to these roaming souls and soulless mental astral body humans (what people call spirit) is the first steps in clarifying your own journey and benevolent spirits soon turn evil when you do say no over and over again to their visits. Just say no to their astral bodies, their voices because they do not belong in your space if you are a spiritual person.

There are many blocks between you and your own soul, this divine feminine and masculine, over millennia of disconnections, karmic separations, patriarchal abuses, self-destruction and more. These are what sorrow, struggle and dis-eases express to open these realms back up so you can begin your spiritual ‘healing’ journey and purify when things become difficult in your life.

We cannot purify our dream body until we dedicate to sobriety (no pot, drugs, meds, shamanic plants etc), otherwise, we cannot get clear enough to work with the illusion projections of dreaming, both waking and nightly dreams.

These illusion causing substances destroy your soul astral body and all you have is the projection body (mental astral body) to believe in as reality, when its not dream reality, its dream projections. Energy work is one of the exceptional purifiers of our astral bodies, to wake up, and how we flow or where we are blocked in our personal life, but make sure your healer is sober as well, especially if you are an empath.

When one dedicates to the emotional body (the prerequisite for the dreamer), one will find there are two journeys: 1. the karmic life we live, which is painful, and 2. the healing life of detoxing mind, body and emotional body to wake up. My motto as a shaman is to learn how to “Slay” the self, so life doesn’t have to, because then we are able to reconnect our bridges, the dream-weaving of our ‘whole’ soul (cloud) back together again slowly over lifetimes. We can do it consciously, accepting pain as our teacher or be knocked down asking why of the minds repetitive mind distractions.

Our real “well-spring” or “fountain of youth” begins with our energetic body, both the mental, soul and animism astral bodies (or its many names: chakras, chi body, dreamer body etc). Once we start the journey of healing our real life, real relationships and real purification, we slowly becoming like the Spring, which flows clear and pure water from the earth, and our mind-body is then constantly renewing itself through the energy of the Soul and its purest cloud.

64231768_1776787582467208_2518592363090149376_nThe dream worlds of the lower, middle and upper worlds, equals the level of where our vibration is from our past life karma, which manifests some of the physical reality of our personal inner world of our lower, middle and upper realities. If we are willing to see and experience the truth and work with it, without our belief systems getting in the way and the mental body calling all the reality beliefs even when they are illusions, we can find some flexibility in our spiritual learning.

This is very painful to let go of the things we thought were real, or what book writers tell us what is real, and in order to move ‘through’ our real life troubles, not around, underneath or above them acting as if our dream life is separate from our human life, then we can begin a truthful journey. We can fill the empty hole which is missing and return home our soul (to the wholeness) and health that many of us crave in our spiritual path.

To begin to touch your soul and soul body dreamer, go to real holistic sober healers once a month for the next fifteen years, and also become sober of pot, drugs, shamanic plants, alcohol, anything that alters perception first and foremost. Then we can begin to unwind the ball of string known as your karma. Not everyone is here to pay their karma, for those who suffer this, you are the blessed ones who can work towards inner health and peace and have the gates of the soul open.

This is a slow and steady path and walk, that crushes your ego, that humbles you beyond belief, and let life teach you the mystery and its wrathful ways of how to purify your soul. Only those who are already suffering greatly accept this challenge because they have nothing to lose, because the pain is already there daily. It is here, you begin to understand the SOUL in which ancients and antiquities have led you astray. 

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