The Mystery of the Ancient Spiral Paths

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Spiral Medicines are long before grandfather’s time (of kingdoms, religions, paganism). This natural journey of the cyclical spiral calls to some of us in our spiritual healing path. The rhythms and movements of our inner life is in harmony with the earth when we work very hard at our healing, our relationships, our purity and sobriety.

The mystery of the elusive and the hidden is not hidden to our soul if we have set our soul free from our wounds and past life issues, traveled the difficult path of healing our addictions and impurities that cloud our perception (plants/drugs) and are willing to heal our own shadows.

My life of self healing and purity, and working along side with the lunar cycles through the seasons, and integrating the cycles of my dreaming, has solidified synchronicity’s unity through me. A life journey that led me to the Spiraling energy of my three bodies with the natural energy of nature. It is why my work with others includes the practices of the spiral medicines as a living practice of purification.

Whatever the reason, each person’s healing as a practice to be loved, to learn to let go of what causes them suffering, or to find their spiritual purpose of their individual needs through their spiritual journey, its important that you do the hard work. The work I do to assist and guide, depends upon the duration of time and one’s own soul destiny and fate.

single spiral - sparingTHE SINGLE SPIRAL
The 3 Moons of Spring – the “Self Mirror”
This is the basis spiral on which the spiritual paths is known for, which everyone does when they commit to a healing journey and partial knowledge journey. These are the largest outer circles that apply to our outer life when we are born, and when the time comes that we begin the walk with more dedication to our spiritual path.

Even if we have had ten or fifteen years into our knowledge path, socio-spiritual paths, when we begin to see the journey is really only about us and not others, and our personal suffering is the releases of our karma into our waking life, and not others, then we begin our serious work. For a few thousand years of patriarchal teachings which is all traditions today even indigenous, the spiral work then begins to lift off the veils of illusions that nothing can save you except yourself. It is a journey of infinite amount to understand and to heal in regards to self and that journey.

The outer steps of the spiral is personal, and the self mastery required through great effort of the first layering of the mirror of self is a few basic rites which I teach in practices given. We begin by a valid commitment to the self first, thats always the first, we begin to address our pain, our emotional pain and our addictions of any kind, be that shopping, or co-dependency, shamanic plants or drugs/alcohol, self destruction etc. Every single thing that creates blocks and bondage which we are unconscious of. The talking mental body is usually the first we have to slay, and contain and control, for it “thinks” it knows, but it knows nothing.

We walk a path with real actions and disciplines that have real consequences and pain, and we begin to structure this simple reality, that with support our decisions begin to release philosophies that are illusions and we stop defending them as real, and the knowledge path in general comes down and is replaced by the healing path. Things take much longer to heal and syncronicities are further and fewer in-between on the first outer circles of the spiral.

Literally we are trying to awaken for the first time of our being where we finally want to face our sorrows and pain, our deeper struggles with real self commitment. This path is only about you and that is the mastery of self.

double spiral - springTHE DOUBLE SPIRAL
The 3 Moons of Summer – the Obsidian Mirror
The middle journey is an inter-personal mirror work of the dualistic and ritualistic principles of the motion of the figure 8. Most spiritual teachings caste out duality of the motions of the 8 because it involves karma, which means you are no longer the victim but also the unconscious perpetrator or self sabatoger. It is something that we must master and work out, not caste out.

This is because its the infinite connection between self and other, between self and nature. Note that the symbol of the double spiral is the figure eight and what is reflected of self in one’s practices and spiritual path, is mirrored all around them. Synchronicity of mirrors are very subtle, full of illusions and projections and these are the most difficult journey on the spiral path. This is why the first spiral requires a firm foundation of self mastery (sobriety, disciplines and purity of all things (including plants/pot/drugs) before one can begin the second.

We begin to live in real situations with what we are healing and practicing and focus on inter-personal growth with the “other” and still its not about the other, but they offer a dark and light mirror, a shadow on one side of the spiral and on the other the action of our commitment to our light. This is a more difficult and intense layering of the spiral, because we test who we are and what we have learned and what we believe put into real actions.

This is where life or nature becomes involved to also test us.We cannot preach what we have not mastered, and its common today on the knowledge and philosophy spiritual path of all teachings on earth to speak without stories to back it up. We become more aware in the second spiral, our psyche goes through a washing and detoxing that is not pleasant.

The places of our soul selling and lies begin to return, or we begin to get sick, or where we believed in illusions that we could not see, slowly begin to manifest before us.Here we overcome issues a bit faster compared with the first spiral, and its easier to accept letting go medicines because its painful and hurtful if we do not. Our healing journey is much more painful because the first layering of healing karma begin. We also begin to slowly see that our hard work and its results are becoming real and we recognize both the pain of change and its positive effects.

The double spiral shows you the shadow and light of this balance. Our emotions begin to heal, our inner child wounds begin to surface, and we begin to learn to mother and nourish this part of our pain. The more work, the more pain surfaces which requires more mothering and nurturing. The unconscious relationship and its drama begins to be recognized.

This work of our ancient spiritual and shaman leader Grandmothers of the ancient prehistory lunar and matriarchal traditions (before any grandfather teaching) had rituals and spiral rituals and disciplines, which were/are divided into four distinct parts and each of the four parts has three layers/levels as a living devotional practice for self healing and self awakening and sustaining one’s awakening in a safe manner. Real spiritual experience is quite dangerous and one must be prepared for what one opens.

Triple Spiral - Autumn
The 3 Moons of Autumn – the Collective Karmic Mirror
Entering the third level is where illusions become broken, it is the most difficult and karmic part of the journey, the suffering is immense, the rejection from life is extraordinary, there is no more ordinary life in the third spiral. This at its core in the spiritual journey is pure healing, sobriety and a very discipline path because its tripled in efforts, dedication and endurance. Only the true devotee whose past lives had prepared them for this level, can enter this level – because the sacrifices are too great without past life preparation. 
Its not something any human just chooses to do.Things are much tighter and much more complex as the triple spiral is where personal fears are unleashed in ways that are difficult to describe because they are unknown until the begin to surface for the individual. We do not know what we fear until we trust the unknown path when our fears arise on their own.The mental body thinks it knows everything, the triple spiral experiences shows it, that it does not. 

The third spiral is the severity of karma, of the diseases and illusions which rise from this level of the journey. Not one, but an ocean flood which does not stop. These realms begin to materialize as one in real ways and these are frightening for the dedicated self healing and self enlightenment practitioner.The path also becomes dangerous and at this level, its where people falter and turn away when intense fears felt are out of our control. Most people run back down the sacred mountain or try medication, pot or something to sooth having to face the wrath of reality at every corner.

Our foundations of what we have always known begins to crumble, not only physically, but energetically of the non physical world as well. We begin to slip into the spaces between illusion and reality which is very dangerous, and into what we thought was bad has a new reality and what we thought was good is challenged.

In the single spiral and double spiral compared with the triple, they do not challenge us in the ways of death, but in the trinity we are and we begin to falter. This is where we have cancer and chose to heal it our self without help or medications.

This is where we begin to fragment and fall into the pit that is not physical or involves anyone else but you and all your projections of shadow and shadows and astral demonic energy from your previous lives began to be known.

And because mental and emotional sicknesses from purification of karma can fragment the mind and body, the mental body does keep us from ever touching this third spiral as a built in safety net. Mastering the mind completely is a sacrifice and is needed for the begging of the third spiral. One cannot bring the mental body with them. The first two spirals have to be completely mastered in order to move forward and once the third spiral gate is opened, there is no closing it.

Many souls have stood at this doorway and knew this inherently and chose not to open it to be able to stay alive.The dormant mystery rites of the soul begin to surface as real. Its disorienting at every level and turn because of fear as they open up, and we have to trust ourselves 100% without anyone, for no one can help at this level, because spiraling out of control is real (thats why we do major discipline practices when we first enter the first two spiral) to protect ourselves.

The 3rd inner rings of the triple energy of the spiral is the first steps to touch our issues of our past life and the destruction we had caused, and now we stand in this life to heal them at this gate.

Its the most humbling and diseased state of the journey. And now we have entered our spiritual journey a thousand times deeper and darker, but we still remain alive. The last turn of this layer of the spiral requires total sobriety (no pot, shamanic plants (drugs), alcohol etc). All those must be let go for one cannot go any further on the path past the first half of the third spiral with them.


The 3 Moons of Winter – the Butterfly Mirror or Death Mirror
The forth and final spiral is the mystery of death is overcoming death (nirvana, enlightenment, ascension – not the knowledge kind but the purification through the death processes of the wrathful kind.
These spiral are the the last and darkest of the karmic purification of the core and core lifetimes, where one purges the realms of the demonic shadow realms. Jesus and Buddha have gone through this last process for completion.

This final death of Self Realized, Nirvana, completed Karma of all lifetimes paid in full, with your full experiences. The death medicines are the oldest of this planet (mastering and overcoming death).

New Grange Spirals, Article by Elder Mountain Dreaming.jpg


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Art source: Double Spiral by Anthony Murphy Photography in Ireland, Kittelsen, Theodor (1857-1914) ‘Tjernet’ 1897, Tarxien Spiral in Malta. 

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