Third New Moon of Spring

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings Dreamers, Moon People, Artists and Healers, we begin our last New & Full Moon of Spring on Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Spring is ruled by the Maiden and the first Season of the year so according to the natural or natures year, we all get our new beginning. Our last month’s intention and experiences, if you were paying attention, will set the foundation for this month’s new moon. The last moon cycle of each of the four Seasons brings a solution and resolve to what you have been working on in your healing journey for three months. If you are new, please read the directions for the moon work.

Some of us are in ending phases, which can take about eight years to complete, and during this time we may set our sights on our new beginning and find road blocks along our way. For others, you may be in a fullness cycle and it becomes too much of a burden in life to carry so much.  Maybe you want to just give up from exhaustion, but hang on, life is teaching us the lessons about balance and how to pace ourselves.

Taking the time to see exactly where we are in our cycle of life always requires some contemplation and self work. Life is not trying to block us, its trying to make sure that we stay present to where we truly are until the doors of life open. The same thing happens if we are suppose to “let go” and move on with an issue and life keeps throwing painful experiences our way until we let go. The difficult part of these two is knowing where we are at, that is the work we do in healing to navigate it with some precision and self love.

An open door says “Come in.”
A shut door says “Who are you?”
Shadows and ghosts go through shut doors.
If a door is shut and you want it shut, why open it?
If a door is open and you want it open, why shut it?
Doors forget – but only doors know what it is doors forget.
     ~ Carl Sandburg ©

Художник Aldo Balding
Художник Aldo Balding

This moon cycle we start off with recognizing our personal doorways, especially the two-way doors which require our attention of our interactions with others and theirs with us. Most people on their spiritual journeys want the keys to the mystical doorways or the mystery of the dream gates without ever having earned them by mastered the self and our personal doors and gates.

When we seek here first and make our spiritual journey a very personal one, rather than a knowledge or philosophical one, then we can heal our real issues. To work on real gates and doorways, these only challenge our deepest fears and we must be prepared, disciplined and committed. What I mean by this is, we learn to lesson our burdens and pains by embracing oppositions. If we fear something, we learn what is its opposition and slowly step towards that. We cannot truly make sound decisions based the old self, nor the patterns we have grown accustom without changing. This is especially true if we are involved in emotional patterns of fear, worry, anxiety, depression, abuse, or self abuse or being unconscious most of the time.

When we are young, there is a learning curve to life, but by the time we are 40, the stakes (or pain) is much greater, because loss and time are slipping through our hands and we have to begin to look past our present into our past to reclaim what we lost through those old doors. Reaching for meaningless and impersonal spiritual paths will always end the same way they began and our personal issues will not be resolved, forgiven and disciplined towards health if we do not get off the new age, crystal, star seed path, those are not personal nor do they heal real relationship issues, heal cancer or fears.

So, we make our spiritual journey meaningful in our real relationships as the most important, and very personal. Sometimes closing a door one more inch is needed and requires personal strength, other times we must slam a door shut all the way with latent suffering in the aftermath. Anytime we enter this moon cycle or any third moon cycle of any season, we deal with a completion of something small that we started at the beginning of the season. This is because with moon work, its slow and steady, as the phases of each moon cycle takes time. When we practice or heal bigger emotional, physical or mental issues over a longer period of time, we personally build a solid foundation, even if we really don’t believe or see it yet when we do the work.

We all get to the point in our life where we are either ready to test our strength on our spiritual path, with a new experience, or we trip and fall a few more times to see if we are prepared enough to make a partial change in our life. Of course the bigger the trip and fall, the more hurts and bruises. Smaller changes are more ideal in practical spirituality, for our dedication of our path, which is only about us, is reaffirmed each moon cycle that allows us deeper insight to our personal health, hurts, and even creative pursuits spiritually. Then when we meet “the other” in our conflict or healing scenarios, we have much more solid ground to work with it. 


In this practice we want the issue deep within us to surface and heal one month at a time and all those involved in our life, will benefit whether they want to or not. When we do the work to heal and address our own issues and emotional needs. My issue was about my father who died in my early thirties so my forgiveness is done in a sacred way, without him being alive.

What door do you need to open or re-open to visit, or close or re-close now that you have more experience about your issue in your life this moon cycle?

christian schloe

Try to assess where you are at, who is involved and base your intention around what you come up with. I know for some right now, life is very complicated and its wise to tell our self that life is not complex, it is we who are very complex and its our job to find time to relax, meditate everyday or a few times a week to practice groundedness. The more you practice, the better you get. The winds always blow in life from birth to death, but we can get more solid and stable with practice in all the things that are difficult in our nature.

We all carry something deep within, I call that one part of our greater soul.  This part of our true nature expresses itself through right choices and our worst mistakes. We experience tension for growth, things we need to learn this lifetime, the more tensions the more growth. Those who need less lessons in life tend to flow more easily except for the standard right of passages like the midlife transformation or Saturn returns. We can be so hard on our self when we find the struggles we are in today, were grown from the seeds we planted ten or twenty years ago, and rather than accepting that, we tend to resist surrendering to it.

Every decade is completely different and life asks different things of us to learn and growth. There is a way to find balance between being alive and making amends for daily self sabotage… even if that is as simple as paying attention to self speak. Real change requires letting go, forgiveness, stop asking why and practices that help us relax and learn to focus on what is most important. And everything about our life is natural and complete – where we are right now.

Example Intentions for the 3rd New Moon of Spring (set only 1 for the month):

I am mentally peaceful
I observe with clarity
My mind is clear and quiet
l am positive
I am impeccable with my words

I am accountable for my words
I forgive myself

I forgive
I listen deeply
I live in the present

I have healthy boundaries
I am grounded

I am patience
I practice self respect
I am brilliant (if you don’t feel smart)
I practice humor (if you need to lighten up)

I heal my impulsiveness
I am a good communicator
I have endurance
I am fair
I am inspired
I am creative
I am loved

I voice my fears
I overcome boredom
I listen deeply
I embrace who I am right now
I accept change
I share

I practice selflessness
I share uncomfortable feelings
I allow personal critique
I make time to rest
I pace myself
I am balanced

As a last note to this moon cycle, the God of Thunder Uranus is entering the sign of Taurus for the next 7 years and it has always brought great changes to humanity. You can read it here.

Happy New Moon and enjoy the rest of Spring. The Full Moon in two weeks is May 29th and set your one release intention on what rose these two weeks. Most of you know I don’t usually send out a full moon article every month unless I am called to. ~ Blessings Phoenix

3rd New Moon of Spring, 15 May 2018
Third New Moon of Spring May 15 2018.png
Uranus enters Taurus for the next 7 Years 15 May 2018
Uranus in Taurus May 15 2018



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