Crystals are Not for Empaths, Emos or Dreamers

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Although very beautiful and pretty, not everyone should have Crystals & Gems around them, nor should they work with them or work on others with them if they are a healer. You won’t read this anywhere else, the advocate for health at the level in which I work as a folk healer, empath and dreamer, so if crystals don’t bother you, this is not the article for you. Crystals don’t really bother the mind/body that much, some can be a bit sensitive to them, but not enough to let them go.

But Crystals are detrimental and fragment the 1.  Empaths 2. Dreamers and 3. Emotional Sensitives (emos) because they spike and fragment our Emotional Body and our Soul Bodies (including animism body and astral body). They tend to spike these people and make them more angry (less patient), make them more jittery and worried. If you’re sensitive to large crowds, having fun with groups of people is not your idea of fun, and festivals, ball games etc wherever large amount of people gather and its overwhelming for you, Crystals are not for you.

Because these things are too much energy, then crystals are not for you because they replicate and repeat energetics and send them outwards when emos, dreamers and empaths are receptors and recievers. Crystals tend to be good for those protected by the physical element they carry in life which is much stronger of a block than empaths. Very grounded people are generally pretty physical, those who are less emotional or not the dreamer types also are not bothered by crystals.

For the “sensitive” types of the three listed, I suggest letting go of ALL your crystals and within a month you will feel an immediate shift, that hummingbird vibration energy will fall away from one day to three months, depending upon how sensitive you are. Psychics and Mediums are not sensitive to crystals but seers and prophetic seers are. Crystals that have higher impact intense crystals are the purple ones like Amethyst all the way to very low impact crystals such as Serpentine.

I know that we live in a very saturated crystal overload in spiritual communities, but here me out, because I share in order to improve your health as a folk healer, not to just share information. Crystals first and foremost spike the astral (soul) body and the mental astral body, and not in good ways. The astral body is the complete or whole chakra body in one continual luminous soul, which relies more on the moisture of emotional and internal energetic flow, not the external flow that crystals produce.

stones decoraed

The “hard” energy of crystals and gemstones are spikes of energy that flow outwards, its mini shocks, which for some makes them feel great and gets their body charged up. But for empaths, sensitives and dreamers, it make one nervous or intensifies nervous system stress and even worry. This is because it charges the magnetic energy of the emotional body more than normal.

It can also fragments the dreaming soul body which is a part of our extended souls and animism souls. Crystals also attract shadows in your dreams for those who are dreamers and have to deal with such reality. This is because crystals carry and that electrical  outward directional energy and the emo/soul/dreamer/sensitive carries the internal directional energy.

stones that healI remember the first time in 1993 when crystals and gems in spiritual places were starting to increase and come onto the scene in spiritual shops and mystical stores. I took my first fingernail size clear quartz crystal and held it in my hand and I could feel a surge of energy, like electricity shooting through my enter body, like I was getting an electric shock or putting my finger in a socket.

I am intensely sensitive as an empath and dreamer, but it effects other empaths the same way even if they are not that sensitive, its just that its “unconscious” to their body/soul connection or their mind/emotional body connection which are generally separated from early trauma or woundings that have not been dug that deep into and brought back up.

From birth to around 38 years old, I was pretty much all magnetic, extremely sensitive to any crystal, but from being a healer and going to healers a long time and all issues dealt with, healed and released, crystals like that don’t bother me too much anymore because my electric-magnetic natural fields of my astral bodies are unified.  I still don’t have them around me, because I am a dreamer just like all wine or alcohol had to go too, which are detrimental for the three groups of emotionals. 

Not everyone is this sensitive to Crystal energy of course, and certainly not dominant magnetic, but they are not for everyone and no one out there in the world ever speaks of the more negative sides of crystals. They are in the ground for a reason, just like the roots of trees are. Even though new age stores went crazy in the 90s and 00s selling them in Shops, Gem Shows and Stores, they also marketing them as a spiritual tool, now everyone has them…

So reassess who you are, how your magnetic or electric body works naturally, and trade out your crystals if you are a sensitive, emo or dreamer and replace it with natural stones, like river stones, ocean stones, and mountain stones. For the super sensitive I suggest black stones that are not gem or crystal based stones.

Replacing Crystals…
Empaths, sensitives and dreamers main spiritual tool should be bowls of water, bottles of water or fountains of water where you sleep, in your home or at work which bring peace and emotional energy to sooth the emotional body, your astral body and your dream body. The second tool to use is streams, rivers, ocean and land stones.

I try to understand the ancients and their wise ways by what they did and they worked with stones, very large stones, caves and rocks and so I recommend letting crystals and gems go, and get down the very grounding natural stones that are darker in color, especially those connected with water.

stone jewelryThere are many beautiful natural river and ocean stones and the reason they are very powerful for empaths, dreamers and sensitives is because they give off powerful grounding energy, which is what truly most emotional people need to keep them flowing and in balance. So next time you take a hike near a mountain stream or river, take a look at the stones and bring a few home.

Try working with them like you do your crystals and within a month, you will start to notice the anger, the jitters and the not being grounded in your body start to change. I have had some clients notice a change with a day or two, especially if they have big crystals and gems.


If you would like to work with Phoenix as an empath or learn more about healing and dreaming, please write us at 

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  1. C. A. A. says:

    Reblogged this on Zwischen den Winden… and commented:
    I absolutly agree with this!

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  2. Lori Park says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! Your article resinated deeply with me… wow. So, my question is: how should I honor (dispose of) the gemstones and crystal I have in my possession?

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    1. Hi Lori, you can gift them to those who are not Empaths or Dreams (sensitive types) or you can sell them and the right people will purchase them if you set the intention to all your crystals to go to those who are very earthy and they won’t harm. If you have not a care in the world about money or that, then I would BURY them back into mother earth and ask her to receive them back where they have lived for millions of years (in the ground)>


  3. saymber says:

    Very interesting for me an empath, highly sensitive type who has always had lots of crystals etc. They have a voice and sometimes I wonder if they can get up to mischief. Thank you.


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