Crystals are not for Empaths, HSP or Dreamers

By Phoenix the Elder – Crystals are very beautiful and really pretty, and many people feel great and that is awesome. But unfortunately, not everyone can or should work with them. If crystals don’t bother you, then this article probably is not for you, and I would ask you to refrain from taking things personal if you do decide to read it. But if you are a full time “healer” and crystal lover and crystals do not bother you, this article is definitely for you and those who are “HSP sensitives, Empaths or Dreamers” in general.

For those who love crystals and it has no effect on them in a negative way, you are the naturally earthy types of people, the ones who are not empaths, and for you, this article isn’t that important “unless you are a healer” and work with all types of people and sensitives… then its important so you can send those clients to someone else if you have crystal beds or do crystal healing because they are not good for everyone, in fact, they are detrimental. I know because I am one of those people.

I have been active in the spiritual movement since the late eighties, since I had my first full out of body experience in 1987 in the full waking day. I was in my late 20s and this experience slowly made me get on a more spiritual path in my 30s. I have seen first hand in the late 80s and early 90s, the birth and the growth of the new age crystals as a tool into every spiritual community. Within ten years there was not a mystical store that didn’t have loads of crystals to sell to consumers.

When that happen back then, I put one small crystal on my right hand, the size of a dime and immediately an electrical bolt of energy shot through my hand and then into my whole body as if I had stuck my finger into an electrical socket. It hurt really bad, and my body’s instinct flung the crystal down on the ground. I had to rub my hand from the negative charge over and over until the pulsing stopped.

I am magnetic and really magnetic people are disrupted by crystals, it fragments our energy body. I didn’t know exactly at that moment why, but I knew never to hold a crystal again and I didn’t. But my magnetic energy that fuels my dreams, visions, out of bodies, and emotional connection to my soul, were deeply interfered by crystal energy. Most people are mental body psychic, not soul body and that makes all the difference when it comes to crystals.

The store I had done seer and vision readings at, twenty years later was full of clear crystals, light crystals, amethyst etc and every time I worked there I noticed I got angry and irritated when normally I was relaxed and calm. I didn’t know it was from all the crystals yet even though I worked at my Zen practices of meditation and yoga daily.

The key word here is “felt” and as an empath, empathic healer and dream healer and crystals interfere with people like me. Now, healers may not know this with all their crystals and crystal beds because their clients may not know that this energy is disruptive. It takes great investigation of all new age stuff to see if its really valid or healthy and no one seems to do that but me. I am sure maybe a few, but its rare that I have found others who just don’t say yes to new age things without doing some investigative work with them energetically.

I have had empathic clients over the years and as soon as the crystals are removed, they finally feel calm, not anxious and their nervous system relaxes and the edge is removed. These are the people that should only work with grounding stones that are plain river stones and ocean stones. I also recommend to never go to healers who drink wine every weekend and party. Its just not cool.

To test crystals effects, not everyone is completely sober of everything (no pot, no cdb, no wine or alcohol, no medications nor coffee, pure and as I am), so not everyone is going to have their senses be able to focus truly really sharp and clear to feel the very subtle energy of crystals and very deep levels. Most peoples minds and mental bodies are distracted and have not mastered zen (zero thoughts at will). Also intuitives are not empaths and super empath, they have a sensitive emotional body, but so does everyone.

I didn’t just write this article for me, I wrote it for every level of empath, hsp and dreamer out there, because I see and feel things at the root and so do you and if you are one, then you too will feel calmer in your emotional body and nervous system, if you clear out all crystals.

My body’s instinct dropped that crystal and I grabbed my hands that day and rubbed the energy I felt onto my jeans, not being able to get that electrical shock energy off my body, to return to the calm that I was. Discernment comes from common sense, not from trusting every new introduction of a new age concept or trusting the mind. 

Like all things, time reveals the truth, and jump thirty years later and I was dream walking with some teens and found out exactly why crystals were introduced into the main stream spirituality market (see below).

crystals and amythis bad for empaths.jpg
Imagine your Magnetic body flowing like Water in a River, and an Electro-spiking Crystal is set into that water (emotional body). This image is what that irritant visually looks like for all “HSPs”

Crystals fragment and shatter HSP, Empaths and Dreamers magnetic (emotional and soul astral body) because magnetic energy runs the feminine energy, Crystals run masculine (electrical energy), that is why it runs computers, phones, Nasa and Military ships, cars etc. In the human body, 85% of humans are basic mind body people, and crystals do not bother them at all. Water element people would also be sensitive but not debilitated by crystals. An earth moon or sun would really not be effected at all. But double water sun, moon or air moon combinations would also be very sensitive. 

Can you stop watches, blow up computers with your energy? This is one sign of a person with a dominant magnetic body and these abilities show you that you should never have crystals. Your magnetic body has boundaries and trying to protect you from too much electricity. And we must live in a world of electricity everywhere which is overwhelming on an energetic level.

HSP’s are electromagnet with a bit more magnetic (sensitive emotions, soul body) than electric (nervous system, mental body). Empaths, real ones, are pure magnetic bodies with just a small bit of electricity. That is why if you touch something metal or walk across a shaggy run, you constantly get electrical shocks, your body is trying to release the electricity, just like lightning hits a tree and releases that static from the air. 

The soul astral bodies within us carries a magnetic dominance (soul) or one’s mental astral body, carries an electric dominance. For me, I was always magnetic, but my long healing journey, disciplines, going to other healers, working on my issues and then finally karma (a total of a 40 year journey), I am now after four decades of healing, mystical experience, shaman’s experiences and healing my soul live within an electro-magnetic balance and crystals no longer effect me.

If you are an empath, sensitive or an empathic dreamer or sensitive dreamer, then definitely this article is for you and definitely crystals are negative for your specifics. I wanted to write this article because no one out there is, in this spiritual crystal happy high world of ours.

Very few have challenged “new” age concepts and tools that surfaced since the late 1970s and crystals especially were never addressed since their beginnings into main stream spiritual culture, starting in the late 1980s. I found that this new diamond mine of money making, was great for spiritual stores, the newest thing since divination cards and candles during the 1870s. Within five years I saw all mystical stores, conventions, rock shops with big crystal inventories all go from zero to 100 (everywhere).

I remember in the eighties the geologists rock swaps and conventions hardly had any clear crystals or amethyst and I was there from the beginning and saw the new age crystal craze begin, emerge and then dominate.

Like lightning flying around the room, I was like a big vacuum cleaner and sponge absorbing it all into my bodies. Crystal and Gem shows were the worst place and I stopped going by 2001. Everyone there felt a great positive charge around crystals and were super charged, because it was dumping their unconscious wounded astral energy everywhere. I would be sick for a week afterwards having received all their shadow emotional body releases.

There are just some things we learn by experience, in a duration of time in our spiritual path that you just don’t blindly see without contemplation of what you are acceptance. I learned not to accepting pop culture anything, without common sense, discernment and making choices that effected my health. Not easy to discipline those as they arise.

That is true of the slow food people, who saw the food chemicals all the way to formula instead of breast milk and started to rebel in the 80s and 90s. But that is the physical world and much easier to see, in the energetic realms of Crystals, even the most dedicated spiritual person doesn’t have the ability to “see” as a seer or “feel” like an empath. So the crystal craze was not slowed down because of that. Also the dark shadows that normal people have LOVE crystals, it supercharges their demonic astral soul as well. One would have to die and suspend death to experience that. 

Now times this by 1000 and that is what crystal conventions are like today for empaths, emos, dreamers and hsp’s, the fragmented energy finds the watery and magnetic ones  and because its nature, it goes into those three people out of 1000. That is a week to a month of burning off the sick energy of other people. That would be like non empaths going to an energy healer for three years once a month to bring forth their sickness and emotional sickness that is dormant and starting to feel it themselves. All their arguments, repressed anger issues, sex addiction issues, drug and plant addictions, all those at the convention who never go to healers, who are getting a fragmented release because of the crystals.

Sensitives (empths, hsp, dreamers) have a responsibility to their emotional body and their soul (astral body) and boundaries, in order to heal their emotional issues. This requires self-awareness. Don’t believe every healer, every doctor, every opinionated spiritual or metaphysician person unless they walk their own talk, heal themselves and understand that emotional soul beings are not mind-body people.

This is because empath falls under the full“magnetic” constitution in their energy body and crystals are electro-energy. Those who are super empaths and a dreamer like myself are dominant magnetic energy and this makes us extraordinarily sensitive to both the self and others.

Let me describe a few words I am using here in the article, so I can clarify the context of their use.  These would be the most likely candidates that crystals would interfere, irritated by them either consciously or unconsciously. Remember we don’t just “wake up 100%” spiritually one day, but rather, its a long journey of small awakenings through hard work, purity and spiritual disciplines. Anything else is just the social spiritual or spiritual knowledge paths or spiritual advice paths…

Also its wise “never” try to awaken quickly because there are some doors and gates you just cannot close, which you were not ready for (disciplined in mind, body, emotional body) that you will regret ten or twenty years later and your soul astral body is in deep trouble. 

Today, even regular feeling people who get upset call themselves an empath, which is not true, they are just an emotional being like the rest of us. Rare is the true Empaths, they can feel acute feeling energy of others in their emotional body on the surface, mid range and super empaths all the way into the unconscious emotional body. We can feel a persons depression, anxiety, suicide feels, other persons karmic past life demon’s astral bodies which is horrific feeling energy.

This is all debilitating to empaths and most empaths do not know what their own ‘original’ feeling body feels like, only healing it would you get back to the origin of calm. And you take other peoples sickness a lot throughout your life until you begin the healing journey as mandatory. You are drained and sometimes can’t go to work as you get older, you can’t be around many people except one or two and not even your entire family can be in your space, only those who ‘get’ you or have a lot of water element as well and are receptive. The givers of energy, energy that flows outwards, are the main problem for all empaths.

Even animals and pets do not help you feel better. Many empaths can feel better with horses because they are much bigger than domestic cats and dogs and the horse has a fine tuned emotional body that actually likes and is comparable to your empathic energy body.

HSP (highly sensitive person)
Intuitives, Emos and Sensitives are all HSP and are deep feeling with a very sensitive body that is sensitive to stimuli and emotional body feelings. They feel deeply and can feel other peoples sorrow or pain, depression etc. But this astral and emotional energy does not actually enter “inside their own body” like it does with Empaths.

If you had picked up on someones suicidal feelings and thoughts, you would be compassionate towards their state of pain, but you wouldn’t contemplate committing suicide…  (until their emotions wore off and dissolved from your body). This is why you cannot do groups or large groups or cultural things like baseball games as an Empath but a HSP can. That is the difference between a real Empath and a HSP.

The main difference between being an HSP and an Empath is that Empaths have a greater ability to feel and perceive another person’s feelings, emotions and pain, and the “pain” then becomes the empaths real pain. Because they are able to actually experience what it’s like to be the other person. All Empaths are HSPs, but not all HSPs are Empaths, in fact only one out of 1000 HSPs would be termed an Empath.

A dreamer is a person who experiences dreaming and intense dreaming, and considers their dream life very important to them, enough to study, keep journals, track and learn about cycles and how their soul and mental body dreams. They also are way beyond lucid or astral travel after a point in time with practices and study and observations of their dreams and waking dreams. That is a Dreamer.

There are many levels of dreamers of course, from novice, to beginner, to advanced of course and because the soul and mental astral bodies are connected to the physical/emotional body as it sleeps in bed, the more advanced dreamers use the emotional body as a warning trigger to bring the dreamer back to the body.

I am a Dreamer (which is an indigenous term for the last levels of a shaman, called black shaman in Siberian traditions). To most people a dreamer is someone who doesn’t live in the so called real world (limited 100% to the physical world). Dreamers are also seen as space head who can’t remember things etc. 

For the most part, dreamers can be those who have nightmares (which most only look at the psychological behaviors rather than the non physical soul’s life in dreaming, being attacked by shadows and demons). A dreamer is a natural dreamer who can or develop up to the levels of powerful spirit dreams and waking visions  without any uses of drugs, hallucinogen plant/drugs (dmt, mushrooms, ahuyuasca) or substances).

Time jumpers and dream walkers are the most advanced dreamers. The more conscious in dreaming we are (not lucid), the more developed or gifted the dreamer is, but shadow is a mandatory to see within a dreamers life. So those who have nightmares are powerful dreamers but do not utilizing the good sides of their gift by self training.

And vice versa, those who have powerful dreams but not the other side of the coin of shadows and frightening dreams, are just “projection dreaming” and not entering those spaces in dreaming, they are looking through binoculars and waking up with information of what they saw,  not experienced.

ZOMBIE ARCHETYPE (Pot, Shaman Plants, Marijuana, Skunk Weed)
If you are an empath and sensitive on top of this, a cauldron of dangers are building up in your emotional empathic unconscious body (soul and astral bodies) and someday will explode. I would suggest all empaths find other alternatives things like meditation disciplines and sober healers, rather than self medicating or using pot as medicine.

Those who have a watery constitutions are sensitives naturally, and emo suppressants like pot cause long term damage. Those who have a very earthy constitution and were not even that emotional as children, ten not to have any issue (mostly men). It takes about seven years to clear your astral bodies from all pot and I have watched and supervised carefully my apprentices who have done it.

A few days ago I went to pick up some chicken food and I got out of the car and stood with the four or five other people there while the man unloaded the organic foods and such. As I was standing there, a man about 45 steps right up next to me. He asked if I had dogs in the car, and I said no and smiled, as I turned around and saw he had a dog in his car.  As soon as I said that, a huge wave of dizziness came on so strong from him through me, it was almost to the point that I thought either I or the car was actually moving forward.

My instinct to step forward to brace myself was strong, rather than fall, but I caught myself in that instant and just stood straight up and still. I then entered the energy and realized it was the man’s energy standing next to me (experience from three decades of energy healing with others). His energy was flying out of control everywhere and then an ayahuasca vine flashed before my eyes. His energy was not under his body, mind or emotional bodies control at all. He then turned to talk to the other two people on the other side of the area.

No matter how long we heal, how long we detox our own toxins and emotional toxins, or how long we practice our daily or weekly spiritual disciplines, we always have to keep flowing and learning letting go. Regardless of how deeply we are as a sensitive or empath, its more about paying attention, rather than judging others, addictions are addictions of any kind regardless. I found myself taking in all his repressed emotional energy, the toxic ayahuasca energy mixed in his soul astral body that hadn’t burned off yet, and now it was inside my body fully.

When I got home I felt a bit sick as I am pure but also shed a few tears that were his, not mine. I was feeling great before and after I released his emotions from my body. I am an empathic energy healer and folk healer, which means for the last 30 years, I do take my clients and students toxic energy, every time I have a session with them.

Because of this, I have gotten to know every kind of energy and what it contains in the ways of sicknesses and toxins and karmic energy. Its taught me a lot about empaths and sensitives but also about myself over the decades and the subtle ways each persons stores or releases toxic emotional, physical or astral energy from any kind of source, hallucinogenic or not. 

casey weldon.jpg

Good for them, really bad for any magnetic empath or the hsp types. The empath in the room are like a black hole sucking everyone’s unconscious emotional stress and sickness and even the diseases into their body – while trying to handle their own personal ones. I cannot say enough about this process – because I, like others had to live with this external intensity from others unconscious sickness, and then do something about it to learn how to become more transparent and for myself to become pure so this sticky paper energy didn’t stick inside me. I cut it out of my life completely and for good back in the 90s.

You don’t have to take my word, if you have crystals in your home or around you, take this detox challenge, or go to a crystal convention with this aha moment and go get toxed up and see if you are not sick after a crystal convention. The way this works is once you are aware of something, its never the same. Same to with crystals, so box them all up and move them outside or in the garage or in a bag in the ground and see if anything shifts in six months of your emotional body or if you feel calmer.

If you are at the peak of stress in your life, you have to take that into account when doing this experiment. Everything on our spiritual path is something we have to learn, we don’t become a master guru after a ten year spiritual journey because its too deep and too deep. But we do learn to use discernment in our life of the “subtle” realities that effects our “subtle” bodies (emotional body, soul body, sensitive body).  Things can hurt or irritate us as we discover who we are, and how our three bodies work in the environment or life we have created in our 20s or 30s. We must review all of that in our 40s.

For most people, crystals don’t really bother the mind / body that much, some can be a bit sensitive to them, but I am writing this for those who are emotionally and energetically very sensitive. I have a rule of measure, if you can spend a week in Las Vegas and have fun in all that energy, people, over indulgence, noise and computers and electricity, then you can probably use crystals. But if that sounds like a vacation in hell, then you are probably an empath, emo and sensitive.

For me, I experienced “anger” in my emotional body with crystals whenever I was physically around them and that was apparent right away.  I used to do readings at a mystical shop on and off for twenty years, and the store had an over abundance of crystals. When I left the store, my anger had disappeared and when I would take six months off to focus on other parts of my personal healing work or work with others, it was then I realized what crystals did to me from my absence of not being around them at the mystical stores.

Empaths, Emos and Sensitives are the opposite of people who crystals do not bother, so we experience side effects, but they are subtle and we have to give ourselves the time to test them out of our space. As I said 6 months is good and a year is better and then bring them all back in and touch them, sleep with them etc and see within a month how you feel different. Many feel much better emotionally and more emotionally grounded even within a month. Everyone has different sensitivity levels, I am mostly magnetic rather than electro-magnetic, so they effected me at peak levels of intense negativity. They felt like I put my finger in an electrical socket and that pain would shoot trough my body, the first time I held one.

They make my body temperate irregular as my body starts to heat up, and as I said they triggered anger, be it someone else’s emotional anger that I took as an empath into my body, or my own anger issues I was dedicated to healing in the 90s. After that decade, the irritation now isn’t my own anger, its fully crystal irritation. If I go in and buy sage where the is a bunch of crystals, the Amethyst and the Clear Quartz are the worst for me, I get hot. If I go to a store with computers, the over abundance of them, my body starts to heat up.

pottery of vulture stone.jpg

Everyone is different of what they can tolerate. Once the crystal chips came out in cell phones, all the reports showed that they altar brain waves and show more red, rather than green and yellow colors. And that is light compared what its doing to your two astral magnetic bodies inside you that makes you the empath, emo and sensitive that you are. 

People use them as spiritual tools, but Crystals don’t heal emotional issues and they don’t heal your cancer of your physical body.  I have been an energy healer for thirty years of several different types of energy, and I could tell the effects when I worked on clients and would ask my more emotional sensitive clients questions if they had crystals and asked them to sustain for awhile to bring their nervousness and anxiety down and my feedback was very positive when they did it.

We would never suspect those pretty little shiny crystals to be hurtful or going to a healer who puts them over our body because shes the healer right, she knows? We trust her right judgment in all her or his choice? … No… Healers are like anyone else and should be questioned about their sobriety practices and you need to understand your empath nature with an empathic healer.

As a side note, our healers in which we are intimate with energetically with our energy body, should be sober from pot, wine, alcohol, drugs, hallucinogen plants (drugs) so your body gets the best healing possible of release and detox. If not, then as an empath, emo and sensitive, your are taking your healers unconscious emotional magnetic energy that is filled with those substances. Pot alone takes 7 years of pure sobriety to get it out of your astral energy body system.

We do not want to defeat our only healing journey this lifetime, because of someone else’s addictions and casual repetitive uses of things that dirty up their energy body. So grill your healer, ask them the sober question and be specific. Today you have to ask if people smoke pot because mysteriously for 50 years was fun and pleasure and changed to medicine overnight in 2014 without regulations or research on its effects and long term effects because many 60 and 70 year olds still smoke pot, amazingly enough.

High level healers like myself worked at sobriety of everything and it was damn hard work when my friends and peers were having fun when we were young. I chose the serious nature of my fate and because it made my life healthier, when I began working with apprentices and clients, it was out of respect to them. 

Stone people 1.pngWe are all responsible ultimately for our body, mind, emotional body and soul health, all of it, and we should also use common sense by testing new age or pop culture things. With me it was down right agitated anger anytime I was near a crystal and my body would get hot, that was not normal. I thought it was me, an issue of sickness, but every time I left the mystical store for three months, that didn’t happen anymore. I finally “got it” dah. Thats how we learn, not only aha moments but dah moments as well. 

If you’re sensitive to large crowds, being in groups of people, alcohol, pot, wine or groups of people who are over stimulating and not your idea of fun, or large festivals, ball games etc wherever there are small or large amounts of people, Crystals are not for you, even if you have them. And sometimes people haven’t been completely sober from pot or wine since they were 15 and at 35, 45 or 55 years old, the dullness of our senses from those, we wouldn’t even feel the pure hits of crystals in our system. Wise Grandmother Spider says everything is connected within, so these effect us within, but there are blocks (unconsciousness) that we open up when we heal to be aware of deadened emotions, to be aware of issues of emotional pain etc.  Everything is relative to our current state of awareness or increased or decreased awareness.

Crystals carry way too much energy and because of this, they replicate and repeat energetics in a cycle loop and emos, dreamers and empaths are receptors and receivers and that energy goes straight in, rather than outward or surface touch like it does for most people. I once had a client who came to me because she said she was allergic and having reactions to her new car and knew it was the crystal chips.

She said she went to doctors, car dealers, mechanics and no one validated it or believed her till she came to me. I said yes, I believe you 100%. Sell that car and get an older car without the all electric fancy gadgets. She did, she got well immediately. Hardly no one is allergic to the crystals in cars or phones, she was, because she was a super empath.

Crystals that have no effect on people have the opposite, the crystal energy moves and goes outward, and doesn’t effect them.

Crystals tend to be good for those protected by the physical element that they carry in life which is much stronger of a block than opened receptive people or empaths. Very grounded people are generally pretty physical, those who are less emotional or not the dreamer types also are not really bothered by crystals.

For the “sensitive” types of the three listed, I suggest letting go of ALL your crystals and within a month you should feel a calming effect if you are a sensitive.  You should feel an energetic shift, just make sure to cleanse and purify your home with WATER and SAGE to rid the over electrical crystal residue.

That crystal high fluttery vibration energy is causing the problem and generally it will fall away from one day to three months, depending upon how sensitive you are. Psychics and Mediums are not really sensitive to crystals, but seers and prophetic seers are. Crystals that have high impact, the more intense and bigger the crystals are. Especially the purple ones like Amethyst and large clear crystals, all the way to very lowest impact crystals such as Serpentine.

When one is young, under 35, they don’t even “know” their energy system yet and once they hit around 40, they will find out much more because of the midlife crisis / transformation time. I know that we live in a very saturated electricity and crystal overload in the culture, but also an over abundance of crystals in the spiritual communities, but here me out, because I share in order to improve your health as a folk healer, not to just share information.

Crystals first and foremost spike the astral (soul) body within us, and the mental astral body too (which rules your dreams at not, the projection dreamer), and not in good ways. The astral bodies “are the complete energy body, the whole one”… all the Hindu’s did was divide up the whole astral body into sections and call them chakras. Chakras really are more about the energy body in “relationship” to the physical body, NOT the astral bodies (the two astral bodies we have).

Certain things dry up the moisture of our astral body (the emotional body and the soul astral body, not the mental astral body) and this moisture of emotional and internal magnetic energetic flow is very important. Not the external flow that crystals produce or its relationship to the mental astral body. Pot and shamanic plants do the same thing, it “dries up” the moisture needed in the soul astral body and its counterpart, the emotional body… like a desert. But they tend to not have a very big impact on the physical body or the mental body.

stones decoraed
Instead of crystals use dark, heavy grounded creek, river and oceans stones.

The “hard” energy of crystals and gemstones are spikes of energy that flow outwards, its mini shocks to the soul, and unless your dead, you don’t need that type of shocks to your sensitive non physical bodies. This is why for the people who it doesn’t bother (non receptive energy types), crystals make them feel great and gets their body charged up and alive feeling. But for empaths, sensitives and dreamers, it make one nervous or intensifies and breaks the rhythms of the nervous system. This is because it charges the magnetic energy of the emotional body more than normal and that is a negative experience on an energetic level, not a mental or physical level.

It also fragments the dreaming soul body which is a part of our extended souls and animism souls. Crystals also attract shadows in your dreams for those who are dreamers and have to deal with such reality. This is because crystals carry and that electrical  outward directional energy and the emo/soul/dreamer/sensitive carries the internal directional energy.

stones that healI remember the first time in 1993 when crystals and gems in spiritual places were starting to increase and come onto the scene in spiritual shops and mystical stores. I took my first fingernail size clear quartz crystal and held it in my hand and I could feel a surge of energy, like electricity shooting through my enter body, like I was getting an electric shock or putting my finger in a socket.

I am intensely sensitive as an empath and dreamer, but it effects other empaths the same way even if they are not that sensitive, its just that its “unconscious” to their body/soul connection or their mind/emotional body connection which are generally separated from early trauma or woundings that have not been dug that deep into and brought back up.

From birth to around 38 years old, I was pretty much all magnetic, extremely sensitive to any crystal, but from being a healer and going to healers a long time and all issues dealt with, healed and released, crystals like that don’t bother me too much anymore because my electric-magnetic natural fields of my astral bodies are unified.  I still don’t have them around me, because I am a dreamer just like all wine or alcohol had to go too, which are detrimental for the three groups of emotionals. 

Not everyone is this sensitive to Crystal energy of course, and certainly not dominant magnetic, but they are not for everyone and no one out there in the world ever speaks of the more negative sides of crystals. They are in the ground for a reason, just like the roots of trees are. Even though new age stores went crazy in the 90s and 00s selling them in Shops, Gem Shows and Stores, they also marketing them as a spiritual tool, now everyone has them…

So reassess who you are, how your magnetic or electric body works naturally, and trade out your crystals if you are a sensitive, emo or dreamer and replace it with natural stones, like river stones, ocean stones, and mountain stones. For the super sensitive I suggest black stones that are not gem or crystal based stones.

Replacing Crystals…
Empaths, sensitives and dreamers main spiritual tool should be bowls of water, bottles of water or fountains of water where you sleep, in your home or at work which bring peace and emotional energy to sooth the emotional body, your astral body and your dream body. The second tool to use is streams, rivers, ocean and land stones.

I try to understand the ancients and their wise ways by what they did and they worked with stones, very large stones, caves and rocks and so I recommend letting crystals and gems go, and get down the very grounding natural stones that are darker in color, especially those connected with water.

There are many beautiful natural river and ocean stones and the reason they are very powerful for empaths, dreamers and sensitives is because they give off powerful grounding energy, which is what truly most emotional people need to keep them flowing and in balance. So next time you take a hike near a mountain stream or river, take a look at the stones and bring a few home.

Try working with them like you do your crystals and within a month, you will start to notice the anger, the jitters and the not being grounded in your body start to change. I have had some clients notice a change with a day or two, especially if they have big crystals and gems.

This last paragraph is for the Dreamers, Astral Travelers, Time Jumpers, OOBs, and Lucid dreamers…

Crystals energy residue (handling and having crystals in your home or daily uses) is how MK Ultra (CIA trained military dream walkers) track you in your dreamers, anywhere or any level they can reach. I have ZERO residue of Crystal in my energy astral bodies or animism bodies for the last 30 years, so I cannot be tracked in dream walking at any level.

Those who have even “one” little crystal can be tracked because it saturates your energy body and that dreamer energy body part of you, leaves your physical body to go dream at night. It may not be important now, but in the future, it will.

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    Thank you for this. A few months ago (before I read this) I made a grid called Metatron’s Cube, which I saw in a book and bam–sharp pain into my skull when all the crystals were placed on the grid. I left the room and the headache was gone. I walked back in the room a while later and bam –the surge of electricity went into my skull.


    1. Thanks for Caroline, yes for half of us on earth, it doesn’t fit with our dreamer, emo, sensitive magnetic body of our soul and emotional body, and its debilitating even with having a lot of electricity in the house, tvs, computers … that current of electricity is not good for us. I remember the Melchizedek teachings in the 90s that are now updated and called Metatron’s Cube (new age stuff) but they are the same things… I walked away from that stuff in the 90s and never looked back. Pyramids were actually built on the earth to “shut down dreamers” so its good you followed your common sense.

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  2. Thank you for the article Phoenix!

    After combing through my house for various crystal and crystal-like objects, I find that I am uncertain of how widely I should define crystals and gemstones. Obviously quartz crystal points and geodes would be included. Also family heirloom jewelry (I don’t feel right giving that away, but perhaps I can store it carefully until the right family member comes along to pass to on to?). Probably also anything in the faceted lead glass category, such as “crystal” sun-catchers and Swarovski crystal necklaces.

    But then there are things such as rose quartz beads, or pieces of rock-tumbled garnet or citrine. Also, many of the river rocks I pick up are largely composed quartz, though their energy is certainly very different from quartz crystal points. Then there are rocks like flint, obsidian, and petrified wood that are crystalline. Even basalt rock is often found with a 6-sided crystalline structure!

    I guess it comes down to what we are most sensitive to? But any further recommendations would be most appreciated. Thank you again!


    1. Thanks GG for writing. The biggies are the main two: Amethyst and Quartz Crystals, they carry so much spiked energy. The ones diluted with regular stones mixed in, or petrified wood and flint are much lower in their outward energy.

      Those who are “really sensitive” might want to put them all away for a year and then get them out just one at a time to test them, and how they feel that month (especially the jewelry) since its worn.

      Test them and do the experiments to see how your body responds, after a year or two of keeping them all out of your space. Also I suggest people store them outside in a shed or barn or even the garage, just so they are out of the main rooms. Even the ones you keep, keep them out of your bedroom because that is where you dream.

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    2. Cindy Magnuson says:

      Amazing article Sister! And the data on the pyramids being set up to shut certain energies down…I have been seeking one other person besides when I first heard a negative reference regarding the pyramids blocking/preventing natural occurrences and you are that next person.


  3. saymber says:

    Very interesting for me an empath, highly sensitive type who has always had lots of crystals etc. They have a voice and sometimes I wonder if they can get up to mischief. Thank you.


  4. Lori Park says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! Your article resinated deeply with me… wow. So, my question is: how should I honor (dispose of) the gemstones and crystal I have in my possession?

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    1. Hi Lori, you can gift them to those who are not Empaths or Dreams (sensitive types) or you can sell them and the right people will purchase them if you set the intention to all your crystals to go to those who are very earthy and they won’t harm. If you have not a care in the world about money or that, then I would BURY them back into mother earth and ask her to receive them back where they have lived for millions of years (in the ground)>

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  5. C. A. A. says:

    Reblogged this on Zwischen den Winden… and commented:
    I absolutly agree with this!

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