First Moon of Summer 2018

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – All Phoenix lunar and moon work is copyrighted so please do not use any part of her seasonal moon information for you own books or teachings without her permission. Greetings dreamers, healers, artists and moon people, we now enter our  first of “Three Moons of Summer” which begins June 13, 2018 and then the Summer Solstice, Thursday, June 21st (Northern Hemisphere 3:07 am pdt).

Our three moons of Spring have completed and with your six intentions (total), I am sure you did some of your awareness work. Even a small amount of self understanding can alleviate some pressures of life, regardless where you are on the wheel of life. Review your last three moon intentions and full moon release intentions and the insights you have now, so you are ready to stand at the door of the summer moons. I personally love the summer and winter solstice time, in summer we do the Slavic tradition rituals of the Summer Solstice Kupala (for those interested read here.)

When the solstices and equinoxes arrive, we meet a seasonal change. We now meet the second half of our “Season of Fire”. For those unfamiliar with my terminology, let me share… before time or clocks or even written languages, we lived by the moon phases and how she fits into the seasons of nature perfectly, with our emotional and soulful nature as spiritual beings. Half of the year we experience a Season of Fire (spring and summer) and the other half of the year, a Season of Night (autumn and winter). Together they reveal our true “inner nature” with our “outer ” physical life. The more we understand our inner self, the more we understand our physical waking life. Is this easy?

No, age helps though, but for those under forty, its never to late to start this type of work. Its not knowledge, its wisdom work for the non-physical aspects of our life, our emotions, our soul and our immortality. If Buddhism and Yoga are for the Mind/Body, this work is for our Emotional Life, our Soul’s Life and the elemental reality of the divine forces (what people call spirit). This is why we developed ceremonies and rituals at the marker points of each season fifty thousand years ago.

In moon work, which is internal and based on cycles, it reflects our original cycle when we were born, when we started our life at a particular moon phase and birthed into one of the four seasons. As our root cycle, this is important for natural reasons of our emotions, our sensitivities and our psyche. When I hear people say they do not like the cold winter moons (Dec, Jan or February), I tilt my head not understanding, because I was born at the end of January in the middle of the night. The best birthday present I ever got when I was young, was by a man I had dated, who drove me way out into the middle of nature and pulled off into a field and said there is your present.

I looked at the cold snowy field with a sky full of stars and the moon and said thanks. He said wait here and he got out a telescope, set it up, put a glass of campaign out and lit a lantern next to some roses. He came back into the car (because it was ten below zero (-30 c) and said: “Happy Birthday, and there you are, sorry if I don’t stand out there, its too cold.” Literally it was the best present to express who I was back then because I din’t think anyone really understood who I was.

This was one of the three impact relationships to the moon, besides my 12 year old’s relationship to the moon and my 42 year old’s relationship to the moon as a teacher. I never again really looked into the sky for the stars after that day, nor the wanderings of many, except for astrology, but only looked at the moon from there forth and how I could bring down this mysterious wisdom so long ago forgotten when the Greeks mastered writing.

So knowing your phase of the moon when you are born and what season each year realigns you with your original cycle in an internal way only, is the magic that you must find to express another part of the self, regardless of age. The older we get, the more opportunity we have in cyclical work, to go deeper and deeper.

first new moon of summer.jpg

Moon, Mother, Memory
Our first moon of summer, is a birthing moon cycle, ruled by the Mother or the sign of Cancer. Most astrologers and moon people walk to the tune of the Sun sign comes around the 22nd of the month, followed by the Moon a week or two later. I don’t work by that structure. I work in the complete reverse, I work with Lunation cycle when the Moon comes first, the pre-manifest energy and then the manifestation is followed then by the Sun, the form. This is how we live with 13 months (moons) not 12 months of the Sun Cults (2012 bce – 2012 ce).

Catching up the now, the present, this moon is the Cancerian or what I term, the Mothers Moon and it is she who birth life itself and responsible for its nurturing and its intimacy with family. When we have mother issues, it effects us to the core since birth and this month might bring up issues or memories around our own nurturing and our own wounds that started as a child.

How do we express our joy and how do we nurture our self when you feel disheartened? This is the important factor this moon cycle, to be able to learn new realities about the internal nature (moon nature). This is the moon cycle for that. How did you nurture yourself when you were little if you were frightened, f your mother or father wasn’t there to comfort you? These still play out… whispering Rosebud was the word they coined back the 1940s for such a reality

Our work in moon work, is to find out what that untouchable is and express our creativity around who we truly are today, not ten years ago or twenty years ago but today with the sensitivity and awareness of what returns from our past, in the appropriate cycle.

Like a dream that keeps repeating, this is how the nature of our soul works, we must pay attention to image, sign, synchronicity in order to see the 11 11 or 333, but all of you should move on from that, those are just the first signs of the soul wanting us to pay attention to these patterns of our deeper internal self and how it manifests in the physical.

The difficult work to the mystery that I teach is that our own mystery requires a few things like hard work at healing our shadows and our fears. When we work on these, it frees us from our past because we go over it like a fine toothed comb, and because we are not only bound to our past, we are also bound to our past lives as well. This is why this moon cycle focuses on the ancestral. True moon work is the breath of life of our soul, breathing into that part of the self that expands it (consciousness). It is also the breath of our first breath to our last. Sometimes I think of those who suffer from asthma and when that “first trauma” had occurred where one couldn’t breath and from there forth got stuck in the fear.

Sometimes this is from an early trauma that triggered it and cycles trigger it again in their future and sometimes its from a return of karma of a past life and either way, it is about breath or death. I have never had a person with asthma as a client until now (because I don’t have asthma), even though my work is death, transformation and rebirth. It doesn’t surprise me though, because our earliest childhood trauma, even if we think they were simple, they were not.

Breath (asthma) is a death issue and it was also in one’s past life. We can safely walk into the breathless when we master the self in meditation if one goes that far in their disciplines. After four years I had mastered zen, and I then went into two years of breathless meditation and thought I was going to die, I didn’t and its only because I structured everything as slow and steady in my forty years of devotion to the self-healing path.

Regardless of what your issue is, we start with a lunar structure to do just that, to handle the heavy stuff with commitment. Even if you are older, we still have obligations and responsibility to life and our life. For those in midlife (30 to 60 years old) you will be surprised that when you take care of yourself first, really take care of yourself (not the social spiritual path or the knowledge spiritual path), its easier to handle the complicated issues that involves others. To walk backwards in time to reclaim what you lost and rebirth yourself through the old woundings (fears) in the present and begin to experience one small rebirth of many around the peaks especially, of the summer and winter solstice.

Josef Palecek (b

The Oracle this Moon Cycle

Signs whisper in our ear about the illusions of the night, whose kisses and caresses us. The enchantress plays a song that turns us into the wild. Everyone has their color, every sanctuary, its offers, and there are a thousand paths, but only one can be taken to reach your destination. The lion or lioness shoots the arrow at us, but the lover only wants the initiation of love, remember this. Recognize the lover as you, its your heart and if one’s heart is easily frustrated or impatient, wounded or sorrowful or even confused, then the wild can find no true love within and without that, there are only thousands of lovers and paths that one cannot recognized.

This dream pathway of the moon-skinned Queen influences actions everywhere, lifting oceans and motherly blood, milk and perfumes. Howling are the animals of the desert, faithful sisters of misery and lunatics in the house of the moon’s suffering.  Open the way, the door to that one path you were suppose to take, that shatters all the reflections you have built and the choices of lunacy that got you nowhere in your journey. Infuse this path with your breath, your speech, your actions and find your oasis through those illusions you have created up til now.

This is the difference between the lover and the mother, find the mother within to find the watery oasis that you need for your own survival. Wear the sacred path that protects you and the devastation of the illusion path that harms, we all have lived here before, and we begin again to clear our soul in the night.

This month is our once a year ancestral moon, how we live with nature’s rhythms effecting the “root of who we are” and where we have come from and where we belong. Sometimes we belong no where during a cycle of our life and sometimes we belong right here where we are. The snows and rains of winter are only a memory, as the sun is warm and we must play to remember the other parts of our being. The three Moons of Summer brings joy and changes that have to do with harmony (like nature) through the measurements of both justice, joy and kindness.

Kindness is a word that is double edged today because we must protect our soul and psyche more than ever, and still be kind with very healthy boundaries as we heal. People don’t like boundaries because it invokes judgment upon them by others and others don’t like when the radiating light of our soul says no, you cannot abuse me. Those not really on a dedicated healing journey will not understand this very difficult aspect of us, but we do the work anyway.

The first summer moon is very personal into our soul family or our physical family, because we work with the element of water and symbolically this is our emotional life which is the sensitivity of the moon. But it is also the crab with the hard shell who protects her sensitivity.  Every first moon of summer I share a goddess with you and this year Themis. She is the ancient Titaness, ruler of Justice and Balance, described as the Lady of Good Counsel, a personification of Divine Order of Nature’s Law.

Remember that all spiritual teachings of earth in the last 3000 years were created through men’s psyche, mens rules, and men’s human laws but there is a greater law and that is nature and woman, and its why people are interested in Shamanism today. Because at her beginnings, she was spirituality and it was pure, there were no need for false visions (plant shamanism) that bi-passed our divine feminine or family soul (natural visions).

Themis holds the scales of justice, and the tools used to find balance through the pragmatic approaches to our responsibilities and the balance required for our personal freedom (healthy desires that also offers us peace). Themis means “Divine Law” rather than human law like Libra or Scorpio’s justice and courts systems.

Themis literally means “that which is put into its place” from the verb títhēmi meaning “to put”. Her power is to evoke order through the balance of our own striving for order. Sometimes we forget what order is, and we get used to whims and chaos as a way of life and our foundation is constantly testing us from the mirrors of our first teachers, our parents.

This moon, where do you need to “put yourself in your place”  in order to find some balance and freedom for the next twenty-nine nights and days. In other words, what excuses do you make for yourself when the truth is really needed to come forth from your mouth, in order to achieve balance? And what denials come out instead? We start there this month and we become silent if we cannot speak this truth?

That is a difficult question, and only the true answer can rise up from within you, the one that will satisfy you and be respectful to others. You have all summer, and three summer moons to build a structure for the questions you ask yourself, rather than letting the mind keep in a eternal state of why.

Throw the whys in the earth and bury it and then get to work on the self, you only have to save yourself, you do that, it shows an example to your children, your partner, ex partners, co-workers…  and we start by saying what are we facing right now, that emotionally we need to deal and heal? 

Kupala. Divination on wreaths. 2008. Иван Купала. Гадание на венках.2008..jpeg

This moon has never been too easy, at the Summer Solstice, neither is the Winter Solstice. Its not always about family or relationships this moon cycle for some, but it can be the afterglow or after effects of family issues long ago, that arise in the subtle in our present life right now.

This moon cycle is ruled by the moon herself, and water moons express both true joy, and too much water or moisture can continually feed sorrow. Sorrow is to be healed and why we walk the spiritual path for balance in the first place, to heal our issues that are real. The first moon of summer is the truth of the justice bitch when she is healthy and when she is not, she is just the martyr that does not change unless she sees blood in her victim consciousness.

Example Intentions for a First New
Moon of Summer
 (chose only one for the month):

I am just
I am fair
I am humble
I am responsible
I allow myself to rest
I allow myself to slow down
I live in the present moment

I am confident
I nurture myself

I am abundant
I practice healthy boundaries
I reclaim my inner authority

I am stable
I am secure
I have purpose
I respect myself
I respect my feelings

I love and respect my body
I express my feelings

I accept change with groundedness
I accept change with gratefulness
I accept change with humbleness
I allow myself to grieve
I manage my sexual energy
I forgive myself
I ground my insecurity

I am aware
I express my feelings
I have a clear perspective
I embrace sobriety
I am trustworthy
I speak the truth
I am love

Blessings of the Moontime to you this month and your celebrations of the Summer Solstice thanking our greatest mother, mother earth for all her abundance that she gives us and all living things… ~ Phoenix and Elder Mountain

For those wishing to really do this Moon work and work with Phoenix one on one, she offers a six month, once a month workstudy, to really get a much deeper relationship with the work. Or please check “here” for all the other services she offers as a folk healer, shaman, and much more. Write to

The Astrology Chart says 22 Gemini, but by next November the months will be on track again and not off like they do every few years. This is because Astrology is a 12 month sun based practice and science/art and the moon is a 13 month/moon based emotional practice.

First Moon of Summer 2018 Astrology chart

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