Second Moon of Summer 2018

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – (All articles are written by Phoenix from her experiences of a forty year initiations of wrathful dismemberment, permission is needed to share).  Greetings dreamers, artists and moon people, we begin our 2nd New Moon of Summer on Thursday, 12 July 2018. All of you know that I don’t usually use the word supermoon, but this moon cycle is definitely a real supermoon. First we have the New Moon (sun/moon) opposite Pluto, that in itself is powerful enough to last us all month. Pluto is our death and rebirth energy, which sits opposite our core or root self and because its a partial eclipse, is might not be easy to see our relationship to the transformative energy that effects us.

This moon quote this month is: where there is smoke, there is fire and fire is drama because this is a traditional Leo Moon cycle. We have periods of time when astrological sun-signs are misaligned (every few years), this new moon will sit at 20º Cancer instead. I only use astrology as a format to moon work to give it a structure around the (invisible) energies of the emotional and soul bodies. Second Summer Moons are ruled by the elements of Fire in all its form, translated into symbolism, we enter a peak realm of our persona drama vs creative mirrors. This includes our passions and loves, lovers, our children or our inner child issues which may surface and rise. All intentions are good with some necessary complications to work out. 

This moon is also aligned into a Six Pointed Star (pentagram) called a Grand Sextile in astrology, also called the Talisman of Saturn (see the chart at the end). With so much potent energy this month, we are not here to be perfect, we are here to practice at being aware, responding with some compassion, having appropriate boundaries, and these make all the difference in the world of where we end up by the end of the moon cycle.

And ontop of that we have a partial solar eclipse which arrives during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter, most of Antarctica which will be experiencing “Polar Nights.” This partial eclipse will take place mostly over water, so a collective humanity watery element besides Pluto’s influences in Capricorn.

We are also entering “Midsummer” because the second of three moons is the midway point of summer, these are the peaks of fertility energy, within us and in nature. I just noticed even the fading lights of sunset yesterday are beginning to shift into the more warm glow of yellow. The lazy days of summer begins.


Oracle this Moon Cycle
We all succumb to perversion of our thoughts, thinking negative thoughts of others or the self critical. We succumb to perversions with our emotions, feeling the pain of our inner child who lashes out with impatience or succumbs to others emotional pain. We all succumb to perversions of our body, by over eating, or hating our body image or using our addictions of any kind to keep us connected with some kind of control or emotionally detached. The combinations of these sorts of emptiness expands inside of us like a stain on our soul and draws our steps towards quicksand.

This is called our personal slave or victim consciousness, who turns us towards actions of shadow, while our soul suffers these consequences that we are not even aware of. When you see the warning signs of quicksand, seek for inner Strength, practice every moon cycle, no more or no less. It begins to add up with more successes internally over your bolder choices. Duality exists for a reason in moon work, because we always have two choices along our path, the more conscious we become, we then have three or four choices of every growth’s twists and turns that reveal the spiral of healing. 

How do you approach your complicated self? A good question to ask this month. Do you divert it in any way? Do you keep busy to the point of not paying attention to your subtleness? Sometimes by delighting ourselves with some small personal healthy joy can  leads us to “hard without, pliant within” which is always a completeness, as the Taoists say:

Nurturing our nature at every step each day is to be a carefree roaming soul, at the same time working at being equally responsible for our words, our actions and our observations to develop more self awareness.

Practicing self control and personal sacrifice together, without harsh judgments, makes our boundaries very strong, along side speaking our necessary truth without falling completely apart. This takes immense practice, because there is so much we are unconscious about ourselves. A little each moon cycle does add up.

This moon its wise to practice some of these basic human disciplines because karma  today seems to have a much quicker retribution. I see it happening everywhere, so when we approach things such as pain wielding actions, try to keep still and keep working at being present in any situation you find yourself in this month. The key is “simple” and simple evaporates drama because we engage less, yet engage authentically. People love drama, they say they don’t but they do, its one of the ways that we express ourselves but the problem is, its a dance and that dance can catch on fire and burn.

The key is to work on your own “personal strengths and your own personal weaknesses” and keep your focus there, even while you are in an engaging everyday scenario. The element of a fire moon can be very powerful if you focus too much on others and their drama, including your children’s drama or parents. Enough love is enough to sooth and listen during Midsummer, because with Pluto involving itself with our lives this month and the Talisman of Saturn…. that is enough for five Leo Moons in ones! Try to be like a butterfly on a butterfly bush and still approach your issues.


The Talisman of Saturn is a large alignment for stability through change, in its esoteric and occult meaning. Its a protective energy against danger, against the danger of being buried alive while in a state of coma; against the danger of violent death through secret plotting, poison or ambush. This talisman preserves women from the mortal perils of life, and in time of conflict its said to hide a talisman of Saturn in a place which is in danger of falling into chaos or enemies advantages.

At the root its a very powerful protection symbol for your average spiritual person who has dedicated to Saturn qualities (discipline, sobriety, practices, self healing, accountability etc) those who are doing their spiritual path in action and very seriously through the mundane and practical forces of life.

Moon Woman Lithuanian Ceremics Elder Mountain DreamingThis collective talisman involves (moving counter-clockwise) on the astrological chart, starts at the highest planet near the mid-heaven: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Sun/Moon and lastly Venus. Be very careful choosing your “one” internal intention this moon cycle, as we are at the peak of both summer and dealing with a very powerful manifesting pentagram energy with two outer planets, and two middle planets (Saturn and Jupiter).

For those here who do dream work here with their self healing intentional work, last month the energies of the summer solstice always bring some sort of “family” or “mother/father” type of dream and it should have arisen from your deeper dreamer as a review of your past. Take a look again over your dreams last month and see if anything stood out. Last month was our ancestral past moon, so if nothing surfaced around any old family issues, keep practicing your lunar work and you will eventually align with nature’s dreaming cycles rather than the erratic human cycles of dreams.

Here in the southern Pacific Northwest we are literally on fire, and there is nothing like a mountain range on fire to put things in perspective when it comes to purification. So the timing is perfection when it comes to nature and how she purifies, we must learn from her to understand how the elements work with our nature.

How do we work with fire, your fiery nature or nature’s fires? In moon work, its always about embracing the opposite, we work with “water” in the summer to sooth our emotions and heal, just like we work with fire rituals in the Winter Moon to warm our heart. This moon rules the heart and we need enough fire to last us inside for the winter moons, so don’t go wasting it in arguments and drama (the best that you can).

Add some water by going fishing, or go swimming in a lake, river, ocean or go to a water spa or do some water charming at the full moon. We do water rituals to temper our fires as we practice patience with the self or with our loved ones and build our fire energies for good uses, like stamina.

midsummer 0

Regardless of our age or our age initiations, if you are over thirty, in the adult parts of life, there are differences when it comes to drama-sparks, which can involve some issues of rejection. These tend to make us angry out of need, rather than healthy desire. Think of the last time you had to let someone go, it was painful or at the least heavy hearted. When we are effected by changes in relationship and its our turn to be let go, we can give what we receive or vice versa.

Shapeshifters are also big in fire moons, so keep watch in your dreams and in your waking life, if its too good to be true, it probably is because the saying a fool for love always gets burned. Love, but love with some respect for yourself. Destruction, chaos, illusions and confusion in the emotional body realm, forces drama to dance. To build a new foundation, we must learn to accept that life isn’t perfect, so we… Stop. Sit still. Be aware with our feelings and thoughts until we find our inner fire and creative forces to solve the issue first within.

This month, wait until the forces of the struggle passes and calms a bit, then speak or work out the conflict. But also do the fire dance of conflict if its called for, but only if your willing to risk learning your strength and seeing your weakness. We are here to resolve conflict within us that arises around us, but not to please other people to the point of making ourselves miserable and sick.  Find fulfillment by overcoming any new or full moon drama this month from our “inner life” focus as the first most important action.
fire, elder mountain dreamingVision Quests are about facing the unknown of both nature and the self, the unconscious and hidden things within, this is where our own soul becomes our guardian who protects us, giving us more inner power. If we have given our soul a sobriety lifestyle and add some self healing consistently with healers, it gets even stronger. Do we suffer doing this type of path this lifetime? Hell yes, over and over again, decade after decade from walking, to crawling to complete surrender in order to grow stronger, because when life comes knocking at our door, its always wise to know who is more powerful… us or life? Life of course.

Being humbled by life and nature herself is one of the best medicines we have for purification. This moon cycle is all we have and the only future we should focus on is the current element of Fire which can quickly get out of control by the mere fact of the element of the “wind”. Fire and Air are counterparts, just like Water and Earth are, so this fire moon, we must deal with the opposition of wind, meaning that communication can fuel trouble, equally to simmering down thoughts in heated situations doesn’t fuel more fire.

Cloud Women Elder Mountain Dreaming

We want the wind spirits on our side, and its how we learn to bow and listen to them with full attention. Symbolically in practical ways, that makes all the difference like listening to what others have to say and not putting up defenses, but practicing self control with openness at the same time. That is an incredible feat when pressure strikes and that takes lots of practice. Our healthy boundaries in a fire summer moon must learn to bend to our sensitive nature as we focus on self mastery. This type of energy always stirs the wind, which effects our fire (life force).

Don’t let the wind spirits steal your fire, contain your passions, negative or positive and use your power when you really need to. This moon have your water bottles handy to suck up negative energy around you, and bring out your super-soaker and be ready wherever things pop up in your life that seem fiery or over dramatic. Some peoples moon become active at the new moon and some peoples moon becomes active at the full moon, either way, set your “one” intention and stick with it through the whole fire cycle.

Example Intentions (set only ONE for the month)

I am healing my drama
I listen to my soul (or small inner voice)
I trust my process of detoxing / purification
I am healing and taking care of my body
I am aware of my inner peace

I am healthy (if you don’t feel healthy)
I am creative
I am passionate
I am healing my heart
I forgive

I am grounded in my emotions
I recognize my inner child
I protect my heart
I am emotionally honest
I am positive in my detachments

I replace drama with self-love
I practice my spiritual disciplines
I express my courage with compassion
I allow stability in my life

I am nurturing my inner child
I allow love to come from deep within me
I use my anger in a positive and healthy way
I accept more joy

I am mindful of my projections
I respect my talents
I judge only my own actions
I commit to healthy passion
I overcome my fear of rejection

And lastly, the Astrology Chart for the 2nd New Moon of Summer…
for those who can read asteroids, I put in some dreaming and fire asteroids, we have Ceres (the mother), Venus and Fireman conjunct; Hypnos, the God of Dreams conjunct Mercury exact; Orpheus conjunct Saturn. See if they or the Talisman of Saturn hits  anything in your chart for specifics this moon. 

Talisman of Saturn - New Moon Solar Ecliipse Junly 12 2018 - Elder Mountain Dreaming  com.png

Notes: Please respect Phoenix’s lunar and moon work which is copyrighted – so please do not use any part of her seasonal lunar teaching information for you own books or teachings without her permission. You can use them in your moon, goddess and dream circles as a guide and its why she offers them free online for everyone.
Phoenix is a folk healer and teacher of the emotional and soul sides of our being and our dreaming. If you would like to be on our contact list and once a month email, or if you would like to work with her personally of any type of issue or transformation you are working on, please write to

Sources: Lithuanian Ceramics



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