Death and the Mysterious Shamans

Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming (compilations and additions) I have always known that powerful shamans, if interrupted by death in our collective work to eradicate darkness on this planet before their real time to leave, could find restitution and keep their work going even after death without black magic but of the light. Mystical stories related to the forces of death upon shamans who have mastered death (no more karma) in the waking, can also do it after death without moving on from this plane (even though mother nature’s laws require all dead to move on).

If you believe in traditional legends, the place of rest of a powerful shaman has mystical power of its own. Everything the dead shaman does until her or his time of departure from the middle worlds, still gains powers to destroy those who were demonic living human beings, who had hunted them down. This only applies to pure shamans without karma (this does not include any post-500 ce modern low vibration plants to induce vision such as peyote etc because they are not shamans, they are drug/plant alchemists). 

In Soviet times, what is now Russia, paranormal phenomena was treated with skepticism and feared just like in America, but history shows the cases when the soul of the shamans avenges her or his murderers. We Slavic and Balkan shamans (called Mol’farka, Wind Whisperers and advanced Folk Healers) are very powerful when it comes to exorcism and binding and protection of the innocent.

In the case of the Russian shaman, protection of the shaman is a whole ritual that can not be broken by their enemies. If the spirit does not rest (if died before their natural time), then those alive who did such acts of evil will not rest either. According to traditions, the shaman’s body after death does not betray the earth, only those who killed her or him.

Shaman Air Burial - Elder Mountain Dreaming

I myself have experienced in museums, bound shamans from South American and Africa, to wooden effigies in this way and they are able to shatter glass and move objects with their body in their close region (as bad or evil shamans who were bound into a statue). At the time of death of a powerful shaman, a wooden structure is generally arranged with tree pieces called arangas. The body of the shaman is set on the foundation with four trees, which forms an original support. In this story, the arangas, the body of a shaman is over one hundred years old, and the family of the deceased gives the descendants the date of the next reburial.

For the second funeral ritual, a new arangas were built, and only after 300 years is the body changed. Me personally I do not believe in Necromancy nor staying when your time is over, but one who has mastered karma and a shaman, would have only been ambushed at great levels in order to die before their natural time. The Carpathian Ukrainian Mol’far  who was murdered a few years ago by a schizophrenic man was not an accident, if he had taken the healing journey equal to his powerful gifts, that would not have happened. I speak from a few close calls and from experience.

For shamans in Yakutia, air burials have always been as air burials for a long time were the considered normal. Some Pagans and the Yakut believed this is so in the ashes of a human remains, is a connection with the spirit of the forest. There was also a more prosaic reason: digging a grave in frozen ground is practically impossible in the far north. The old style changed only with the advent of Christianity men, who then established a mandatory earth burial, but for the shamans, there were still exceptions made. Everything finally changed with the establishment of Soviet Government in power in Russia and the Democracy downturn in America.

One of the most unexplained stories in Yakutia was held in 1937. The workers of the NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) were under duress and many people were being arrested because in 1936, Nikolai Yezhov replaced Yagoda as head of the NKVD, Yezhov quickly arranged the arrests of all the leading political figures in the Soviet Union who were critical of Stalin. Pagans and shamans were not tolerated by the Russians and many were killed.

It was then the spirit of the shaman Oyoun Monhnn was aggravated as a soul, buried with all the canons in the arrang almost 200 years ago and with the evils of world war two, the energy of anger of war, he began to appear to his descendant’s dreams, complaining that he was extremely uncomfortable. Firstly, during the rains he was soothed, and secondly, he had shrunk tendons, and one of his fingers rolled under his back.

The monks understood that local authorities could expose them to superstition and repression, but they could not ignore the request of their passed on shaman, they knew that he might be angry and then all would be irritable for them. The head of the farm succeeded in persuading that the ritual was held as soon as possible. After the Montonyon grave was discovered, they found his finger rolled under his back. In case of reburials, it is necessary to sacrifice a cavalry stallion, the tendons of the killed animal were used in order to attach the depopulated phalanx. All the rites were led by the Shaman Omokun, through whom Monhnin asked that some of the monks to be his attendant.

Shaman Air Burial, Elder Mountain Dreaming

Arangas is the place of the burial of the shaman. At the moment when Monnihun voiced his wish, everyone present in horror recoiled from the arranga. Nobody was ready to be sent to the kingdom of the dead and only the Omokun immediately began to cry and choke: apparently, because of the lack of volunteers, Monnon decided to pick him up.

Volunteer saved the situation by Gregory Fedorov. The man was already 70 years old, and he volunteered to accompany the spirit of the deceased shaman. Monnon accepted his decision, but exclaimed that he was angry all the time and encouraged all the troubles, though everything would end well.

On the same day, Gregory Fedorov really died and soon in the village came the checker, seeing the cost of reburial, arrested both the chairman of the collective farm, the shaman, and their assistants. It seemed that the court was inevitable in this situation. However, everything was different: for unclear reasons, the prosecutor of the republic personally insisted on closing the case due to the fact that allegedly there was no crime.

The workers were surprised, but they executed the order, and the villagers decided that this Soul of Monnon saved the accused, as promised. We have lost so much on earth over the last three millenniums because of religious and pagan corruptions and deterioration of the cultures of the grandmothers, when it comes to shamanism and its wise never to confuse shamanism with shamans, its two different things. The air burial practices are practiced not only in Yakutia, but also in the Philippines and the rarer Natives of  Turtle Island, where the coffins with the dead hangs on the trees with rocks. And there is a good reason for this. So if you ever come across rocks hanging and a burial like this in your worldly treks, its wise to stay away from the area.

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Source: Slovak site

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  1. Caroline says:

    This is so powerful and insightful. I continue to come back to this essay. Thank you or writing.


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