Spirit Terminology

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – There are so many religions, indigenous religions,  philosophies and mythologies today from the abundant written and oral tradition accumulation of knowledge over the last three millenniums. Everyone can be spiritually knowledgeable today, even without any experience in life, while they are in the learning stages.  They key is to not get stuck in knowledge and to begin to learn to walk the teachings one has learned.

Knowledge and the many teachings of philosophy, spiritual beliefs, paranormal beliefs, myths, etc. within standard religions, paganism, eastern religions, philosophy itself, metaphysics, mythologies and folklore all have a similarity, but a different perspective on the same root teachings all over the earth.

Examples are the stories of the Christian bibles, the Torah, Qumran, Sufism, Buddhism, Zen, Bardo, Native, Pagan etc. which all express an accumulation of stories into knowledge, that are “exclusive” meaning these were written by men, for men and put into spiritual laws for woman (as her traditions were forced out long ago, her shamanism and dreaming cultures with her leadership and teachings).

Now what is rising is the beginning of the great circle again, the “inclusive” of the moon culture as the sun cults have now set completely.  Rewrites through the ages through translation of language, caused a lot of lost information about the non-physical reality called energetic or alternative reality. Much of the root foundations were changed or manipulated through their evolution from taboos, fears, loss of consciousness and eras of earth that were not very high in vibration. This has created a lot of shortcomings and untruths in modern belief system’s evolution of what we have left today.

Sun and Moon Elder Mountain Dreaming

The lost mirrors and mirages are returning, rather than the outer world into the inner mind to guide us. The mental body is pretty useless in moon cultures and actually causes great confusion and mental pain for the soul. We allow our soul (not spirit) to guide the non physical energetic aspects of our lives, within our many, many upcoming spiritual endeavors to come.

Always remember that our spiritual journey which for some, may involve a non-physical reality (energetic realities of the astral soul bodies or mental astral body) is a layering after layering of a sphere of depth. In our twenties we are unseasoned and untrained and those are the years to learn. We can learn our whole life and if we start young, eventually we will be tested once we reach a more mature adult stage (40s and 50s). Life also unfolds new layers each decade we life, and the mysteries throughout our entire life change. Age also plays a part in our initiations from youth to adult to elder. Here are the basics of my Spirit Terminology and what I have learned…


Vessel – Referring to our physical body that houses our mental astral body and 25% of our soul astral body. The only other humans who do not have a vessel are those who only have a mental body left, after lifetimes and lifetimes of selling the soul and dark lives. These are the soulless ones, and today’s humans call them: Aliens, Ancient Aliens or Superficial Gods.

Spirit is an “Element” not a human aspect at all (mind, body or emotional body), it is a collective energy, in the forms the masters who can turn into wind, fire, the fog, the rain, the snow, storms, lightning storms, typhoons, etc. Anything that is the completion of pure energy at the highest shamanic level (of dharma), the raw states of the elemental. The difference between mother earths storms, rain, firestorms etc, is none, those who have mastered all karma and all four bodies are unified can her with mother earth in their spirit element(s) and both mother earth and the master enlightened one becomes one. 

Spirit incarnate / corrected to “Soul Incarnate” – The word spirit was a corrupted version, its not human, so it is “soul” incarnate that was replaced with the word Spirit.  Elemental Spirits (pure energy, not human) cannot incarnate, only the Soul can. Because languages were misused and corrupted since the 12th century relearning is a very difficult practice. The soul has become what people term as spirit and great spirit.

All living human beings with a physical body have both a mental body astral body (variations of the dark aspects of the mental astral body and light aspects), and a soul (astral body, one dark, one light and many inbetween within our karmic reincarnations). We also have multiple animism and human astral bodies (souls) either benevolent or malevolent. The premanifestation of a human being before their reincarnation – is just an energy astral body (soul). Once we incarnate, about twenty percent of that soul astral body enters our physical body within incarnation.

The remaining soul energy remains in the energetic realms, (dream planes or astral planes as its called) our entire lives, and we may only increase our vibration by healing our mind, physical body and emotional body. Then when we begin the karmic purification, the remaining soul outside of self is effected and purified. The remainders of our soul operate in the non-physical world and this is where all things of ghosts, the dead, the boogie man were corrupted.

Spirit Species and Class of Species corrected to “Soul” Class (Clan) Species – A variety of souls who originally come from a clan, such as bear clans, reptilian clans, vampire clans etc. All carry the signature of their eternal or devolving soul’s previous lives. If one lived at a time when there was the flat earth science theories and beliefs, then when that person reincarnates the next time in this modern world, they still believe in the flat earth. This goes for everything, even spiritual beliefs.

The reincarnating person falls into one of the three types of humans when it comes to our soul:

Russian Folktale ...there were twelve stones around the fire, and on each stone sat a still figure. Art Yan_ Dargent, from Contes Bleus by Édouard Laboulaye, Paris, 1864. Elder Mounta

1. The resting soul, they lead normal lives, not dangerous ones and live it out even with pain or less pain of normal human growth and challenges, atheist or devout spiritualist, it makes no difference;

2. Those who still creating karma when they incarnate. Example – if you were in the military during the middle ages and killed, your karma doubles and triples if you join the military again this lifetime and kill again. This is a life of building karma, and there are many more ways than just the military. This is why many have PTSD that lasts decades, the soul depletes and was sold again after lifetimes in the military. The soul is trying to readjust the overload of karma for lifetimes; This is a life of building karma. 

3. Those who came to a life, to burning off karma, partial, half or all. These are the ones who suffer and others do not understand. They have the worst on the planet, through pure pain and sickness, being abused mentally, emotionally, physically severely for decades or their whole life. Those who rise above all of these challenges and challenge their old soul truths, beliefs, convictions and stubbornness burn real kamra off by horrific suffering. This does include addiction, though the addiction must be mastered completely and sobriety is then the stability. This is not ordinary addiction either, its severe, the worst case scenarios. The last group is the real shaman, abused by the collective dark at intense levels (not experiences of the dark or shadows) but wrathful death dismemberment for most of their entire lives).

By sixty years old, although we can still learn and heal and be tested by life still, the majority of the work allotted in regards to the soul only, are completed. Those under thirty (youth and maiden) and have not yet begun the adult spiritual journey yet and as that opens up, the challenges change. Those over the first age initiations at thirty are challenges in one of the 3 types and the ease or severity of the three. Karma can open at any stage of life, for the processes to open and surfaced.

Those who have resting-lives are generally quite accomplished, with degrees, success, comfort, books, descent marriages etc., the more normal of the species which is also a blessing. They truly will only experience normal difficulties that do not last decades or a lifetime, unless one avoids through illusion causing addictions, cheating, fears of any kind.

Deities vs the Divine Higher Self (the part of our greater soul which has no karma) – When religions (pagan and the major religions) took over after the dreaming, then shamanic cultures and the early parts of the goddess cultures had fallen, dieties were only effigies. Some cultures still have effigy dolls as deities of one’s own ancestors or the self, like the totem pole of Native Americans or dolls of some Slavic and Balkan Indigenous etc. which were more shamanic. 

Once the patriarch took over (pagan men and religious men) took over communities, the creation of deities began to fall from the personal higher divine self, into a god or goddess deity and it was then we began to fall asleep and our own soul and higher self became separated from us. Once we fell asleep we began to pray and honor god and gods and goddesses as an unconscious reflection or mirror of our own personal divine self (unknown).

Nature Spirits – Nature spirits are not just some isolated random spirits that have a familiar look of human to them or animal human etc. They are Malevolent (fragmented astral bodies / souls) and benevolent (non-fragmented astral body / souls) of living and incarnated human beings. Nature spirits are not spirit at all, its just a matter of teaching the self to use the word soul, which they are. Nature souls fall into the shamanic category of animism and plantism, when related to the human being.

I have experienced 10,000 year old ancestors who were half plants, or stones and part human the deeper I got in my wrathful dismemberment of paying my past life karma as things slowly began to return over four decades of healing work, suffering and intense dismemberment of mind, body and emotional body to purify the soul. The animism symbolism of a Centaur or a demonic Werewolf or Skin-walker etc. is quite different than what is taught over the last five hundred years.

A centaur for example is the horse soul connected to its’ human counterpart soul (or animism twin fame), the same soul, its just one is an animal and the other is human. This also ranges from demonic, to medium to light. A wolf is light when connected to the human, the werewolf is demonic connected souls of the humans’ demon human soul and the animism soul which is light.

We never evolve into a half horse / half human scenario, that is just symbolic. These two souls (one animism, the horse), and the other (the human soul of the the human) operates together only in the non-physical reality (energetic dream planes or astral planes of earth). If the demonic human soul gets involved with the animism soul, then we have a demonic past life human, who takes over the light soul of the animal or bird (animism). As an exorcist I destroy and bind all three scenarios if the demon past life human gets involved, because it can not only steal its reincarnated human’s animism soul but other peoples as well.

The destructive patriarch destroyed these teachings and paganism corrupted it only by the fact that we all fell asleep and when we tried to put the story back together again in the 4th century or the 14th century, it was too late. It is the consciousness of mother earth in different eras that allows us consciousness or the individual soul who has healed for lifetimes that begins the remembrance journey.

Fae (faeries) – The Insect Clan People, or whats termed faefolk who have the animism souls of the smaller or lower vibration animism (compared to a bear or elephant) which are the bugs, spiders, butterflies etc and human form combined. Just as I used the example of the Centaur or Werewolf. Humans who have these animism souls can be shadow or light or a mixture of both (which is mostly the case).

Fae energy is the animism soul (astral body) connected or a part of the Human’s energy soul (astral body). They live separate and can be separate for lifetimes. The pure ones (no drugs, no pot, no alcohol, etc who go on a devout and disciplined journey can burn the karma off of one’s animism fae and it will eventually dissolve leaving the pure light of the fae, which then becomes benevolent. All of them live in-between this world and the dream world (or astral planes). Those who can see them, can tap into the non-physical aspects of the in-between worlds.

Night Spirits corrected to Night Souls – A class of humans who are of the night and in their soul forms. There is the “dark” side of the night people and the others who are the “light” side of the night. One is malevolent the other benevolent. The night is a term of “interior” or the feminine soul, and the sun cult which dominated the last 4,000 years turned everything into forms of the exterior and the sun cult, which sleeping people and those under 40 align with these teachings. So much was corrupted with war and killing the last 3,000 years that we all turned demonic in our past life behaviors.

Most peoples demonic soul (astral body) is trapped in the underworld where it belongs, some escape from drugs, addictions, pot addictions, alcohol, shamanic plants, rape. Some fragmented demon souls come in with the incarnating child and stay around that child because they are the same soul. and demonic. The pure light of the night, are those who have burned all karma off over lifetimes and are free. Not having demonic experiences do not mean you have no demon, its just not your time to begin to heal that part of the self as it hasn’t opened yet.

Parasite corrected to “Vampirism” – A class of human karmic souls (vampires), who are ancient, through their incarnation behaviors, are fragmented in their astral (soul) body. The ones who have been vampires for lifetimes, their demonic astral body will eventually take over in an incarnation, they are the ones who feed on soul energy. They do not serve the light, even if they are a waiter at a restaurant and a high vibration human enters. They suck energy in both night dreaming and the waking life.

There are other parasitics and any demonology book will give you the list with these human’s attributes. On the outside, the human is just normal, has regular jobs, etc. Discernment and letting go of these people or healing yourself if you feel you feed on others energy or other people tell you that you feed on them. As an exorcist, when I slay a persons demon, that person is then free and can heal. Until that point, the demon rules their behaviors and their light is weak to fight it. These are real people like every other clan, from severely demonic to medium dark demonic to moderate.

Human Spirits (ghosts) corrected to “Dead Aspects & Dead Fragments of Living Incarnated Human Souls” (their soul fragments of their previous Past Lives) – Mother Earth has supreme natural laws around the dead. Her laws are not human teachings or philosophies around the dead. Mother earth makes sure that dead humans move on and are not allowed to stay on this plane with the living. They must move on to their appropriate resting place until reincarnation.

Humans have their laws and philosophies and teachings around the dead in every country and they are diverse but at the common root they are very similar. All these teachings were oral or written tradition after we “fell asleep.” A ghost soul, dead aspect, without an incarnated human is very rare, there are some though and they only wish to possess and have red eyes. Not all red eyed demon human fragments are without a human incarnated counterpart, but they are less common.

Elder Mountain Dreaming

The vibration in which we have as a living human being and how much karma you healed, will determine the level of the vibration (high or low) of where you end up after death. If you did more damage and created more karma, then you go lower into the underworld than where you were when you incarnated. And the opposite is true.

In my teachings with apprentices I teach what I taught myself and that is: A mountain moves an inch every ten years, which means, it takes immense amount of very disciplined work and healing work as a life commitment to really change and work on the self to effect very little – when it comes to our soul work. Everything here on this page is soul reality and subtleties, not the mind, mental knowledge or the non-experienced. 

We only have dead soul fragments that belong to living people that roam this planet. That is a huge new concept for everyone, because we learned these false concepts in our previous lives. That which roams on earth, even ancient aliens (who are soulless mental astral bodied beings), are still partially whats left of the human. Both the mental astral body (which cannot be seen and is a crystal clear energy) and the soul astral body (which can be seen by those who can see, because its wispy or ghostly cloud type of energy, from white to pure gray-black (if demonic).

As an exorcist, some slayings I do are the person’s own dead human aspect that is demonic from a previous life that has escaped from its prison (the lower or underworld). Some roaming ghosts are demonic but not that dark and possess or suck energy off other people in waking or night dreaming. Those are the ones that appear in your room while you are sleeping. The rule of thumb is never channel, never allow into your home anything of the spirit world, you may not regret now but you will later.

Mostly it might be a co-worker who is obsessed with you and his shadow astral body comes to your home. The more you play with certain witchcraft and voodoo or hoodoo, the more you invite into your personal space. As long as your karmic gates are closed, you have nothing to worry above and you cannot really see the demonic side of these fragmented souls… but if that gate opens up at any time in your life, there are millions of demon pits that operate together with a hierarchy of power. 

Ancestral spirits corrected to “Ancestral Souls” – Our ancestors who lived before us. Again, only those of them who are seen have done some sort of black magic to stay as in Necromancy.

Twin flames – For the young or young at heart, this is only about love and identity or finding one’s twin flame which is the same as a soul mate. For the spiritually mature person, even if young, its not about that. Its about Soul Lessons with others on an intimate level, which involves love but so much more. Love is very expansive and can include karma as part of its path which is always an illusion breaker (breaking of hearts) when that part evolves. Every human being’s soul is unique and its lifetimes of past lives, so there are no real twin flames, there are only two souls who had a previous life that was based upon love (respect, honoring, patience, mutual understanding).

When we reincarnate, some find their twin soul but it doesn’t mean they are suppose to be together again this lifetime because they already mastered that part of love. I met a twin flame at 55 years old, unconsciously I had been looking for him since I was 17. When we met, it was a meeting of the souls and we both new, it was good to connect after a life of relationship lessons which we had both lived. It was a reunion of two souls who had mastered love with each other, it lasted a year and then we both moved on.

Metaspirituality or Collective Soul – The practices, disciplines and sobriety of the Soul Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body and the Physical Body is required in order to dissolve our personal  karma from each of these four bodies. This of course takes a lifetime if one is fated to do so, then its required of them 100% of their life to dedicate to it, or die. Real karma is only burned off through intense and severe pain and everything else is child’s play or knowledge in terms of spiritual and metaspiritual or the collective soul within the spiritual world.

The astral bodies (mental astral body and soul astral bodies), including the animism astral bodies, are to be purified in order to experience over and over again, spiritual and energetic reality. Its like those who are not lucid in dreaming every night and only a few times should not be writing information as if it were truth, they should wait a few decades to see with 10,000 more experiences, if it is true. But no one does that, they have one near death or a few intense experiences and act as if that is the biggest picture… its not.

Both the physical world and the dream worlds (astral planes) where the astral bodies and animism bodies must live. We only have 20% of our soul astral body inside of us, the rest is divine, demonic and animism. The work is to pay the karma so the demonic aspects from small to large are burned off and purified through pain, this takes lifetimes.

Spirit work corrected to “Soul Work” – The practices and discipline of the shadow side of nature and its demonic astral fragments, are never chosen to work with. But those who want to sense, interacting with, or commanding other souls (what they call spirit to make it less personal) shows one’s inexperience or the levels of the lower soul. Sounds good in philosophy and teachings, but in reality, to mess with other souls (what people call spirit) is very detached and not personal.

When things are not personal, like the difference between a spouse or a friend, these two are completely different types of personal relationships. So too with having a relationship with dead aspects of living people (which people call spirit). Souls do not appear in their physical bodies because they are “out of body” and dark souls don’t have a body because they are dead aspects that were fragmented in a previous life but have their own independent life. These all appear in their energetic forms either dark or light. The light never comes to us, not even when we call, unless we are dying and should not be. Even then its our own higher self who is saving us, or a nearby enlightened completed soul who is alive and living and has no karma and can help.

bad girls and monster quote - elder mountain dreamingr

This causes of karma and the choices we make by interfering in life are immense consequences to our soul, but our mental body has no clue. I highly give counsel to avoid the path of messing with spirit (souls) and to work on your own spirit, your own shadows and demons and your own soul and don’t waste your time with other peoples souls who you think are the dead or a dead ancestor there to help you. Generally they are not, they are there to feed off your light. Those who have clairaudio or can hear voices, the dead fragmented mental astral body demons will tell you anything you want to hear, as long as you invite them into your space. And like flies, once you invite them in, they don’t go away when you say leave.(your second saturn return),

This is the spiritual path of entrapment and you don’t pay now, you pay later when you have no power of a life of healing. We don’t want to create more karma to “our” soul (or spirit if you use religion or pagan religion terms) and developing the observer in waking or dreaming, means we don’t involve ourselves with demonic souls who belong to living people. My other saying I teach is its better to slay the self (hard disciplines and discernment) than to let life slay you when you’ve gone too far with your not being conscious.

Do your spiritual work and heal for awareness and being conscious, it pays off in the end. As an exorcist, I have had regular peoples demons attack me just for reading my website. That was horrible in my childhood spiritually until after forty, because as humans we are in full adulthood then and have more power and discernment. We gain a lot more power in our spiritual disciplines and self healing and although very difficult we have more soul and astral energy that is purified.

By the time you are 60 years old you are pretty much completed in your spiritual path this lifetime and enter wise Elder. No one wants to wait today to begin teaching when they reach Elder, after all healing and experiences are completed in their lifetime. I chose to do this, that is why I only worked with 8 or less apprentices for a very long term. Those whose shadows started to rise could not handle the purification process and flew away, hard and fast.

I walked my path this way because that is what the pre-patriarchal traditions do in the wiser indigenous path. Whether you are red, white, black, yellow or brown indigenous as we all have something to teach beginning in our forties with twenty years experience, but not the wisdom teachings.

Since the indigenous, pagan and religious were 90% all male leaders up until the 1970s, I went a step further and only worked with women teachers, women healers and wise women, during my period of going to circles and teachers (unless the grandfather was very wise) and there were only a few of them who were more advanced than myself in my 40s and they would always eventually turn against me as a woman because I carried some ancient wisdom. 

Ancestral Path – If you are interested in this, I highly counsel from wisdom (having died a few times then disciplining to suspend death to experience this side, from the other side when no silver chords attached in my forty years of wrathful dismemberment). I suggest only to call your own “personal ancestors” or one particular god or goddess that you work with in your real waking life issues as well and devote to that one to understand the teachings of you side by side with your own and the collective mythological and archetypal path.

Call only ancestors in who have no karma and this is very important right from the beginning of your journey. If you have to extend past this level, then only call the pure ancestors from the land that you stand on, who can help you and for no other reason: “only when you are in deep trouble”. This way you get to know “you” through your spiritual path and process and begin to develop a real awareness relationship with whats around you in your immediate environment. Not just calling the “word” ancestor blindly in rituals or ceremony, that has no physical body. 

Between the Illuminati, the dark parts of the FBI and CIA and the Soulless Ancient Humans who only have a mental astral body left, you and your soul are a resource and energy fix for them, they want your light, as old souls are only about 25% on this planet and they feed everyone spiritually. Don’t give them that opportunity so easily, they have the other parts of your soul since childhood in bondage already, the goal is to free your soul by doing your real healing work, giving your mind the least amount of power, and going sober for your physical body which will effect the strength of your soul. That is a lot and yes, that is why the “mystery” is not given, its earned over decades.

Conjuring or Manifesting – The act of bringing a spirit to a specific location causes karma, this is soul binding and we should never entrap or control other (souls) what people term nameless spirits. This is because when we die, your soul goes even lower into the underworld from such actions. We learn to control our self and work with our own soul ancestral self. As I stated above, the Sun Cult and all these teachings have set and are done, as the Moon rises slowly, each action we do without questioning them, will cause karma. Wake up is the term and that is the most difficult spiritual journey on the planet.  

Banishing or Protection of your own Auric space (of your astral bodies) – Banishing does not require negotiation, NEVER negotiate with a serial killer, same too for the dead aspects of living souls (what people term spirit). You wouldn’t do it in the flesh, don’t do it energetically. You will always lose, and that accumulative loss catches up to us one day. Maybe not now, maybe when you are 51 years old or 70, and its horrific. No one is immune to this today.

Demonic Binding – Only those who have had a lifetime of wrathful dismemberment can truly bind a demon and send it back to the underworld and even then, they must be of the night lineage, not the light, its not their jurisdiction. The light side of the night is the most powerful binders and exorcists. One must be pure of all lifetimes of karma and if you don’t know your karma, you have not purified it. If this is opening up for you as a spiritual person and the signs are there or your soul has done it in a past life and that energy is coming forth, then do not act as an exorcist, prepare as an apprentice to a completed person who has paid all their karma. Heal yourself and do disciplines to gain strength for decades so you can heal that which will cause you issues in your future.

In all spiritual practices there are layers, and like a spiral they get deeper and deeper. When you cut chords for healing, they don’t get smaller they get bigger because you become more aware of what your cutting. Don’t do it one time, do it every night for 8 years, then you will begin to see. Most people cannot even do meditation everyday for eight years, must less more difficult things. 

When I died and experience many real deaths from pain so devastating I died – even I still was not ready to bind demons, I just happen to have a soul that knows what is safe and what is not, since I was young. I don’t play with the mystery, I do the work, only until my 50s was I ready in enough purification of my souls, to start such work. No one is born, even the fated in this work, one must start at the beginning like everyone else. What develops through your journey of healing (not knowledge), will determine with each layer opening if you can withstand the sickness of real demons.

There is no magic in demonic energy unless one is a dark sorcerer who attacks others, then yes, that is magic principles of the dark. Everything else is very difficult self mastery and hard work every single day and its dedication. If you are near even one demon, much less their groups of a few thousand, you will get very sick with even one real demon. Those who think they are doing this work, have a lot to learn about shadow and demonic energy. Most are on the other side of the glass veil, and can see and sense demons, but it does not mean they can access you. Again, Mother Earth has natural laws around this, not human teachings which are corrupted.

The mental astral body both protects and projects. It protects you from the real dark astral souls, and it projects in visuals whats behind that glass. It doesn’t mean you are really dealing with it, otherwise you would be possessed and feel the intense tingles of the demon (every demon) trying to get in your body or attacking you. This is soul work and since the teachings have been so corrupted, people think they are binding but they are not, they are just sending them away with the love aspects of themselves, but they come back if the person does not change their life. 

Possession –  WThere are two main types of possessions: The mental astral body which is demonic and the Soul astral body which is also demonic. The animism body does not go dark, only the dark astral body that possesses it. The first is the Mental Astral Body possessions, this is the astral body of a deviant or dark mental body, thoughts, beliefs, it is generally the mental astral fragment from a previous live that possesses others or the self. Those are the dark voices that people hear who try to fight it.

The mental astral body demon must be pushed out of the space of the person who is being attacked through constant dark thoughts. Most suicides are because of one’s own demonic mental astral body from the previous dark life. Also the Illuminati / Mk Ultra soulless ones also possess others, this is where people get the “white eyes” from. If you want to learn more about white, black, red eyes click here.

cave elder mountain dreaming.jpg

The second type of possession which is much more complicated is the demon “soul” who inhabits and/or takes control of the physical body. This can come from one’s own past life, and has been freed from the underworld to return to their own reincarnated self. Or, the demon soul will try to possess another, generally in the family, extended family, spouse or friend. It is extremely rare that the demon or demons will possess someone “not” in the intimate circle.

Decades of work has shown me in every single case, this is how it works because souls are always “personal” or in “intimate” surroundings. It can once in awhile be a neighbor by physical location, but our body will fight it off with instinct and be more successful unless one is an addict. Even homeless long term addicts have a circle of homeless people they associate with, and this is why you see most homeless people pretty independent of the group once they are over 45 or so.

If one’s own shadow demon takes over another person, it will be extremely intense. The rule to remember is every demon is different, some are sex addicts, some are drug addicts and just want to be satisfied, and when they are, they are not usually a problem as long as they get what they want. Angry demons are different, they attack from pure demonic anger and don’t want sex astral energy or feeding off a person who copes by being an addict.

If the demon inhabits the light sided soul of one’s own self, its bad but not horrific, like stabbing ones self to death is horrific soul possession or shooting someone when it takes over the persons body and then steps out, leaving that person confused of how the person died, with a gun in their hand. This happens all the time in real life. 

So one should never be inviting or welcoming those soul clans into your personal space because they always appear and speak as if they were the light, or jesus, or whatever you believe in. Illusions and discernment is the hardest work of all spiritual work and is the end of accumulated decades of self work, not the beginning. Many innocent people (especially the young) get swept into such the energetic demon pits, but those who are of the light will soon meet someone of the light who helps them out of the pit. That you can count on, the darker souls for lifetimes, even if they are nice people, will not have help come to get them out of the demon pits, that is the natural laws, not human law. We all have the chance to do better, but as the truth goes…

“We all know the path, few actually walk it,
and remain with the stories and knowledge
in their head which they think is real.”

Twilight in the morning, Iconology Cesare Ripa
Twilight in the morning, Iconology Cesare Ripa

Spirit adoption (reverse adoption) – When a Soul (what people call spirit) wants to be around you, turn the first 5,000 away for the first fifteen years – then you will see how demonic they can really get. Its best to keep all spirit out the first 30 years of your journey (if you start around 20 years old in your spiritual path). Or twenty years if you start your spiritual path at 30 etc.

Spirit Spouse & Spirit Companion – A term usually used to describe a human spirit worker’s spouse who is a spirit or a deity. Being an incarnated human is a blessing, and if one is so detached from their life and running away, that non-physical beings have to be companions, then one is ungrounded and has some deep emotional issues. I suggest general therapy to deal with childhood wounds (regardless of age), with holistic healers who can work with you, to get you to feel and heal your own issues.

Spirit Guardian – This is our own higher self, regardless of the ages of corrupted teachings. A spirit guardian (soul guardian) can also be a master teacher’s pure soul, who has students and apprentices under their wing to protect them. Before I became one, I had one Sufi Master teacher who was dharmic (no karma) and in the zickar circle he made his soul appear and I was the only one who saw it and he knew it. After the meditation, while I was in line to give the donation and thank you, he cut off a piece of his beard for me and told me in case I ever needed his help in the death initiations if they got deadly, to pull it out and call his soul. The journey did of course, but I never used his beard, I buried it out of respect to my path of completion and honored him for being wise, that was 20 years later after having already been on the healing path 15 years when I met him.

If a car lands on you and someone walks up to you and speaks and lifts the car, sometimes a pure soul or your divine higher self will possess them and they will life the car, or their own divine self will do it and then leave and never come back (but this is only if one is going to die and its not their time yet). The message I send with all of these definitions is that its “personal” there are no “random” spirits and spirit guides just waiting to help you, life does not work that way in real non physical reality.

When I have had full out of bodies (death states) and gone where those who can “see” and they see me, they always think I am a ghost and freak out. Its just me, in a “completed” out of body state. They don’t see angel wings, so its automatically assumed that its a ghost. In the ancient bird tribes of shaman and grandmother shaman women, long before religion, this is how our pure astral soul body got the name angel and then artists just added wings. No real angel or archangel (the divine self of a human being) will ever have wings. Not going to happen unless the person believes in the wings so much, they “project” them on, on top the soul astral body. That happens.

Keep all spirit guardians out of your personal space unless you know who the “living incarnated human” counterpart is, then get to know them and their guardian, everyone else just wants your light to feed off of.  This is the main reason why I have always worked with my apprentices for 8-10 years. They have told me that shape-shifters who are dark or have demonic souls will appear as the light and look like me, but they are shape-shifters and they call them out and their real person is revealed, usually the military trained dreamers, fbi or mk ultra. I never talk in dreaming at any level because I dream with my soul (only the mental body in dreaming or out of bodies during the day) can speak, hear or use words and languages.

So, let no spirit (souls) in your space, and do the practice of calling them out by saying over and over (in dreams at night): “show me your true self”. In waking life do not be so innocent and trusting of demons in astral form who are the strongest trickiest tricksters (spirit) on the planet. Turn away the first 5,000 that come your way wanting to connect… the first 10 or 15 years. 

Thoughtforms corrected to The Mind Cult of the Mental Body Astral Body – No spirit worker creates anything, having a real baby brings new life (a soul) into this world, so those who believe they do this are doing black magic and they don’t know it. Stealing other peoples light is called astral rape, and using magical practices that seem good, as a means to create, your soul or mental astral body has broken a karmic law and stolen energy.

I know a guy who I had to slay his demon who was astral raping women and maidens because he had a lot of followers at 30 years old as a charismatic. He then started creating youtube videos with stolen astral juices of women and maidens that he astral raped at night. All he had to do was touch a woman or maiden once, with a friendly hug, with a friendly handshake or tap on the side shoulder. They were then marked and he could track them in dreaming and steal their soul light. Remember, our soul astral body is a resource, not our mental astral body.

Any spirit who was created by a spirit worker through magical means (whether purposefully or accidentally) is soul rape, because these are real souls that are living that you are dealing with, not some out of the air energy from nothing. No Buddhism, Zen, Sufi or real shamans and mystics deal with any of this, because it accrues karma. Only the untrained youth or shadow black witchcraft or dark shadow sorcery does these things.

Good witches, mystics, wizard and shamans know to stay away from using magic on other people, because these acts accumulate more karma on top of the unknown karma of our past lives. Everyday in life we have a chance to suffer into the changes needed, and even bow to those who think they have power but do not. There is no soul loss in that and sometimes we must learn the hard way in order to grow into maturity. Life includes suffering and pain, and thats ok.

Note: All articles are written by Phoenix from her experiences of her four decades of initiations of the wrathful dismemberment. Please ask permission to share any article and share in the wholeness rather than parts. Some articles are expressed in archetypal folklore and mythology ways to bridge her experiences into a more traditional form of sharing experience and the remembrances of the mysticism path to the ancient and prehistory feminine (female) before written languages. 

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  1. raventooth says:

    The centaur self, this is the entity i encountered in my dream. Or rather, nightmare.


    1. yes real stuff carries real energy and that can be frightening !


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