Magical Deer Woman

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – In my spiritual fated path this lifetime, I had to experience all of my maiden years and all of my mother or adult years before I could share any of my hundreds of mystical experiences. Only when I entered Elder could this become manifested to share with the public. There were many reasons as an initiate of the shaman initiations but also because of my collective work.

This article is about Elen of the Ways, but its really about all the Magical Shamanic Deer initiated Women throughout time in every country and how that impact still remains in myth, lore and actual shamanic experience. The symbolic imagery ancient or today, of the Deer Woman with an owl present refers to the expression of the Ancient Huntress (of the moon), which is the shadow huntress, a slayer, the warrior shaman woman.

Without the owl, the deer is symbolic action of the hunted, the prey, the one who must make sacrifices in their lives to advance spiritually and then learn to heal and nourishing our soul woundings as they occur.

russian artist.jpg

Two years ago I started this blog to begin sharing in the form of wisdom (from experience) in the Slavic indigenous traditions of waiting until I reached Elder to teach and share. It was very hard to do this through my thirties, forties and even all of my fifties to be patient, as I watched my peers share everything, writing books and having workshops and circles in the world. I succeeded and if taught me nothing else but to be honorable and be patient, then I am happy with the outcome. 

When I turned 60 years old this year, it was time to begin to share forty years of the mysteries I have been gifted with, as all gates of this journey closed in 2017. Life is always about perfect timing and divine timing. I made the special Talisman I shared here: “the pink yarn encircling the Magical Reindeer” in 2017, is to honor the completion of my karmic purifications, the initiations and it began at 17 years old, the vow of poverty, the wrathful dismemberment that killed my spirit and burned like hell, and to the gratitude of the blessings bestowed upon me of the realms where angels fear to tread to see if I was honorable enough to bow my head the lowest of them all.

When I entered adult at 30 years old, the next level began of the hundreds of transformations, deaths and rebirths (beginnings), with the appearance of the ancient Deer Woman. One who mysteriously appeared in my waking life so long ago, and to my karmic debt to Venus. This week, my apprentice William and I were talking about “Elen of the Ways” because he said her name just came to him out of the blue and he had never heard of her.  I shared with him the day my first initiation began as a young woman, with a sacred Deer Woman who appeared to me in the waking on August 16, 1987.

Elen of the Ways is one of the original magical Deer Women, the British Venus who in earlier times was a Deer Goddess, Guardian of the Sacred Waters, Streams and Rivers, which carry the wisdom of woman and her emotional body, connected to the emotional waters systems of earth. The sacred wells, the underground streams have themselves become a metaphor for the secret continuation of sacred wisdom and its journey of the masculine who honor the feminine and the women in their empowerment of self love which is usually a dark goddess territory and the warrior spirit.

Elen of the Ways - Elder Mountain Dreaming.jpgElen and Artemis are sacred Guardian of these ancient pathways. She is not a goat horned Goddess as some propose, that was only a pagan addition by the unruly over-sexed Dionysus Cult. But she is the Antler Cult of the prepagan female shamans of the Deer, the Reindeer, the Kokoshnik head-dressed Slavic Grandmother cultures of prepagan Shaman cultures.

The lost Shamanism of the isles of Britain began the day that the Roman Army marched into England around 55 bce, it was then she lost her power and magic. Only visiting initiation women in more private mystical visitations. Just like the higher soul of a woman, visits that maiden, mother or wise woman in the apparition of Mary the Virgin Mother. Once religion took over the belief systems, the projection of the dreaming manifests through the stories of each individual culture. If we eradicate all of those male dominated myths and stories, we get to the pure shamanic culture of prehistory.

This is what I do because I have had hundreds of mystical experiences that have created the path for me to follow the story back to pre-pagan and prehistory times. That is why I chose purity (no shamanic plants/drugs, no pot or alcohol) nothing to deter me from the visions coming from my own souls and extended souls and animism souls, and even my demonic past life karmic souls (two of them). I wanted to purify them all to understand with clarity on a collective level, in order to do my work as a collective shaman.

Back then in 1987 when I had my first death out of body in a very peaceful way, I did not know that was the exact day of the Harmonic Convergence happening around the world, and hadn’t even heard about it because I was so young. It was divine timing and my instantaneous experience had a great impact on me that changed the direction of my life.

Artuš Scheiner (1863 Benešov – 1938 Prague) Slavic Deer Woman - Elder Mountain Dreaming.jpg
Artuš Scheiner (1863 Benešov – 1938 Prague) Slavic Deer Woman

Visit from Deer Woman in the form of a Deer
It was a very hot August day and I had just mowed the grass and was finishing up some garden work. I was 29 years old, married with a two and four year old, both my parents would soon die the next two years.  After cutting the lawn, I sat down on the steps of my back porch to rest and in an instant, I was about thirty feet above our huge oak tree in the yard.

It was my first fully conscious, complete out of body (OBE) and a thought occurred as it was happening “if this is all of me way up here, then how how is my physical body without me”? At that moment a magical Deer began to wonder and walk into my back yard, and I said to myself from way up above the tree…

“There are no deer here in this area” and in a flash, I was eye to eye and an inch away from the Deer’s face. This was in the daytime and I was fully awake in this out of body and she didn’t talk, nor did she telepath, it was pure soul to soul communication with me and she read me all the prophecies that would come into my personal life, and also the collective prophecies of earth. There was so much information downloading into me, that I was just in a state of pure absolute emptiness and nothingness. I never shared these prophecies with anyone all these years except for my dedicated apprentices.

The Ancestor - Elen of the Ways, Wildwood Tarot - Elder mountain dreamingIn an instant the Magical Deer was gone and I was fully back in my body. I went inside sort of stunned to get a glass of ice water, and looked at the clock and three hours had gone by. In 1987 there were no computers or information except for books. What happened what felt like just a few minutes but by the clock, three hours had passed by uninterrupted. It was good my husband had taken out the children for the day to his mothers house to visit them for this to be interrupted, of course there are no coincidences.

From that day forth, I began my first series of soul sickness, and entered the first leve into the descent as real shamans must enter. By 35 years old I was sick all the time, and having my second nervous breakdown and for the next three decades I would go deeper and deeper into the descent of the understand and that horrific pain and shattering apart that I call the wrathful dismemberment that real shamans must endure and heal themselves.

I would spend the rest of my life to fulfill those prophecies of my personal life, and I would get clarity ten years later on the other prophecies of the world spoken that day by Elen of the Ways, Artemis and their powerful mother earth magic. Once the shaman’s tunnels began to open to me around 1996, the earth’s prophecies of what the deer shared, would be shown to my soul’s astral body in these journeys (not my mental astral body for they cannot enter the shamans tunnels).

Little Reindeer Girl - Elder Mountain Dreaming

This hell swirling out of bodies of the death states continued for four long years and I would get even sicker, touching the true energy of the light. Light is the most powerful purification there is, and its horrifically painful. This year, in 2018 all the prophecies shown, begun to happen and I have acknowledged them in today’s world, 31 years later.

Eventually I re-attained my ability through healing karma and disciplines, healing work and facing all fears, to return that full out of body death state, like that day in 1987, with intensity and dedication of my spiritual and healing path in unison. This started with lucidity in the early 90s, then astral travel by 2001 and then remote viewing both in waking dreaming and night dreaming, in my mental astral body (what all remote viewers do) and in my soul astral body as well.

Slavic Deer Goddess - Elder Mountain Dreaming.pngI took nothing to assist my path of the soul, no illusion causing substances nor natural plant visions, I felt those dirtied my luminous soul energy and repressed intense emotions, and I wanted my soul to develop above mind/body and thus I had to slay the mental body and all its illusions and projections in visions. By 2004 I had progressed to full out of bodies, then the final full-death out of bodies by 2005, just how it happened in 1987 and I had finally made it with enough full karmic detoxification of my two past lives that my soul energy and the real vibration and how it works, began to occur.

Because I was totally sober and on the self healing path in every form, the death out of bodies were permanent. By 2002 I made a commitment above all else, to pay my karma off and my initiations as a shaman that started as a little girl are now completed at 60 years old, entering elder.

All I knew for three decades is that there was a driving force within me to accomplish everything I needed to get done and finish by 2012. When I saw the scene with Harry Potter movie and his patronis Deer in 2004, it was a nice reminder twenty years earlier, that the great magical shamanic Deer had come as one of my great gift bestowed upon me, for my path of hundreds of mystical experiences since that time and initiations to survive in order to pay real karma had commenced and completed now.

But like the character Potter, I too had to recognize the animism soul and human soul and my quest for their freedom, meant recognizing my own personal entrapment starting back then, through the veils of the matrix that day of August of 1987. That was the true gift.

Elen of the Ways - Elder Mountain Dreaming. Art Elen of the Ways Sigrid Rødli

Elen of the Ways is an initiation of the lineages of woman and the sacred deer of earth, who are very ancient and at the very core one of the root shamanism essences of sacrifice,  mixed with both pain and suffering and the mystery. She  is the same as the ancient Huntresses of the Moon like Artemis the Deer Goddess.

These parts of mother earth and her story forms brought out in a goddess, offers the initiate the ways of prophecy, the mysteries of the moon, the huntress of the moon (binder of shadows), the curses and gifts of second sight, the seer’s oracles and medicine for the soul to recover being dismembered.  We remember our most ancient higher self long before we fell asleep in the 4th through 12th centuries, when we experience this as an initiate. 

Anyone I have known, including myself who has been visited by the magical shaman’s Deer Woman which is pretty rare in a large experiential mysticism, has had to make great sacrifices in their whole life in order to attain the path of the difficult spiritual journey of purification, awakening, reclaiming and remembrance. Artemis (the asteroid) is on Uranus (higher vision and chaos) in the ninth house (house of journeys) opposite my sun sign, so its a fated point of birth into this life, and I would not get back my divine gifts until my karma was paid.

Deer Woman by Closol - Elder Mountain Dreaming
Deer Woman by Closol

Pallas-Athena is on my south node, the goddess of wisdom and warfare and its been a war and battle to free my soul to attain the wisdom I hold now as an elder. I had to pay back one of my karmic debts under warfare from a previous warrior past life who killed like all good soldiers did under the Roman Empire. I was 17 years old when he went to England the first time and rolled into that country under Buddica’s leadership.

Being a young man in this past life, it was the first time that he killed, and that fragmented my collective soul. Eventually he was sent to Egypt and lived there the rest of his life as a Soldier for Rome. To pay that dept back, as all real karma must be paid, anyone I had hurt or killed as a Roman Soldier, I received that pain back at the moment he killed someone.

Elen of the Ways - Elder Mountain DreamingThat soul energy would come into my body this lifetime and it was equal to having been killed. This lasted twenty long years until every last person was freed (their soul) by me receiving the pain back. I had my visions of returning over and over to both England before it was England in 55 bce and in Egypt in that past life, a real soul retrieval for 20 long years as a shaman.

In order to attain such wisdom from my life this lifetime, like the archetype of Athena and her heroic endeavors, I had to face every fear and relive every pain I had caused others 2,000 years ago. In life, if one is strong enough to survive that, regardless of the work put into constant healing, the realm manifests with or without one’s input. This is how the saying: “I had no choice but to do it, or die” and that is the plain and simple truth about real karma. You cannot yoga karma away, breath it away, you must pay death and burn it off of your astral bodies.

That is why when the Magical Deer Woman in the form of a Deer (traditionally called Artemis or Elen of the Ways) appeared in my waking life that day in 1987 there was no more time to waste for me in life, even though I was young. I didn’t know from there forth my life would be nothing but loss, pain, sickness and dismemberment. I knew deep within me that I had to follow that path into hell to free my soul.

Elen/Artemis is a spiritual rite and initiation to guide you to the inner aspects of self-accomplish, self purification, and self respect in your healing journey for your souls purification of real karma. Its painful and there is no love, there is only stamina, discipline and never giving up, even though the entire world has given up on you.

ELEN OF THE WAYS © by Nessa Crescentmoon
Printed with permission

”Oh lady of the moon path bright,
and Sea-lanes laid by sun’s fair rays,
the Dragon paths from height to height,
and all the hidden holy ways
Oh Lady Elen of the Ways…” 

In legend and landscape she has many names. In ancient Britain she was Elen of the Hosts. She lives on British Tradition as Elen of the Ways. She is Protectress of the Pathways; whether they are physical, mental, or spiritual paths. She is guardian of all who journey. Elen of the Ways: Myth, Legend, History Through the ages, several Elen’s, Helen’s, and Helena’s have been combined.

In myth and legend Elen is a representative of the land of Britain itself, marriage to whom confers regal status. Most likely a Goddess from a much earlier time who presided over the dream pathways; Elen of the Ways is a culmination of legend, myth, and history.

The Welsh Saint day of Elen of the Hosts is May 22nd, connecting her to Spring, around the time of Beltane. Elen also been associated with Olwen of the White Track, She was a beautiful woman of high degree. When she married, her father’s power (and life) was transferred to her husband. She has been associated in recent times with Nehallenia, a Celtic-Norse Godless whose attributes mingle very closely with her own. In Priestess of Avalon, Elen is described by a bard-priestess.

She was said to have been tall and strong, having a love of the horse, and the elder tree was sacred to her. It is also written in the novel that all roads are under her protection, both paths that cross land and the sea. Ancient traders prayed to her for protection.

Elen of the Ways - Elder Mountain DreamingElen of the Ways Feast Day August 18
She comes from the region of pagan and prepagan Britain. Elen maybe called upon when we seek to go between the worlds, because she is also the Mistress of the Hidden Ways. The Goddess Nehallenia is introduced in Priestess of Avalon to Eilan and she can’t help but notice the similarities of Elen and Nehallenia.

Sacred to Elen of the Ways is the color Red; Her Seasonal feast is on May 22nd, and her Honoring as a Goddess is on August 18th. Her Talismans are a mirror, water, a comb and sea shells. Direction is the Southeast and her animals are the Deer, Stag, Horse, Dove and Swan. Food served at her ceremony or on altars are the Apple and the apple tree. She is the “Elder or Grandmother” Guardian of all who journey in all the different ways we journey either spiritually or physically. 

Saint Helen
St Helen, also known as Helena, died in 330 ce was much honored in the west where her feast-day was celebrated on August 18. A number of churches and holy wells were dedicated to her in the north of England and a few in the south and south-west of England. In the Anglo-Saxon age and later the Medieval period it became a place of pilgrimage and healing; the water of the well having the miraculous ability to cure diseases and ailments of the body.

Helen’s Well in Eshton, North Yorkshire is a holy well standing in a walled and railed-off enclosure beside Eshton Lane, tucked in between the water works and a wooded area, about halfway between Gargrave and Rylstone – in what is the district of Craven, north Yorkshire. Skipton lies a few miles to the east.

The holy well has been a sacred site, not just since the late Roman period, but long before that when it was Elen of the Ways. However, almost certainly it had been ‘a sacred place’ in the dark ages when the well spring was dedicated to St Helen, the wife of Constantius Chlorus and mother of the first Christian emperor of the Roman Empire Constantine the Great, who was converted to Christianity in 312 ce.

Today the well is still ‘a sight to behold’ with the water gushing forth (often with gusto) into the circular-shaped pool – although the carved stones that apparently lie in the pool are very often well below the mud and water-level. An ancient cross was found opposite the well in the 18th century, but then it went missing:

“The practice regarding water, and in particular a well, as having sacred and healing qualities of the spring, is attested among all ancient spiritual peoples.” Holy wells have their origins in the pre-pagan eras and in England many occur on a number of Roman sites in Yorkshire. With the coming of Christianity the pagan deities to whom the wells were dedicated to, were converted and replaced by a Christian saints — St Helen was especially popular in those early times.

Ida Rentoul Outwaite
Ida Rentoul Outwaite

The water issues from a hole low down in the bank below the railings and flows into a circular shaped pool. At the front and sides of this pool (in a curved formation) there are a number of shaped stones that make up the outer perimeter of the sacred pool. Just in front of the point of entry for the water coming in there are ‘said’ to be two carved stones that resemble Celtic stone heads, but these are often covered by thick mud – and therefore not often visible – unless you feel around for them with your hands!

The water goes out into a more modern drain at the side of the wall entrance. In the past devout people used to hang colored rags on the branches of a tree, though this seems to have ceased now. There are records of a chapel existing in Chapel Field, close to the holy well but this has gone.

Elen of the Ways - Elder Mountain DreamingIn the 18th century an Anglo-Saxon cross was discovered opposite the well (John & Phillip Dixon, 1990), but this disappeared. It’s thought the carved stones are opposite of St Helen’s Well, dating probably from the 11th century.

Phoenix the Elder is a full time dreamer of dream medicines, healer, folk healer, seer, mystical woman and more. She works with changes, transformation stages, spiritual path (the next levels) and shadow issues or ordinary life issues that need attention. Please write to Elder Mountain Dreaming @ if you are interested in working with her. 




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