Third Moon of Summer 2018

By Phoenix of Elder Mountain – Greetings dreamers, moon lovers, spiritual seekers and sacred artists who are dedicating to this work-study of weaving the moon life, the dreaming life, the sobriety life and bringing all these closer with intention work. Our Third New Moon of Summer begins on Saturday, August 11, 2018 followed by the Full Moon on August 26.

We also have another set of partial eclipses on this New and Full. Eclipses do not make the moon cycle turbocharged or super moons, they are merely just a small hint of revealing the unconscious for a moment and do not cause us to be disabled and debilitated in the month. Words have meaning so I take ecliptic energy with a grain of salt. 

I am defining this moon cycle as: La Leggerezza, which means Lightness in Italian. This is because as I started to write, a beautiful large colorful butterfly came right up to my opened window to show me where to focus and that is on: Transizione (transition). Transformational moons are not that easy to work with, and all third moons of a season are transitional of the natural season. 

Third and final moon’s of each season are the heaviest before the next three moon season. Which is why we must apply and bring forth the lightness of self, to our daily situations. If we do not try to change each month a little bit, then life only sends more difficult tests on top of difficult tests. This natural cycle of the third moon is past the point of the second moon’s peak and accumulations of our emotional life this summer. Now we focus on our very personal releases – all month long.

Each moon cycle from here forth will be getting more intense, and as a Aquarian Light Bearer, we must expand deeper past mind body. Part of our emotional life and part of the distant and untouchable soul life within, must also live in today’s world. This makes things even more difficult and because of that, we must greatly nourish ourselves and our spiritual work and sobriety equally. This kind of purity path is so we can be shaken by life, but not stirred to the point of falling down into the depth of our abyss of our oldest issues, each time even minor issues arise.

We want to be prepared and that is why we do our healing practices, why we go to healers, and why we meditate, do yoga, or practice silence, etc. If you haven’t gotten a massage in three months, go this month, its so good for your stress. If you haven’t been drinking water everyday, then try to talk yourself into starting any discipline that adds to your desires of change. 

Anastasia Kosh moon.jpg

I think the Egyptian Book of the Dead says it best:

” I am an animal, the breath and blood of myself responding to the tides, constant as sun, and mutable as moon. I swallow my world and I digest it, and thus I am nourished by it. No possibility is left untasted. I am a falcon, a form of earth that rises. I am the one who soars to brings home my personal message to myself. I leap up from matter to ride the currents.

I am a lover of truth. I cut away lies, which are my rags of mortality. I am incense on the altar, seven grains of the smoldering in flames and fire, the seven sparks dancing in the air. Seven heron fly in the light, seven fish leap from the river into the birds’ mouths. Seven stars dream in the northern sky nestled in the lap of a bear. There is a serpent writhing through heaven, unbound by the weight of earth, she accepts and embraces the fire and its flame.

May I know the truth when I see it.  May I stand on the lotus song and rise like perfume. May the light of my soul detect shadows of evil as I listen in the circle of light. “

By Nydia Lilian new moon

Moontime and the last “setting of the golden sun” of the Sun Cult, occurred last August 21, 2017. Every moon cycle from here forth, you will experience your La Leggerezza or the demands of your personal shadow to work on them or ignore them, its our choice to overcome what we need to for real change. As we enter our 2nd year of the Moon Cultures rising, it is truly our time as dreamers, as devout spiritual people, those who have worked so heard to heal their karmic uprisings.

Age also matter, regardless of one’s spiritual path of age appropriate and age related initiations: For the young today, you will not be able to tell the differences too much of the shift in your path, because your life exists in the “present moment” naturally already, that is the blessing of youth. For those over thirty, your struggles into adulthood are a little more intense as a group, than the previous generations because of the shift.

Those forty and over, those of you who are lucky enough to have worked at your internal processes. healing your emotional situations in life, rather than external spirituality, then your purification and sobriety choices will lend you some earthy groundedness, allowing you to deal with what life gives you at your fullness. For those fifty and beyond, your mirrors are finishing up now and the joy of embracing the struggles are through your letting go at its greatest levels. I say joy because you really do not have a choice of carrying twenty or forty years of past baggage anymore. This New Moon is to focus on our personal health issues.

butterfly girl - elder mountain dreaming third new moon of summer

This Moon’s Oracle
“There is no harmony, as strength remains outside of the self, and has no support from within. Thus we hobble in our spiritual poverty. We own not enough earth in our inner home, to stick a nail in it. This oracle is about our spiritual foundation, that we are to seek a foundation for our own actions regardless of years we have lived.

Take a look at your every action at any given night or day in this moon and when we struggle, look at “our” actions, not the other. That is our true spiritual foundation that leads us to embrace change. This leads to our soul’s freedom, and it gives us all the medicine we need, right deep down within us. “

This oracle is a little intense and directly to the point for this Moon and its opposition of full moon’s release in two weeks. These oppositions are our greatest weaver to “return to the rhythms of land and water and drink the Night songs of who we were in our mother’s belly”…

Do you remember that far back and how that cycle repeats in your present? That is a very difficult dedication in the form and practices of feminine consciousness through the moon, but if you work with this practice long enough, it will begin to surface in layers of cycles regarding what age or decade you are presently in. No work can be done, before its season, we always must prepare.

Examples Intentions for the Last New Moon of Summer

(its important to chose only one):

I am healing my physical body
I trust in the my process of purification
I practice inner peace
I am healthy

I embrace routine
I am forgiving
I am grounded in my emotions
I recognize my emotional gift
I protect myself

I am emotionally honest
I am positive in my detachments
I replace drama with self respect
I practice my spiritual disciplines
I express my courage with compassion

I allow stability in my life
I am loving (if you feel like your a bitch all the time)
I use my anger in a positive and healthy way

I accept more joy
I am mindful of my projections
I respect my talent
I judge only my own actions
I commit to healthy passions

I overcome my fear of ______
I am a dreamer
I practice positive self talk

Blessings on this last

Moon of Summer!


Aug 11 2018 third new moon of summer  - elder mountain dreaming.png

If you wish to work with Phoenix one on one, please write Eldermountaindreaming@gmail, also please ask permission when sharing any article or moon work on this website. Sources: First photo by Anastasia Kosh; New Moon Photo by Nydia Lilian; Quote from Awakening Osiris: The Egyptian Book of the Dead (trans. Normandi Ellis); Ceramicist Natasha Dikareva

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